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Tale Of Champions Logo
Developer Shadow Studios
Publisher Shadow Studios
Genre RPG, Fighting
Release 2017
Ratings ESRB - T

 Become stronger by uniting.  

Game's Slogan

Tale Of Champions, also known as (チャンピオンズの物語in Japan, is an upcoming RPG game, set for release in 2017. The game serves as a big crossover, much similar to the Smash Bros. ganre, except being an RPG for that matter.


Tales Of Champions plays quite similar to the Skylanders franchise, being a 3D-styled game. As such, it ffeatures the health bar of your character, being able to use a number of attacks, etc. However, this game features a special technique that each character has their own special ability, though characters can share the same abilities. The list below shows all the current revealed abilities that can be used:

  • Flight
  • Hacking into Mechanisims
  • Climbing
  • Going Through Narrow Spaces
  • Wall Jumping


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