Dawn of The Machines
Official Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
Genre First-Person Shooter
Release July 5th, 2019
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: R18+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe
Predecessor War Of Heroes: Roads To Victory (Chronologically)
Successor TBA
"Prepare for the Final Battle!"

- Tagline

Terminator: Dawn of The Machines is the latest installment in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, and a new game in the Franchise's most popular Sub-Series, the Terminator Crossover (series). This new game is a Chronological sequel to War Of Heroes: Roads To Victory, taking place 2 years after the Destruction of The Villain Armada, and Players will step into the shoes of Kyle Reese and Clementine Everett as they must destroy the Remains of The Villain Armada before the evil Armadeus Ren can use the Armada to destroy Earth-135, while a looming threat even greater than any Villain before it threatens all of Humankind! The game is exclusive to the Xbox One and set for release in 2019.

Cast Edit

  • Bryant Prince as Kyle Reese
  • Melissa Hutchison as Clementine Everett
  • Nicholas Bode as Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce
  • Jack Riedy as James Pearce
  • Jason Clarke as John Connor
  • Billy Murray as Jonathan Price
  • Vince Zampella as Pvt. West
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as Guardian T-800
  • Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor
  • Kevin McKidd as John 'Soap' MacTavish
  • Craig Fairbrass as Simon 'Ghost' Riley
  • Alexander Roycewicz as Pvt. Massey
  • James Karlson as Commander King
  • Keith Arem as Cpl. Barton
  • Aaron V. Williamson as Phoenix
  • Adam Driver as Armadeus Ren
  • Matt Smith as The Skynet Creature

Synopsis Edit

It has been 2 years since the War Against the Villain Armada ended in Victory for The Hero Coalition, and the Reality known as Earth-135 has been completely liberated from The Villain Armada since the deadly and cataclysmic War ended with the colossal Battle of Los Angeles in 2014. The year is now 2016, and Earth-135 has entered a state of Peace as the Hero Coalition takes the new form of Global Government on Earth and has destroyed most of what remains of the Villain Armada. However, the evil Villain Knight known as Armadeus Ren threatens Earth-135 with his New Armada, The Villain Armada, and now Kyle Reese and Clementine Everett must join Forces again to stop Ren. However, a new threat even greater than Armadeus' predecessor, Ozone, is on the horizon... And threatens the very Existence of Humankind!

Plot Edit

Prologue: Ren in the LA Offensive Edit

The game starts from the Point of View for the Villain Armada during the Battle of Los Angeles (the Final Battle of the War Against the Villain Armada), showing a Masked Soldier charging through a huge, intense Battlefield at night as explosions trigger all around and Bullets and Missiles fly everywhere, with some killing dozens of Armada Troops behind the Soldier, who rolls into cover and guns down several Coalition Soldiers in front of him using an ICR-1 Assault Rifle, and then launches a Grenade that kills several more. However, the Soldier sees Kyle Reese as he fires a BlackCell Missile and hits a Walker Tank behind the Soldier, which explodes and kills several Armada Troops, whose limbs blast everywhere in a torrent of blood that hits the Soldier, who yells in anguish and angrily starts gunning down more Coalition Soldiers.

However, the Soldier and all other Armada Troops stop and watch in fear as a huge Skyscraper is hit by several Missiles from an ARC-20 Attack Helicopter, and the Building starts falling down as the Armada Grunt screams "Run!!" but then a hail of Minigun Fire comes out of nowhere and destroys the Walker Tanks with the Armada Troops, who are also gunned down by the Attack Chopper as the Masked Soldier runs away from the Battle, but then the huge Skyscraper crashes down in front of him, causing a huge explosion that blasts the Soldier back. As the Soldier starts to get up, he sees Clementine Everett inside the collapsed Building, and she shoots several charging Armada Troops with her M8A7 Assault Rifle, and one Soldier is shot in front of the Masked Soldier, splattering blood all over the Masked Soldier. After the massacre of the Armada Forces, the Soldier slowly gets up and looks at all of his dead comrades, before removing his Helmet and revealing himself as Armadeus Ren (the leader of the Knights of The Armada, who used to be a lowly Infantryman in the Old Villain Armada). Ren then stands up and looks at the destroyed City around him, seeing dead Armada and Coalition Soldiers, hundreds of crashed Aircraft and destroyed Tanks on both sides along with dozens of Spaceships crashed into the Skyscrapers, which have also collapsed and ruined. Armadeus then looks at the retreating Armada Fleet as it flies into Space, and then drops to his knees and screams in rage as he sees Kyle and Clementine in the distance, with The Hero Coalition victorious and the Armada destroyed. After seeing the two young Heroes, Armadeus picks up a discarded 205 Brecci Shotgun from a dead Armada Troop and walks away from the Los Angeles Ruins in despair and vows revenge on the Hero Coalition.

Act I-III (Main Missions) Edit

The game then switches to 2 years later as it shows 2 Divers in the Indian Ocean, and the Divers all put their Breathing Apparatuses on and then their Leader tells them "You know the Mission, guys. The objective is about 200 Metres below the surface." and the 2nd Diver asks "That's part of our Target?" as he points at a massive, crashed Armada Carrier Ship near an Island as the Divers Team go into the Ocean and then start swimming around, searching for Ship Parts to sell on the Black Market. After a few minutes, one of the Divers pulls in a Pull Hook attached to their Search Boat, and then pulls a massive Engine Part from the Armada Carrier and then everyone gets back to the Island as their Buyer goes up to them, and then the Divers drop the Engine Part as the Buyer looks in shock, saying "It's amazing. Good work, boys!" and then several Hero Coalition Soldiers walk up and then take the Engine Part, putting it into a Quarantine Briefcase and walk away.

Meanwhile, in Africa, a squad of Jeeps drive up to a massive Military Complex as a Squad of Coalition Soldiers exit the Jeeps and then Clementine Everett and Kyle Reese accompany the Soldiers, and everyone silently starts gunning down several masked Terrorists, and Clementine tells them "Everyone split up, take the Complex out! Kyle, you're with me!" as they split up and start taking down several Terrorists, who are alerted to their presence as a Predator Missile destroys the Courtyard and then Kyle shoots several more Terrorists as a Stinger Missile hits the Predator Drone. The Drone then falls down and crashes into the Building, destroying it as Kyle and Clementine jump through the Windows and then gun down several Terrorist Soldiers, and the Terrorist Leader aims a RK5 Pistol at them. However, Clementine shoots the Leader in the arm and stomach, and then Kyle kicks the Leader into a pile of crates and grabs the man by the neck, saying "You know what we're here for, Armada scum! Where's the Intel?!" and the Leader looks at the boy and says "Fuck you... Hero scum!" as Kyle takes out a Double Barrel Shotgun and shoots the Leader in the kneecap, blasting the man's leg off. The Leader then screams in pain as Kyle stabs the Leader's wounded leg, and the Terrorist Leader screams "Okay, okay!! In that File, on the Desk!" as Clementine walks over with a Heated Iron and then walks towards the Leader, and Kyle takes the Documents from the Compound and then the Terrorist Leader's screams are heard, and then a Class-V Armada Shuttle flies into the Compund as the Coalition Soldiers leave with Kyle and Clementine, and the Armada Troops run into the Top Floor and breach the Main Room, and the Soldiers look in shock as they salute and one of them says "Our Asset is in there, my Lord!" as Armadeus Ren enters the Room, now with his iconic Black Suit and Mask, and he sees the Terrorist Leader (who was an Asset of The Villain Order) chained to the wall with a bloody and battered face, a crippled leg and a Hero Coalition Symbol branded into his chest.

The game then switches to a few days later as Clementine is seen in the Reese Home in the San Francisco Outskirts (and the City has been repaired after the Destruction of The Villain Armada) as she puts the Documents down on a Desk and starts looking through several Files. After looking through the Documents, Clementine finds a File that alludes to Griggs Industries (a friendly Faction working for the New Hero Coalition, which was an antagonist Faction in the Call of the Watch Dogs Series). Kyle then walks into the Room and asks "What is it, Clem? You look spooked." as he looks at the File, and Clementine says "This says that a piece of the Armada Remnants have Intel stored in the Classified Files of Griggs Industries." and she looks at the File, which shows a Schedule Date for a Celebration Party at the Griggs Industries Mansion, and Clementine asks "So, Griggs doesn't know the Armada is storing their Files in his Building... How are we gonna break in without him noticing?" and Kyle chuckles, then says "Breaking in can't always be a solution, Clem. Besides, we're Hero Knights, remember?" and he shows her two Invitations that will allow them to enter the Celebration Party (which is celebrating the Destruction of The Villain Armada). Clementine then looks at Kyle and laughs, then humorously saying "What, you gonna show up in a suit and tie? You'd actually look pretty good, though." and Kyle laughs, saying "Good looks are all I need, Clem. And I think we should just show up, steal the Files discreetly. Griggs will be none the wiser, and the Coalition won't be on our asses for stealing Documents from a business partner. Remember: Griggs Industries is a key R&D Developer for the United Dimensions Coalition, so we cannot fuck this up." and Clementine goes up to him and says "Relax, Kyle. When have we ever not been discreet?" and Kyle laughs, saying "Good point." as the two kiss.

A few days later, the game shows Kyle and Clementine walking through a crowd of people at the Celebration Party, and then Kyle says "I'm getting the Server Signals. They're below us, Clem. The Files are in there, you got the Recovery Module?" and Clementine quickly shows him a Data Recovery Module, saying "We should poke around first. You go and distract Griggs while I look for an Entrance to the Server Room." as an Announcer on a huge Stage says "-Few people have managed to shape this Reality into what it is today. Now, I would like to introduce you to one of those people. Mr. Griggs?" as Griggs walks on to the Stage and the Civilians at the Party all cheer, and as the cheering dies down, Griggs says "Tonight is a night for celebration. The 2nd Anniversary of the Destruction of The Villain Armada, something that Humanity celebrates Globally every year. And I am proud of my Company for rebuilding Earth, and I am also extremely proud of the Hero Coalition for it's astounding bravery during the War. You helped us when we needed you, and you were there-" as Kyle sees Clementine slipping past the Security Guards and then entering the Lower Levels of the Building towards the Server Room as Griggs continues his speech.

A couple minutes later, Clementine enters the Server Room and then looks around in shock as she sees several heads of former Villains kept in Glass Containers, such as the heads of the Governor, William Carver, Scarecrow, Vladimir Makarov (a Villain from Call of Duty) and even the head of Neagan (another Villain in The Walking Dead TV Show) as she looks at a Data Vault with the Griggs Industries Symbol on it. Clementine then hooks the Data Recovery Module up to the Data Vault, and a Timer that says 'Transferring Files. Time: 7:00' as she sighs and activates the DRM, saying "DRM Unit, prepare for Automatic File Transfer to this location." as she shows the Reese House on a Holographic Map, and the DRM A.I. responds with "Roger that, Ms. Everett. Preparing File Transfer now. DRM Unit necessity no longer required." as she takes out the Data Recovery Module and takes it, turning off the Computer and leaving a Timer that says '6:15', as the Files will now automatically Transfer to the Reese House. Clementine then gets up and walks to the Server Room Door, but stops as she looks at the Glass Container and sees the Preserved Head of Carver, before looking at the head with a disgusted look and says "You deserve this fate, Carver!" as she walks out of the Server Room and closes the Steel Door behind her.

In the Celebration Party, Kyle walks up to Griggs, who says "Ah, Kyle. Nice to see you again. I haven't seen you and Clementine since the Battle of Los Angeles. Speaking of Clementine, where is she?" and Kyle lies to cover for Clementine, saying "Oh, she went to the bathroom. Had too much to drink." as Griggs responds "Yeah, pretty nice Party, huh? Anyway, there's someone I want you to meet. James, over here!" as Armadeus Ren (in a Business suit and under a fake name) walks up to them and Griggs says "Kyle, this is James Carver. He's a business associate of mine, working for another Coalition Tech Firm." as Kyle shakes his hand, and Armadeus says "Nice to finally meet you, Mr. Reese. Griggs has told me a lot about you, and I've heard your quite the War Hero." and Kyle responds "Yeah, Clem and I could tell you everything from the War, but... It'd take about 10 hours." as Kyle remembers Armadeus' fake name and then asks "Carver..? So, James... Who's your Dad?" and Armadeus answers "William Carver. He's not someone I'm particularly proud of, at all. I heard your friend, Clementine... Has a bad history with him." and Kyle responds "William Carver was the Villain who spearheaded the Battle of San Francisco. That's where Clementine lost her entire Squad... And we both killed Carver to win the Battle during the final days of the War." as they keep talking as the Timer on the Data Transfer reads '00:50'. After Griggs and Armadeus walk away, Kyle sees Clementine walking out of the Building with the Data Recovery Module, and then Kyle follows her out.

The game then switches to a few hours later as Griggs is seen with Armadeus inside the abandoned Carver Mansion, saying "So, nobody guessed who you are? Good work. Now what do you want... Armadeus Ren?" and Armadeus says "I want complete access to the Crashed Armada Carrier, in the War Memorial. I'll pay you, of course." and Griggs thinks it over for a few seconds, saying "Done." as it shows Armadeus walking through a Quarantine Zone, then walking into a massive Armada Carrier which is crashed in the middle of San Francisco. As Armadeus looks around in awe at the destroyed and dusty Ship Interior, he is heard telling Griggs "I also want complete and total jurisdiction over Ozone's dead corpse!" as Griggs looks at his Smartphone, seeing $200,000,000 being wired to his Bank Account. As Griggs looks at Armadeus, the Villain chuckles and tells Griggs "There isn't a single problem I have... That can't be solved with a little bit of Money!" as the game shows Armadeus inside a Morgue, with a Body Bag being rolled out in front of him. Armadeus then opens the Bidy Bag and sees the dead body of Ozone, and then he is seen dragging Ozone's body thei th the Armada Carrier and then accesses the Ship Computers, and the Ship A.I. says "Servers are coming back online. Ship operating at Efficiency of 37%, Engines are offline and Hull Damage is irreparable. Would you like to take control... James Carver?" and Armadeus (who is now revealed as Carver's son) goes up to the Ship Computers and says "Yes... Yes, I would!" as he drops Ozone's body to the ground, and then puts the body into a huge Fuel Pit and the Computer says "Sir, I do not advise this course of action. The Council of The Villain Armada has forbidden the Creation of Artificial Intelligences!" and Armadeus asks it "Well... Where is the Armada now?!" and the Computer answers "Destroyed, Sir." and Armadeus says "Good. Then let us commence!" as he picks Ozone's corpse up, and several Cybernetic Hooks come in from the Ship Walls and attach themselves to Ozone, dragging the fallen Villain Lord up into a Ship Breeding Hatch.

Meanwhile in the Reese Home, Clementine begins looking through the Files of Griggs Industries, saying to Kyle "According to these Files, Griggs has been in contact with someone designated the 'White Portuguese'. It was a designation given out to Cryptic Messengers during the War to give hidden Messages in between Coalition Outposts, and if we look here..." as she opens one of the Files and sees a Villain Armada Symbol on one of the Documents, saying "Here, Kyle. The last entry on this File is marked 'Operation: Smokescreen'." as the two look at the File, which shows a Ship marked 'The White Portuguese', and several Villain Order Soldiers on the San Francisco Docks, loading what appear to be Laser Weapons and a Body Bag into several SUVs, and Kyle says "Looks like the White Portuguese isn't a person, but it's a Ship. Those are New Armada markings on regular SUVs! Looks like this is gonna be a huge Operation." and Clementine says "Hang on: The SUVs have been sent to a Coalition-sponsored Antique Museum. When the Cargo from the Ship arrived, one of the possessions was listed as 'Rusted Hilt of a'... Crossguard Plasma Sword..?" and Kyle responds "Alright, I have a plan: You go to the Harbor and take out the Armada Cell there, while I find the Plasma Sword in the Antique Museum." and they begin planning the Mission.

Kyle's Nightmare of Earth-2670 Edit

In a huge twist and divergence of events, the game then switches to a Nightmarish sequence as it shows several Hero Coalition Soldiers destroying San Francisco, with Kyle massacring dozens of Armada Troops as Helicopters and Jets fly above him, and Kyle holds Clementine's dead body in a destroyed City and screams in complete rage and anguish, before stabbing every Armada Troop around him, along with several Heroes such as Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce, Sarah Connor and then stabs John Connor in the stomach, and Kyle screams at the Coalition Soldiers, screaming "Kill them all!! Destroy this Reality if you have too!!" as Captain Phasma (a Villain serving under Armadeus) tries to shoot Kyle, but then the enraged Hero blocks the Plasma Shots using a Telekinetic Grip, and his eyes glow Sith Yellow as he grabs Phasma using his Telekinesis and snaps the Villain's neck, and then several Coalition Ships fly above Kyle as he stands above the dead corpses of Jacks, Sarah, John and Phasma, and ignites a Red Plasma Sword as San Francisco is destroyed by The Hero Coalition.

The game then switches to a Desert area where Armadeus, now with a Desert version of his Suit and Mask, walks above the remains of an Armada Base and looks in shock at a destroyed City, with flaming Skyscrapers, ruined Streets and a massive Hero Coalition Symbol burnt into the Desert ground, and Armadeus looks through his Binoculars and sees a Truck Convoy moving through the City Ruins, and then he runs towards a Speeder Bike and follows it. A few minutes later, he enters the back of a Truck surrounded by Scavengers and walks up to Aidan Reese, Kyle's twin brother, and asks "Do you have it? The Plasma Sword..?" and then Aidan nods and cracks open a Crate, and then Armadeus looks at his rusty and battered Crossguard Plasma Sword. However, Aidan grabs a Double-Barrel Shotgun and aims it at Armadeus, saying "I'm sorry. Kyle forced me to do this..!" as he grabs Armadeus and shoves him into the side of the Truck's Trailer, and then Armadeus sees several Coalition Soldiers charging in and ambushing the Scavengers, who are gunned down and begin a massive gunfight as Armadeus screams "No!!" and then punches Aidan in the face, then throwing the boy out of the Truck as he guns down 2 Coalition Soldiers using his MP5 Submachine Gun. Armadeus then uses his Telekinesis to grab his Crossguard Plasma Sword and runs out of the Truck after holstering it, and then running out of the Truck and begins gunning down Coalition Soldiers along with the Scavengers, who are outnumbered as VTOL Warships and XS1 Goliaths arrive, killing more Scavengers and dropping in several more Coalition Soldiers. Armadeus then uses his Grenade Launcher to take down a VTOL Warship, and as even more Scavengers die around him, he ignites his Crossguard Plasma Sword and starts cutting down the Coalition Forces charging his way, even destroying 2 XS1 Goliath MECHs as the Coalition Forces destroy the remaining Scavengers and the Soldiers start punching Armadeus, who fights back using his Plasma Sword to kill them as he screams in rage and snaps a Soldier's neck, but then dozens of Helicopters deploy several Coalition Soldiers, who come in and beat Armadeus to the ground, knocking him out and massacring the remaining Scavengers.

The game then switches to several hours later as Armadeus regains consciousness inside a Holding Cell, seeing several Scavengers and himself tied to the ceiling in chains as several Coalition Soldiers stand in front of them. As the Scavengers start to panic, Armadeus looks towards the Cell Entrance as a Steel Door opens and Kyle enters the Holding Cell, and the Coalition Soldiers bow down to Kyle as he takes out an EM1 Quantum, firing the Laser at a few Scavengers and disintegrating them painfully as Armadeus screams "No, stop!! Please, don't-" as Kyle, with his eyes glowing yellow in rage, aims at the other Scavengers and shoots them with the EM1 Quantum, and the dying Scavengers scream in pain. Kyle then gets face-to-face with Armadeus and asks "Do you know..? Do you have any idea what you took from me?" and Armadeus answers "I may have killed Clementine... But what you've done to 'avenge her death' is inexcusable, Kyle! You've destroyed the World, and killed millions of people!! And you forced the rest of the Planet to live under your oppressive Hero Regime!" and then Kyle rips Armadeus' Mask off and throws it to the floor, before asking "Do you know what I did to your father, Armadeus?!" as he shows Armadeus the face of William Carver, which has been smashed in and skeletal as Armadeus looks in shock at his father's destroyed and decapitated head. Kyle then throws Carver's head to the floor and picks up Armadeus' Helmet, saying "Like father, like son..." as he grabs Armadeus by the neck and then uses a Telekinetic Grip, and then Armadeus screams in absolute pain as his head is ripped off, and the screen turns to black.

After the Nightmare finishes, Kyle wakes up in his Home and screams after witnessing the Nightmare, and then the game shows him sitting outside the Reese Home at night. As Kyle looks up at the Sky, Clementine walks over to him and asks "Hey... You alright, Kyle?" and Kyle looks at her and starts crying, before hugging her and saying "I... I just had a bad dream, Clem." and Clementine asks "You want to talk about it?" and Kyle looks her in the eyes, then after some hesitation, says "You died in the Battle of San Francisco. This Villain called Armadeus killed you, and... I went into some kind of rage, and I... I killed them all. And it wasn't just Villains I killed, I slaughtered Jacks and all the other Hero Knights. Price, Ghost, Aiden... All of them were dead at my feet, my eyes were glowing yellow with hatred and rage... The Coalition Soldiers flew in with Choppers and Warships, and I ordered them to kill anyone who stood in their way. I slaughtered the Villains and Heroes, every one of them!!" as the drops to his knees and punches the ground. Clementine then kneels down to his level and says "Kyle, you mean something to me. These Nightmares you keep having only reflect your love for me, and what you're willing to do in order to keep me safe. Just like I found you, and promised to protect you." as Kyle starts sobbing, and Clementine hugs him tightly and says "You being a Hero means something, to me and this Reality. It's all some people have, we're all that gives them hope... But you, Kyle, you don't owe this Reality a thing. You never did..." as Kyle hugs her and keeps crying. Clementine then says "Shh, it's alright... Everything's fine, Kyle." as Kyle looks at her affectionately and then kisses her on the lips, and as the two sit down and kiss outside the House, Kyle wraps his arms around Clementine's upper back and moves his hand downwards, and then Clementine puts her hand on Kyle's chest and says "No, not here... You make me crazy sometimes, Y'know?" as Kyle laughs and says "I guess that's just what I do. Come on, let's go back inside." as Clementine laughs back, and then the game switches to inside the Reese House as Kyle and Clementine are both seen kissing inside the House as Kyle presses against Clementine and their chests touch, and then the two lie down in Bed and keep kissing as Clementine starts taking Kyle's shirt off while Kyle removes Clementine's pants, and the screen turns to black.

The game then switches to several hours later at the San Francisco Docks as several Armada Agents load up Weapons into a huge Truck and several SUVs, and their Squad Leader, Phoenix (a Villain commonly appearing in these Crossovers), shouts "Come on, everybody load up! Ren expects the Shipment to be delivered by dawn!" as Kyle is seen near the Rooftop and aims a Barret 50 Cal. Sniper at Phoenix, who closes the Trailer on the Truck. Kyle then shoots at the Trailer twice, firing both a Tracking Device and an Explosive Device as the Truck drives away along with the SUVs, and Kyle contacts Clementine, saying "Clem, I've planted the Devices. Ready to pursue the Convoy now!" as Clementine is heard saying "Copy, you're clear to engage!" as Kyle puts on an RE-105 Exoskeleton and then boosts across the Rooftops, using his Exo Dash Ability to run across the Rooftops to quickly pursue the Convoy. A few seconds later, Kyle Boost Jumps off a Rooftop and fires a Grenade mid-air, hitting one of the SUVs as it explodes and the Armada Agents see Kyle running across the Streets with his Exo Dash, and then Phoenix shouts "Fire at him, kill that Hero Knight!" as the Soldiers fire at Kyle, who Boost Jumps away from the Minigun bullets and shoots 2 more SUVs, then grapples one of the destroyed Vehicles with his Exo Grapple, then smashing it into the back of the Truck and almost killing Phoenix, managing to destroy the Trailer and kill several Armada Troops.

Meanwhile, Clementine is seen in an Antiques Museum searching for a Crossguard Plasma Sword, and then she sees a Curator with Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce (a Hero that Kyle killed in the Nightmare), walking up to a Display Case that holds Ozone's Destroyed Helmet. Clementine then walks up to Jacks and asks "Here to resolve your daddy issues, Jacks?" and Jacks keeps looking at the Helmet, saying "I don't have any issues with my Dad, Clementine." and Clementine laughs, saying "Don't make me laugh. You're looking for the White Portuguese, aren't you? Kyle's at the Harbour, finding them right now. But how did you know about it?" and Jacks looks at her and says "You should know. I hacked Griggs' Systems, and rerouted the Data to my Computer. I got there after you." and Clementine gets closer to him and says "You stole it? Well, then, it's true what they say about little boys: No natural inclination to share." and Jacks tells her "Relax, the Drive that I got was just another copy. You'll find yours in the Reese Home... I'm no little boy, Clem." as he walks away, and then Clementine stops him and asks "You really think I'm not seeing through your act? I've known a few boys like you, Jacks." and Jacks turns to her and smirks, then says "No, I don't think you've ever known a boy like me. You should take a look at that Data I have you, maybe you'll find something valuable." as he walks away, and Clementine looks at the Display Case that holds Ozone's Destroyed Helmet, before walking away herself to find the Data that Jacks was talking about.

The game then switches to the Harbor as a Fuel Tanker explodes next to a Warehouse, and Kyle jumps through the explosion and Boost Jumps through a window and into a Warehouse, using his Exo Pound to blast several Armada Troops back, then starts gunning even more down with a KF5 Submachine Gun, slamming several Troops to the ground and then Boost Jumping to the ceiling, throwing several Semtex Grenades on to 8 Armada Troops and blasting them to pieces. Kyle then Exo Hovers down to the ground and kicks a Door in, where he sees Phoenix trying to run. Kyle shoots Phoenix in the leg and slaughters several more Armada Troops, and then walks over to Phoenix and kicking him, saying "Where the fuck is the Weapon?! What is the Weapon?" as he punches Phoenix several times, then holds a Knife to his neck and says "I'll slit your throat if you don't tell me where and what the fucking thing is!" and Phoenix laughs, and then Kyle hears the roaring of a Jet Engine. Outside the Warehouse, the Armada Troops see a Class-V VTOL Warship flying in and they start shooting at the VTOL, but then the Warship fires its Minigun and causes the SUVs to explode and kill several Armada Troops. The VTOL then stops outside the Warehouse as Armadeus Ren jumps out of the Cockpit and blasts through the Window, grabbing Kyle by the neck and throwing him out of the Warehouse. Phoenix then starts getting up and says "The Weapon is ready, Sir. Your Plasma Sword, as promised." as he gives Armadeus his Crossguard Plasma Sword (which was the Weapon that Kyle was looking for), and the Anti-Villain says "You have my gratitude, Phoenix..." as he ignites the Plasma Sword and stabs Phoenix with it, then says "But you're the only Villain Knight left. The Armada... Has now fallen!" as Phoenix looks at him in shock, then falls to the ground and dies.

Armadeus then levitates himself out of the Warehouse and then walks over to Kyle, saying "Next time the Coalition calls you for help... Don't answer their call. The Hero Knights are dead, let go of them. Consider this mercy!" as Armadeus starts to walk away, but then Kyle asks him "Tell me... Do you Villains feel pain?" and Armadeus simply looks at him and levitates into the Sky, and Kyle looks at Armadeus and remembers him from the Earth-2670 Nightmare, before angrily saying "You will..!" as he also walks away from the Warehouse, which then explodes.

The game then switches to a few hours later at the Reese Home as Clementine looks through several Files that Jacks gave her at the Antiques Museum, and hacks into the Griggs Industries Firewall and finds a File that reads 'Hero_Knight Data', and then opens the File to find several Documents alluding to a new Team of Hero Knights to assist Clementine and Kyle in the Future. Clementine then starts to look through the Documents, finding one marked 'Jackson Pearce_Video', and plays it, and the Video shows Jacks during the War Against the Villain Armada, gunning down several Armada Troops and assisting Hero Coalition Forces in destroying an Armada Carrier Ship which crashes into a Skyscraper. After seeing the Video, Clementine sees several more Heroes in the Documents, such as: Aidan Reese killing an XS1 Goliath MECH with his bare hands and an RW1 Pistol, John Connor destroying 4 Armada Carriers using his XRE-15 Coalition Fighter, Sarah Connor roping in from a Pave Low Helicopter and gunning down dozens of Armada Troops, and a Team of US Marines (Pvt. Massey, Sgt. Alderman, Pvt. West and Cpl. Barton) taking down an Armada Outpost during the War. After seeing the Footage of the Hero Knights, Clementine gets an Email that says "Now you know who we are. Open this and find the Truth inside!" as Clementine clicks on the Email and sees a Picture, which shows Aidan, Jacks, John, Sarah, the U.S. Marines, and one final Hero Knight in the center: Armadeus Ren! After seeing Ren, Clementine responds to the Email and sends it to Armadeus, who reads the Email, which says 'It was you. Who are you? Why are you here..? James Carver!' as Armadeus looks at the Picture of himself and the other Hero Knights. However, before he can respond, a massive EMP Explosion emits from the Armada Carrier crashed in the middle of the City War Memorial, which hits every Building as a News Report comes on and says "We appear to be detecting a huge amount of Seismic Activity coming from the Ship which is a landmark of the War Memorial! Our Reporters near the Ship have reported electrical shortouts and Power Failures-" as Armadeus grabs his Plasma Sword and puts his Mask on, walking out of the Apartment and towards the City Harbor.

Act IV: Skynet Rises and Final Battle Edit

The game then switches to Armadeus as he stands in the heavy rain in the Harbor, and then as the thunder cracks, Kyle appears in mid-air using his Exo Hover, then slams to the ground. Armadeus then walks over to Kyle and says "I need your help. Griggs manipulated me into reviving Skynet, and now the Villain Lord is awakening!" and Kyle starts walking as well, saying "No, I've seen what you're capable of, Ren! You killed Clementine in my Nightmare, and I won't let you turn me evil!" and the two get face to face, and Armadeus tells "I don't have time for this!" as Kyle uses his Exo Suit to punch Armadeus, blasting him back and saying "Clementine has gone to fight Griggs and Skynet... And I've come here to kill you!!" as Armadeus activates 2 Sentry Turrets near him, which start shooting at Kyle. However, Kyle manages to counter the attack by activating his Exo Overshield, then Boost Jumps into mid-air and shoots the two Turrets using his EM1 Quantum, and then Exo Pounds down to Armadeus, blasting the Hero Knight back and charging towards him in rage.

Meanwhile, Clementine is seen in the War Memorial, gunning down several Armada Troops who stand in her way as she runs towards the Armada Carrier Ship. After a few more minutes of shooting Soldiers, she runs into the Ship Breeding Chamber where she sees Griggs looking at a moving AI Pod, and she says "So, you were the one who's behind all this scheming, then? I should have known something was up ever since I found those Files!" and Griggs laughs and turns to her, saying "So, the great Clementine Everett comes to fight and kill me. Lee and your parents would be so proud of you, and so would Kyle... If he wasn't too busy turning evil!" and Clementine looks at him and asks "What have you done, Griggs?" and Griggs laughs, then says "I've manipulated Kyle into fighting Armadeus Ren, Carver's son. When Kyle had that little Nightmare about Earth-2640? Well, that's an actual Reality in The Multiverse. And I thought 'Why ask the Evil Kyle here to destroy this Reality, when you can actually make Kyle evil'? You see, you die on Earth-2640 during the end of the War, and Kyle goes... A little crazy, and starts killing any Hero or Villain who gets in his way. After that, Kyle takes over The Hero Coalition and starts a New War against the Earth-2640 Resistance, which opposes his oppressive rule. I decided that if you could die in this Reality... Then the Earth-135 Kyle would turn evil. But I needed another Villain to help: The Destructor of Mankind, the Artificial Intelligence, the Bane of Humanity: Skynet!" and Clementine looks in shock as she sees a gigantic Creature inside the Ship Breeding Matrix, a Monster that is a mix of Ozone's body and Skynet's AI Matter: The Skynet Creature!

Back in the Harbor, Armadeus is seen getting blasted through several Floors of the Construction Building, and then getting blasted through the Roof, and then Kyle boost jumps and slams Armadeus across the Factory Rooftop, before walking towards him and yelling "Stay down, Ren! If I wanted to, I'd have snapped your neck already!" as Armadeus stands up and says "Then do it: Kill me!" as he activates a Smoke Grenade and throws it to the ground, and then Kyle Exo Dashes through the Smoke and Armadeus tries to ambush him from the side, but Kyle blocks his punches and starts kicking Armadeus several times, and then Armadeus activates his Crossguard Plasma Sword and swings it at Kyle, but the enraged Hero Knight catches the Sword with his hand as the Plasma doesn't even hurt him, and Armadeus asks "What?!" in shock, and Kyle tells him "You're not brave... Heroes are brave!" as he throws the Plasma Sword aside and off the Rooftop as he Exo Hovers above Armadeus, then uses his Exo Pound ability to smash Armadeus through several Floors, ending up on the Factory's 4th Floor. The two Hero Knights then charge each other as Armadeus punches Kyle twice and slams him into a wall, saying "You've sent Clementine into a death trap! She's going to die unless we stop this pointless fighting!" and Kyle's eyes start glowing Sith Yellow as he strikes Armadeus with Electrokinetic Lightning, and then punches the Hero Knight several times as he beats Ren to the ground and holds him up, then throws him down a huge opening, causing him to hit and smash through several Assembly Lines on the way down, then finally slamming into the ground as Kyle jumps down to the Ground Floor and uses his Exo Land Assist to land safely.

Kyle then grabs Armadeus' Plasma Sword and ignites it, before holding it to the defeated Hero's neck as his eyes glow yellow, and he says "You... I won't let you kill Clementine! I won't let you turn me evil..!" as Armadeus responds "No... Stop, you're letting... You're letting Griggs kill Clementine!" and Kyle stops, then asks "What... What do you mean? What the fuck does that mean?! Huh, what does it mean?!" as he holds the Plasma Sword to Armadeus' neck, and Dark Energy flows from Kyle's now-yellow eyes. However, as Kyle keeps furiously screaming at Armadeus, Clementine runs into the Factory and says "Skynet is here! Kyle, stop!!" as she grabs Kyle and pulls him away from Armadeus, and Kyle drops the Crossguard Plasma Sword to the ground and hugs Clementine, crying and saying "I... I'm sorry, Clementine. I had to kill him, I just had to!" as Clementine at Armadeus, whose Black Suit and Helmet is now damaged and tattered as the 3 Hero Knights stand in the Factory.

However, a loud roaring noise is heard as Kyle and Clementine run out of the Factory and see a huge, deformed Monster blast through a Building and land in front of them, which is then seen to be the Skynet Creature (which heavily resembles Doomsday from Batman V Superman), which now has Bone Protrusions spiking out of its back, chest and arms. Kyle then says "Oh, shit!" as the Skynet Creature activates its Laser Beam, which fires at Kyle and Clementine to kill them. However, someone quickly jumps in the way of the Laser and blocks it, causing an explosion that blasts Kyle and Clementine back several feet, and the two Hero Knights see Armadeus standing there with his Helmet off and his Plasma Sword ignited. Armadeus then tells them "Unless we work together, we won't be able to stop it! Let's do this!" as the 3 Hero Knights stand together, with Kyle and Clementine holding Light-Machine Guns to take down the Skynet Creature, while Armadeus readies his Plasma Sword. The Hero Knights then charge against the Skynet Creature, using their Weapons to start shooting it while Armadeus fights the Creature with his Plasma Sword in an intense and explosive Battle which begins ripping the Harbor apart.

After a few minutes of intense fighting, Clementine jumps up to the Skynet Creature and stabs it using a Malice Dagger, and the Creature roars in pain and throws Clementine aside, and then Kyle uses his Electrokinesis (which is one of his Nightmare Powers) and strikes the Skynet Creature, then uses his Exo Dash to tackle the Creature and then uses the Exo Pound to send the Skynet Creature flying and blasts into the Factory, causing a huge explosion that levels the Building. However, a huge Electrical Explosion begins to form as it appears Skynet begins Adapting to the Battle, with even more of its skin becoming Armored and covered with Bone Protrusions, and then Kyle keeps fighting the Skynet Creature as Armadeus runs up to Clementine, saying "Listen, Clementine: There's a Weapon inside the Factory that can EMP the Skynet Creature for a few seconds. It's called an EMP Plasma Whip, and it can disable the AI Matter inside the Creature for up to 6 seconds. Get that, and we can allow me enough time to stab its Core with my Plasma Sword!" as Clementine says "You'll have to distract it!" and Armadeus responds "I've got that covered!" as he jumps high in the air and goes to fight the Skynet Creature with Kyle, while Clementine sees the EMP Plasma Whip under the flooded Floors of the Factory. Clementine then dives into the water and sees the Weapons Crate holding the EMP Plasma Whip, and starts swimming towards it. In the Battle, Armadeus dodges the Skynet Creature's attacks and starts cutting it with his Plasma Sword, eventually managing to cut the Creature's hand off mid-attack. However, the Skynet Creature uses its Adaptation skills to grow the lost Limb back as a huge Bone Protrusion which acts as a Sword, and then Armadeus is punched by the Skynet Creature and hits a piece of rubble, and then Kyle flies in using his Exo Hover and Boost Jump, blasting the Creature with an EM1 Quantum Laser, and the Creature responds by blasting Kyle back with its Laser Beam, which blasts Kyle back to Clementine, who throws Armadeus the EMP Plasma Whip, but when Armadeus tries to use it, the Skynet Creature blasts him back with a Laser Beam.

Kyle then says "It's unstoppable. No matter what we throw at it, the Creature will just adapt..!" as he looks down at his hands to see that Armadeus' Plasma Sword is next to him, and Kyle looks Clementine in the eyes and says "I have to do this, Clem..." and Clementine asks "W-what..?" as she looks at the Plasma Sword, then grabs Kyle and says "No, Kyle, you can't! Please, don't!" as Kyle says "It's alright, Clem... I know now. The Multiverse and its Realities are more than just different versions of Earth, more than just some Theory. The true Multiverse is the people we meet in those Realities, and the paths we choose for ourselves. The people we care about, the people we... Love." as he kisses Clementine on the lips, and stops after a few seconds. Kyle then looks Clementine in the eyes and says "This is my Reality, Clem... You are my Reality!" as he stands up and grabs the Plasma Sword, and Clementine shouts "Kyle, no!! Please, don't do this!!! No!!" as Kyle charges towards the Skynet Creature. Seeing what Kyle is about to do, Armadeus gets back up and shoots Skynet with an EMP Bullet, and then wraps the Plasma Whip around the Creature as Kyle uses his Boost Jump to get to the Skynet Creature, and then stabs it in the chest using the Crossguard Plasma Sword. The Skynet Creature then bellows in pain and an Electrical Explosion begins to form, shocking Kyle heavily as Armadeus starts running away from the explosion, while Clementine watches in complete horror as the Skynet Creature screams and stabs Kyle in the chest, running the boy through. As Kyle screams in pain, he uses his last ounce of strength to start pushing Armadeus' Plasma Sword into the Creature's Core, then says "You've been... Terminated!" as the Plasma Sword goes through the Skynet Creature, destroying its Core and causing a massive Fusion Explosion which spreads to the nearby Buildings in the City, ripping them to pieces as Armadeus and Clementine are both knocked unconscious by the gigantic Explosion.

The game then switches to a few minutes later as Clementine regains consciousness, seeing Armadeus near the charred and bony remains of the Skynet Creature. As Clementine walks over to the source of the Explosion, she sees Armadeus pulling Kyle's body down from the destroyed Factory, and he looks at Clementine and shakes his head as Clementine drops to her knees and starts crying, seeing Kyle's dead body on the ground and holding him as Armadeus looks at her sympathetically, and then several Coalition Helicopters and VTOL Warships fly over the Ground Zero of the Battle.

Epilogue: Kyle's Funeral and Villain Slayers Edit

The game then switches to Clementine as she sits in the Reese Home, crying over Kyle's death as several people wait outside, ready for a Funeral. Armadeus then walks into the Room and says "Clementine, everyone's ready to start. They're waiting for you..." as he walks out, but then turns to her and takes out an Envelope, then tells her "I almost forgot: Kyle left this for you." as she opens the Envelope and sees that inside it, is the Picture of her and Kyle taken during the War Against the Villain Armada, and Clementine turns the Picture over and sees the back, where Kyle has written 'I Love You, Clementine' on the back, and Clementine smiles slightly and then starts tearing up again as she puts the Picture on her Desk, then walks out of the House.

The game then shows Griggs as he is sitting in his Prison Cell at the Maximum Security Prison of Villain Knights, and he sits in his Holding Cell looking at a TV which has a News Report of Kyle's death, with the Reporter saying "-Millions of people in America today mourn the loss of one of the Hero Coalition's greatest Heroes, Kyle Reese. A Memorial has been held at the Armada War Monument, along with a Statue of Reese at the iconic location to honor his memory and sacrifice." as it shows millions of Civilians at a War Memorial, as Kyle's Coffin is pulled through the massive audience. The Civilians then look sadly at the Coffin, and a Statue of Kyle is seen, showing him holding Ozone's Destroyed Helmet triumphantly. The Civilians then write on the Streets, with a message that states 'If you Seek his Monument... Look Around You!" as Military Aircraft fly above the Armada War Memorial and a General says "Present arms!" as the Soldiers all salute Kyle, while inside San Francisco Prison, Griggs looks at the Report. However, the lights in the entire Cell Block go out and then Griggs turns around to see Clementine there, holding a Heated Iron in the shape of a Coalition Symbol. As Griggs backs up in fear, Clementine grabs him by the neck and shoves him into the wall in rage, then screams "Listen to me now, you piece of shit: Everywhere you go now, everything you do, everyone you meet..! I will be watching you!! I fucking own you now, do you understand me?!" as Griggs looks at the Heated Iron and asks "You're really going to Brand me? In this Prison, that Symbol is a death sentence!" and Clementine, seething with fury, starts strangling Griggs and says "Good... Then you'll know how Kyle felt!!" as Griggs laughs andn says "Look at us, Clementine... This is how it all caves in, the Civilization established by the Human Race, out the window. But who would believe me? I'm insane, not even fit to stand Trial." and Clementine responds "That's right, we have Hospitals to treat the mentally ill with compassion!" and Griggs chuckles at the concept, but then Clementine tells him "But that's not where you're going: I've arranged for you to get a Transfer to Arkham Asylum in Gotham City!" as Griggs' expression turns to one of horror and fear, and Clementine tells him "I know a certain Hero who still has friends there. They'll be expecting you!" as Griggs just tells her "But the Bell's already been rung. And they've heard it." as he has a horrified look on his face and says "Out in the dark, out there, among the darkest corners of The Multiverse." and then he mockingly says "Ding dong, Kyle Reese is dead!" as Clementine screams in rage and plunges the Heated Iron into Griggs' shoulder. However, Griggs looks to see that the Coalition Symbol is branded into the wall, and as his Cell closes he runs over to the Door and yells "The Bell cannot be unrung! He's hungry, he's found us... He's coming!!" and then, in a complete mental breakdown, he starts saying "Ding ding ding, ding ding, ding ding..." in a Bell-like sound as it switches to Griggs' Mansion, where FBI Agents are seen setting up an Investigation and taking pictures, and then a giant Portrait is seen on the Wall: Depicting a Battle between Angels and Demons, but there is one difference... The Angels are on the ground, the Devils come from the Sky!

After Clementine interrogates Griggs in the Metroville Prison, ignoring his warning about a coming Villain Threat (and probably giving him a Cell next to The Joker), she is seen inside the Reese Home sitting in the Bedroom while crying over something other than Kyle's death. After looking around the Room and seeing various Mementos from the War Against the Villain Armada such as: Clementine's iconic KRM-262 Shotgun with several Attachments, a cracked and deactivated R70 Ajax Laser LMG which Kyle always used (both in Trophy Cases in the Wall), a Copy of The Multiversal Concordance in a Book-like format and even Ozone's Destroyed Helmet on a Podeum, Clementine hears a knock at the Door and hears Jackson Pearce asking "Clem? You alright in there?" as she snaps out of her thoughts, wiping her tears away and saying "I'm fine, Jacks. I'm just gonna be going down to the Cemetery later to... Y'know what." as Jacks responds "Alright, I'll be downstairs if you need anything." as Clementine hears him walking away, and then looks down to be seen as holding a Pregnancy Test in her hand, which reads Positive as Clementine cries over the fact that she is pregnant with Kyle's posthumous baby, and the child will have no father growing up.

A few minutes later, in the San Francisco Cemetery, Clementine looks at Kyle's Grave and Coffin (which has a Hero Coalition Symbol on it), and Armadeus walks over and says "He was a Hero, Clementine... You need time to mourn his death. But I failed him in life, and I'm not going to fail Kyle in death." and Clementine asks him "What the hell do you want, Ren? Just say it, and go the fuck away." as Armadeus hesistates with his answer, then tells her "I want to assemble a Team of Hero Knights that can help us fight what's left of the Armada, a way we can keep doing some good." and Clementine looks at him with a cautious look. Clementine then scoffs and says "2 years ago, Kyle and I saved this World and knew that there would still be evil after the Armada was gone." and Armadeus tells her "There's still good left in the World, Clementine. I'll let you decide, but I'm going to recruit those Heroes regardless. Men are still good... We fight, we kill, we betray one another. But we can do better... We have to do better!" as the game shows a Memorial set up for Kyle, with thousands of Civilians standing in front of a Hero Coalition Symbol on a Gravestone, which says 'If you Seek his Monument... Look Around You!' as Clementine is seen in front of Kyle's Grave, and she asks "What if those other Hero Knights don't want to be found?" and Armadeus responds "They'll have to be, they're gonna need to be ready for what's coming." and Clementine asks "Why do we still have to fight?" as Armadeus looks at her, then looks towards the Sky and answers "Just a feeling..." as he walks away, and then Clementine looks at Kyle's Grave and also walks away. However, as the two Hero Knights leave the Cemetery, a faint heartbeat is heard coming from Kyle's Coffin, and the screen turns to black as the game ends.

Sequel Edit

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Spin-off Game Edit

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