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Super Smash Bros. Kai is a fighting game for the Nintendo Switch, releasing on January 21st, 2019 simultaneously around the world. This is being developed by Bandai Namco, Sora Ltd. and HAL Laboratory, and being published by Nintendo. This game is a mix of the fan game Super Smash Flash 2 and the other Super Smash Bros. games.


Only 0 out of an estimated 70 characters have been confirmed so far.


Bold denotes unlockable characters.


Each character has a home stage, having a total of 72 stages in the game.


Icon Name Series Home To
Battlefield-SSBC Battlefield SmashBrosSymbol
FinalDestinationRumble Final Destination SmashBrosSymbol


Icon Name Series Home To


1-Player ModesEdit

  • Classic Mode
  • Adventure Mode
  • All-Star Mode (must be unlocked)
  • Event Match
  • Special Orders
    • Master Orders
    • Crazy Orders
  • Stadium
    • Home-Run Contest
    • Multi-Man Smash
    • Target Test
    • Blast the Crystals (must be unlocked)
    • Board the Platforms (must be unlocked)
    • Race to the Finish (must be unlocked)
  • Training


  • Versus Mode
  • Special Smash
  • Arena Mode
    • Stamina Dodgeball
    • Sandbag Soccer
  • Smash Run (must be unlocked)
  • Smash Tour (must be unlocked)
  • Tournament Mode


The game featured several points to be unlocked, most of which include the trophies, unlockable characters and stages. Some of them are unlocked by a special way, like achieving a certain distance on the Home-Run Contest. For a full list, see List of unlockables (SSBK).