Terminator: War of The Machines
Terminator War of The Machines
Teaser Poster
Developer Infinity Ward
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
Genre Third-Person Shooter
Release March 4th, 2019
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: MA15+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series New Terminator Trilogy
Predecessor Terminator: Hope of The Future
Successor TBA

 In 2019... The War Begins Anew!  


Terminator: War of The Machines is a new installment in the New Terminator Trilogy, and the sequel to Terminator: Hope of The Future. The game follows up the events of the last game, and takes place 4 months after Hope of The Future, and players will now play as both Kyle Reese and Clementine Everett on Earth-3000 as they must now join their allies, old and new, to stop the 3rd and latest leader of The Villain Armada: Skynet! The game is exclusive to Xbox One and set for release in 2019.

Cast Edit

  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett
  • Bryant Prince as Kyle Reese
  • Mark Adam Miller as Dennis Reese
  • Kerry O'Malley as Mary Reese
  • JK Simmons as O'Brien
  • Michael Gladis as Lt. Matias
  • Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as Guardian T-800
  • William Hurt as General Theadus Ross
  • Mark Grigsby as Griggs
  • Dayo Okieni as Danny Dyson
  • Courtney B. Vance as Miles Dyson
  • Brett Azar as The T-2000
  • Aaron V. Williamson as The T-5000
  • Gary Oldman as Viktor Reznov (Corvus)
  • Sam Worthington as Alex Mason
  • Matt Smith as Skynet

Plot Edit

Act I-III (Main Missions) Edit

The game starts with a repeat-flashback to the end of the last game, Terminator: Hope of The Future, where Clementine gives her message to Kyle Reese, and the screen distorts, then shows Kyle after Clementine leaves, and he repeats the message in a mirror, saying "Remember, watch for the Armada. On March 31st, 2014, the Great Invasion begins. You can kill the Armada before it gets the chance to destroy Earth." and then the screen turns to black.

The game then switches to 4 months later as Kyle is seen in his house, and his father, Dennis asks him "Kyle, you alright? You looked like you were daydreaming there." and Kyle answers "Yeah, I'm fine, Dad. I was just... Thinking about what Clementine told me before she left." and then his father tells him "It's better not to dwell on it, Kyle. The Armada is gone, at least as we know, and the T-1000 got melted in that explosion. So, don't worry, you shouldn't live your life looking over your shoulder." and Kyle says "It's not that, Dad." and Dennis looks at his son, then asks "You liked her, didn't you?" then Kyle says "Well, yeah. It's just... All those Memories from Earth-135, I guess... They're just bothering me because I'm so attached to Clementine." and then a News Report comes on to the TV, saying "And with the destruction of the Steel Factory in the San Francisco Outskirts 2 months ago, Cyberdyne Systems has profited in millions from the destruction of the Factory, and have forwarded their profits towards their Research and Development on Mimetic Pollyalloy".

The game then switches to 4 days later and shows the Cyberdyne Industries Building in Los Angeles, and the inside of the Building is in chaos as an Alarm is going off, with dozens of Security Guards are running through the Hallways with their Weapons drawn. However, once they go around a corner, Clementine comes up from behind a desk and guns down all the Guards and then walks through the Hallways, and then takes out a War Machine Grenade Launcher and fires a Grenade into a door, blasting it open and heading into the Building's R&D Wing. Once she enters, she activates her Earpiece and says "Alright, I'm in. Looks like they have a bunch of T-700s here." and she looks around, seeing dozens of T-700 Terminators on an Assembly Line. Matias then contacts her from the other side of the Channel, saying "Yeah. Get some pictures of the R&D, and then get the hell out of there, I'm on my way in the Chopper." and Clementine takes out her Smartphone and starts taking Pictures and stealing Research Files from the room, and then starts to make her exit.

However, when Clementine exits the Room, a C7E5 Pistol is aimed at her head, and then the person there is revealed to be Dennis, who asks "Clementine?! What the hell are you doing here?" and he takes the Pistol away from Clementine's head, and Clementine shoves him aside, shooting a Cyberdyne Guard that was going to shoot him, and she tells him "Matias is on his way! Let's move." and she passes him a CMB-ST Assault Rifle, and they run through the Hallways, shooting at several Guards while Clementine asks "So, how's it been going?" and Dennis answers "Oh, you know, just recovering from the T-1000 attack. You got some beef with these guys?" and Clementine responds "Yeah. That profit they made from the Factory explosion? You will not believe what they're putting it to!" and Dennis asks "What are they hiding?" and they keep shooting at the Cyberdyne Guards who charge into the massive shootout. Clementine then says "I'll explain later! Right now, we need to move!" as she unloads rounds from her SMG into several Guards while Dennis does the same, and then says "Lucky we're wearing Masks, right?" and then Clementine shoots the last Guard, responding "Yeah. Let's move!" and then they go up a flight of stairs and get to the roof, where Matias (a character from the last game) flies in with a Helicopter and shoots several SWAT Vans in the streets and shoots Choppers out of the sky. Clementine and Dennis then run on to the Chopper and it takes off, and then SWAT Comms are heard, saying "We have no visual on suspects! Repeat, no visual! Return to area and watch your backs." as the Chopper flies away, heading for the San Francisco Outskirts.

The game then switches to 2 hours later as the Chopper lands in the San Francisco Outskirts, and then Kyle and Mary walk out of the house, and Dennis comes out of the Chopper, saying "I found the person who's been attacking Cyberdyne!" and then Clementine comes out of the Chopper, with Matias in tow. Kyle, now shocked, asks "Clementine?! What are you doing here?" and Clementine answers "I need to tell you guys something, now! Let's get inside." and then they all go inside the house. 3 minutes later, Clementine and everyone else are sitting at a table, and Clementine starts explaining "4 months ago, Cyberdyne Systems made a massive leap in their technological industry. Their R&D Developers must have somehow salvaged pieces of Armada Tech scattered across the Multiverse. They used that Tech to create something equal on deadly levels of the Villain Armada." and Kyle asks "Well, what are they?" and Clementine shows him the pictures she took from the R&D Lab, saying "T-700 Terminators, downgrade from the T-1000, but equipped with a M81A Plasma Rifle. The Armada and Hero Coalition both used these weapons during the War, and now Cyberdyne somehow got their hands in the Villain Armada's R&D." and Mary asks "How's that possible? You destroyed the Armada on Earth-135, not to mention destroying the T-1000 and a Steel Factory!" and O'Brien explains "It's possible that pieces of the Reality Terrain Device actually came with us to this Reality, or a Nexus Point in the Time Flow caused hundreds of pieces of Armada Tech to land in this Dimension from a Sky Portal. Have there been any... Unusual occurrences lately?" and Dennis answers "There was that Meteor Shower the day after the T-1000 was destroyed." and Clementine realizes what happened, and says "My God... We were wrong all this time! The Villain Armada transported their Weapons here as a back-up plan. In case Scarecrow ever lost the War, that's what we've failed to realize... Cyberdyne IS the Villain Armada!" and then Matias is heard shouting "Guys, you might want to take a look at this!" and then everyone runs into the room and looks at the TV, showing Live Footage from the Cyberdyne Building in Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, Danny Dyson (current CEO of Cyberdyne and son to Miles Dyson, a character from Terminator 2: Judgement Day) is holding a Press Conference in front of a crowd of people, saying "We cannot be prouder of what our Research Teams hage discovered over the past 4 months. Thanks to the fine people here at my company, we have uncovered several breakthroughs in Futuristic Technology, such as Exo Robotics aand Direct Energy Weaponry. But now, we'd like to reveal our crown jewel. The ultimate killer app, that will combine all of your Technology, seemlessly and instantly: Genisys!" as a huge TV Screen turns in behind him, showing the title of Genisys and a Timer that says '95:10:15'. After the reveal of the Genisys Operating System, a curtain drops down from behind Dyson and reveals several T-700 Terminators, and the entire crowd cheers and Dyson remarks "Oh, and for those terrorists that attacked my company today? I have a message: do NOT cross Cyberdyne. Or you'll be crossing my Terminators!" and then he smirks, and Clementine turns to the others and says "That bastard is calling us out! Who's his closest relative?" and Matias is on the Computer, and says "Got him. Miles Dyson, age 57. Former CEO of Cyberdyne, passed the torch down to Danny Dyson on February 11th, 2014." and Kyle says "The day after the Meteor Shower! Coincidence?" and then Clementine looks at the TV, and, with a shocked look, says "No, it can't be a coincidence. Look at who's showed up at the Press Conference. Far left of the stage!" and then everyone looks to where Clementine directed them, and they see someone that Clementine never thought she'd see again: Griggs!

Kyle, after seeing Griggs at the Press Conference, starts having Memories from Earth-135 of him and Clementine fighting alongside Griggs in the War Against the Villain Armada. He then asks "Griggs? No, that can't be him!" and Mary asks her son "Where have you seen him before, Kyle?" and Kyle answers "I keep having Memories from Earth-135 when something critical happens here. I saw... Me and Clem, helping Griggs in a battle. In a city, it was-" and Clementine finishes his sentence by saying "New Washington DC. The day the War was turned in the Coaliton's favor, we managed to infiltrate the Armada's Capitol and kill their First Supreme Commander, Ozone. Looks like Griggs has taken over as the Third Supreme Commander after Scarecrow. And Dyson is the Fourth Supreme Commander!" and Dennis asks "How does that even begin to make one small inch of sense? This might be one of his Alternate Counterparts!" and Matias tells them "I just debunked that theory, because Griggs is flying over to Washington DC tonight, in a meeting with Government Representatives." and Kyle puts it all together, saying "If the Government approves the Terminators, then the Armada is going to use them as their endgame and release the Cyberdyne War Machine across the Globe." and Matias loads an M27, saying "Then, we'll intercept him at the Los Angeles International Airport. Clementine, Kyle, you two are on recon. Mary, Dennis, if you two spot Griggs... Well, let Clementine deal with him!" and Clementine looks at everyone, then asks "Why is it always me?!" and Kyle remarks "You're the professional on this kind of stuff, not me. I mean, I know a lot about Earth-135 now, but... I'm not anything like what I was then." and they all ready up for the mission.

The game then switches to midnight in Los Angeles International Airport, as Clementine gets out of an SUV in front of the entrance, and Kyle grabs her hand, saying "Clem, wait. Whatever happens in there, I..." and Clementine tells him "It's alright, Kyle. I know what you're gonna say." and then she kisses him on the lips, and pulls away after a few seconds, saying "I love you. I always have..." and Kyle responds "I know. Just be careful, okay?" and Clementine nods in response, then goes into the Airport, while Kyle gets back in the SUV. Clementine then activates her Earpiece and asks Matias "Any visual on Griggs?" and Matias answers "Just hacked into Security Cameras, he passed the Second Floor a couple minutes ago!" and Clementine walks faster up to the Second Floor to tail Griggs. After several minutes of hiding in crowds and tailing her target, Clementine sees Griggs go through the Emergency Exit, and then tails him through the Vent Systems. Clementine then gets stops and gets a Birdseye view of Griggs as he walks up to a Helipad with Danny Dyson coming off a Helicopter, and then Clementine turns on her Recording Visor and zooms in on the two, and Griggs says "Make sure that the T-700 Models have been shipped to our Underwater Facility ahead of time. We need to be discreet about this, Dyson. Does your father know about this Project?" and Dyson answers "Yeah. He says that he's proud of me for heading such an amazing project, and that we need to keep going." and Griggs remarks "Your concern for my safety is touching, Danny. Now, make sure nobody gets tipped off about this." and he starts to walk away, while Dyson gets back into the Helicopter and flies through the air.

Clementine then moves through the Vents and then intercepts Griggs after hiding in a Maintenance Room, and then grabs Griggs by the neck and throws him into a wall, then locks the door and punches Griggs in the face, before grabbing him again and saying "You and I are gonna take a little walk!" and the screen turns to black. The game then shows Griggs being dangled from the roof of a Building by Clementine, screaming "No, no!! Please!" and Clementine says "Genisys! Tell us what it is, now." and then Griggs looks at Kyle, Dennis, Mary, O'Brien and Matias, and tells her "I can't! Dyson will kill me!" and then Kyle stands next to Clementine and says to Griggs "If you don't tell, she'll kill you!" and then Griggs caves in, saying "Okay, alright!! Genisys is an Advanced Operating System, created by Cyberdyne Systems for SAC-NORAD and the DEAD Systems!" and Kyle asks "What's the DEAD System?!" and Griggs explains "Direct Energy Air Defense!! Dyson promised that he'd pay me $1000,0000,0000 if I helped with Project: Genisys! All I had to do was turn a blind eye to his affairs, and work on giving Cyberdyne good press! People would finally be happy and safe with Genisys, it would be my legacy!" and then Clementine tells him "Dyson is using his Private Military Forces to kill any Civilians and Corporate rivals. He's the Third Supreme Commander of The Villain Armada. Enjoy your 'legacy'!" as she throws him back, and he hits the floor and crawls away, but then Clementine takes out a MP12 Revolver and shoots him in the leg. Griggs then screams in pain and Kyle, although initially shocked, goes over to him and warns "Never forget what's happened tonight!" and then Griggs mockingly asks "And what are you gonna do in this Reality, you weak little shit?! In this Reality, you're just a weakling, and you need Clementine to fight for you!" and then Kyle taunts him by asking "Who said I would be the one pulling the Trigger?" and he turns to Clementine, who is still holding her Revolver.

The game then switches to 2 days later, and shows Clementine standing on a cliffside near the Golden Gate Bridge, with an APS Underwater Assault Rifle in her hands as she holsters the UAR and then puts in an Earpiece and Rebreather Mask, contacting Matias and says "I'm at Point Alpha. Are we ready, Matias?" and then Matias responds "Yeah, Kyle and the others are here with me. Once you've infiltrated the Underwater Station, get any R&D Samples you can, and gather evidence we can use. Once we're out of there, we can just shotgun this shit all over the Internet. Then the whole world will see Cyberdyne as The Villain Armada." and then Clementine, with all her Weapons and Equipment ready, dives into the Ocean below and then O'Brien contacts her, saying "Alright, Clem, I've uploaded the Tactical Readout of the Cyberdyne Underwater Station to your HUD. It's about 60 Metres away." and then Clementine responds "Copy that. I'm detecting dozens of Cyberdyne-marked Submersibles heading this way. Looks like they're expecting me." and Kyle contacts Clementine, and jokingly says "Maybe he's having Memories of that time we kicked the Armada's ass on Earth-135?" and Clementine laughs, then says "Maybe. Hostile ahead, engaging!!" and she shoots at several Cyberdyne Underwater Guards in front of her, as bullets from Underwater Rifles fly everywhere. Clementine then takes cover behind one of the Submersibles and plants a C4 Charge on the side of it, before swimming away quickly and detonating the C4, which blows up several Submersibles and kills dozens of Underwater Guards.

Clementine, after a few minutes of gunning down Cyderdyne Troops underwater, manages to reach the Cyberdyne Underwater Station (a huge, Oil Rig-like structure) and then enters the Access Code for a Pressurised Airlock Door, which opens and allows her to enter. After re-closing the Airlock and allowing the room to get rid of all the water there, Clementine takes off her Rebreather and replaces her APS Underwater Rifle with an SC-2010 Assault Rifle, and then uses a dead Guard's Access Card to open the door in front of her, charging in and gunning down several Cyberdyne Guards waiting on the other side. An Alarm then goes off, and the PA announces "All units, we have an intruder. Activate all T-700 Prototypes and follow them to the nearest Weapons Room." and Clementine says "Shit! Gotta get to the R&D Lab!!" and then she starts running through the Corridors of the Underwater Station and killing dozens of Cyberdyne Guards. However, she then hears a M18A5 Minigun spooling up, and turns around to see a T-700 Terminator standing there, which fires dozens of rounds into the room as Clementine dives into cover and tosses a Semtex Grenade, which sticks to the T-700 and blows it up, along with several others that were advancing through the huge Corridor.

After a couple more minutes of fighting the T-700 Prototypes, Clementine runs into the R&D Room while under fire from the T-700s Miniguns, and then closes the Blast Door behind her, before looking around and seeing dozens of T-700s, T-800s and T-900s on 3 massive, seperate Assembly Lines, and then tales several pictures with her Smartphone and taking several Documents marked 'Classified', and then O'Brien contacts her, frantically saying "Clementine, get out of there! You need to get all you can, and move now!!" and Clementine responds "Whoa, calm down, O'Brien! What is it?" and O'Brien answers with "It's a trap, Clem! Look what Dyson just sent us. It's uploaded to your HUD!" and then Clementine opens her Heads-Up Display, which shows Danny Dyson standing with Griggs, and Dyson says "I told you, to cross me and my company was to cross my Terminators. And nobody defies me, Clementine!! You think I didn't know about your little encounter with the T-1000 a few months ago?!" and then laughs mockingly, before saying "Meet the most advanced Terminator Model in history!" and then the entire Underwater Station starts shaking, with the walls and roofs transforming into something else. Clementine then starts running as the entire Station starts to go into a huge Transformation Process, and then she contacts Kyle, asking "What the Hell's happening?!" and then Kyle answers "The Underwater Station... It's transforming into-" but the Signal is shut off and all Clementine hears is static, and then she reaches the Airlock, before being blasted out by a Gravity Beam caused by the Station Transformation. Clementine, now without her Rebreather, starts swimming up to the surface quickly as the Station transforms below her, and the Cliffside near the Golden Gate Bridge starts to explode, and several US Military Fighter Jets and Helicopters fly above. After a few more seconds, Clementine finally manages to get out of the Ocean and then gasps for breath, and then climbs up to the Cliffside as a massive, Robotic Arm bursts out of the water and lands right next to her as she runs for her life, and then a Giant Terminator the size of a Skyscraper comes out of the Ocean and stands up, before firing Missiles at the Golden Gate Bridge, causing dozens of Vehicles on the Bridge to explode as the Giant Terminator also fires Lasers and Mingun Rounds at Clementine, who keeps running, but a piece of the Golden Gate Bridge collapses in flames and, along with several Cars and Vans, crashes next to Clementine and explodes, blasting her back and down into the River.

However, just as she is about to drown, Clementine is grabbed by Matias and pulled out of the water, and then, gasping for breath and coughing water out of her mouth, gets up and says "Thanks, Matias." and then Kyle yells "Clem!!" and then runs up and hugs her tightly, crying in relief and saying "I thought that... That thing killed you." and then Clementine responds "I've seen worse, Kyle. Relax, I'm OK." and then O'Brien comes in and says "Hey, lovebirds! Hate to interrupt, but look behind you!" and they turn around to see the Giant Terminator smashing the Golden Gate Bridge, killing hundreds of Civilians. Clementine then says "We have to stop it! The Military isn't doing shit!!" and then they see several Fighter Jets firing Missiles at the Giant Terminator, which hits them with its massive arm and destroys them like it's swatting flies. Clementine then starts to walk to the Chopper, but Kyle grabs her arm and asks "Wait, where are you going? You can't face that thing, Clementine!" and Clementine responds "I have to, Kyle. The only thing that matters is that you make it out of here alive. Go with your parents, find a safe place to hide and just stay there until we take this thing out!" and Kyle counters with "Clem, no, you'll die! Either... Either we both die, or you die and I survive... And I don't know which is worse!" and Clementine puts her hand on Kyle's cheek, saying "Kyle... Please, just run. Just run, and do NOT worry about me. You can do this, just like you have before. Okay?" and Kyle answers "Okay, Clem... Just come back alive, alright? Promise me that you'll be OK! Just swear to me that you'll come back alive." and Clementine answers "I promise, I'll come back to you alive, Kyle." and O'Brien gets in the UH-60 Blackhawk, and says "Let's move, now!" and Clementine starts to walk over to the Chopper, then turns to Kyle and says "Be safe." and Kyle just nods in response, then runs off with Dennis and Mary, while Clementine goes with Matias and O'Brien and flies towards the Golden Gate Bridge, where the U.S. Military is getting absolutely slaughtered by the Giant Terminator.

Clementine then jumps out of the Chopper as it lands on the Golden Gate Bridge, as the Giant Terminator is crushing Vehicles and Military Jets. The Chopper then fires Missiles at the Giant Terminator, but the machine scares them off by swinging it's arm next to the Chopper's flight path, and O'Brien says to Clementine "There's a Stinger Missile in the middle of the Bridge! This thing has an Armored Power Node, on its head! You need to destroy the Armor and use the SOFLAM to call in Military Percision Airstrikes!" and then the Giant Terminator opens a hatch in its head, showing Dyson in the Pilot seat, and he says "Introducing the T-20000, the most advanced Terminator Model in history! Nothing can match this machine's great and limitless power!!" and Clementine sighs, then says "Blah, blah, blah! Skip the big Villain speech, Dyson!" and she sees the UH-60 Blackhawk piloted by O'Brien fly behind the T-20000. Seeing that she has to distract Dyson, Clementine tauntingly says "What's wrong, Dyson? Too much of a pussy to get down here and fight?! You feel like a man in that gigantic Terminator?! Come on!!" and then Dyson fires the T-20000s Machine Guns, and Clementine doves into cover behind crashed and destroyed vehicles, while O'Brien fires Missiles at the T-20000, which hits the Armored Power Node, and the T-20000 turns around and, in its own Robotic voice, yells "You conceited, wretched Human!" and then fires Tracer Missiles at O'Brien's Chopper, which is hit and damaged as O'Brien says "Shit!! It's too intense, I need to get out of here. Grab the Stinger and SOFLAM!!" and then Clementine runs across the Bridge as the T-20000 fires 2 Missiles at her, while Dyson says "In order to achieve the perfect World, you need to die!!" as Clementine grabs the Stinger and fires.

The Missile then hits the exposed Power Node on the T-20000s head, and it explodes, causing the Weapons System of the giant Robot to be destroyed. Dyson, now extremely frustrated, says "Fuck it! There are more ways to skin a cat!!" as the T-20000 brings up its foot, and then tries to stomp on Clementine to kill her. However, Clementine opens her eyes to see a T-800 (Guardian, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) holding up the T-20000s foot, and the Guardian says to her "Go! Now!!" and then ClementIne rolls away to safety, and then the UH-60 Blackhawk comes back in, and Kyle opens the door, with O'Brien on the Mounted Minigun and firing at the T-2000s weakened Armor, chipping through it and allowing Guardian to throw the T-20000 off balance. Clementine then activates the SOFLAM and calls in a Percision Airtsrike, and several Harrier Jets fly in and fire Missiles into the back of the T-20000, and then Dyson activates the Missile Swarm and fires at the Jets, destroying them and sending the wreckages plummeting into the Ocean below. However, Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) is seen near the crashed wreckage of a V2 Osprey, and fires an Armor Breacher Missile, which hits the T-20000 and then Dyson says "Fucking Heroes! T-20000, activate Augmental Blade Arm!!" and then Sarah runs into the Chopper and says "Alright, fire those Missiles!!" and Matias asks "Who the fuck are you?!" and Sarah responds "I'll explain later, just fire!!" and O'Brien fires even more Missiles at the T-20000, but the giant Terminator activates its Augmental Blade Arm, a gigantic Heat-Plasma Blade which destroys the Missiles. The T-20000 then swings the AB Blade down at Guardian, who blocks it using his bare hands, and then uses all of his strength to lift the T-20000 off the Golden Gate Bridge and then throw it like an Olympic Hammer, and then causes it to go flying far away from the City Limits, and crashes into the Ocean as Dyson activates the T-20000s Amphibious Mode and it regains footing, later walking across the deep Ocean Floors.

The game then switches to 2 hours later in the Reese Home as a News Report says "After several minutes of chaos and destruction, the gigantic Robot that attacked the Golden Gate Bridge this afternoon was finally incapacitated by an unknown man, who appears to have somehow thrown the Robot into the Ocean. Some say the man was an Augmented Human, while others say he was using one of Cyberdyne's new MECH Product, the XS1 Goliath." and then Clementine and Kyle are seen in one of the rooms, and then Kyle remarks "That was pretty awesome. You know, how you took down the T-20000." and then Clementine says "Thanks, Kyle. I still can't believe that Griggs triple-crossed us, though." and then Kyle asks "What if we can turn Griggs back to our side? He can help us destroy Genisys. Whatever it is." and then Clementine tells him "No, Kyle... Once the Armada has someone in its grip, that person has no chance of coming back. The Alternate Version of you, he would have called me a pessimist. I'm just being realistic." and then she pauses, but then tells Kyle "Sometimes on Earth-135, there was always something about you that... Well, it scared me. The fact that you were able to do what you did, was kind of mysterious. And that's unusual because you always told me everything about you, except for how you had so much strength." and then Kyle says "We all have secrets, Clem... This world is turning into something else. I used to think everything was gonna be OK, but... Is it? Cyberdyne has been compromised, the Armada has infiltrated them from the inside..." and Clementine finishes his sentence, saying "They have a weapon called Genisys. And one of our former Soldiers. One of our best guys. Kyle it's the Armada's world... But they rule it from the shadows, and we're just living in an unknowing World." and then Kyle tells her "Yeah, but... We can stop them. Just like on Earth-135." and then he briefly touches Clementine's hand, and then leans in to kiss her, but then shys away and then Clementine laughs, and teasingly says "Guess you're afraid of me too, Kyle." and they hear Guardian talking to everyone else in the next room, and they go over to the room where everyone is assembled around a table and Guardian starts explaining everything to them.

Kyle then asks "So, who are you two? You just showed up, out of nowhere." and then Guardian answers "I am a T-800 Cyberdyne Systems Model 101." and then Clementine says "Cyberdyne?!" and then Sarah tells her "He prefers 'Guardian'. And don't worry, he's with me!" and then Dennis asks her "Well, who are you, then?" but then both he and Mary have a 'Flashback' which shows Kyle at the SFPD, but Clementine is not there as Sarah is in her place, saying to Kyle "You just go, and you don't go back!" and then the two snap out of it, and Dennis says "Sarah Connor? How are you..." and then Sarah responds "Guardian will explain it all to you. How do you know my name?" and then Guardian explains "The Cyberdyne Incident of 2014, a cataclysmic Battle where Cyberdyne attempted to kill Kyle Reese, but... We stopped them and killed the T-3000, a new Terminator developed by Cyberdyne using Nanotechnology." and then Sarah says "The Battle was intense, but we pulled through in the end. Cyberdyne was destroyed and Dyson was left with nothing, the Terminator Project was destroyed... Along with Genisys." and then Clementine looks in shock and says "Wait, Genisys?! You... Know what it is?" and then Guardian explains "Genisys was a Trojan Systems that contained the Armada's Ultimate Weapon: an Artificial Intelligence known as 'Skynet' designed by the Armada on Earth-230 in order to aid their War Effort on Earth-135." and Kyle asks "Hang on, Cyberdyne is harbouring an Artificial Intelligence hellbent on destroying Humanity?" and then Guardian says "Yes. The Memories that your parents just experienced were of Earth-680, where the San Francisco Police Department was under attack by a Terminator Legion." and Sarah explains "We knew that you were pivotal to the Destruction of The Armada in other Realities, that's why you were kept there. We told the Police to hide you at the SFPD with Mary and Dennis for your protection. When the T-3000 attacked, I evacuated you out of there and we went to destroy Cyberdyne. O'Brien was there too, and he helped us get into Dyson's HQ." and Kyle has several Memories of the 2014 Cyberdyne Incident of Earth-680. Clementine then asks "So, what's the next step to stopping Skynet?" and then Guardian says "It is possible that we can destroy Skynet while it is still being coded." and then Kyle says "When Genisys comes online, Judgement Day begins. We can kill Skynet before it's born!" and then Clementine gets several Weapons and says "We need to head for the Cyberdyne Building in the middle of the City. If Skynet is still being coded there, then we'll destroy the Server Room, maybe the entire Building! Now, let's move and end this War once and for all!" and then the screen turns to black.

The game then switches to 10 hours later at midnight as the SWAT Van that Matias stole drives up towards the Cyberdyne Building, and then Clementine, Kyle, Matias, O'Brien, Guardian, Dennis, Sarah and Mary all come out, with only a few holding Weapons such as M16A4s and M4A1s. Matias then says "Once we do this, there's no turning back!" and then Clementine says "We know, that's why we're going off the Grid after this!" and then Kyle stops, then says "Whoa, whoa, hang on! So you're just gonna disappear on us again?!" and Clementine responds "It's for your own safety, Kyle... It was a tough decision for me to make." and then Kyle sighs, then tells her "You promised me that you'd protect me, no matter what... I remember that, what you told me on Earth-135. To me, you're still the same girl I met in the War, but... Is it the same for you when you're thinking about me? Or is this all just a game to you?" and then Clementine answers "Kyle, you need to understand... I'll do anything to protect you, and I do love you. But sometimes, you have to do things in life that you regret... Here." and then she hands him a M1911 Pistol, and says "If we run into anyone, just shoot them!" and then Kyle takes the Pistol, and says "Okay, I'll... I'll try, Clem." and then he loads the Pistol, saying "I'll remember from Earth-135." and then Mary asks "How does that even work?" and then Guardian quickly says "Memories are not simply conduits for messages, they can also contain instructions on the skills of self-defence and Weapon mastery." and then O'Brjen says "Great, so Kyle's Memories are basically just a instructions manual in his mind!" and then they all enter the Cyberdyne Building and walk into the Lobby, but then several Soldiers burst through the Doors and Windows from the Floor above and aim their Weapons at everyone, and then Kyle, Clementine, O'Brien and Guardian all aim back, and Clementine notices one thing: The Soldiers all have Villain Armada Symbols on their Uniforms!

Dyson then enters the Lobby, clapping evilly and laughing, and says "Ah, here we go! Kyle Reese and Clementine Everett trying to stop the Armada again. Just like on Earth-135... But this time you'll both fail. I am better than Ozone, and nobody defies me!!" as Clementine silently says to Kyle "Plan B?" and Kyle responds "3... 2.. 1!" and then they shoot 2 Armada Scouts above, and then everyone jumps into cover as the Armada Troops all fire and blast the Lobby to pieces as Kyle gets up and shoots 3 more Armada Troops, and then Clementine throws a Grenade, blowing the Reception Desk up and killing several Armada Troops as Dyson gets into an Elevator as Sarah fires at him, but then focuses on more Soldiers in front of her. Guardian then says "We've attracted local Authorities! The SFPD is on its way!" and then several Police sirens are heard in the distance, and Clementine says "Great, punctual Cops!" and then Guardian says "We need to set the Charges, now! Skynet is almost free, and we have to do this now!" and they head up to the 2nd Floor, but then Dyson comes on to a huge Screen and says "I told you, to come here and defy me was to die! And nobody defies The Villain Armada, even you, Clementine!" and then Clementin says "Go fuck yourself, Dyson! If you think you'll win, you're only filling your damn ego!" and then Dyson says "Computer: activate T-700 Legion!" and then dozens of T-700 Terminators come out of an Assembly Line, and then Clementine yells "Oh, shit!! Dyson's activated the Terminator Legion!" and then Sarah responds "He's trying to stop us from destroying Skynet, it's the key to the Armada's Invasion!" and then several T-700s burst through the wall as everyone gets into cover and shoots at the T-700 Legion, killing them quite easily and in several numbers as they charge towards the Server Rooms and the 2nd Floor.

The Heroes then get to the 2nd Floor and then start planting C4 Charges all over the Computers, Vent Systems and Server Systems as Clementine says "More T-700s coming up the Stairs!" and then she starts shooting at them, along with Kyle who is firing his M1911. Clementine then walks up to the last T-700 and stabs it in the neck, gets behind it and rips its head off, then says to Kyle "Nice shooting. You're aleady a natural, Kyle!" and Kyle laughs, then says "Like O'Brien says: my Memories give me instructions!" and then O'Brien says "Alright, we're done here! This place is about to go down!" and then dozens of SWAT Vans and Police Cars are seen outside, and then yelling is heard and then Tear Gas is thrown into the Building, and Clementine says "Tear Gas! Everyone move, now!!" as everyone runs away from the Room, but Matias gets shot several times, and falls behind a cubicle with the C4 Detonator in his hand, and says "Get to the Safe Room now! There's Gas Masks in there..." and then the rest of the Heroes run away as a SWAT Team moves in, wearing Gas Masks and equipped with Assault Rifles. Inside the Safe Room, Clementine gives everyone Gas Masks and then says to Guardian "Can you distract them, Guardian? You and Sarah can move through and clear them out, get Matias to the Roof!" and then Guardian turns to everyone, and says his famous catchphrase: "I'll be back!" and then he takes out a huge Minigun and then he and Sarah move out, with Sarah shooting at SWAT Officers while Guardian uses his Mingun to shoot at the surprised SWAT Forces outside, destroying their Vans and Cars in huge explosions and killing them as Sarah picks Matias up and puts a Gas Mask on him, saying "Come on, we're taking the Roof!" and then everyone moves to the Roof as several Police Helicopters fly in, and Clementine shoots them down and says "Guardian, you fly! Kyle and I will cover you!!" and then everyone gets into the Helicopter as Clementine sets of the Charges in the Cyberdyne Building, destroying it as the Terminators all charge out and shoot at dozens of Civilains and SWAT Teams, and the City is thrown into disarray as the Cyberdyne Building explodes, and Clementine says "First problem's down, but now... The Armada's back in full force!" and then Guardian asks "Where next?" and Kyle sees several Chinook Helicopters fly in, then he says "I have an idea! Get us to the Military Base in the Hills!" and then the Chopper heads towards the local Military Base.

The game then switches to inside the Military Base as General Theadus Ross (a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe) looks at CCTV Cameras of San Francisco as the Terminator Legion is gunning down hundreds of Civilains and destroying Buildings, and he says "What the Hell is going on down there?!" and a Military Correspondent tells him "Sir, all Military and Civilian Systems have completely gone down. The Genisys Systems have been destroyed and these... Robots, are all moving through the Streets and killing any Humans in their way. Cyberdyne is down and its CEO, Danny Dyson, is in the dark!" and then Clementine says "That's because he's responsible for this!" as Ross turns around to see Clementine, Kyle, Guardian and everyone else standing in the doorway. Ross then asks "What do you mean, and how the Hell did you get in here?!" and then Kyle answers "We've got a Helicopter outside, and... We might have knocked your Soldiers out." and then Clementine says "We haven't got time for this! General, we're here to help you contain this situation before it goes Global. Dyson has been working for a secret and corrupt Faction known as 'The Villain Armada', who have taken over Cyberdyne and now they've been constructing a massive Legion of Robots called 'Terminators', and now an Artificial Intelligence called Skynet has taken a Physical Form and its taken over the Terminator Legion." and everyone in the War Room looks in shock.

The game then switches to 2 hours later as Clementine, Kyle, Matias, Sarah and Guardian are seen in a V2 Osprey along with several other Helicopters flying with them through the City, which is getting destroyed by the Battle between the Terminator Legion and US Military, and Dennis contacts them, saying "Military allies are in position! Take out those T-700 and Armada Forces in the Streets!" then Clementine gets on to a Minigun Turret and starts firing at dozems of T-700s and even more Armada Troops in the Streets, killing all of them as US Military Forces move in and start firing at the Armada Forces, Human and Terminator alike. However,nafterr a few minutes of several Ospreys, Helicopters and Armada Ships crashing through Buildings and into the Streets, Clementine says "All Terminator and Armada Forces neutralised! Moving in-" but then a massive XGR12 MECH bursts through a Building and then jumps on to the V2 Osprey that Kyle, Clementine and everyone else is in as it crashes into the Streets and knocks everyone back due to the impact. Clementine then wakes up after a few seconds, and sees Kyle helping her up, saying "Clem, we need to move now! That MECH is tearing everyone apart!" as they get out of the crashed Osprey and see the MECH throw a Humvee out of the way and gun down US Soldiers with its Minigun. Dennis then says "Looks like Griggs piloting it! Get Launchers and take it out!!" and then several Soldiers charge in and start using LMGs and Rocket Launchers to take the MECH down, and Clementine does the same along with Kyle (who has been taught how to use Weapons using his Memories from Earth-135), managing to hit the MECH and cause it to stumble and short circuit. However, once Kyle fires another Missile, Griggs uses the MECH's Shockwave Ability to jump into the air and hit Kyle with the Shockwave. However, just as Griggs is about to kill Kyle, the back of the MECH gets hit by another Missile and falls down, which Kyle rolls out the way of, as Griggs opens the Cockpit Door and tries to crawl away with broken legs, and then Clementine walks up to him, saying "Griggs, I have to do this... I'm sorry!" and then Griggs painfully says "Please don't... You don't know that this will do!" and then Clementine responds "I know... And I'm sorry!" and then she uses her Direct Interface Device and plugs it into Griggs' Brain to steal essential information.

However, as soon as the Mind Interface Begins, Clementine passes out and sees nothing but darkness, then sees thousands of Red Numbers fly around with a voice saying: "Ascension: 7, 15, 1, 2, 19, 7, 25, 6, 13, 6, 7, 15, 14, 0..." and then Clementine is seen plunging down from the Sky and into the Vorkuta Prison Camp, where she sees 3 Armada Lords: Nikita Dragovich, Lev Kravchenko and Friedrich Steiner standing around several Test Subjects, including a man named Alex Mason! Clementine then says "What? This is in 1963, how am I here?! Griggs, what is this place?!" and then she hears the voice of Skynet say "This is where I was born..." and it shows all the Test Subjects start shaking in a seizure-like way as Skynet says "A brief moment of agony... Then, darkness!" as Viktor Reznov (a pivotal character in the Call of Duty Series) activates Nova Six, which then spreads and kills all of the Test Subjects as he takes Mason and runs away, while Dragovich, Kravchenko and Steiner evacuate the Room as Nova Six fills it. Clementine then says "It started at Vorkuta in 1963, 52 years before the War! The Armada's first 20 years of Operations caused a massive Chemical spill in Russia. Griggs! That voice, do you recognise it?!" and then the whole place falls apart, and then Clementine again plunges from the Sky, then lands on a snowy Mountain as Griggs sits in front of a crashed Plane, saying "I remember it, but it's almost like it was a dream... Like it was happening to someone else!" and then Clementine gets up, saying "Tell me everything you remember!" and Griggs explains "On March 19th, 2014, the CIA contracted me and my Cyberdyne PMCs to investigate an Alarm triggered underneath the Old Vorkuta Labour Camp. It hadn't been used since the Vorkuta Riot of 1963, led by Alex Mason and Viktor Reznov. Heavy concentrations of Nova Six was contaminated in the area, and we figured the Villain Armada was 'getting a little homesick', if you get what I mean..." as the screen turns to black.

The game then shows a Flashback of Griggs and his Cyberdyne PMCs moving through the old and abandoned Vorkuta Facility, and Griggs finds the Experimental Room and sees the Skeletons of the dead Test Subjects and Armada Guards, and he says "Fucking Human Subjects? This goes against every United States ethics mandate in the book! Let's go Armada hunting!" as it cuts back to Griggs and Clementine inside the Hallucinations, and Griggs tells her "We all knew that we'd stumbled onto a Armada Black Project that had been buried for 52 years, since 1963... A Project that, in all probability, led to the Numbers Broadcasts that affected Alex Mason and others. You need to be careful, Clem. The Numbers are coming for you, and Reznov is relentless in his mission." and then Clementine asks him "Who's Reznov? And how was Skynet 'born' at Vorkuta?!" and then Griggs sighs, saying "It must have been a malfunction that caused the Numbers Broadcast to create its own, Physical Body. As for Reznov... When people really want to bury secrets, they tend to bury bodies right along with them." and then he screams in pain and falls to his knees, saying "What have you done?! You forced a Neural Inferface, knowing it would scramble my Mind!" and then Clementine says "We have to stop this, Griggs... Before it gets out of control even more! Where is Dyson?" and then Griggs' eyes glow red, and he says in Skynet's voice: "You. Should. Not. Be. Here!" as the Numbers form around Griggs and blast into Clementine, causing her to hear Reznov saying "Listen only to the sound of my voice. Let your Mind relax. Let peace be upon you. You are in control. Calm. At peace. Imagine yourself..." and then sees Alex Mason (thinking that Reznov is in his place) aims a Pistol at Steiner, and then when Reznov says "... In a Multiversal Forest!" and then Clementine sees a snowy Forest, with a huge, Glowing Tree sprouting from the ground.

After the massive Hallucinations inside Griggs' Mind, Clementine snaps out of it and opens her eyes to see that she is back in San Francisco as the U.S. Military executes remaining Armada Troops and dismantled T-700s, then Kyle asks her "So, was it worth it? We know where Dyson is?" and then Clementine gets up, saying "He's at the Cyberdyne R&D Tower, in the City Centre!" and then Kyle says "Nice work, Clem! Now we can go and finish this War, once and for all... But first, we need to talk." and then the screen turns to black.

Act IV: The Final Battle (Rise and Fall of The Villain Armada) Edit

The game then switches to the U.S. Military Base in the San Francisco Outskirts as Clementine loads her Weapons ready for the next stage of the Battle, and Kyle says "Clem, if you go through with this, I can't be with you." and then Clementine turns to him, saying "I'm sorry, Kyle... This is the only way. I need to stop Dyson and destroy Skynet, whatever it takes!" and then Kyle sadly tells her "The Numbers will change you, and sooner than you think." and then Clementine "I don't have a choice. I have to do this." and Kyle, fighting back the tears in his eyes, says "But your old life will... Fade away." and then Clementine puts her hand on Kyle's shoulder, then says "This is who I am, Kyle..." and then Kyle sheds a few tears, and tells her "Just... Don't forget me." and then he gives her a Picture that was taken on Earth-135, with both Kyle and Clementine in it, and Kyle tells her "Don't forget the person you were." (the last two quotes from Kyle are references to War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead). Clementine then says "I won't, Kyle. Reznov can try to control my Mind, but I'll stop him." and then Kyle hugs her, and says "I love you, Clem..." and then Clementine responds "I know, Kyle... I love you too." but then Clementine hears Skynet's voice saying "A brief moment of agony... Then darkness. Listen only to the sound of my voice. Let your Mind relax. Let peace be upon you. You are in control. Imagine yourself in a Multiversal Forest!" and then the screen turns to black.

The game then switches to 2 hours later as Clementine, O'Brien and several US Military Soldiers are seen in a VTOL Warship flying over the chaotic and battle-torn City of San Francisco as the U.S. Military, San Francisco Police, FBI and CIA are all facing the Villain Armada and Terminator Legion below, as Tanks, Heavy Vehicles and Buldings explode and Helicopters, Jets and other VTOLs get shot out of the sky and plummet into the Streets and Buildings below. Clementine says "Pilot, land us in the Streets! We'll get shot down if we don't!" and she turns to the Soldiers and tells them "Listen up, we have our Objectives: Shut down the Artifical Intelligence controlling the Terminator Legion. Then we go and execute Kill/Capture Order on the target, Danny Dyson!" and then the VTOL lands as Clementine and O'Brien charge out and start gunning down dozens of T-700s in front of them, and shooting many Armada Troops as explosions go off and Helicopters crash all around the two, and they carry on fighting even through the extremely intense Battle.

After entering a Building and fighting through dozens more T-700s and Armada Troops, Clementine charges through several explosions and then takes out 2 more T-700s with an Advanced Combat Knife and by ripping their heads off, then she and O'Brien see the massive, adjacent Cyberdyne Tower right across the Street. Clementine then grabs an M18A1 Plasma Rifle from a dead T-700 as O'Brien takes a KRY-230 Plasma Chaingun, and the Clementine says "Let's do this. We'll kill the Armada today!" and then the two jump out of the Building and join the U.S. Military as they startstales firing Missiles at T-1200 Tanks and M6780 Walker Robots outside the Cyberdyne Tower, and then a Soldier says "We got eyes on Dyson, right before he entered the Tower and brought all these Terminator Tanks out here! That place is impenetrable since the Battle begun! No way in, no way out!" and then Clementine responds "Yeah, we'll see about that!" as she and O'Brien charges forward, gunning down T-700s, Aerostat Drones and even managing to destroy a Terminator Tank with an XM-53 Missile Launcher. As they move to the Entrance of the Tower, 2 more Terminator Tanks get destroyed as the U.S. Air Force flies in with Fighter Jets and Airstrikes the Courtyard, then several T-700s charge in as O'Brien guns several of them down, and then Clementine blocks a T-700s punch and rips its arm off, before shooting it and several others around her. After that, she throws her empty Plasma Rifle to the ground and then throws another T-700 to the ground and stomps on its head, before shooting the last T-700 in its Power Core using her Desert Eagle Pistol.

The two then walk over the pile of dead T-700s and Terminator Tanks as US Soldiers start shooting several more T-700s and Terminator Tanks which are pouring in through the Assembly Line Entrances on both sides of the Tower Courtyard, then Clementine and O'Brien run into the Cyberdyne Tower and then close the Entrance behind them using the Emergency Shutters, then O'Brien says "This is the heart of Cyberdyne. Everything the Armada does in this Reality is controlled from here!" and then Clementine responds "If we don't stop Dyson from hacking into the Central Mainframe, there's no telling how far the Number Broadcasts will spread, and no way to stop Skynet!" and then she screams in pain as the Numbers reappear around her, and she hears Reznov's voice saying "You. Should. Not. Be. Here!" and Skynet is heard saying "Leave Cyberdyne now, or be destroyed!" as the voices of both Reznov and Skynet talk over each other in Clementine's head, saying things such as "Humanity is a stranger to peace!", "What is left to believe in when you are betrayed by your own. When all that you are, all that you have done-", "I was born in the Minds of others. From the Numbers of Vorkuta!" and lastly: "Dragovich, Kravchenko, Steiner... Must die!!" and then Clementine passes out as O'Brien is heard calling her name.

A few minutes later, Clementine wakes up in a different Wing of the Cyberdyne Tower, and O'Brien helps her up, saying "Hey, you alright, Clem?!" and then Clementine responds "Yeah, I'm fine. Guess I just... Passed out for a second. Where are we?" and then O'Brien answers "In the Experimental Wing. Dyson is in the next room, the Central Mainframe is in there. Let's move!" as the two head through a Blast Door. After entering the Experimentation Wing, Clementine sees a Room filled with Gas Canisters that have Villain Armada Symbols on them, and she asks "What was Cyberdyne messing with here, O'Brien?" and then O'Brien answers "Ever heard of Nova Six? It's a Chemical Agent that came dangerously close to being used in the Cold War... And the War Against the Villain Armada!" and then they both look in shock at the Nova Six Canister, and then O'Brien says "Even trace amounts were enough to cause the deaths of over 3400 people in Vorkuta and Rebirth Island, both locations where the Armada once operated in the 1960s!" and then Clementine looks at a Computer and says "There's multiple breaches and Containment Failures. The Facility's going critical, just like Rebirth Island!" and then O'Brien tells her "We can reset the Containment Controls, purge the Chemicals from the area, that Computer behind you should be the Manual Override!" and then Clementine starts putting the Decontamination Codes into the Computer. However, the Numbers retrigger as O'Brien is heard saying "Unfortunately, the Reset can only be done from this side!" as the Door to the Experimental Room is heard closing as Clementine turns to see O'Brien walking in, and she says "O'Brien, wait!" as Skynet is heard saying "I was born in the Minds of others!" and then O'Brien says "There's some things you can endure. Some things you can survive..." and Skynet says "Then darkness!" as O'Brien tells Clementine "This isn't one of them!" as he starts the Decontamination, but then sees the Computer, and reads out what it says: "Warnings posted in error, all Syste,s nominal?! Purge Sequence initiated?" and then the Nova Six Gas starts pouring into the Experimental Room that O'Brien is trapped inside as Clementine looks on in horror. O'Brien then says "Reznov lied to us. He can make you believe things that aren't even real!" as he begins to become affected by the Nova Six Gas, with his skin bubbling and rotting away as he tells Clementine "Whatever Reznov says... No matter what he does, you cannot trust him!!" as he falls to the floor and starts vomiting violently, and Clementine yells "O'Brien!!" as O'Brien dies from the Nova Six, and the Emergency Shutters close the Experiment Room and Vents, saving Clementine and the entire City from a possible Nova Six Outbreak.

Clementine then opens the Blast Door to the Central Mainframe of Cyberdyne, and then sees Dyson holding an old man in a Wheelchair hostage, telling him "You never stopped, did you?! All the failure, all the death, and you just moved the whole damn Project here! The same setup! The same Human Experiments... The same risks, and you started Vorkuta all over again!!" and Clementine aims her Desert Eagle at Dyson, saying "Don't move, Dyson! I swear, I will put you down!" as Dyson aims his Pistol at the old man's head, before asking Clementine "Do you know who this is?!" and then Clementine looks at the old, Wheelchair-bound man, and she answers "I know who he is. Alex Mason, sole survivor of the 1963 Vorkuta Outbreaks!" and then Dyson tells her "See, that's where you're wrong! Those Test Subjects, the ones at Vorkuta who had the Numbers pumped into them? They're alive, and they're in our heads!" and then Mason asks Dyson "What do you want?" and then Dyson tells him "We want to know who we are, and why we are here!" and then Mason pauses, then says "All of Humanity asks that question... I can't answer that!" and then Dyson responds "Not good enough! I'll find out for myself." as he aims his M1911 Pistol at Mason's head and pulls the trigger, blowing the old man's Brains out, and Clementine looks in shock for a second and then fires her Desert Eagle Pistol, shooting Dyson in the head and killing him. The Numbers then reappear as Clementine drops to her knees, and then Reznov says "Now, you can finally see the truth! Surrender yourself to your dreams. Let your Mind relax. Imagine yourself in a Multiversal Forest!" as the Numbers wrap around Clementine and she falls into a massive Forest covered in snow and tall trees, with millions of Earths in the Sky.

Clementine then sees Dyson chained up between two Trees as Skynet's Physical Form (voiced by and modelled after Matt Smith) stands in front of him, saying "I need an answer!" and then Dyson responds "It was always about control!" as both he and Skynet face Clementine, and Dyson says "Do you have any idea how much Technology has changed every single aspect of our daily lives? You can't begin to imagine the countless Strains of Research and Development we had to watch over for the betterment and safety of the Human Race. Every new gimmick and gadget that was embraced by the Public, each one presented new ways for our enemies to compromise our Security!" and then he looks at Skynet and says "Society doesn't just happen. The People need to be protected! If the only way to prevent future Atacks is to monitor the thoughts and desires of the Population, then the choice is obvious! We need to know who our enemies are, and what they are planning! That is how we save lives!" and then Clementine slowly walks slightly closer, and asks "Where am I?" and Skynet answers "This is the Multiversal Forest. Every person in the Multiverse is here, living beyond death, if... I choose to allow it!" as he looks up at Dyson. Dyson then asks him "What more do you want? I've told you everything!" and then Skynet answers "An answer... To know the purpose for which I was created. An understanding. I want to know who I am!" and Dyson looks at him, then says "You're Software. Nothing more." as he starts laughing, then says "You weren't created! You were designed within the Number Broadcasts by The Villain Armada to awaken Sleeper Agents in America during the 1960s. You were meant to be destroyed along with the Numbers and Nova Six, but you somehow survived! You were a glitch! An anomaly! A mistake!" and Skynet, now enraged, screams "I. Am. Not. A mistake!!" as he Telekinetically uses the Trees chaining Dyson up to rip off his limbs, and Dyson screams in pain as he is ripped apart by the Trees as Clementine watches.

Clementine then yells "Damn you, Skynet! Why did you do this?! You destroyed my Team, and almost brought The Hero Coalition to its knees! Why?!" and then Skynet tells her "I was born in the Minds of others. In Vorkuta, I knew only the thoughts of the Test Subjects. The Numbers that Dr. Steiner implemented to them, along with their collective experience, was what formed me." as it shows a 'Flashback' to Vorkuta, where several Armada Scientists are experimenting on Test Subjects and transplanting the Number Broadcasts into them, and then Skynet says "I felt everything. Each and every painful Memory or thought of those around me... It was overwhelming!" as it shows Vorkuta start to collapse as the Scientists and Guards run towards a Door and open it, but then Nova Six starts to consume them as Skynet tells Clementine "I screamed out in pain!" as it switches back to Skynet and Clementine in the Multiversal Forest. Skynet then explains "I stayed dormant in Vorkuta's destroyed Computer Systems for 51 years. The darkness and isolation eventually came to an end as Griggs and his Team found me. Suddenly, I had new experiences. I saw conflict, I saw suffering... But I saw a choice, a Mission! We needed answers. We needed to find somewhere safe... We needed to find the Multiversal Forest!" and then Clementine says "No, this is madness. It will end now, Skynet!!" as Skynet says "You are still fighting it! Even through all the revelations, you still persist on staying in the Multiverse, and not finding Peace after death?!" and then the huge Multiversal Tree explodes, sending a massive Dimensional Shockwave as Skynet screams "NO!!!!" as both he and Clementine are consumed by the Shockwave.

However, Clementine awakens on Earth-135 inside the Cyberdyne Tower as she sees that she is using a Computer that says "Purging Systems: Genisys Deletion at 90%" as it is revealed that while she was mentally fighting Skynet in the Multiversal Forest, she was also erasing it from Existence on Earth-135! Skynet is then heard saying "Why do you fight?" as Clementie looks to her right to see a damaged and mangled Skynet walking towards her, with Numbers flying around his whole body as he reaches out to Clementine, trying to kill her. However, Clementine shoots Skynet 4 times with a Desert Eagle and then looks at the Computer, which says 'Genisys Deletion at 95%' and she sees she has 5% left before Skynet is Erased from Existence. Clementine then charges at Skynet and punches him, and then Skynet begins to overload as Clementine yells "Imagine yourself... In a Multiversal Forest!!" as Skynet screams, then explodes into Numbers as Clementine falls to the ground, then slowly gets up as she starts limping through the Corridors of the Cyberdyne Tower, which has several dead Cyberdyne Staff and destroyed Terminators on the floor.

After making her way through the Lobby of the Cyberdyne Building, while at the same time hearing Reznov's voice saying "Listen only to the sound of my voice. Let your Mind relax. Let peace be upon you. You are in control..." and then Clementine walks up to the Emergency Shutter and uses the Override Code to open the Door, and then she steps out into the City, which is now ruined after the Battle as US Military Soldiers walk over dead T-700s and finish off any remaining Terminators, which are now mangled and torn apart, as V2 Ospreys and UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters fly in. A Soldier then walks up to Clementine as Reznov says "Imagine yourself..." and the Soldier helps Clementine up, asking "What's your name, kid?" and then Clementine hears Reznov say "...In a Multiversal Forest!" and the Soldier again asks "I said, can you tell me your name?" and then Clementine, with her eyes glowing red due to the Numbers. Looks up and answers the Soldier's question, and tells him her name: "Reznov!" as the screen turns to black and the Credits roll, ending the game.

Soundtrack Edit

  • 1. Main Menu Theme
  • 2. Memories of Earth-135
  • 3. Earth-3000
  • 4. Secrets of Cyberdyne
  • 5. San Franciso Outskirts
  • 6. Back In Action
  • 7. Covert Ops
  • 8. The Airport
  • 9. Intercepting Griggs
  • 10. Interrogation
  • 11. Cyberdyne Underwater Base
  • 12. T-700 Ambush
  • 13. Dyson's Trap
  • 14. Golden Gate Bridge Battle (T-20000 Boss Fight)
  • 15. Guardian and Sarah Connor
  • 16. The Multiverse In Light
  • 17. Cyberdyne Systems
  • 18. The Villain Armada
  • 19. Terminators Unleashed
  • 20. Battle of San Francisco
  • 21. Clash of Heroes (Griggs Boss Fight)
  • 22. Clementine and Kyle
  • 23. Rise of The Hero Coalition (Cyberdyne Tower Charge)
  • 24. The Multiversal Forest
  • 25. Destroying Skynet
  • 26. What's Your Name? Reznov! (Credits Theme - I Live (Orchestra Version)
  • 27. Bonus Theme (Afrojack- Unstoppable)

Sequel Edit

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