Pokémon Image Move Used & Description
Charizard 006Charizard Charizard remains stationary and uses the move Flamethrower. Charizard will aim its head left and right spewing flames from it's mouth.
Butterfree 012Butterfree Butterfree floats stationary and uses Sleep Powder. Butterfree spreads a green powder from it's wings that causes opponents in the radius to fall asleep.
Clefairy 035Clefairy Clefairy remains stationary and uses the move Metronome, which will cause either an explosion of flames, freezing nearby opponents, turning the stage dark temporarily, or creating fog to distract opponents.
Magikarp 129Magikarp Magikarp uses Splash. It just flops around helplessly for a few seconds before disappearing.
Lanturn 171Lanturn Lanturn uses Discharge, releasing electricity from it's antennae and stunning all opponents it hits.
Octillery 224Octillery Octillery remains stationary and uses Octazooka. It shoots bullets of ink in both directions, which both slow down and blind opponents.
Gardevoir 282Gardevoir Gardevoir will walk around slowly using Safeguard, creating a barrier around itself. All opponent projectiles will be deflected from the barrier, though opponents themselves can pass through.
Camerupt 323Camerupt Camerupt remains stationary and uses Lava Plume. Camerupt shoots flaming rocks out of it's back that damage opponents that touch them, but deal more damage when they hit the ground.
Darkrai 491Darkrai Darkrai is a rare summon. It remains stationary and uses Dark Void, putting opponents to sleep, only the opponents will be dealt rapid damage while they sleep.
Dewott 502Dewott Dewott uses the move Razor Shell.
Trevenant 709Trevenant Trevenant remains stationary and uses the move Forest's Curse.

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