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Super Smash Bros Unleashed! is a new installment to the Super Smash Bros. series. This features a fannon side, where players can make their own smasher! They will use designs and movesets from cannon characters to make a fannon character! It is going to be released on 2015, March 16. It is going to be released on the consoles:

  • Wii
  • Wii U

Gameplay Edit

Super Smash Bros. Unleashed! shares similar controls than it's predecessors. Like before, players attack their opponent with moves to increase the opponent's health percentage. The higher the precentage, the faster players will be sent flying out of the stage. The objective of the duel is too knock them out of the stage thus granting a win. To win, you have to send them out of the screen, making them pass the screen's limit of viewing (Make them not appear in the screen, that is all).

Modes Edit

Super Smash Bros. Unleashed! features a couple of modes, all usuable. They are each put in a category, making them organized.

1-Player Modes Edit

  • Classic Mode
  • Duel Mode
  • Adventure Mode
  • All-Star Mode
  • Event Mode
  • Stadium Mode: Consists of (Multi-Man Duel), (Catch The Trophies), (Home-Run Contest) and (Target Test)
  • Training Mode

Multiplayer Modes Edit

  • Multi-Duel Mode
  • Tournament Mode

Playable Characters Edit

The playable crew consists of 60 characters.Those with bold text are newcomers, those with italic text are unlockable and those with both are both newcomers and unlockable. ===WAuigi===

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