Why To Buy:Edit

This system can stay uncharged for two weeks, download about 7 games a week on your wishlist and has Wii U, X-Box One and Sega Genesis mode!

How to download games:Edit

When you start with your first account, you will have Yoshi's Wooly World, Mortal Kombat and Sonic Lost World. To download more games, you can go into the download menu and put about 7 games on your wishlist. In one week, the games will be on your game menu.

How to download 30 day trial-Demos:Edit

If your new to the system, you will have to download Demos. After 30 days, your Demos will be deleted and you will have to download them again as full games.

Special GamesEdit

Some special games, such as Splatoon and Final Fantasy III have to be brought from a shop. They cannot be downloaded.

Getting Techno.Pro GoldEdit

Just like Xbox One and Xbox 360, you will need a Gold account to play ultimate multiplayer games. To get one, you will need to buy one from Tescos, Clinton Cards, WHSmiths or Game.


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