Image Character Franchise Description
AmyRose Amy Rose SonicSymbol TBA...
Assist Trophy Andross Andross StarFoxSymbol Andross flies to the background of the stage and will aim for opponents. He will fire flat cubes from his mouth at the targeted opponents, which deal damage to them. After a few seconds, he disappears.
Barbara Barbara RaymanSymbol Barbara acts just like Samurai Goroh from Brawl, as she will just forward slashing away with her axe, damaging any opponents in the way. She will stop and turn when coming to a ledge or hitting a wall.
BirdoEggs Birdo MarioSymbol Birdo will walk forward and backwards and spit eggs out of her mouth. The eggs can be picked up and thrown at opponents, or can just be used as Birdo's projectiles. She will also spit fireballs on rare occasions.
CrankyDKCR Cranky Kong DKSymbol Cranky appears in his rocking chair, and acts similarly to Mr. Resetti in Brawl. He will ramble on about the current generation of gaming. He occasionally breaks the fourth wall by referencing the older Super Smash Bros. games, and on rare occasions, a classic game from the summoner's franchise.
Eggplant wiz Eggplant Wizard KidIcarusSymbol The Eggplant Wizard will temporarily transform an opponent into a helpless eggplant, in which state they are vulnerable. He will only do this once before teleporting away.
KamekMP9 Kamek YoshiSymbol TBA...
GreatDane Nintendog NintendogsSymbol Acts identically to the Nintendog Assist Trophy in Brawl and Wii U / 3DS, the only difference being it is now a Great Dane puppy.
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Epic Mickey render Oswald the Lucky Rabbit EMickeySymbol TBA...
100x100px Phosphora KidIcarusSymbol TBA...

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