Super Smash Bros. Ultra Fever is a upcoming, fighting game for the Nintendo Wii U and J-STORM. Judging by the the title, it is fast-paced each fight, meaning that opponents may defeat you in 10 hits making 2 combos.


The cast of playable characters, there will be a chance of 30 to 60, making 45 the most popular. With 29 returning veterans already confirmed, the creator has 47 characters left to announce. However, he decided to decrease it to 29. In the table below, it will show confirmed and non-confirmed characters. After May 1, 2015, this game was fully reset and the number of characters is 50.



  • Donkey Kong:
    1. Donkey Kong (100%)
    2. Diddy Kong (100%)
    3. King K. Rool (80%)
    4. Dixie Kong (75%)
  • Earthbound:
    1. Ness (100%)
    2. Lucas (100%)
    3. Porky Minch (50%)
    4. Teddy (25%)
  • F-Zero:
    1. Captain Falcon (100%)
    2. Samurai Goroh (50%)


Game ModesEdit

Classic ModeEdit

All-Star ModeEdit

Event ModeEdit

Adventure ModeEdit

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