This is the list of items in the newest Smash Bros. installment. 


Image Item Series Ability
SmashBall Smash Ball Super Smash Bros. SmashBrosSymbol If hit enough times, the player who last hit it gets to unleash their very own Final Smash move.
Assist Trophy Assist Trophy Super Smash Bros. SmashBrosSymbol When used, it summons an ally to aid the summoner in battle for a short while.
Super Mushroom Super Mushroom Super Mario MarioSymbol Allows the holder to increase in size.
Super Mushroom Poison Mushroom Super Mario MarioSymbol Decreases the size of the holder.
Fire Flower Fire Flower Sper Mario MarioSymbol Allows the holder to set the opponent on flames. Flames stop working after a while.


  • About the mushroom images, don't mind if they look the same cause I couldn't find a Poison Mushroom image in the wiki.

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