Superdroid is a game set to release on November 3, 2016. The game will be developed and published by Activision.


The game centers around Superdroid, a 12 year old robot who receives a quest to defeat Kranos, his arch nemesis. Kranos plans to take over the world and kill everybody.


  • Story Mode: Following the main story.
  • Endless Mode: Play the levels forever.

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Superdroid: A 12 year old robot kid. He goes on good adventures.

Unlockable CharactersEdit

  • Talking Tom: Collect 20 orbs on Levels 1 and 3.
  • Woody: Complete Level 4 with 1 orb.
  • Mordecai: Eat a sandwich in Level 4.
  • Rigby: Complete Level 10.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Eat a chilli dog in Level 2.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower: Get the Miles Electric skill.
  • Super Sonic: Get the Super Sonic skill.


  • Wii U
  • 3DS
  • Xbox 360
  • PS3
  • Xbox One
  • PS4

Unlockable SongsEdit

  • Send Them to the Moon (Regular Show)
  • Green Hill (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Super Sonic Racing (Sonic R)
  • For True Story (Sonic Adventure 2)

Voice CastEdit

  • Nika Futterman- Superdroid (voice)
  • Colin Hanks- Talking Tom (voice)
  • William Saylers- Rigby (voice)
  • Alexandre Gillet- Sonic the Hedgehog (voice)
  • Hugh Jackman- Kranos/Various/Vendor (voice)
  • J.G Quintel- Mordecai (voice)
  • Tom Hanks- Woody (voice)
  • Kate Higgins- Miles "Tails" Prower (voice)
  • Roger Craig Smith- Sonic the Hedgehog (voice)
  • Sam Marin- Benson (voice)
  • Jason Griffith- Sonic (archival sound) (uncredited)
  • Quinton Flynn- Silver the Hedgehog (voice)
  • Phil Peat- Talking Tom (voice)
  • Mike Pollock- Dr. Eggman (voice)
  • Keith Silverstein- Vector the Crocodile (voice)
  • Cindy Robinson- Amy Rose/Various (voice)
  • Janice Karman- Various (voice)
  • Kirk Thornton- Shadow the Hedgehog (voice)
  • Michelle Ruff- Cream the Rabbit (voice)
  • Kyle Hebert- Big the Cat (voice)
  • Ryan Drummond- Additional Voices (voice)
  • Adam DeVine- Additional Voices (voice)
  • Travis Willingham- Knuckles the Echidna (voice)


The game was announced at E3 2015 to be held in production from September 29, 2015 to December 20, 2015. Superdroid and Kranos were announced.


  • It was planned to have Tom Kenny to voice SpongeBob in the game. Sadly, this idea was scrapped.

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