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SSB BATTLE ROYALE!!! is a game for the nintendo 3ds and Wii U

Characters Edit

Mario Edit

Mario is a playable character in SSB BATTLE ROYALE!!! his moveset is the same as ssb64

Luigi Edit

Luigi's moveset is the same as his in ssb64

Peach Edit

Peach's moveset is the same as in ssbm

Kratos Edit

Kratos' moveset is the same as in Playstation all star battle royale

he is exclusive to the Wii U version

Wario Edit

Wario's moveset is the same as in ssbb

he is the only character confirmed to originate from brawl but there will be more

Yoshi Edit

Yoshi's moveset is the same as in ssbm

he is the ONLY Character to not have the same moveset as the game he originated in

Birdo Edit


Pichu Edit


Shulk Edit


Pikachu Edit



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