Call of Duty: Black Ops IV
Black Ops vs CDP
NYC Subway, NYC
Map Scorestreak
Train Crash

Terminal is a map on the game Call of Duty: Black Ops IV.

Map Description Edit

Terminal is the futuristic NYC Subway.

You can fight on 3 different zones:

Black Ops Train, CDP Train, and the Rest Stop.

Both of the trains are filled with people: every time you shooting, they cover their heads. They are long and wide.

The train's outside description:

A purple, red & blue train with thrusters in their back. There are trains that drives around the map.

The Rest Stop is a "mini-market" where the passengers can buy themselves some things before the travel continues.

The Black Ops Train Station is located down, on the ground, while the CDP Train Station is located on a flying rock.

Scorestreak - Train Crash Edit

Train Crash is a special scorestreak exclusivly for the map.

Train Crash








Unlocked at

Map special scorestreak




You need to have 1000 points to earn it.

Once you activate the scorestreak in one of the trains, the other passenegers will hold their seats. Once you activated it, The Black Ops/CDP Train will try to smash the enemy team.

If the enemy stands behind the train, it'll burn him.

If the enemy stands in one of the trains, he will roll over the train's back and probably burn.

You can control the train.

Special modes locations Edit

Capture the Flag: Flag A is located at the BO Train, while Flag B is located at the CDP Train.

Demolition and Search and Destroy: A is located outside the rest stop while B is located on the opposite side

Domination: Point A is located at the BO Train, Point B is located at the Rest Stop and Point C is located at the CDP Train.

Uplink: Uplink station A is located on the BO Train's roof, and Uplink station B is located on the CDP Train's roof.

Safeguard: The robo-demolition station is located at the CDP Train

Trivia Edit

  • This map have two special cutscene. The first is the intro one. You are in a train with your teammates, you are traveling, but then the train stops. The second one is the outro one. After the match is over, you and your teammates are getting back to the train.
  • The clocks in all three zones shows the real time.
  • After you use Train Crash, The walls of the Rest Stop will stay broken.
    • The train will also return to the place she stopped at.
  • The passengers looks like the mannequins from Black Ops II's Nuketown 2025.
  • This is the 4th multiplayer map who uses trains in the CoD series. 1st was PDW, 2nd was Express and 3rd was Metro.
    • All the appearences are from the CoD' mini series, Black Ops.
  • This is the 2nd map named Terminal. The 1st was on the games Modern Warfare 2.
    • The Modern Warfare 2 map was later remastered on Modern Warfare 3, as a DLC map, and later reimagined in Infinite Warfare
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