Super Smash Bros Unleashed! is the fifth installment to the Super Smash Bros. series. This features a fannon side, where players can make their own smasher! They will use designs and movesets from cannon characters to make a fannon character! It is going to be released on 2018, March 23. It is going to be released on the consoles:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • 4DS
  • New 3DS

Gameplay Edit

Super Smash Bros. Unleashed! shares similar controls than it's predecessors. Like before, players attack their opponent with moves to increase the opponent's health percentage. The higher the precentage, the faster players will be sent flying out of the stage. The objective of the duel is too knock them out of the stage thus granting a win. To win, you have to send them out of the screen, making them pass the screen's limit of viewing (Make them not appear in the screen, that is all).

Modes Edit

Super Smash Bros. Unleashed! features a couple of modes, all usuable. They are each put in a category, making them organized.

1-Player Modes Edit

  • Classic Mode
  • Story Mode
  • All-Star
  • Solo Events
  • Stadium: Consists of Multi-Man Smash, Trophy Rush, Home-Run Contest, and Target Blast
  • Training Mode
  • Street Smash
  • Smash Run

Multiplayer Modes Edit

  • Multi-Man Smash Mode
  • Online Mode
  • Smash Tour
  • Story Mode
  • Group Events

Playable Characters Edit

The playable crew consists of a Total of 80 Characters:

Everyone from Wii U (Excluding Wii Fit Trainer, Roy, And The 3 Clones) Which Makes It 53, But, However, There is 27 Newcomers, Making It 80. See Below. Counting The Mii Fighters, There’s 85 Characters.


  1. Captain Toad
  1. Kamek
  2. Captain Syrup
  3. Dixie Kong
  4. King K. Rool
  5. Impa
  6. Lana
  7. Ridley
  8. Viridi
  9. Bandana Dee
  10. Wolf
  11. Decidueye
  12. Anna
  13. Isaac
  14. Chorus Kids
  15. Chibi Robo
  16. Dillon
  17. Elma
  18. Wonder Red
  19. Ice Climbers
  20. Takamaru
  21. Rayman
  22. Bomberman
  23. Snake
  24. Tails
  25. Knuckles
  26. Angry Birds