Team Fortress : Source
Developer Rockstar Games
Publisher Valve
Platform PC
Genre First Person Shooter
Release (EU) : November 10, 2015 (US) : October 12, 2014
Ratings 13+ (Teens)
Series Team Fortress
Predecessor Team Fortress Classic
Successor TBA
Team Fortress : Source is a Remake of Team Fortress Classic, It replaces weapons and includes new weapons and new models for the classes.

Classes Edit

1 . Scout
2 . Soldier
3 . Firebug
4 . Demolition Man
5 . Heavy Weapons Guy
6 . Builder
7 . Healer
8 . Sniper
9 . Cloaker
10 . Civilian

Some classes have new names.

Replaced Weapons Edit

Scout Edit

Scattergun > Shotgun

Bat > Wooden Bat

Soldier Edit

Rocket Launcher > Bazooka

Shotgun > Uzi

Shovel > Flag of USA

Firebug (aka as Pyro in TFC) Edit

Shotgun > Flare Gun

Fire Axe > Electric Guitar

Demolition Man Edit

Bottle > Knife

Heavy Weapons Guy Edit

Minigun > Machine Gun

Fists > Holy Mackerel

Shotgun > Colt .55

Builder (aka as Engineer in TFC) Edit

Pistol > Colt .55

Shotgun > Remington 700

Cloaker (aka as Spy in TFC) Edit

Revolver > Shotgun

Sapper > Electrifier

New Weapons Edit

NOTE : These weapons can only become earned on events and achievments. Edit

The Jack-o-Shotgun Edit

+ Scares them for 3 Seconds

- 10 clip size penalty

Class - Scout and The Cloaker

Earned by - Doing an Event on a Halloween Server.

The Pride Edit

- Can't scope

+ 35 clip size bonus

- 5 damage penalty

+ Stuns spies for 2 seconds when they backstab you.

Class - Sniper

Earned by - Doing the achievment : "Gotcha!"

The Slinger Edit

Reskin of The Bazooka

Class - Soldier

Earned by - Doing the achievment : "America Wins Again."

New Models Edit

Every class models are replaced with the Team Fortress 2 Class Models.

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