Super Smash Bros. Tournament is a upcoming game for the Super Smash Bros. series. This will be released for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U, but versions will be very different. The first 10 characters are confirmed at Q3 2015.


The cast of 80 playable characters (counting Mii Fighters) includes 53 returning veterans from Smash 4, as well as 2 returning from both Melee and Brawl, and 25 newcomers. Of these, 40 are available from the beginning of the game and 40 must be unlocked throughout the progression of the game. Unlike in Super Smash Bros. 4, transforming characters return, but Sheik and Zero Suit Samus are stand-alone characters once again.


This gallery shows the characters who will appear in this game.


SSB4U3D Mario
SSB4U3D PeachSSB4U3D BowserSSB4U3D RosalinaSSB4U3D Bowser JrSSB4U3D YoshiSSB4U3D WarioSSB4U3D Donkey Kong
SSB4U3D Diddy Kong
SSB4U3D Link
SSB4U3D Zelda
SSB4U3D SheikSSB4U3D Samus AranSSB4U3D Zero Suit SamusSSB4U3D KirbySSB4U3D King Dedede
SSB4U3D Fox McCloud
SSB4U3D PikachuSSB4U3D CharizardSSB4U3D GreninjaSSB4U3D Captain FalconSSB4U3D NessIce ClimbersSSB4U3D Marth
SSB4U3D Robin
SSB4U3D PitSSB4U3D Dark PitSSB4U3D VillagerSSB4U3D Wii Fit TrainerSSB4U3D Little MacSSB4U3D MiiSSB4U3D Shulk
SSB4U3D Pac-Man
SSB4U3D Mega ManSSB4U3D Sonic


SSB4U3D Luigi
SSB4U3D Dr. MarioSSB4U3D GanondorfSSB4U3D Toon LinkSSB4U3D Meta KnightSSB4U3D Falco LombardiWolfSmashSSB4U3D Jigglypuff
SSB4U3D Lucario
SSB4U3D MewtwoDawnAnimeSSB4U3D LucasSSB4U3D IkeSSB4U3D LucinaSSB4U3D Mr. Game & WatchSSB4U3D Palutena
SSB4U3D Duck Hunt
Blaze - Olympic Winter Games

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