Terminator: Exodys
Official Teaser Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Heavy Iron Studios
Platform Xbox One
Genre Third-Person Shooter
Release June 5th, 2019
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: MA15+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series Terminator Crossover Series
Predecessor Incredibles: Dawn of Fate
Successor Terminator 7

Terminator: Exodys is a new game in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, and a game in the Terminator Crossover (series). It is based on the film of the same name set for release in 2017, only it is developed by Ubisoft-Pixar and takes place in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, which is a separate Timeline from the Main Terminator Canon. The game is exclusive to the Xbox One and is set for release in 2019.

Cast Edit

  • Bryant Prince as Kyle Reese
  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett
  • Raymond Ochoa as Dashiell Parr
  • JK Simmons as O'Brien
  • Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as Guardian/T-800
  • Robert Patrick as T-1000 Prototype
  • Aaron V. Williamson as Phoenix
  • Brett Azar as Young Guardian/Evil T-800
  • Kristina Loken as The T-X
  • Matt Smith as Skynet

Synopsis Edit

After the events of Incredibles: Dawn of Fate, which saw the destruction of Omnidroid Industries and The Villain Armada, the world is now in a state of peace and prosperity. With the War Against the Villain Armada now averted in the Future, Heroes now defend Earth against any threat. However, a new threat known as SkyNet, an Artificial Intelligence designed by a Company named Cyberdyne Systems for Missile Defense, threatens the very existence of Mankind! With this new threat emerging and creating an army of Machines, Kyle Reese and his allies must now team up with Sarah Connor and the Guardian T-800 who have come from Earth-3000 to help them bring an end to Skynet's plan.

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