Terminator: Hope of The Future
Official Teaser Poster
Developer Infinity Ward
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
Genre Third-Person Shooter
Release June 15th, 2019
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: MA15+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series Terminator Crossover Series
Predecessor War Of Heroes: Global Warfare
Successor TBA

"New Mission, new Threat... New Fate!"

- Tagline

Terminator: Hope of The Future is a new game in the Terminator Crossover Series, and a new edition to the Ubisoft-Pixar Series of Video Games. Taking place within the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, this game takes place on Earth-135, during the War Against the Villain Armada and after the events of War Of Heroes: Global Warfare. With the War's tide turning in the favor of The Hero Coalition, Scarecrow, younger brother to Ozone and new leader of The Villain Armada unleashes his greatest weapon: a Device that can send people Teleporting through different Realities within the Multiverse! Clementine is also sent to a Reality known as Earth-3000 in order to protect the Armada's latest target: Kyle Reese! The game is exclusive to Xbox One and is set for release in 2019.

Cast Edit

  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett
  • Bryant Prince as Kyle Reese
  • JK Simmons as O'Brien
  • Mark Adam Miller as Dennis Reese
  • Kerry O'Malley as Mary Reese
  • Mark Grigsby as Griggs
  • Kevin McKidd as John 'Soap' MacTavish
  • Michael Gladis as Lt. Matias
  • Sandrine Holt as Detective Cheung
  • Greg Williams as Cpl. Harding
  • Otto Sanchez as Sgt. Timmons
  • Robert Patrick as The T-1000

Synopsis Edit

The year is 2014, and the War Against the Villain Armada is entering its closing months. With the Hero Coalition winning the War, and the Villain Armada now in full defensive mode as they are losing. After several more battles, the leader of the Armada, Scarecrow, reveals his newest and deadliest weapon: the Reality Terrain Device! Sending an advanced killing Machine known as the T-1000 (played by an aged Robert Patrick) to kill Kyle Reese, the new leader of the Coalition, Scarecrow attempts to make a last stand and claim Earth-135 for his evil control! However, Clementine Everett is also sent back after the T-1000 to save Reese before the Terminator kills him!

Finding the alternate Kyle and his parents on Earth-3000, Clementine must now convince the family that her experiences actually happened on Earth-135, as the T-1000 chases them down in a race against time! New mission, new threat, new fate!

Plot Edit

Intro/Battle on Earth-135 Edit

The game starts with a Flashback to the Intro of War Of Heroes: Global Warfare, showing an overshot of the destroyed San Francisco Ruins in the year 2014 as 3 Armada VTOLs fly above the Skyscrapers of the City and then start scanning the streets. In the streets, Kyle Reese sneaks past the VTOLs' Heat Scanners, and then goes into the Subway as his narration says "After the Armada was almost destroyed in the Battle of New Washington, the Hero Coalition started winning. This is how it all started, how the Armad was sent on a path of eventual defeat: It was June 14th, 2014. After months of crawling around through Subways and stealing supplies from the Armada, I ran. Every day was a fight. Starving, hiding and escaping a Prison Camp." as Kyle stops as he looks at a pile of debris in front of him.

He then hears footsteps behind him and turns around, seeing several people with Guns walking up to him, and one asks "Are there others down here, kid?" and Kyle sees the flags of Armada-Occupied America on the Soldiers' uniforms, and the Troops all train their Guns on him as the young boy backs up in terror. However, the Ventilation Shaft on the roof of the Subway is blasted open, and then a mysterious figure jumps down and shoots all of the Armada Troops with an AE4 Plasma Rifle as Kyle gets down into cover. After the Troops are all gunned down after a 3 second shootout, Kyle looks up and sees that the person who saved him is Clementine Everett, who holds her hand out to help Kyle up. Kyle then narrates "And then someone found me. Her name is Clementine Everett, and she changed everything for me." as Kyle takes Clementine's hand, the latter helping him off the floor with the dead Armada Troops' blood melting into the floor. The game then switches to 3 months later, some time after the events of War Of Heroes: Global Warfare, as it shows Clementine, Elias and other high-ranking members of The Hero Coalition as they stand around a Holographic Map of the Armada's New Base in Metroville, and Kyle narrates "Clementine led the Coalition through thick and thin. People talk about her with praise and greatfulness, using words like 'savior' and 'prophet'. But to me, Clementine is so much more. And tonight, she's going to lead us to crush the Villain Armada".

Later, Kyle catches up to Clementine in the Hallways of the Coalition Base, and says "Clem, wait! I need to talk to you about the Metroville Offensive." and Clementine asks "What is it, Kyle?" and Kyle answers "I need to know the specifics of the Battle, Clementine." as the two stop walking, and Clementine says "The Coalition will succeed and the Armada will fall tonight. We're going to head in to Scarecrow's Main Base, and then raise hell. While the battle is happening outside, you and I are going to infiltrate the Main Room and kill Scarecrow there. I need to warn you though, Kyle: this is going to be the most intense battle you have ever seen in your life. Dozens will die tonight, there will be a lot of explosions, bullets and crashing Aircraft, but... I need you to do one thing: help me kill every Armada Soldier you see, and then put one between Scarecrow's eyes. Got it?" and Kyle just nods in response, and then Clementine tells him "You saved me in Washington, Kyle. But I've never thanked you for it." and Kyle responds "You don't need to. You've given all of the Coalition a Future, and I'm going to use my future. When this is all over and the Villain Armada is gone, I'm gonna find my parents' house, and then... I'll repair it, use my hands for something other than killing." as the two look at each other. Clementine then says "I figure that whatever happens, then... It's going to be better than fighting in this damn War." as she starts to walk down the Hallway, but stops and turns back to Kyle, saying "So many of us have died to get here. I just want you to know, Kyle: if there was another way than this, I would have taken it. When I was stabbed by Ozone, and all the time I thought I was just going to die... The only person I was thinking about was you." and she wraps her arms around Kyle's waist and then kisses him on the lips.

The game then shows the Armada's Main Base in the middle of Metroville, with Laser Fences, hundreds of Armada Soldiers and dozens of VTOL Warships patrolling the skies as several Trucks in a convoy then pull up as the Laser Fences are brought down for them to enter. Then, as soon as the Lasers are reactivated, the back of the Truck explodes as it was lined with Explosives earlier. After several Armada Troops are killed and blasted into the Lasers, Griggs (a member of the Coalition from Call Of The Watch Dogs: Brink of Annihilation and the COD Series) fires an Explosive Bolt from his Crossbow, which hit a Control Tower and explodes, taking the Tower with it. After that, hundreds of Coalition Helicopters and Fighter Jets fly in and start firing their Missiles and Chainguns into the Base, killing hundreds of Armada Troops as dozens of Hero Coalition Troops land and engage in a massive battle with the Armada, destroying their Tanks and H-K Turrets.

In the midst of the intense Battle, Kyle and Clementine charge their way through Armada Soldiers, also shooting down several Dropships and even managing to destroy an Omnidroid Robot with a Stinger Missile. The two then see a Javelin Missile coming in, and they both dive towards a turned-over Truck for cover, and the explosion misses them by inches as the Coalition Soldiers kill every Armada Troop that walks out of the Base's Entrance. Inside the Base, a pool of Mimetic Pollyalloy (Liquid Metal) is seen in an R&D Chamber, and Scarecrow gets to the Intercom, saying "Perimeter breached! Activate Model-1000!" as a Forming Laser digs into the pool and then quickly forms a Humanoid Body made of Liquid Metal. The T-1000 then walks across a platform towards the huge Reality Terrain Device, as the Final Battle between the Hero Coalition and Villain Armada is still raging ferociously outside.

Kyle and Clementine then get up after the explosion and they see the RTD powering up, and Kyle says "Scarecrow's using the RTD! We've gotta get into the Hangar!" as he starts running and shooting several Armada Troops, and Clementine yells "Kyle, wait! Kyle!!" and she runs after him as a massive Airstrike comes in, blowing up several parts of the Base as a H-K Drone flies through the massive explosion and aims at Kyle and Clementine, but Griggs comes in and shoots it down with a Heat-Seeking Missile. However, as the VTOL crashes into the Base, an Omnidroid V.6 lands in front of Kyle and Clementine stopping the two in their tracks as they fire rounds into the Robot, and Kyle yells "You want me?! I'm right here!!" as the Omnidroid spools up its Chaingun. A few seconds later, an EMP goes off in the sky as Griggs announces "Friendly EMP detonated! All the Armada's Electronics are down! I repeat, the Armada has been destroyed!" as every Armada VTOL, Helicopter, Warship and Omnidroid go offline as the EMP Explosion destroys them, and the Aircraft of the Villain Armada, including their Flagship, crash into the City's remains and cause massive explosions as Kyle narrates "Clementine was right. The EMP succeeded and did it's part, and the Villain Armada fell... But it was too late." as the T-1000 has already gone through the Reality Terrain Device.

The Hero Coalition then start rummaging through the RTD Chamber, and a Sgt. Timmons says "Kyle, the T-1000 got through." and Kyle asks "What date is it?" and Lt. Matias answers "February 9th, 2014. The Reality it went to is called Earth-3000." and Kyle comes before the Hero Coalition Troops, saying "Scarecrow knew he was losing. So he tried to rig the game. Use this Reality Terrain Device, to send an assassin back to the Alternate Reality." and Timmons asks "Well, who's the Target?" and Kyle pauses, but then announces "Me. If the T-1000 succeeds, I'll never exist in this Reality, and the Armada will wipe away every victory we fought for. Including tonight's. There won't be a Hero Coalition to challenge the Villain Armada! With this one act, Scarecrow will win." as the Troops gasp and murmur in shock and Griggs tells him "We can use the Technology ourselves, send someone to stop the Terminator!" and all the Soldiers start volunteering over each other. After a few seconds, everyone hears Clementine say "I'll volunteer! I'll go back, Kyle." and Kyle asks her "Clem, why should I send you? Out of all of these Soldiers?" and Clementine steps forward, then says "Because I'd die for you, Kyle." and Kyle responds "All these people would die to save me, Clementine. What makes you any different from them?" and Clementine, referencing her relationship with Kyle, tells him "You know why. I know you, Kyle. Let me save you." and O'Brien, another major member of the Coalition (and major character in Incredibles: Dawn of Fate) also comes forward, and says "If she's going, I'm there for back-up." and Kyle agrees to send the two back.

While Clementine is readying up for her most important mission, she turns to Kyle and says "You knew the RTD would be here. You knew what the date would be for your assassination, and you knew that the Villain Armada would fall tonight. Just, before I go, tell me." and Kyle asks "Tell you what?" and Clementine answers with a question: "Can you see the Future?" and Kyle laughs for a second, then says "Nobody can see the Future, Clementine." and Clementine insistently says "Okay, but how do you know?" and Kyle just smirks, then says "I cheat Time. Before the Great Invasion, my parents taught me things. Gave me signposts, and back then it seemed like my Mom and Dad knew everything." and he hesitates with his next words, but then honestly tells her "It stops here, Clementine. Once you go through that Teleporter, my knowledge ends. That's as much as my parents knew." and Clementine asks "No more cheating Time, right?" and then Kyle laughs again, and says "No more cheating." as they keep preparing for the RTD Travel. Then, Kyle drops the picture of him and his parents, and Clementine sees it, then asks "That them? Your parents?" and then Kyle picks the picture up and answers "Yeah. Dennis and Mary Reese. In this Reality, I won't be the warrior you know. My parents wouldn't have trained me, since the Armada and the Coalition don't exist on Earth-3000. I'll just be regular kid, scared and weak." and Clementine reassures him, saying "I'll protect you, Kyle. I promised, remember?" and she kisses him on the cheek, and then Kyle tells her "Couldn't ever forget it, Clem. But here's something I need you to tell me when you get to Earth-3000. A message. Here it is: Remember, Kyle... Watch for the Armada. On March 31st, 2014, the Great Invasion begins. Kill the Armada before it gets the chance to destroy Earth".

The game then shows Clementine walking up to the Reality Terrain Device as hundreds of Coalition Soldiers look on, and Kyle and O'Brien stand at the top of the Platform. Clementine then walks into the Magnetic Field of the RTD with O'Brien as Kyle tells them "What you're doing right now, this is the end of the War. You two will be the fall of the Villain Armada, and the conquest of the Hero Coalition." and the Reality Terrain Device powers up and forms a huge Magnetic Quantum Field around Clementine and O'Brien, and then the Quantum Field spawns a massive flash, which sends the two back in time.

As the two are going through the Reality Terrain Device, Clementine sees several Visions of the alternate version of Kyle on Earth-3000 through a Memory Link (if you want to know what the hell that is, go and look at Incredibles: Dawn of Fate), showing Kyle in the Reese home on Earth-3000, where the War Against the Villain Armada never happened and Kyle's parents are still alive. The Vision then shows Kyle repeating his Alternate Counterpart's message to Clementine: "Remember, watch for the Armada. On March 31st, 2014, the Great Invasion begins. Kill the Armada before it gets the chance to destroy Earth".

Earth-3000 Missions Edit

The game then switches to San Francisco 2014, which has not been destroyed. In an alleyway, a massive ball of blue, Spherical Light forms in mid-air, and then triggers a massive flash. As it clears, Clementine and O'Brien are seen in the alleyway as they load two Glock 17 Pistols that they took with them. Clementine then sees a car pull up and an aged FBI Agent comes out, running up to the two and yells to O'Brien "Hey, old man! Stop right there! Step away from the girl now!" and O'Brien puts his hands up, saying "Hey, listen, man-" but then sees that the Agent's arm is turning from skin to Liquid Metal, and Clementine says "Oh, shit..." as the T-1000, now revealed as the FBI Agent, turns its arm into a spear made of Liquid Metal and throws it at the two, who dodge it and see that it goes flying through a window, and O'Brien says "Through the window, go!" and he and Clementine go through the destroyed window to escape, but the T-1000 takes out a Pistol and shoots O'Brien in the back twice, and once in the shoulder.

Clementine then drags O'Brien into the building and asks "You alright?!" and O'Brien, holding his shoulder, answers "I'm fine! I'm wearing a Ballistic Vest, and my shoulder isn't too bad." as they hide in the building and then the T-1000 pies through a door in his Liquid Metal Form and then forms into its body and starts menacingly walking around, searching for Clementine and O'Brien. As the two hide behind a desk, Clementine goes to peak her head up to look for the T-1000, but the Liquid Metal Blades burst through the desk as the two Heroes run away and head down a stairwell, and the T-1000 shoots Clementine in the leg, resulting in her falling and hitting her head on a wall and falling down the stairs as O'Brien yells "NO!!" as two Police Officers are seen, aiming their guns at O'Brien, saying "Drop the Gun, now!!" as O'Brien looks at the Glock 17 in his hand, realizing he has been mistakenly accused for trying to kill Clementine, then sees that the T-1000 has vanished from the top of the stairs. The Officer then goes up to O'Brien and handcuffs him, saying "You're under arrest for attempted murder. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a Court of Law." as the other Officer goes up to Clementine, who is muttering "Kyle... Reese..." and the second Officer tells his partner "Get an Ambulance here. Get the old guy in the car!" and the screen switches to black.

The game then switches to 2 hours later as Clementine is seen in the San Francisco Police Station, and the Officer, identified as an Alternate Version of Lt. Matias, says "Look, you're not in any trouble. You hit your head after you got shot in the leg. Do you remember your name, your age? Anything?" and Clementine answers "My name is Clementine Everett. I'm 11 years old, and..." but Matias tells her "After you passed out, you started muttering the name 'Kyle Reese'. He's a kid living in this city, same age as you. You know him?" and Clementine tells him "I need to see him. Right now." and then, outside of the Interview Room, Kyle is seen looking at Clementine. With a slightly confused look, he says "I've never seen her before." and Kyle's father, Dennis Reese, asks him "You sure, son?" and Kyle answers "Well, she does look... Familiar. I don't know, I just... Feel like I've seen her before." and the second Officer, identified as the alternate version of Sgt. Timmons, says to the Reese family "Okay, why don't you guys wait in the Conference Room? We're going to see what the other guy's story is. Good work, Kyle." as Kyle and his parents get out of the Room.

In another Interview Room, Timmons is interrogating O'Brien, saying "We saw you shoot the girl. Who are you?" and O'Brien responds "Timmons, you remember me. My name is O'Brien, and I fought during the War Against the Armada! With you!" and Timmons tells him "You must be on drugs, because I have never met you before. I'm going to ask you again: why did you shoot the girl?" and then several FBI Agents walk in and see O'Brien, and then they are all shot down as the T-1000 enters armed with a Pistol, and gets ready to shoot Timmons, but O'Brien tackles the former away from the range of fire. O'Brien then grabs Timmons' Pistol and shoots the T-1000 several times, before finally grabbing a nearby Kasket Grenade Launcher and shooting the T-1000 through a wall with the explosion and blasting it's chest open. O'Brien then goes over to Timmons and says "Come with me if you wanna live!" as Timmons, now in shock after seeing the T-1000, asks "What were you saying about me in the Alternate Reality?" and O'Brien just says "Exactly. Let's go!" as they run through the Station, and several Police Officers run to the room where the T-1000 is now located.

In the Interview Room, Clementine opens the door and Matias comes in with a bullet wound in his shoulder, asking "What the hell is that thing?!" and Clementine answers "I'll explain later. Just get me to Kyle Reese!" and Matias asks "Why should I?" and Clementine takes out her Pistol and says "Take me to Kyle and his parents. Now!" as she aims the gun at Matias, who is now intimidated, says "Okay. I think we can do that. Let's go." and they head for the Conference Room where Kyle and his parents are. As Officers are gunned down by the T-1000, Kyle opens the door of the Conference Room to see what's going on, and his mother, Mary, says "Kyle! Get back here!" as Clementine, Matias, O'Brien and Timmons are all seen by the Conference Room, and Clementine tells them "Get to the Armory, grab some Weapons!" and Timmons responds by asking her "What about you?" and Clementine turns to Kyle and looks at him, then says "I have someone to protect", and she runs into the Conference Room where Kyle and his parents are. Dennis then asks her "What the actual Hell is going on?" and Clementine breaks the glass window in the Room and aims her BD-15 Shotgun into the Hallways, seeing it is clear as she turns to the Reese Family and says "Mr. and Mrs. Reese, I have to get you two and your son away from this Building ASAP! You're all in a huge amount of danger!" and Mary asks her "From what? What is that thing out there?" and Clementine explains "It's a T-1000, Cyberdyne Systems. Mimetic Pollyalloy under Shapeshifting Abilties." and Kyle asks her "Well, what does that even mean?" and Clementine looks at Kyle and hesitates with her answer after seeing the boy she fell in love with on Earth-135, then responds "It's a Robot made of Liquid Metal. And it's after you, Kyle!" and Dennis asks her "How do you know my son's name?" and Clementine walks towards the Exit Doors and doesn't answer, instead saying "Come with me if you wanna live!" as the Reese Family follows her.

Clementine then gets to the Emergency Exit of the Station with Kyle, Mary and Dennis in tow, and turns to Dennis, saying "Get to your car, and go!" and then they start running, but then several Gunshots are heard, scaring Kyle as he stops running. Dennis then says "Kyle, come on, son!" but Kyle tells him "Dad, I can't. I'm scared..." and Clementine goes up to him, saying "Kyle, you can do this." and she takes his hand, then runs her finger across Kyle's palm, and says "Straight line. You just go... And you don't look back. Got it?" and Kyle just nods in response, and he goes down the stairs with his parents. He then looks up at Clementine and asks "Who are you?" and Clementine answers "You know me more than you think." as she goes through a door and grabs a KRM-262 Shotgun from a dead Officer, then starts walking down the hallways looking for the Armory. In the Armory, O'Brien, Timmons and Matias are loading up several Assault Rifles and SMGs, and Matias says "Listen, O'Brien. Sorry about not believing you when you told us about the T-1000." and then O'Brien just responds "Water under the bridge, man." and then the door is opened, and the three quickly turn and raise their guns, only to see Clementine standing there with her iconic KRM-262 in her hands. The three then sigh in relief and lower their Weapons, and Matias tosses the Magnetic Gauntlet to Clementine, saying "This is yours too, I guess." and Clementine puts the Gauntlet on and the four Heroes begin to head for the Elevators in order to get into the Parking Lot.

However, as the Heroes run for the Elevator, O'Brien stops and looks behind him, and then sees Liquid Metal form in the floors and then into the shape of a Human, and O'Brien yells "We've got company!!" as he fires several rounds into the T-1000, with Matias, Timmons and Clementine also shooting at the Cybernetic assassin. Clementine and the others then run into the Elevator as the T-1000 turns his arm into a Liquid Metal Blade then throws it like a Spear, hitting the Elevator door. The Blade then shapeshifts into a double hook and pushes the Elevator open as the T-1000 stands in front of the open door, and Clementine takes out her KRM-262 and fires, hitting the T-1000 and blasting it's head in two, stunning it as Clementine yells "Ground Floor, now!!" and O'Brien closes the Elevator as it takes the Heroes to the Ground Floor of the Police Station.

Clementine, O'Brien, Matias and Timmons then run out of the Police Station and get inside a SWAT Van, with Timmons driving as Clementine, O'Brien and Matias get in the back of the Van and they drive off. A few minutes into the drive, O'Brien asks "Where's Kyle and his parents?" and Clementine answers "I told them to get to a safe place, they'll contact us once we're away from the T-1000." and O'Brien tells her "Clem, listen... I know that on Earth-135, you and Kyle were extremely close, but... You can't let your feeling for him compromise this mission." and Clementine responds "What makes you say that?" and O'Brien explains "I saw you with Kyle back at the SFPD. The look in your eye, the way you told Kyle to 'not look back'. I know that look, Clementine." and Matias asks "What the fuck is he talking about? You just met the kid, Clementine!" and Clementine tells him "I'll explain this all to everyone later. Right now, we should get back to Kyle and his parents." as Timmons drives to the safe area away from the T-1000, but a small piece of Liquid Metal is seen sticking to the side of the Van, showing that the T-1000 is tracking the team.

The game then switches to 20 minutes later as Clementine and the other Heroes arrive at the San Francisco Outskirts. Clementine then pulls the Liquid Metal Tracker off the side of the Van and throws it to the side, and O'Brien frustratedly remarks "Goddamed time-traveling Robots! Sly motherfucker!" as he loads his LMG and the Heroes approach the Reese family, and Matias tells Kyle's parents "Dennis, Mary, we need to go! You and Kyle get to the next room! Clementine, go with them!" and Clementine reminds him "I'm doing this to protect them, not taking orders from you!" as she, Kyle, Mary and Dennis all walk into the next room and close the door behind them.

Dennis then asks "Okay, what the hell is going on here?!" and Clementine explains everything to them, saying "My name is Clementine Everett. I'm a member of the Hero Coalition from Earth-135. I was sent here through the Reality Terrain Device, and I'm on a mission." and then Kyle asks her "What mission?" and Clementine looks at him, then she answers "To protect you, Kyle." and then Dennis and Mary look shocked, and then Mary asks "What does Kyle have to do with... This Hero Coalition?" and Clementine answers with "Everything. He's their leader on Earth-135, and... Well, me and him are close in that Reality." and Dennis tells her "Start from the beginning." and Clementine explains: "On March 31st, 2014, a mysterious and unknown Militaristic fleet known as 'The Villain Armada' attacked Earth-135 using thousands of massive Ships and millions of Soldiers. For 5 months, the Hero Coalition tried to defend what was left of Earth-135, but we were failing... And then I found Kyle, and he changed everything for us. He was the one who turned the tide against the Armada, killing their Supreme Commander and destroying the Main Base of the Armada's Territories in the United States. But, once the War entered it's closing days, we found out that they still housed the ultimate Weapon... The Reality Terrain Device, a Teleporter that was capable of sending assassins and mercenaries through different Realities in the Multiverse. This T-1000 is a Liquid Metal Shapeshifter that has one mission: kill Kyle Reese and reset Earth-135's Timeline!" as Kyle and his parents are shocked by this revelation. Clementine then carries on, saying "If Kyle dies in this Timeline, the Alternate Version of Kyle will be erased, and the Armada will wipe away every victory the Coalition has fought for. Including the final battle of the war. We managed to assemble the Hero Coalition for one last assault, and after about 2 hours of intense fighting, we detonated an EMP that took out all the Ships and Robots that the Villain Armada had, but our Tech was immune. But it was too late, because the T-1000 already went through the RTD. Then I volunteered to go here, and save Kyle. He let me go through, along with O'Brien. Next thing I know, we're getting chased through a Building by a T-1000, then in a Police Station. I knew what I had to do, to protect all of you." and Mary asks her "What about us? How does the other version of Kyle know how to use guns and lead an army?" and then Clementine hesitates with her answer, but then tells the two "You taught him. Both of you taught him how to fight, how to lead and how to rise up against anything, so that the Human Race could live in freedom. But... You both die 3 months into the War. Kyle always kept this picture of you two and him after that, and he was heartbroken over it." and then O'Brien comes in, saying "Guys, we need to hurry! Squad Cars just spotted a suspicious-looking FBI Agent heading here! We've got about 15 minutes! Load up." as he grabs an M4 Carbine Assault Rifle.

A couple minutes later, Clementine and Kyle are in the Weapons Room, and then Kyle asks her "So, uh... What am I like? In this other Timeline, I mean?" and Clementine loads her P901 SMG, and then says "Well, you're... Brave, good with guns, you're persistent in stopping the Armada, and... Well, you and me are close. As in, really close." and Kyle blushes, then says "I guess you're pretty disappointed, right? After all, I'm not anything like what I am in that Timeline." and Clementine responds "No, not really. You, or your counterpart, actually told me what you would be like. Said he had Memories from this Timeline, and actually knew what happened at the SFPD." and Kyle asks her "How do we stop the T-1000?" and Clementine answers "Best case scenario, we kill it and the Timeline stays unaffected, allowing the Coalition to win the War on Earth-135." then Kyle asks her "What about worst case scenario?" and she responds "I don't even want to think about that, Kyle. I couldn't bear losing you, not in that Timeline... And definitely not here either. But I promise, I will keep you safe. Even if it kills me. Anyway, that's the kind of person you are. Was? Will be. God! Reality Travel makes my head hurt." and Kyle starts having several Memories from the Earth-135 Timeline. After these Memories, he is about to say something back, but then they hear a clanking noise coming from somewhere else in the room, and Clementine says "Get behind me!" and Kyle does as she instructs, and then the T-1000 walks in from a nearby Weapons shelf, still dressed as an FBI Agent.

Clementine and Kyle then back up from the T-1000 as O'Brien, Mary and Dennis enter the Room, and Kyle asks "How'd it find us? We destroyed the Liquid Metal Tracker!" and the T-1000 answers for the other Heroes, saying "You think I wouldn't know? Records show, that during the War Against the Villain Armada, this is the place that Kyle Reese stayed after his parents' deaths. Where he met Clementine, and where the Armada truly, as you Humans would put it: 'fucked up'." and Clementine fires at the T-1000, blowing a hole in his hand. The T-1000 then looks at his hand, which is then sealed up by Liquid Metal, and laughs, before mockingly saying "The Earth-135 version of Kyle was... Much stronger than this one." as he approaches all of the Heroes, who start backing up as the T-1000 tells them "You can't run from the Armada. It is pointless to fight, all will be destroyed in their pursuits for dominance!" and Kyle asks the T-1000 "Why am I so important? If I die, how will that affect Earth-135?!" and the T-1000 explains "There's a momentum to time, Kyle. Things that want to happen, and things that will always happen no matter what. The things that will always happen can be like when you always survive, and the Villain Armada always dies. Or..." and the T-1000 encases his entire body in Liquid Metal, earning a shocked look from both Kyle and Clementine. The T-1000 then sheds his Liquid Metal Form and wears the uniform and Military Gear of a Villain Armada Soldier, continuing his monologue with "The Armada can win. If I kill you now, with the Timeline Memories stored in your Brain, I can effectively erase those Memories from any Reality of my choice. In this case, I would choose Earth-135 to fulfill my mission. To terminate you!" and then Kyle tells him "The Armada is evil! You have to fight your programming!" and then the T-1000 says "I can't fight any programming. I am a CybernetIc Assassin, created by the Villain Armada to serve one purpose! There's a storm coming towards the Multiverse, and it won't be stopped! I can't be bargained with, I can't be reasoned with. I don't feel pity, or remorse or fear! And I absolutely will not stop, ever, until the Armada rules the Multiverse!" and Clementine grabs an MK32 Grenade Launcher, aims it at the T-1000, and says "Rule this!" and fires a Grenade off at the T-1000, impacting on the Robot's chest and causing a massive explosion, and Clementine yells to Kyle and the others "RUN!!!" and everyone starts running out of the Base with her, as the entire structure starts coming down.

Clementine, Kyle, Mary, Dennis and O'Brien all run outside of the Bunker, as the entire structure explodes and Matias and Timmons drive up in a Bus, and Matias says "Don't ask, just get in!" as everyone gets into the Bus and Clementine throws a Weapons Bag on the floor and takes out several guns, handing them to O'Brien and Timmons, and then Matias drives towards the Golden Gate Bridge in an attempt to escape the T-1000. After they leave, the Structure they were in explodes and the T-1000 walks out of the flames with his whole body on fire and fully coated in burning Liquid Metal. The T-1000 then repels the flames away and quickly changes into a leather jacket and other civilian clothing, before seeing the Heroes drive away in the Bus and then hearing a Motorcycle rev behind him.

On the Bus, Clementine says "That should've incapacitated it. At least until we've escaped and gotten to a safe area." and then Kyle says "I saw it. The War, Ozone's defeat, how I met Clementine back in Metroville. Everything, I had Memories of it all when Clementine was telling me about it. I remember her now, I remember everything!" and then Dennis asks his son "Well, do these Memories tell you anything about how to defeat the T-1000?" and Kyle answers "Well, it's Liquid Metal, right? So, all we need to do is hit it with Molten Steel or something extremely hot." and Matias says "There's a Steel Mill that's still in operation near the Hills! We just need to go past the Golden Gate Bridge, then it's a 2 mile drive." and Timmons asks "Well, how do we lure that thing there?" and then the T-1000, as if on cue, comes in on a Motorcycle as the Heroes drive out of a Tunnel, landing in top of the Bus. Clementine then grabs a Shotgun and says "I don't think that's going to be a problem! Kyle, get down!" as she unloads rounds into the roof of the Bus, managing to hit the T-1000 as it goes flying off the back of the Bus and then slams down on a Police Car, smashing it's head through the front windshield and saying to the shocked Officer "Get out." as the game quickly switches to Clementine's point of view inside the Bus as the T-1000 chases the Heroes in the stolen Police Car (that "get out" line is a reference to Terminator 2: Judgement Day).

After a few minutes of chasing each other across the traffic-heavy Golden Gate Bridge, the T-1000 jumps on to the front of the Bus after overtaking it, and Clementine manages to shoot it in the face and it hits the ground, before the Bus runs it over. However, the T-1000 latches on underneath the Bus and rips it's Gears to pieces, causing the Bus to go flying and start doing flips through the air and then hits the Bridge, then starts tumbling over towards the side of the Bridge as Matias and Timmons are sent flying out and on to the surface of the Bridge. The Bus then hits the side of the Golden Gate Bridge and then hangs by a thread from it, while Clementine starts to regain consciousness after the huge crash, and she sees Mary, Dennis and Kyle all disoriented, and she grabs her Shotgun, asking Kyle "Hey, Kyle! You alright?!" and Kyle looks at her, then sarcastically responds "Yeah, never better!" as he starts climbing up the now-overturned Bus, following his parents to the only exit: the now-shattered front windshield closest to the surface of the Golden Gate Bridge. As the Heroes all climb up, the T-1000 shows up from under the bus and Magnetises it's feet to the floor and starts climbing to get Kyle, but Clementine unloads rounds from her Shotgun into the Robot, who desperately holds on with his arms turned into Liquid Metal Hooks, and then Clementine, now with O'Brien holding her by a thread, sees Kyle still in the front of the Bus and yells "Kyle, take my hand! Hurry!!" and Kyle grabs her hand, and hangs on as the Bus goes plummeting down into the water below the Golden Gate Bridge, with the T-1000 inside it. Clementine, Kyle, O'Brien, Dennis and Mary then all climb on to the Golden Gate Bridge and see Timmons and Matias drive up in a SWAT Van, with Matias saying "Again, don't ask! We've got bigger fish to fry!" and everyone gets in the back of the SWAT Van, which then drives away from the Golden Gate Bridge and towards the Steel Mill, ready for the final battle.

A few minutes later, Clementine is sitting in the back of the SWAT Van with Kyle, taking a look at the wound in his head and asking "You alright?" and Kyle groans in slight pain, then says "It stings. You think I'm going to be OK?" and Clementine responds "You'll be fine. It's just a head wound, we'll fix you up in about 2 hours. But first, we have a problem made of Liquid Metal that's hellbent on killing you." and Kyle laughs, then says "No pressure. Right?" and Clementine tells him "If this was Earth-135, this would just be another day in your life." and the SWST Van keeps driving to the Steel Mill, and Clementine starts loading an M16, and Dennis says "You know, I've had a real shitty day today, and I still can't believe we just got saved by a Reality Travelling, gun toting 11 year old. But the one thing I really can't ignore is the fact that Kyle is having some weird Memories of an Alternate Timeline. So, how exactly can he remember all this?" and then Mary asks "So, what, he's remembering the Future?" and O'Brien explains "No. These Memories show the Alternate Version of Kyle. Kyle is remembering his own past, which is OUR Future." and Dennis sarcastically says "That makes so much sense! How can he be remembering two Timelines?" and O'Brien answers "It's possible of he were exposed to a Nexus Point in the Time Flow, when Clementine was in the Quantum Field of the Reality Terrain Device." and then Kyle asks Clementine "Can you get him to not speak all sciency?" and then Clementine tells O'Brien "Try again. This time, in English." and O'Brien explains "A Nexus Point is a point in Time of such importance, that it gives rise to a vastly different Future." and Clementine says "When we went through the RTD, that was the Nexus Point!" and O'Brien tells everyone "If Clementine somehow gave Memories to this version of Kyle through Reality Travel, it could result in the ability to remember both Realities. Theoretically." and Mary asks "Or theoretically, Kyle's head is messed up from when we crashed a fucking Bus on the Golden Gate Bridge?" and Kyle tells them "No! I started with the Memories when Clementine told me about Earth-135. I don't know why I remember part of a life I've never had... But I know it's real." and then Timmons says "My Brain hurts now! And not because of the crash." and then O'Brien says "Different Realities aren't complicated. It's only the task of tracking possible Futures, using an exponential growth in Decay Algorithm." and Dennis says "Right. There is a way to kill the T-1000, and we're heading there right now." as the SWAT Van keeps driving towards the Steel Mill.

However, a Helicopter comes in and then the T-1000 is seen piloting it, holding an LSAT LMG with one arm and firing at the SWAT Van, and Timmons yells "Big, scary killer robot is back!" and Clementine responds "Yeah, no shit!" and she starts unloading Assault Rifle rounds into the Chopper piloted by the T-1000, along with O'Brien and Matias while Kyle and his parents stay down, while also passing Clementine and the others ammo for their Weapons, and Timmons drives the SWAT Van across the San Francisco Highway System, knocking over several Cars and other Trucks in a high-speed chase. After a few minutes, the Heroes come up to the front of the Steel Mill after shooting at the Chopper, and vice versa from the T-1000, and then Clementine sees a Fuel Tanker on the driving in front of them, and once Timmons overtakes it, she yells "Everybody get down!!" and she fires at the Tanker, which explodes and causes a massive explosion that accurately hits the T-1000's Chopper. However, the Chopper then crashes into the SWAT Van and causes it to tumble on its side in a massive explosion, and the Heroes are all knocked out by the explosion.

Clementine then regains consciousness as she sees Kyle and everyone else unconscious, as the SWAT Van is now overturned on the road, with the Chopper crashed next to it. Clementine then crawls over to Kyle, and groans in pain as she sees a shard of glass in her stomach, and then tries to shake Kyle awake, saying "Come on, Kyle! Get up!" and then Kyle opens his eyes, then weakly asks "Clem?... Is it dead?" and Clementine helps him up, saying "I think you know the answer to that." and she puts Kyle's arm over her shoulders to support him and they limp out of the crashed and overturned SWAT Van. The two then look in shock as they see the T-1000 walk slowly out of a massive cloud of Liquid Nitrogen, which is coming out of another Tanker and spraying all over the T-1000, causing its Liquid Metal to freeze and envelop its entire Chassis (body). The T-1000 then tries desperately to walk through the Liquid Nitrogen, but it's frozen right leg is then ripped off, along with its right arm as it falls to its knees and completely freezes in place. Clementine then takes out an MP-443 Pistol and then fires, hitting the frozen T-1000 and shattering it into dozens of small pieces as Mary, Dennis, O'Brien and Matias all come out of the crashed SWAT Van, and Clementine asks "Where's Timmons?" and then she goes back into the SWAT Van and goes up to the driver's seat, and then sees Timmons breathing heavily as a huge piece of Shrapnel is seen in his stomach, and Clementine says "Timmons! Hang on, I'll-" and Timmons gives her a MP12 Revolver, and tells her "No! Get Kyle out of here, and... Kill that Liquid Metal son of a bitch..!" and then Clementine says "Okay. Thank you." and she runs out of the SWAT Van. However, a barrel of Molten Steel pics on to the floor next to the frozen T-1000 remains, which melts into Liquid Metal and starts to reform as the T-1000, and Clementine tells Kyle and the others "Go! Now!!" and everyone runs, apart from her, and she starts to shoot at the reformed T-1000, who starts to walk after her as she runs through the Steel Mill with Kyle and the others.

Clementine then shoots at the T-1000 as it approaches, then kicks it off a walkway and causes it to fall to another part of the Steel Mill, and then Clementine turns to Kyle, Mary and Dennis, saying "You guys need to run! Now. Get away from the Factory while I kill it!" and Kyle asks "What about you?" and Clementine answers "I'm going to kill it." as she looks at a Pipeline of Molten Steel near a pool of Molten Steel. Kyle, O'Brien, Mary and Dennis then start to run towards the exit on the other side of the Steel Factory and then Clementine fights the T-1000, throwing it into several walls and Factory Appliances, and even engaging in a hand-to-hand fight with it, punching it in the face several times. However, the T-1000 catches her last punch with its head, and its whole body shapeshits into Liquid Metal and replaces it's head with hands and reshapes its whole body, allowing it to throw Clementine into a wall, but then Clementine grabs a huge Laser Cutter and slices the T-1000 with it across its body and cuts the T-1000's eyes and chest, burning it and blinding it also. Clementine then blasts the T-1000 back by hitting it with the Laser Cutter, then slicing down its head, back and right leg with the Laser, resulting in the complete annihilation of the T-1000's Human Disguise. The T-1000 then sheds the very little remains of his Human Disguise (half a face) and then seals up the burning wounds from the Laser Cutter, before using a Forwards-Backwards Morph (a move Shapeshifting Terminators commonly use when facing a wall and cornered) and uses all its force to blast Clementine back with a huge punch.

The game then switches to Kyle's point of view as he, his parents, Matias and O'Brien are running through the Lower Levels of the Factory, and Kyle stops running and looks back to where he ran from. Mary then says "Kyle, come on! We have to move now!" and Kyle tells everyone "I'm not leaving her! No way, not after everything she's done for me!" and O'Brien tells him "Kyle, you need to listen-" and Kyle says back "No, you all listen! I am not abandoning her! With or without you, I'm going back for her!" and he grabs a nearby Steel Pipe, and then runs back to help Clementine face the T-1000.

On the Upper Levels, Clementine weakly crawls towards the Revolver that Timmons gave her, and the T-1000 walks over to her, putting his foot on her back and keeping her in place, before saying "You were never strong enough to defeat me!" and Clementine responds "Not alone..." as Kyle charges in with the Steel Pipe and stabs the T-1000 in the back with it, yelling "Now, O'Brien!!" and O'Brien comes in with Clementine's KRM-262 Shotgun equipped, unloading rounds into the T-1000 as Clementine grabs her MP12 Revolver and shoots the T-1000 in the head multiple times, then tackling it to the edge of the balcony overlooking the Molten Steel Pit. Clementine then says "O'Brien, get Kyle out of here now! First, overload the Factory Pipe Systems!" and O'Brien gets on a Control Console and activates the Factory Pipe System, causing the entire Factory to start going critical as it comes down, and then Kyle, seeing that Clementine will perish in the initial explosion, yells "Clem, no!! Don't do this!! Please!!!" as O'Brien holds him back, but Kyle escapes his hold and punches O'Brien in the face, but O'Brien grabs him by the arm and says "Kyle! It's the only way." as Kyle starts crying over the fact that Clementine may die, and then he and O'Brien start running towards the Factory's Emergency Exit with Mary, Dennis and Matias. Clementine then struggles against the T-1000 as the roof and walls around them start to explode, and Molten Steel starts to fly everywhere, and then Clementine manages to dodge a splash of Molten Steel, which hits the T-1000 and causes it to melt, and then the T-1000 is sent falling off the Balcony and down into the Molten Steel Pit with its extremely damaged body (the reason Clementine managed to fight it in the end was because of it being stabbed by Kyle, then shot dozens of times and hit with a Laser Cuttet earlier), and then plunges down into the Molten Steel Pit, while Clementine starts running away and the Factory begins to explode, with Kyle and everyone else jumping and diving out of the Emergency Exit mere milliseconds before the entire Factory explodes, with the T-1000 managing to slightly get out of the Molten Steel Pit, screeching in pain and defeat as its whole Liquid Metal Body melts and the now-completely liquified and melted Metal degrades and evaporates as the entire Factory explodes.

The game then shows Kyle, Mary, Dennis, O'Brien and Matias are outside of the destroyed Factory, and Kyle starts to walk towards the Emergency Exit and says "We have to get back in there! We have to find her!!" and Denis tells his son "Kyle, she's gone. Alright? She's-" and Kyle asks "Dead? No, don't say that, she can't be!" as he sits down on the ground and then O'Brien reassures Kyle, saying "Clementine loved you, Kyle." and Kyle tells them "Everyone who loves me... All of them, they die." and Dennis says "Well, not this time. Your mother and I are still here, Kyle." and then he goes up to Kyle, then says "Hey, listen... You need to understand, the Armada's gone. Alright? Now you can choose the life you want. For the first time, you can live the life that YOU want." and Kyle sadly looks up at his father and asks "What if I don't know how?" and then the closed Emergency Exit is knocked open, and O'Brien aims his M4A1 at the door, but sees Clementine standing there, and Clementine says "I don't think that thing'll be back!" and Kyle says "Clementine! Thank God!" and he runs up and hugs her, crying in tears of relief and saying "I thought you were dead." and Clementine tells him "No. But the T-1000 could be doing better." and then Dennis asks "So what now?" and the screen turns to black before anything else can be said.

The game then switches to 4 days later as Clementine and O'Brien are seen in the San Francisco Outskirts, outside the Reese home. O'Brien then asks "You sure this is going to work?" and Clementine answers "Yeah. This is the only way to make sure the War really is over." and then she walks up to the front door of the house, and Dennis answers. Clementine then asks "Hey, Dennis. Is it alright if I talk to Kyle? It's urgent." and Dennis answers "Sure, he's upstairs." and Clementine goes upstairs and finds Kyle there, and says "Hey, Kyle." and Kyle turns to her, then asks "Hey, uh... What are you doing here, Clem?" and Clementine explains "I really need to tell you something. If that's okay?" and Kyle answers "Yeah, I guess so." and then Clementine says "Alright, this is gonna sound kind of strange. But there's something I need you to remember. A message." and Kyle asks "Who do I tell?" and then Clementine hesitates with her answer, then she says "Yourself. Over and over. Are you ready?" and Kyle just nods in response, and Clementine, remembering the message that the Earth-135 Kyle told her to pass on, tells him "Here it is: Remember, Kyle... Watch for the Armada. On March 31st, 2014, the Great Invasion begins. Kill the Armada before it gets the chance to destroy Earth." and then she stops the message, as that was all she was told to say, and Kyle asks her "What do I do to stop them?" and Clementine answers "You already have. The War on Earth-135 is over already. That message was just to make sure." and she starts to walk away, and Kyle asks "Be sure of what?" and then Clementine turns to him, then answers "To make sure that we had a chance. Thank you, Kyle. For everything..." and then Kyle says "Clem, I..." and then Clementine kisses him on the lips, and then says "Just make sure you don't get into any trouble, okay? What you do from here, is your call." and she walks down the stairs, then goes outside with O'Brien, and the two walk away as Kyle and his parents watch them go, and Kyle asks "Hey, Clementine! Will... Will we meet again?" and Clementine just responds vaguely, saying "Maybe in another Reality. But if you ever need help against Villains... I'm only a few States away." as she gets in a car with O'Brien and drives away, and Kyle narrates "The Future, always so clear to me, had become like a black highway at night. I don't know what path I will decide to take now, and questions remain about what'll happen next. But one thing I know for sure: the Future is not set." as the game ends and the End Credits roll, signifying the game's end and possibly the start of a New Terminator Trilogy.

Soundtrack Edit

  • 1. Main Theme
  • 2. Earth-135
  • 3. Coaliton VS Armada
  • 4. The Armada Has Fallen
  • 5. Reality Travel
  • 6. Arriving on Earth-3000
  • 7. Police Station Gunfight
  • 8. The Safehouse
  • 9. Whatever It Takes
  • 10. Bus Chase (Golden Gate Bridge)
  • 11. Hanging From a Thread
  • 12. Highway Chase
  • 13. The Steel Mill
  • 14. Confrontation (Clementine VS T-1000)
  • 15. Sacrifice
  • 16. Guardianship (Kyle and Clementine Theme)
  • 17. What If I Can't?
  • 18. A Message
  • 19. Credits Theme (Terminator Genisys Theme Remix)
  • 20. Bonus Theme (Jane Zhang - Fighting Shadows ft. Big Sean)

Post-Credits SceneEdit

After the Credits are finished, the game shows several Armada Fighters flying through Space somewhere else in The Multiverse and flying up towards the massive Earth Destroyer Flagship (the Flagship of The Villain Armada) as an Armada Shuttle follows them and boards the ED-1 Platform. After the Shuttle lands, it opens its Hatch and shows Scarecrow walking through the Hallways of the Flagship and into the Villain Chamber, where he kneels before a massive 25-foot-tall Villain shrouded in shadow and a cloak, and he says "The boy... He was not the cowering child you promised would die! Clementine Everett destroyed our T-1000 and now my Armada had been forced to retreat from Earth-135 and back to the Unknown Realities... And the New Hero Coalition will pursue us, they will find and destroy our Remnants unless we conjure up another Emergency Fleet!" as the Hooded Villain, showing only long and spindly fingers from his robe, clenched his fist as Scarecrow tells him "To challenge the Heroes now is to court Death!" and then the Hooded Villain turns to him and reveals his face from the shadows, and smiles evilly: Supreme Leader Snoke!

Sequel Edit

Main Article: Terminator: War of The Machines

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