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Super Smash Bros. Collision Ultra


Namco Bandai

Sora Ltd.





Masahiro Sakurai




Wii U, 3DS, J-Storm

Super Smash Bros. Collision Ultra is a 2020 fighting game made for the Wii U, 3DS and J-STORM. It had started development in 2015 and will appear between 2017 and 2018 for Q3. It will be the first J-STORM game to be released and will be first J-STORM to release in Australia, 2020.


Mario Donkey Kong Pikachu Link Kirby Samus Fox McCloud Marth Sonic Mii Brawler
Luigi Diddy Kong Jigglypuff Zelda Meta Knight Zero Suit Samus Falco Lombardi Chrom Mega Man Mii Swordfighter
Princess Peach Dixie Kong Lucario Sheik King Dedede Ridley Ness Ike Pac-Man Mii Gunner
Bowser King K. Rool Mewtwo Ganondorf Olimar Mr. Game & Watch Lucas Villager Sukapon Rayman
Bowser Jr Yoshi Charizard Toon Link Mach Rider Pit Captain Falcon Matthew Chibi-Robo Sora
Rosalina Wario Greninja Midna R.O.B Palutena Black Shadow Shulk Takamaru Random

Bolded are unlockable, Italics are newcomers

Unlocking CriteriaEdit

Coming soon...

DLC PacksEdit

Blue Team PackEdit

  • Stages: Center of Time, Castle Siege, Spear Pillar, Sheikah City
  • Trophies: Super Sonic, Critical Hit, Aura Storm, Light Sheik Arrow
  • Assists: Shadow, Mighty

Green Team PackEdit

  • Stages: World Bowser, Luigi Circuit, Yoshi's Story, Ganon's Castle
  • Trophies: Giga Bowser, Poltergust 5000, Super Dragon, Triforce Slash
  • Assists: Koopalings, Baby Bros

Red Team PackEdit

  • Stages: Mario Stadium, Dedede Castle, R.O.B Cords, Earthbound City
  • Trophies: Mario Finale, Waddle Dee Army, Diffusion Beam, PK Starstorm
  • Assists: Dr. Mario, Magalor

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