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Super Smash Bros. Fusion
Developer Potter Games
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo Wii & Nintendo Wii U
Genre Fighting
Release NA TBA,
Modes 1-6 players (Main Game)
1-12 players (Online)
Ratings ESRB: ESRB - T PEGI: PEGI 12

Super Smash Bros. Fusion is a new game in the Super Smash Bros. series, released for the Nintendo Wii and Wii U. Conventional with the rest of the series, Super Smash Bros. Fusion is a fighting game involving a crossover of various Nintendo Games. It introduces new characters, game modes, items and location whilst still including lots of aspects from previous games in the series.


The way the game is played is similar to previous games, although there are new game modes to play. As always, instead of winning by depleting an opponent's life bar, players aim to knock opposing characters off the stage. Characters will have a damage total, represented by a percentage value, which rises as they take damage and can also exceed 100%. As a character's percentage rises, he can be knocked progressively further by an opponent's attacks. To defeat an opponent, the player must send that character flying off the edge of the stage, which is not an enclosed arena but rather an area with open boundaries. When a character is knocked off the stage, he may use jumping moves to attempt to return.

Another major element is the usage of battle items. There are a variety of items, including conventional battering items with which a player may hit an opponent, such as a baseball bat or a sword, along with many others. From the Pokémon franchise come Poké Balls that release a random Pokémon onto the battlefield to assist the user. Similar to this are Assist Trophies which serves a similar purpose. Also, there are Smash Balls, which allow fighters to perform character-specific attacks, known as Final Smashes.

Game ModesEdit

The main menu has six options that players can select:

This is the traditional mode that the Super Smash Bros. series is played in. This mode features the players battling it out in a range of styles to try and either score the most points or be last person standing. There are six styles:

  • Timed: When character's must fight to knock each other of the side of the stage, which will result in a point being scored. The player who has been KOed will respawn and play continues. There will be a time limit so players must try to KO other characters as quickly as possible.
  • Stock: All characters have a set number of lives which once depleted will result in the character being eliminated. The winner will be the last person standing after all other contestants have been knocked out. There is no time limit in this style.
  • Coin: All players start off with 200 coins and every time that they get hit, they will drop some. Other players can then collect the coins dropped. Also, random storage items will appear which once broken open, will reveal a bunch of coins that players can additionally add to their amounts. At the end of the time limit, the person with the most coins wins.
  • Capture the Bag: A bag will spawn in the middle of the stage and players must dash to pick it up. Once one player picks it up, they must try and run away from other players, who will try to knock the bag out of the other players hands. Whoever has been in possession of the bag for the longest will win the round.
  • Zones: The stage will be split into zones and in the center of each zone is a beacon. Each player will have their own unique colour and when they run over the beacon, it will change to their associated colour. The person who has dominated the most beacons throughout the match wins the round.
  • Tourney: This style is the same as in previous games, in which players battle each other in turns. The win of each match progresses onto the nest round and fights some of the other winners. This continues until one character is left standing.

In addition to choosing different styles of brawling, players also have to optional to make it a "Special Match" in which various effects will impact the game-play.

  • Gravity: Players can change the gravity between Low, Normal and High. This obviously then has an impact on jumping and also in high gravity, items falling from the sky can cause damage if they land on a competitor.
  • Health: Players can set it so that their health is worsened and their damage increased each time they spawn in that match to increase the difficulty and in order to challenge themselves.
  • Size: The size of the players can also be changed, between Tiny, Regular and Giant. Being Giant causes melee attacks to become more powerful, however they will move a lot slower and it is also increasingly harder to dodge. Being tiny allows players to be more stealthy and they will also move faster, although their melee attacks will be weaker and they cannot jump as high as before.
  • Speed: Another ability is to speed up or slow down time. This has no direct affect on the battle as it simply changes the speed of the match, however it can be seen as slightly distracting which may indirectly affect other players.



This mode allows players to play with other players on separate consoles. They can play any combination in the regular brawl mode, with up to 12 players in a match.




Wii Remote & NunchukEdit

These are controls for the Wii Remote & Nunchuk:

  • Wii-+ ~ Pause
  • Wii-- ~ Match Statistics
  • Wii-A ~ Attack (in match) / Select (in menu)
  • Wii-B ~ Special Attack (in match) / Back (in menu)
  • Wii-dpad ~ Left/Right/Down - Taunt / Up - Grab
  • Wii-H ~ Home Menu
  • Wii-1 ~ Jump
  • Wii-2 ~ Crouch
  • Wii-C ~ Dodge
  • Wii-Z ~ Activate Minor Shield
  • Wii-ControlStick ~ Left/Right - Move / Up - Jump / Down - Crouch

GameCube ControllerEdit

  • GCN-P ~ Left/Right - Move / Up - Jump / Down - Crouch
  • GCN-D ~ Left/Right/Down - Taunt / Up - Grab
  • GCN-S ~ Pause & Match Statistics
  • GCN-C ~ Change Camera Angle
  • GCN-B ~ Back (in menu)
  • GCN-A ~ Attack (in match) / Select (in menu)
  • GCN-Y ~ Crouch
  • GCN-X ~ Jump
  • GCN-Z ~ Special Attack (in match)
  • GCN-L ~ Dodge
  • GCN-R ~ Activate Minor Shield

Wii U ControllerEdit

  • TouchPad ~ Select (in menu)
  • WiiU-L ~ Crouch
  • WiiU-R ~ Jump
  • WiiU-ZL ~ Back (in menu)
  • WiiU-ZR ~ N/A
  • WiiU-LStick ~ Left/Right - Move / Up - Jump / Down - Crouch
  • WiiU-RStick ~ Change Camera Angle
  • WiiU-Dpad ~ Left/Right/Down - Taunt / Up - Grab
  • WiiU-A ~ Attack (in match)
  • WiiU-B ~ Special Attack (in match)
  • WiiU-X ~ Activate Minor Shield
  • WiiU-Y ~ Dodge
  • WiiU-- ~ Match Statistics
  • WiiU-+ ~ Pause


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Name &


Name &


Name &
Assist Trophy
Super Smash Bros.
Assist Trophy - SBB Assistance The Assist Trophy will summon a character to quickly aid the holder. Each individual helper has their own unique powers that will either help the original holder, damage other players, or cause general inconveniences for all players in the match. For a full list of the different assist trophies, read the appropriate part in the section below (The Vault).
Donkey Kong
Banana - SSB Hindrance The Banana is an item that can be thrown in order to hinder other players. When someone else steps on it, they slip and will be briefly stunned. The banana itself flies a short distance sideways, just far enough that if the slipper rolls the wrong way, they will slip again.
Donkey Kong
Barrel - SSB Storage The Barrel is an item which once picked up (and thrown twice) will break into 3 other item. It can be any item - other than another storage type item. It can also break by being hit - however it takes on average 6 regular hits or 2 power hits before breaking.
Animal Crossing
Beehive - SBB Passive The Beehive is an item which players can pick up and throw towards another player. Whoever the beehive is aimed at will have a swam of bees following them for 15 seconds, trying to inflict damage with each sting increases damage by 5%.
Blooper - SBB Hindrance The Blooper will slide around the stage in a random sequence for around 5 seconds. During this time, any area of the stage it moves over will be covered in ink, making it extremely slippery. Any player that tries to walk over these patches, will lose control of their character temporarily.
Bob-omb - SBB Explosive
Boxing Glove
Boxing Glove - SBB Brawler The Boxing Glove increases the amount of damage inflicted on other players by an additional 50%. The boxing gloves last for around 20 seconds however they only boost the damage for attacks involving fists and feet - not attacks using other objects or the head of the player.
Bullet Bill
Bullet Bill - SBB Explosive The Bullet Bill will track down and explode the nearest player to the user. They often cause around 30-40% damage to the target and small amounts of damage to those close to them and it is very hard to avoid them. However, one in one hundred are faulty and will explode immediately after being released, damaging the user instead. It is a rare item which doesn't often show up.
Super Smash Bros.
Bumper - SSB Protection The Bumper is an item that gives very powerful knock-back to anyone who comes in contact with it, sometimes even resulting in a KO. When a player touches an activated bumper, they get bounced with much force in the direction away from the bumper.
Bunny Hood
The Legend Of Zelda
Bunny Hood - SBB Enhancement The Bunny Hood will increase the wearer's jumping ability, allowing them to jump up to three times as high as they originally could.
Cape - SBB Protection The Cape will be worn over the back of the character, thus preventing players from being attacked from behind. This means players will only concede damage from the front and also above and below.
Super Smash Bros.
Capsule - SSB Storage The Capsule is an item which once picked up (and thrown) will break into 1 other item. It can be any item - other than another storage type item. There is also a slight risk of it being faulty and exploding upon impact - roughly 1/50 capsules will explode.
Super Smash Bros.
CD - SSB Collectible The CD is a collectible item that once picked up unlocks an additional song for one of the stages. They are rare items which appear roughly every 20 games.
Coconut Gun
Donkey Kong
Coconut Gun - SBB Shooter
Super Smash Bros.
Crate - SSB Storage The Crate is an item which once picked up (and thrown twice) will break into 4 other item. It can be any item - other than another storage type item. It can also break by being hit - however it takes on average 10 regular hits or 5 power hits before breaking.
Cracker Launcher
Super Smash Bros.
Cracker Launcher - SSB Shooter The Cracker Launcher allows the player to rapidly launch firecrackers, which bounce off walls and explode on impact with a floor or enemy. If it hits another player, then it will cause approximately 20HP damage and throw the enemy back. The character using it can aim the launcher at different angles by tilting the Control Stick up or down, although all movements will be extremely slow due to the weight of the object.
Custom Parts
Super Smash Bros.
Custom Parts - SBB Enhancement Custom Parts are very rare items, only appearing once every 10 games. The player that collects a custom part will have the part added to their user account and these can then be used to upgrade a players stats in the Vault. Each part will be either bronze, silver or gold, and the increase to a stat will increase with each type respectively. For a full list of the different custom parts, read the appropriate part in the section below (The Vault).
Deku Nut
The Legend Of Zelda
Deku Nut - SBB Hindrance
Dragoon - SBB Enhancement
Fire Flower
Fire Flower - SBB Explosive
Food - SBB Restoration All Food Items will decrease the damage percentage by 5% of the player who eats it. They appear on the stage either singularly, from a random item appearing, or in a group from a storage object, such as a barrel or party ball
Freezie - SBB Hindrance
Hammer - SBB Brawler
Heart Container
The Legend Of Zelda
Heart Container - SBB Restoration The Heart Container will decrease the damage percentage by 100% for whoever drinks from it. These are rare items that only appear on average every other match.
Home Run Bat
Home Run Bat - SBB Brawler
Killer Eye
Kid Icarus
Killer Eye - SBB Shooter
Laser Sword
Laser Sword - SBB Brawler
Life Token
Super Smash Bros.
Life Token - SSB Protection The Life Token is an extremely rare item that only appears in the Stock game mode. It will increase the character's, who picks up the token, life bar by one. This gives them a significant advantage as they can afford to be knocked off the stage an extra time compared to their competitors.
Lightning Bolt
Lightning - SBB Hindrance
Master Sword
The Legend Of Zelda
Master Sword - SBB Enhancement The player holding the Master Sword will find that all weapon attacks have double their initial power. It doesn't however increase the power of melee attacks, such as punching.
Mushroom - SBB Enhancement The Mushroom will temporarily increase the size of the player, boosting their attack power by approximately 25%. As the player is now a bigger target however, their defense stat will decrease by 10% until the 10 seconds are over.
The Legend Of Zelda
Net - SBB Hindrance
Party Ball
Super Smash Bros.
Party Ball - SSB Storage The Party Ball is an item which once picked up will break into 5 other item. It can be any item, including other storage items (although this is rare). There is also a slight risk of it being faulty and releasing 5 bob-ombs, there is a 1/25 chance of this happening.
Poké Ball
PokeBall - SBB Assistance The Poké Ball will summon a Pokémon character to quickly aid the holder. Each individual helper has their own unique powers that will either help the original holder, damage other players, or cause general inconveniences for all players in the match. For a full list of the different Poké Balls, read the appropriate part in the section below (The Vault).
The Legend Of Zelda
Pot - SBB Storage The Pot is an item which once picked up (and thrown) will break into 2 other item. It can be any item - other than another storage type item. There is also a slight risk of it being faulty and no items being released - roughly 1/100 capsules will be like this.
POW Block
POW - SBB Hindrance
Shell - SBB Passive
Smash Ball
Super Smash Bros.
Smash Ball - SBB Assistance The Smash Ball moves around on its own, making it harder for players to hit. It must be attacked, whether beaten by players or attacked by throw-able items, by the players until it breaks, and whoever breaks it will be able to use their especially powerful Final Smash attack, which often results in other characters losing lives. To find out what each character's final smash is, visit their associated page above.
Soccer/Football Ball
Football - SBB Passive
Star - SBB Protection The Star grants the user immunity for 15 seconds, meaning they will not gain damage from other players attacks, nor damage that would be gained from Assist Trophies, Poké Balls or other items. This Star however doesn't protect users from falling off the stage and subsequently players with the star will still lose a life if they fall off the stage.
Super Scope
Super Scope - SBB Shooter
Super Smash Bros.
Tornado - SSB Hindrance The Tornado is an item that, once appeared on the stage, can be picked up by any player. They will then carry the item, slowing them down slightly, until they throw it at another player. If it hits a player, then that player's controls will be inverted for a 20 second period. Although not directly harmful, it can confuse the player allowing others to take advantage of this and damage them.
Super Smash Bros.
Trophy - SBB Collectible
Urina - SBB Passive The Unira is a sea-urchin that acts as an enemy to all players except the user. It can extend and retract its spikes when thrown or hit by the user. It will sit in the place it landed until acted upon by the player who threw it.
Warp Star
Warp Star - SBB Passive The Warp Star sends the user flying off into the sky and crashing back down into the stage when activated. It is possible to control the landing location by pressing left and right on the Control Stick - however because of this, it's possible to miss the stage and self-destruct. The star will crash on the first floor it reaches, so if a stage has platforms, the star will crash into the platform, as opposed to the ground.

The VaultEdit

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