Terminator Genisys:
Official Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Genre Third-Person Shooter
Release September 17th, 2018
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: R18+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Reboots
Predecessor Terminator Genisys (Chronologically
Successor War Of Villains (Chronologically)

"After Genisys... Crush the Enemy!"

- Tagline

Terminator Genisys: Uprising is an upcoming DLC for the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Reboots installment, Terminator Genisys (Crossover Reboot). This DLC is a sequel to Genisys, taking place an entire year after the events after that Game, following Kyle Reese and Clementine Everett as they make their way across the United States to crush what remains of the Machines. The DLC is currently under development by Ubisoft-Pixar and publishing by Activision, and is available for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

Cast Edit

  • Bryant Prince as Kyle Reese
  • Raymond Ochoa as Dashiell 'Dash' Parr
  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett
  • Ian Etheridge as Jack Parr
  • Jason Clarke as John Connor
  • Sandrine Holt as Sgt. Jessica Eldran
  • Mark Grigsby as Griggs
  • Billy Murray as Jonathan Price
  • Craig Fairbrass as Simon 'Ghost' Riley
  • Kevin McKidd as John 'Soap' MacTavish
  • Matt Smith as The Skynet AI
  • David Vincent as Ozone
  • Mikal A. Vega as Scarecrow
  • Troy Baker as Alexander 'IRI-6785' Stone
  • Scott Whyte as Gabriel 'IX-2345' Stone

Synopsis Edit

The year is 2015, and it has been an entire year since the Battle of Earth-4000 and the Destruction of The Villain Armada within the Core Realities of The Multiverse. With the Multiverse's Defenders, The Hero Coalition, becoming the dominant Faction within the Core Realities, the Armada has retreated to the Outer Realities and now have very few remaining Military Cells across the Multiverse. On Earth-8000, two Hero Knights who fought in the War of Earth-4000, Kyle Reese and Clementine Everett, must reunite to hunt down an organized and malignant Armada Cell on Earth-8000 to liberate this Reality from 2 Villain Knights and their Master: Skynet, now weakened and transformed into a massive Omnipotent Machine known as the Skynet AI!

The game has also been confirmed as a Prequel to another Ubisoft-Pixar Game, War Of Villains, a game where Clementine turns into a Villainess and hunts the remains of the shattered Hero Coalition. This game will showcase the origins of the Evil Version of Clementine and the reason she betrayed the Coalition.

Plot Edit

Act I-III (Main Missions) Edit

The game starts showing a Hero Coalition Outpost on Earth-8000, and as a Coalition Flag is seen, the game shows several Flashbacks showcasing the various Defeats of The Villain Armada on Earth-135, Earth-267 and the Destruction of Skynet on Earth-4000 as the Armada Carrier explodes and falls towards the Los Angeles Ruins. After the Flashbacks, Kyle Reese is heard narrating "I try to remember what my parents told me before they died. They always used to tell me about the Reality, Earth-4000, before it was invaded by the Villain Armada. Before I joined The Hero Coalition, I was just a Scavenger in the San Francisco Ruins... But that would eventually change." as Kyle is seen inside his Quarters in the Coalition Outpost as it rains heavily outside, and Kyle is asleep.

However, somebody enters the Room and goes up to Kyle, nudging him and saying "Kyle... Kyle, wake up! Wake up!" as she starts shaking Kyle to wake him up, and Kyle shoots up and draws a Combat Knife on the girl, who is revealed to be Clementine Everett, who says "Whoa! Easy, tiger... You alright?" and Kyle puts the Knife down, asking "Clem?! What the hell are you doing back here?" as he hugs her. Clementine then tells him "I've been on Search and Destroy Missions with John and the others. You alright?" and Kyle responds "You kidding me? I haven't seen you... In I don't even know how long!" and Clementine laughs, saying "35 days. Well, 36... Technically. Wanna know what I've been up to?" as she hands him a pair of Dog Tags with a Villain Armada Symbol engraved into them. Kyle then asks "You've been hunting Villain Lords..? So, you're a Villain Slayer now?! No way!" and Clementine just shrugs, before walking over to a Desk and finding a Picture of her and Kyle, showing the two next to a Helicopter together. After seeing the Picture, Clementine laughs and says "You still have it. Needed something to remember me by, huh?" as Kyle opens the Door and looks through the Hallway, and saying "Why are you here, Clem? You know the U.S. Military on Earth-8000 doesn't allow Hero Knights in their Buildings!" and Clementine tells him "Relax, Kyle. John got me Clearance into the Outpost. Plus, there's no regular US Soldiers on this Floor. Either way, we need to go!" and she opens a Window to Kyle's Room. Kyle then asks "What?! Why do we need to leave?" and Clementine explains "After John gave me Clearance to enter this Base, he told me that I needed to get you back to the Hero Coalition. He didn't want to take you away from the Military at first, but I... Insisted." as she picks up a pair of jeans and throws them to Kyle, saying "Now get some pants on, put your Scavenger Jacket on and let's go!" as she climbs out the Window, and Kyle gets dressed and ready to follow her.

The game then switches to a few minutes later as Clementine and Kyle move across the Rooftops of the Outpost, seeing a Coalition Wraith fly above them, and Clementine says "Looks like their Ships are patrolling the City. We should move, Kyle." and then Kyle follows her, and the two move into a destroyed Building, and then Clementine walks over to a boarded part of the wall. After examining the wall, she tells Kyle "This is a entry-and-exit part of the Base for Scavengers... Or restricted Hero Knights, in my case." and she removes the boards from the wall and the two start crawling through a hole, and end up in the Open Area of the City, which is a destroyed Chicago. Clementine then points at a nearby Hospital, which is semi-destroyed, and says "See that old Hospital? There should be Supplies there we could use. Race you there!" as she playfully punches Kyle on the shoulder, and the two start laughing as they both run towards the Abandoned Hospital. After a couple minutes, Clementine climbs the Hospital wall and she and Kyle boost each other up into the Abandoned Wards, and Kyle looks around and says "My parents always told me about places like this. People always went to these Hospitals, when they were sick or hurt." and Clementine looks at him and chuckles, then says "You don't know anything about the World before the Nuclear Invasion, huh?" and Kyle shrugs, and responds with "Bits and pieces. Should we look for Supplies now, then?" and they start looking through the Wards for Supplies. After getting a few Medical Supplies, the two walk through the Hospital Reception, and Clementine sees several abandoned Vehicles outside, and she says "Alright, let's play a game: Take this." as she hands Kyle a Silenced Glock 17, saying "See those 2 Trucks out there? First person to pop out all the Tires wins. The winner gets to ask the loser a question. Alright?" and Kyle nods in response, and he aims for a Truck while Clementine aims for a different one, and the two start shooting at their Trucks.

After getting a few shots off, Kyle manages to hit all the Tires on his Truck, then shouts "Yeah, woo-hoo!! I got it." and Clementine sighs, saying "Alright, you win. So, what's your question?" and then Kyle holsters his Glock 17 and gets serious, asking "Why did you leave? Why did you tell me to stay with the U.S. Military?" and Clementine looks at him, then answers with "Come on, I'll... Tell you another time." and she walks through the Hospital, and Kyle looks at her and says "You didn't even answer my question." as he walks behind Clementine. After walking through the Reception and going into the East Wing, Clementine and Kyle go towards an abandoned Quarantine Tent, with a Hero Coalition Symbol on it. Clementine then enters the Tent and says "Remember who was here? That Hero Soldier, what was his name? Chemo, that was him." and Kyle asks "Why did they even call him 'Chemo'? It's a weird nickname." and Clementine answers "He underwent Chemotherapy before the War, because he was poisoned in the Battle of Metroville in the War Against the Villain Armada. Tear Gas got blasted on to him, and John pulled him outta there, so from then on we called him Chemo." and Kyle laughs, then starts looking through the Quarantine Tent for Supplies. Clementine then says "Look what he left here." and she takes out a bottle of Whiskey, and then asks "Alright: You want a sip? Don't worry, it won't kill you." and Kyle laughs, then walks over and says "Sure." as Clementine hands him the Whiskey, and Kyle starts drinking it. However, after drinking some of it, Kyle starts coughing and Clementine laughs, before holding Kyle's shoulder and asking "You alright?" and Kyle answers "That stuff's strong. Whiskey, huh?" and Clementine looks at the bottle, saying "Yeah. At least it's not Vodka, now that shit is strong." and she starts drinking the Whiskey. Kyle then looks at her and says "Damn, you're... You're a natural drinker, huh?" and Clementine puts the Whiskey Bottle in her Supply Bag, saying "Yeah, I guess. Come on, there's a Sick Ward up ahead. We can go over there and rest." as the two young Heroes head towards the East Wing of the Hospital. A few minutes later, Clementine and Kyle are both seen inside one of the Hospital Wards as they put their Ammo and Food Supplies on the floor, and Clementine starts loading her Skorpion SMG (the two of them will have downgraded Weapons in this DLC because they abandoned their Outpost) and says "So, you must have missed me a lot." and Kyle responds "I don't mean to make sound that bad, Clem. I had Military Drills every morning, the Soldiers kept me well-fed and looked after... But 'Corporal Dickhead' always told me I had to concentrate more, and become a better Soldier. That asshole didn't even know who I was, and what I've done. Fucking moron always thought he was the big guy in the Room." and he lies down in a Hospital Bed, trying to get to sleep. Clementine then lies down next to him and asks "Who the fuck is 'Corporal Dickhead'?" and Kyle laughs, saying "This Marine, Corporal Dunn. I gave him the name 'Dickhead' because... Well, he's an asshole with some kind of authority complex. He even talks back to the Sergeants and Lieutenants." and Clementine looks at him and asks "Did you ever talk back or did you do what the Sergeants said?" and Kyle shrugs, saying "Never had a reason to talk back. I got into a fight with some Cadets once, though. Had a nosebleed, one of them punched me... But I wiped the floor with them, and they had to go to the Infirmary." and Clementine ruffles his hair, saying "Nice work, Kyle. That's the Hero Knight I know... You're not some fucking Military Cadet, unlike those assholes." and Kyle hugs her, saying "Thanks, Clem... For coming back for me. I missed you so much." and he lays his head on Clementine's chest, and starts to fall asleep. He then says "That whole 'Hero Knight' thing was a pretty smooth move, you know. You made me blush a little..." and Clementine laughs, saying "It's all true, though. Kyle, I love you... And I wouldn't have just kept you with the U.S. Military, I mean this is what I want for you. You're an amazing Soldier, but an even better Hero. And I love a Hero Knight more." as the two kiss.

The game then switches to the next morning as Kyle and Clementine are seen making their way through an abandoned, destroyed and desolate Shopping Mall as Kyle says "Remember that time we had in Haddonfield, after the Battle of Earth-4000? We had to take out a Skynet Cell inside the City?" and Clementine laughs, saying "Oh, you're gonna bring up Operation: Seeker, huh? The time you fell down into a Tunnel full of T-600s?" and then Kyle asks "What? Bullshit! You were the one who fell in there, I saved you. Remember?" and then Clementine playfully punches Kyle on the arm, saying "I'm just fucking around, Kyle. Come on, I've got something to show you!" as they keep walking through the abandoned Building. Kyle then looks around at the desolate Mall, asking "What was this place for? Y'know, before the Nuclear Holocaust?" and Clementine tells him "It was before you and I were born, so... I wouldn't know. People came here to... Buy stuff, I guess, anything you could get your hands on?" and then Kyle enters a Halloween Shop and picks up a Werewolf Mask and jar of eyeballs, and asks "People actually bought this stuff? I don't get it." and Clementine says "Well, that was Pre-War Capitalism for you." as the two keep walking, and Clementine tells him "Just so you know, Kyle... I didn't tell anyone in the Outpost about The Hero Coalition." and Kyle asks her "But I'm more than just anyone, aren't I?" and Clementine responds "Yeah, it's just... I wanted to tell you, but John wouldn't let me. Said it could 'jeopardize' the Resistance Mission in Illinois. Come on, we're almost there." as she opens a Maintenance Exit towards the Basement.

Clementine then walks into the Flooded Basement as she and Kyle walk through the water, and Kyle shivers as he asks "Clem, how long are we gonna be down here? I'm freezing." and Clementine asks him "Remember how the US Military told us they only powered certain Districts of Chicago?" and Kyle nods in response as Clementine walks up to a Circuit Breaker and opens it, saying "Well, High Command lied to us. They've just flipped the Breakers, and all we've gotta do..." as she flips the Circuit Breaker, which starts to bring the Building Power back online as Clementine finishes her sentence with "Is flip it back up!" and then she starts walking back towards the Building Centre. However, Kyle grabs her hand and says "Clem, wait... I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to signal John and his Squadron." and Clementine asks him "W-what do you mean?" and then Kyle tells her "Y'know, by turning the Power back on. John would have saw that, taken his Squad about 10 minutes. I can't come with you, Clem..." and then Clementine looks at him in slight sadness, and Kyle says "I know that you and I are good together, but... When I'm in that Outpost, it feels like the only bit of a break I've had from this 'Multiversal War' shit. But at least you and I got to... Spend some time together before you left." and then Clementine walls up to him and wraps her arms around his neck, saying "Yeah, and... What I said before I left the first time? I didn't mean that, Kyle... Any of it." and then she smiles at him. And then, Clementine giggles and throws Kyle into the Flooded Basement harmlessly, with Kyle landing in the water as Clementine jumps in after him, and the two laugh as Kyle says "Oh, you wanna pull that card now?" and then he splashes Clementine with water, and the girl tells him "At least we can have fun before I leave." as Kyle abruptly stops, and then Clementine looks at him and asks "Hey, you alright? What's the matter?" as she sees tears dripping down Kyle's face through the boy's drenched face. Kyle then looks at Clementine and says "Don't go..." under a breaking and depressed voice, and he says "Please, I want you to stay in this Reality with me. I don't want you to abandon me, Clementine. I love you... And every second we've spent with each other, I... Whether it's 2 minutes, or an entire day, or a whole week... I've treasured it and tried to make the most of it." and then he puts a hand on Clementine's chest and holds the Hero Coalition Dog Tags, asking "Is... This, really what you want? To go across The Multiverse, serving the Coalition until the day you die? Going through years of suffering, not seeing the people you love? And for what..? So the Villain Armada can hold 1 less Reality in its grasp? What will that do to help the Multiverse?" and Clementine, who is now holding back tears, answers "The Multiverse is infinite, Kyle. No matter how many Realities we liberate, the Armada and Coalition will be constantly be locked in an Infinite War. It doesn't matter if we have 3 billion Heroes, or 4 billion, even more than that... The War will still carry on. But we owe it to those who have died, who fought for home and Reality, the Freedom of all of us: To make the Multiverse a better place, one Reality after another." and then she holds Kyle's hand on the Dog Tags. However, Clementine moves Kyle's hand away and then rips the Dog Tags off her neck, then says "But I care about you more than I care about the fucking Multiverse..." and then she drops the Dog Tags into the water, choosing Kyle over The Hero Coalition. After renouncing the Hero Coalition, Clementine wraps her arms around Kyle and says "Come here." as she kisses him on the lips, and then pulls away after several seconds and says "So, um... I guess that's the end of it, then. The Coalition can fight its own War, it doesn't need us anymore." and then she starts walking out of the Flooded Basement, and then Kyle wipes his tears away and follows her.

The game then switches to a few hours later as Kyle and Clementine are seen sitting inside a Supply Truck on a Parking Lot Rooftop, as it rains heavily outside. Kyle then gets closer to Clementine and leans on her, asking "So... What were you up to while I was away?" and Clementine responds "That's for me to know, and you to stop asking about. I'm kidding, anyway, uh... Search and Destroy Missions, mostly, but me and my Squad also picked up a few Human Prisoners along the way. Just like how I met you in that Skynet Prison Camp. You remember that, right?" and Kyle laughs, saying "Yeah, as if it was yesterday. You were angrier than you are now, y'know." and then Clementine says "Let's just say I, uh... Had a real traumatic childhood. Sorry if I hurt your feelings, back when we first met, because... Well, I pretty much just told you." and then she kisses Kyle on the forehead. However, she then sees a Laser Sight on Kyle's chest, and shouts "Kyle, get down!!" as she shoves him under the window, which is then shot several times by Bullets from a XRS-10 Semi-Auto Sniper, and then she asks Kyle "You alright?" and Kyle nods in response, and then Clementine hears John Connor on her Commlink, saying "Ah, Clementine. It's a pity that it had to come to this! Now you and your boyfriend, fucking get up!" and then she and Kyle sit up and put their hands up in surrender, and John tells them "Now listen up: My Sniper here has an XRO-10 aimed at Kyle's chest, a 50 Cal. Bullet. That hits him, you're gonna be cleaning his body... From his blood!" and Clementine furiously tells him "If you even think about hurting Kyle, I'll fucking murder you, Connor! You hear me?!" and then John tells them "Get out, of the fucking Truck!" and then Clementine and Kyle cooperate, seeing Dashiell 'Dash' Parr aiming an XRO-10 Sniper, along with Jackson Pearce and John Connor walking up to the two Former Heroes and aiming their Assault Rifles.

Clemetine and Kyle are then forced to their knees as John, Dash and Jacks all surrpundng them and holding them gunpoint. John then starts brandish his Combat Knife, saying "Do you have any idea what kind of wheels you've just set in motion, Clementine? With your betrayal of the Hero Coalition, you have created a new Reality where-" and Clementine tells him "This is stupid, John! All Kyle and I want is to leave the Coalition to end the War!" and John laughs, saying "Oh, of course this is about Kyle! You see Clementine, ever since you met Kyle on Earth-135, you've lost perspective on your life Mission. You swore to protect the Multiverse, and now you are breaking the promise! Nobody leaves the Hero Coalition, or renounces it, and lives!" and Kyle sarcastically says "The Armada sure sounds like a good alternative right now!" but then John grabs Kyle by the neck. Clementine then shouts "No, don't hurt him!" but then Dash hits her with his Sheiva-SSW Rifle, saying "Say another word, even fucking move, I'll end him right now!" and then John looks at Kyle and says "You know, I always thought that every Reality we ever fought on was leading up to this very moment. Now, Clem, here's our deal: Listen to me, or Kyle dies!" as Kyle looks at Clementine, saying "Clem, don't!" but then John punches Kyle in the face, knocking him to the ground as Clementine yells "Wait, wait!!" and then she looks up at John and says "I... I'll do whatever you say. Any Mission, any Assassination. Just leave Kyle alone." and then John drops Kyle to the ground, and says "Find and kill the Skynet AI. If you refuse, the boy dies!" and Kyle looks around seeing a discarded Plasma Sword wedged in the floor of the Parking Lot, and he starts crawling towards it unnoticed. John then tells Clementine "You will return to us and pledge your allegiance to The Hero Coalition. If you resist, he dies! And once we have found the Reality they're hiding on, you'll hunt down and execute the Armada Leaders: If you fail, Kyle dies!!" but then a Plasma Sword is heard igniting, and then Kyle swings it at John. However, Jacks manages to anticipate the Attack, shooting Kyle in the stomach with an XRS-15 Plasma Shotgun, and then John kicks Kyle several feet back, and then Kyle smashes into a Car. After seeing this, Clementine says "No!! Oh, God, no..." and she hears her own voice inside her head, saying "They've killed him! Destroy them all!" and various Voices saying "Destroy", "Give into hatred", and one voice that says "Give yourself to The Villain Armada!" as Clementine screams loudly in anguish and rage.

As Clementine's screams echo across the rainy City, a massive bolt of Lightning appears from the ensuing Monsoon, and then hits Clementine as her entire body is engulfed with Multiversal Energy mixed with the Lightning, causing a massive explosion that drills through the Floor. Clementine then screams in rage as her new Telekinetic Powers (awakened and powered by rage) cause her to shock pick up the Plasma Sword, cutting a massive hole in Dash's chest as the young Hero (or Fallen Hero) screams in pain. Jacks then tries to shoot Clementine, but the enraged girl uses a Telekinetic Grip to grab Jacks by the neck and crush him, snapping his neck and killing him as she lunges at John, who engages his own Plasma Sword and fights Clementine in the monsoon of rain in a vicious Plasma Sword duel. Clementine then starts striking John several times with speed and ferocity, hitting John several times with the Plasma Sword and hammering his defense with multiple Lightning Strikes (which cause the Plasma Sword to emit Lightning). After regaining his footing and being slammed into Lightning Bolts emitting from the Plasma Sword, John gets Clementine into a Blade Lock, with the enraged girl screaming "I'll kill you!!!" and then John tells her "Rise above this, Kyle means nothing!" and then Clementine responds by bellowing "I will kill you!!" and then John says "His death gives you strength! Embrace it." and then Clementine blasts John back using a Telekinetic Blast, and then gathers her Multiversal Energy to summon a huge Telekinetic Wave, which blasts John as he is struck by Lightning and shocked several times, before standing weakly in the middle of the heavy rain.

Clementine then rushes towards John and locks Blades with him again, and the Fallen Hero tells her "Kyle was born into a harsh, destroyed World! He would have never loved you, Clementine." and then Clementine screams "You will die where you stand!!" as John knocks the Plasma Sword out of her hand, and then blasts her back using his own Telekinesis. John then throws his Plasma Sword at Clementine, but the girl jumps into mid-air and grabs the Sword, throwing it back at John. Not anticipating the Attack, John's arm gets hit by the Plasma Sword and is amputated as the Fallen Hero screams in pain and then Clementine uses her Telekinesis to cause a Lightning Bolt to blast out of the Sky, catching it with her hand as she uses her other arm to blast Lightning at John using Electrokinesis. As John screams in pain and Clementine's body is completely enveloped by Electrokinetic Lightning, the latter walks towards John and keeps blasting him with a Maelstorm, a powerful Lightning Strike. Clementine then stops as John falls to the ground, defeated and in pain as Clementine grabs a Plasma Sword and holds it to John's neck, saying "You've taken everything from me!!" and John weakly says "Your feelings for Kyle... Are not real!" and Clementine says "They were real to me..!" and then Dash runs over to her, clutching his chest and yelling "Clementine, stop! Please, you can't kill him. If he dies, then the Hero Coalition dies with him!" and Clementine rage-fully screams at him, saying "Why the fuck should I care anymore?! He took... He killed the only boy I've ever loved. The Coalition is dead to me now, this Reality deserves to be destroyed!!" as she holds the Plasma Sword to John's neck, preparing to brutally murder him and destroy The Hero Coalition in revenge for Kyle's death. Dash then says "Listen, what I just saw is the signs of a Villainess! With that much Power, you will turn towards The Villain Armada and destroy us all!" and Clementine says "You're half right... With all this Power coursing through me, I can destroy both the Coalition and Armada!" and Dash explains "Listen, I'll make a deal with you: I know there's still good in you, and it's not too late to renounce this! Let John live, and we'll let you leave the Coalition... John will face a Court Martial and be put in Maximum Security for the rest of his life! Please, Clem... If you kill him, you'll become a Villainess and I'll have no choice but to strike you down!" and John begs for mercy, saying "He's right, please!! Just show some mercy for your fellow Hero..!" and then Clementine glares at him in anger disengages her Plasma Sword.

Clementine then starts to walk away from Dash and John, but then she hears a whisper in her ear saying "Do it... Kill him for what he did to Kyle!" and then Clementine screams in rage, lunging back around and igniting her Plasma Sword, causing the Sword to go through John's head as Dash looks in shock, and then John falls to the ground dead as Dash screams "You traitor!!!" as he ignites his own green Plasma Sword and lunges at Clementine, who blocks the Attack. Dash then looks at Clementine in shock, saying "You... You're turning into one of those... Villains!" as Clementine blocks two more of his Plasma Sword swings, then says "Kyle was my world... Now I'll take your life for killing him!" as she knocks Dash's Plasma Sword to the side and cuts his stomach again, before using a Telekinetic Grip to smash the boy into a nearby Car, and then finishing him off with a Telekinetic Blast that blasts Dash off the Parking Lot Roof and into the rainy Monsoon. Clementine then looks at her entire body in shocking, seeing that it is coursing with Dark Energy and her skin is deathly pale, and her eyes are glowing completely yellow, and then she walks over to Kyle, before crying due to what has just happened. However, she hears Kyle's heartbeat due to her Super-Hearing (another Power awoken by her Villainess Form) and then Kyle regains consciousness, asking "Clem, what... What happened?" and then she sees John lying on the ground, dead as Kyle hugs Clementine and says "I saw you, fighting him with that Plasma Sword, and the Lightning. Then when you started shocking him, I passed out. What did you..?" and then Clementine picks him up and carries him, saying "Don't worry, Kyle. I'm leaving the Hero Coalition behind..." as she starts walking away, and she sees Jacks' dead body lying on the ground in the rain as she looks at him sadly, but then walks away with Kyle.

The game then switches to several hours later as Clementine and Kyle are seen inside an Abandoned Motel near the Chicago Outskirts, with Clementine (now possessing her Regular Form, appearance from The Walking Dead: Season 2) patching up the gunshot wound to Kyle's stomach. Kyle then looks at Clementine in concern, asking "Clem... What are we gonna do, now that the Coalition is hunting us?" and Clementine finishes bandaging Kyle's wounds, saying "I'm going to Washington DC, where the Coalition Headquarters is located. Y'know the Department of Justice, right?" and Kyle nods in response, saying "Yeah, that big Building next to the White House. That is the Coalition Main Base, right?" and Clementne stands up and picks up 2 Plasma Swords from a nearby table, walking towards the Door and saying "You should stay here and rest, Kyle. I'm going to Washington, to show the Hero Coalition what defeat really means!" as Kyle stands up and runs over to her, kissing her on the lips and saying "Are you absolutely sure about this? If you go to Washington and do what you're about to pull off... What happens to us?" and Clementine puts her hands on his shoulders, saying "Once I've destroyed the Hero Coalition, I'm going to the Armada Central Base in Metroville. I'll deal with the Villain Lords as well, and then... You and I will rule this Reality together, and all of Humanity will kneel before us both!" as she starts to walk away, and Kyle grabs her hand and says "You're going to DC alone? You can't, Clem, you'll be ripped apart!" and Clementine tells him "Don't worry, Kyle... I'll have backup there. The remaining Terminator Army!" as she kisses Kyle on the lips. Clementine then runs her hand through Kyle's hair, saying "Remember when Skynet's Carrier Ship crashed in the Battle of Earth-4000? Skynet survived that Crash, and now The Villain Armada has him, hospitalized inside the Armada Central. There's also 30,000 Terminators left in the Armada Central Base, so I'll go there and... Ask Skynet, to 'borrow' his Terminators. Don't worry, Kyle, this War will be over soon... And neither side will win, only we will! And then you and I, we can rule this Reality together with an Armada of our own!" as she uses Teleportation to disappear, heading to the Armada Central Base in Metroville to negotiate a collaboration with the Villain Armada.

A few hours later, Clementine is seen sneaking around the Armada Central Base in the destroyed City of Meteroville, avoiding several Armada Troops who are patrolling the area, and then she reminds herself "No casualties, remember that... Come on, Everett!" as she nervously takes out a Grappling Hook and grapples up to the Top Floor, before opening the Entry Door to the War Room. When inside the War Room, Clementine walks past Ozone, Scarecrow and several other Villain Lords using her Multiversal Vapour, which turns her invisible in a cloud of smoke. Making her way to the Medical Bay, Clementine is stopped by 2 Guards after uncloaking, and then uses a Telekinetic Grip to choke the Guards to death and open the Door to the Medical Bay, entering a Personal Ward and seeing a crippled and burnt Skynet lying in a Bed attached to several IV Machines, with no legs and only his right arm remaining alongside a burnt torso and half his face burnt off. Skynet then slowly looks over to Clementine and sighs, saying "This is not the way I imagined I would die. Lying here, a crippled Villain whose dreams have been destroyed time and time again... And dying by the hands, of the Hero Knight who stopped me twice!" and Clementine says "I'm not here to kill you, Quantum. I'm here to make a proposition to you!" and Skynet groans in annoyance, asking "What do you want, Clementine..?" and then Clementine transforms into her Villainess Form, with her skin turning completely pale all over her body, her hair growing down to her shoulder and her eyes glowing yellow. Skynet then looks at Clementine in shock, and then laughs as he says "I knew this would happen, sooner or later. I just can't believe I'm really alive to see the Fall of the Hero Coalition!" and Clementine tells him "They betrayed me, Quantum... Jacks even sided with them." and Skynet (who was formerly a Villain, Quantum, killed by Clementine and Jacks on Earth-650) almost loses consciousness, but then hangs on for a few seconds to say "So, the Son of Ozone is dead? At last... Now, the remaining Terminators are in the Docking Bay. I'll give you 30,000 of them to destroy the Coalition Main Base!" as Clementine nods, saying "Done. Tonight, the Coalition will fall!" as she walks out of the Medical Bay, and Skynet grabs a Base Commlink and broadcasts a message across the Armada Central: "All Units, this is Skynet: Clementine Everett has joined us. Intiaiate Operation... Knightfall!" as he falls into unconsciousness, but then blood starts pouring out of his chest as the IV Machine starts Flatlining, and a Plasma Knife is seen lodged in Skynet's chest.

The game then switches to various Cities across the United States of America, such as Chicago, Metroville and San Francisco as it shows the Forces of both The Hero Coalition and The Villain Armada fighting each other in intense Large-scale Battles, with hundreds of Soldiers dying, Aircraft falling from the Skylines and Tanks being destroyed as several Hero Knights push through the Armada Forces alongside dozens of Coalition Soldiers. In Chicago, Aiden Pearce starts gunning down several Armada Troops and dodges explosions as he shouts "Come on!!" to his Coalition Elite Marines, who start running forward. However, Clementine is then heard on the Coalition Comms, saying "All Units, this is Knight 2-7: Activate Operation: Knightfall!" as the Coalition Marines stop in their tracks and aim their Assault Rifles at Aiden, who turns around in shock as the Soldiers fire at him. As Aiden fires back, managing to kill at least 3 Coalition Soldiers (now subservient to Clementine), he is shot several times and falls to the ground dead, alongside other Hero Knights such as John 'Soap' MacTavish and Simon 'Ghost' Riley are gunned down by Coalition Soldiers, and the Forces of The Villain Armada cease fighting as Clementine taps into their Communications andn says "Operation: Knightfall is in effect! All Armada Forces, cease fire!" as the Coalition Soldiers kill even more Heroes. In the City of Metroville, Mr. Incredible is seen shredding through Armada Forces with Lightmachines Guns, Rocket Launchers and even with his bare hands as he rips apart Armada Troops, XS1 Goliath MECHs and even Walker Tanks as Coalition Soldiers join him in the massive Assault. However, the Squad Leader hears Clementine on the Communications System, saying "Operation: Knightfall is in effect!" as the Leader responds "It will be done, Empress!" as he sees Mr. Incredible destroying a Walker Tank, then orders "Blast him!" as an ASP1230-C Quad Tank fires its Plasma Cannons at Mr. Incredible, blasting the Hero Knight in a huge explosion as a nearby Building is caught in the explosion, causing the Building to topple and fall on Mr. Incredible in another massive explosion, killing him.

Meanwhile, in the Coalition Main Headquarters in Washington DC (which is now engulfed in flames with several collapsing Guard Towers), Clementine is seen cutting down dozens of Heroes using her Plasma Sword and also decimating them with her Villainess Powers (Telekinesis, Electrokinesis etc.) as she charges through the Coalition Main HQ, and blasts the Steel Doors open as she walks into the Main Base Complex as she shouts "Terminators, destroy all Heroes!" as she sees hundreds of Hero Knights (most of them are Call of Duty Characters) as she laughs maniacally, and then uses an Electrokinetic Maelstorm to kill several of them as they surround her after gunning down the T-700 Terminators, and Clementine quickly starts cutting them all down and screaming in rage as she mixes her Telekinesis with her Plasma Sword strikes, and dozens of T-700 Terminators are seen across the Main Base Complex, gunning down dozens of Heroes as the Coalition Main Base burns in flames, thus completing the Great Purge of Heroes. On the Helipad of the Coalition Base, Captain Price arrives in a UH-60 Blackhawk and walks up to a Squadron of Coalition Soldiers, asking "What the hell's going on here?!" as the Squad Leader responds "There's been a huge Attack, Sir. Don't worry, the situation is under control!" as he aims his CE-120 Assault Rifle at Price, saying "I'm sorry, Sir, but it's time for you to leave!" and Price looks at the Soldier and hesistates, but then gives up and responds "And so it is..." as he starts to walk away, but then a Plasma Sword is heard activating and then Tyler Green (a new, 11-year-old Hero Knight appearing in several recent War Of Heroes Games) jumps over the Coalition Soldiers and begins cutting them down, blocking Rifle fire as Price picks up an MP5 Submachine Gun and gets onboard the Blackhawk Chopper, gunning down several Coalition Soldiers as he shouts "Hendricks, get outta here now!!" as Jacob Hendricks (a main Protagonist in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3) says "Copy that. Tyler, get on the Chopper!" as Tyler jumps on to the Helicopter which then takes off as the Coalition Soldiers cease fire.

The game then switches to several hours later as it shows a large, Abandoned Military Outpost in the Chicago Outskirts as Nicole Pearce is seen inside the Outpost, opening the Entrance as Price, Tyler and Hendricks are seen outside, and Nicole asks "Guys? What the fuck happened?! I heard there was a few major Battles going on across America!" and then the remaining Hero Knights enter the Military Outpost. A few minutes later, Tyler is seen in front of Price, Hendricks and Nicole as he looks at them in sadness, saying "It was... They came out t of nowhere, and all the Soldiers started attacking us. I saw hundreds of Terminators attacking the Coalition Base, and hundreds of Heroes died. I managed to fight off dozens of Soldiers and T-700s, but then I... I saw her." and Nicole calmly asks him "Who was it, honey? Who attacked the Coalition Base?" and Tyler starts crying, and he says "It was... Clementine. She had terrifying pale skin, and her eyes were glowing yellow. Her hair was a lot longer than usual, and she was cutting all of them down. Ghost, Chemo, Rocket, Soap... All of them, all of Price and Hendricks' friends, and Clementine slaughtered them all." as he starts sobbing. Nicole then stands up and runs her hand through Tyler's hair, saying "It's gonna be alright, Tyler... Stay here, I'll be right back, okay?" as she exits the Room with Price and Hendricks. Shedding a few tears, she asks "W-what about Aiden? Jacks..? Is my son okay?" and then Hendricks tells her "Nicky, I'm... I'm so sorry." and then Nicole sobs after hearing that her entire family was killed, and then Hendricks comforts her and tells Price "We have to find Clementine, and put an end to her plan once and for all!" and Price says "The Coalition was destroyed, and now she's going to Metroville to deal with The Villain Armada! She's going to kill the Villain Lords." and Hendricks asks him "Why, what does she gain from this?" and Price says "She'll rule the World! If both Factions are under her control, she'll kill off the remaining Leadership and she and Kyle... Will rule this Reality together as Empress and Emperor!" and Nicole says "I want you 2 to kill Clementine for all she's done! I'll stay here, and hide Tyler from Clementine and her Grand Army!" as the remaining Hero Knights agree on their next Mission: to stop Clementine and Kyle whatever the cost!

Act IV: Final Battle in Metroville Edit

After the remaining Hero Knights devise their plan, the game switches to Clementine (now in her Regular Form again) as she sits inside the destroyed Meeting Room of the shattered Coalition High Council (who were also killed during the Great Purge) and then she hears a voice in her head saying "You do know, don't you? If any Heroes remain, all chances of you and Kyle ruling Earth together will be lost!" as she looks around at the dead corpses of several Council Members such as Chemo, Rocket, Mrs. Incredible and Frozone (Chemo and Rocket being characters from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) as she walks over to the Balcony and looks at the burning Coalition Headquarters. In the Abandoned Motel near the Chicago Outskirts, Kyle senses Clementine and then walks over to a window, looking at the nearby City Ruins as his eyes start glowing yellow. As both Kyle and Clementine look at each other from halfway across the United States (in a sort of Telepathic way), Kyle's skin starts turning completely pale. Clementine then senses Kyle transforming into his Villain Form, and tears start flowing down her face, but then she also starts turning into a Villainess as she walks away and heads for a Razorback VTOL docked on the Headquarters' Rooftops. The game then switches to a couple hours later as Clementine lands the Razorback VTOL on top of Armada Central Base, before walking into the Hall of Villains (a Meeting/Strategy Room for the Armada Command) as Ozone, Scarecrow, Carver and several other Villain Knights are seen, and Ozone says "Ah, Clementine... We've received word that the Hero Coalition is retreating from this Reality. Our thanks to you for seeing truth and helping us destroy all the Heroes!" and Clementine simply glares at him menacingly, saying "I have a message for all of you, from me and Kyle..." and Carver asks "Oh? And what message is that?" and Clementine answers "This..." as she uses her Telekinetic Grip to lock all of the Exit Doors to the Strategic Room, and then ignites her Plasma Sword as several Armada Troops aim their Plasma Rifles at her, and every Villain (Ozone, Scarecrow, Carver and even Supreme Leader Snoke) back up slightly in fear.

The game then switches to the Abandoned Motel, Price is seen inside with Kyle, asking "When was the last time you saw her?" and Kyle answers "This morning. I know why you're looking for her, Price." and then Price tells him "Kyle, we must find her. She's in very grave danger." and then Kyle asks "From the Armada?" as he sits down next to Price, who sighs and responds "From herself. Kyle... Clementine has turned into a Villainess!" and Kyle looks at him in shock, responding with "No, she's not a Villainess! How could you even..? Everything that she does is to protect me-" but then Price says "No, Kyle. She's doing this to gain revenge on the Coalition, and now she's working for The Villain Armada. We must find her!" and Kyle turns to him and looks in shock, asking "You're gonna kill her, aren't you?" and Price tells him "She's become too powerful for her own good, and the good of this Reality. Ever since she met you, her devotion to The Hero Coalition spiraled out of control, because of her love towards you. John Connor and his Team awoke something inside Clementine, when they tried to hurt you." and Kyle starts tearing up, and then tells him "No, the Coalition is in the wrong here! All Clementine wanted was to leave, but you and your damn Hero Knights wouldn't allow that!!" as he punches Price in the face and knocks him back with another punch. Kyle then drops to his knees and starts crying, and then Price asks him "Clementine is at Armada Central, isn't she?" and Kyle looks at him with tears streaming down his face, and Price says "I'm so sorry it came to this, Reese..." as he walks away and heads for his VTOL Warship. Meanwhile, at the Armada Central Base, Clementine is seen out on the Balcony looking at the destroyed City of Metroville in front of her, and the game shows the dead and mangled corpses of Ozone, Scarecrow, William Carver and Supreme Leader Snoke lying inside the Hall of Villains, alongside dozens of dead Armada Troops. Clementine then looks at the City Skyline and sees a VTOL Warship incoming, and then tears fall down her face as she knows what she must do next: Kill Price and Hendricks!

Walking out towards the Docking Bay, Clementine sees Price and Hendricks walk off the VTOL and then she says "Jonathan Price and Jacob Hendricks? The last of the Hero Knights!" as Price tells her "Enough of this, Clementine! Your reign of evil ends now." and Clementine laughs maniacally, saying "Oh, you stupid old man. My reign has only just begun!" and Hendricks walks forward, saying "We're here to make sure that never happens! You've allowed your love for Kyle to turn you into a Villainess, and you've destroyed everything we've fought for!" and Clementine looks at them in rage, telling them "You're trying to turn Kyle against me!" and Price tells her "You've done that yourself!" but Clementine starts to prepare for their fight, pacing back and forth and brandishing her Plasma Sword as she yells "You will not take him from me!!" and Hendricks says "Your rage, and these Multiversal Powers have already done that, Clementine! You've allowed your feelings for Kyle to cloud your judgement, until now... Until now you've become the very thing that you swore to destroy!" and Clementine says "Don't lecture me, Hendricks. I've seen through the lies this Multiverse War brings... I do not fear my Power as you do!" as she turns away from the two and looks at the Metroville Ruins, saying "I've brought peace, Freedom, Justice and security to my new Armada!" and Price asks "Your new Armada?!" as they hear the sound of Multiverse Energy, and then a young boy lands next to Clementine and looks like her: Deathly pale skin, yellow eyes and Raven black hair. Seeing who the boy is, Price and Hendricks activate their Plasma Swords as the boy and Clementine activate theirs (which are both Red-Crystal Swords) and Hendricks asks "Kyle... What did you do?" as Kyle (now in his Villain Form) answers "What you made me do... I won't let you hurt Clementine!" as Clementine says "Aw, babe, you shouldn't have! Ready to kill the Last Hero Knights?" and Kyle answers "Hell fucking yes!" as Clementine lunges at Price and starts attacking him ferociously, causing the old Hero Knight to back up into the Base Hangar as Clementine pushes him through a Hallway with Telekinesis, while Kyle engages Hendricks on the Docking Bay next to a VTOL Warship.

Hendricks Boss Fight (Kyle) Edit

While Clementine engages Price inside the Armada Central Base, Kyle and Hendricks engage in an intense and fast-paced Plasma Sword duel, with Hendricks going on the defensive and using his Martial Cyber Core (a feature in Black Ops 3) to dodge Kyle's deadly attacks, and the latter starts using Telekinetic Pushes and blasting Electrokinetic Lightning from his hands to subdue Hendricks, and the intense fight lingers on as Hendricks uses his Kinetic Armor to absorb the Lightning. Kyle then charges at Hendricks quickly and locks Blades with him, and then Kyle pushes Hendricks back and starts swinging at him with the Plasma Sword, but Hendricks dodges all the attacks impressively and grabs Kyle with his Cybernetic Arm. However, Kyle responds by blasting Hendricks back with a Telekinetic Push, knocking the Hero Knight back several feet. Hendricks then gets up and uses his Magnetic Grips to pull a huge ASP-1239 Walker Tank up to mid-air, throwing it at Kyle, but the Fallen Hero responds by simply holding the giant Tank with his bare hands and throwing it back at Hendricks, who uses a Magnetic Grip to stop it just in time. However, Kyle then uses a Telekinetic Repulse to blast Hendricks back again and hold the Walker Tank in mid-air using a Telekinetic Grip. Seeing an opportunity, Kyle throws the Walker Tank down on to Hendricks, causing an explosion that critically wounds and mauls apart the Cyborg Hero, and then Kyle lifts the Walker Tank off of Hendricks and jumps behind him. Hendricks then starts to stand up, with a dented Cybernetic Body and scarred, bloody face, and he and Kyle both ignite their Plasma Swords and Attack again, with Kyle brutally knocking down Hendricks' defense with a barrage of Plasma Sword combos, and then Hendricks falls to his knees as Kyle levitates him into mid-air, grabs him through the air and uses a Telekinetic Blast to send Hendricks flying, smashing through the walls of Armada Central and into the Docking Bay in a huge explosion, while Clementine and Price are seen dueling ferociously on the nearby Balcony near the Hall of Villains.

Price Boss Fight (Clementine) Edit

The game then switches to Clementine's point of view as she fights Price in the Hall of Villains, dodging and blocking several fast Plasma Sword strikes as she gets into a Blade Lock with Price, before knocking him back and blasting him back with a Telekinetic Push. Clementine then jumps at Price and attempting to stab him with a Plasma Sword, but Price dodges the Attack and causes Clementine to stab into a Base Control Computer, causing the Armada Central to go offline and start a Self-Destruct Sequence as the Base Tower explodes, and topples as the Countdown begins. Clementine and Price then continue their duel, using fast-paced attacks alongside combos, flips and kicks as they are prompted out to the Base Tower, which starts crumbling and exploding due to the Self-Destruction. Price then tries to attack Clementine again, but Clementine blocks both strikes and the two get into a Blade Lock as an explosion triggers nearby, destabilizing the Platform and launching several VTOL Warships all over the place. Both combatants then see that the Base Tower is falling, and then Price dodges several of Clementine's attacks as the Platform starts to tip, and then the two combatants jump down to the Metroville Bank Tower and fight again in an increasingly intensified duel. Price then sees the Platform as the Base Tower (now detached from Armada Central) smashes into the Bank Tower, causing the roof to start collapsing as he and Clementine lock Blades again, and Price says "I have failed you, Clementine... I have failed you!" as Clementine, exhausted from the fight like her opponent, says "I should've known the Coalition would betray me and Kyle!" and Price tries to tell her "Clementine, John and his Squadron went rogue! The Coalition didn't know they were even after you!" and Clementine angrily starts pushing Price back, ferociously and quickly swinging her Plasma Sword in rage as she locks Blades again after barely blocking Price's attack, saying "You covering for your fellow Heroes, Price?! Defiant to the end..!" as Price looks at her in shock, and then the Rooftop of the destroyed Metroville Bank Tower starts collapsing as the two keep fighting, but then Price leaps back after dodging one of Clementine's Plasma Sword attacks, and then lands on the unscathed half of the Rooftop.

However, Clementine quickly leaps up towards him, locking Blades with him in mid-air and throwing his Plasma Sword out of his hand, and after dispatching Price of his Weapon, Clementine lands behind the old and last remaining Hero Knight, and then stabs him in the back. After the Plasma Sword blasts through Price's torso and out his chest, Clementine deactivates the Plasma Sword as Price falls to the ground next to her and is now barely hanging on to life, and Clementine says "You underestimated me, Price. Now you'll die for it!" as she starts to walk away, but then Price reaches out to her and weakly says "You were a Hero Knight! The entire Coalition said you would destroy the Armada, not join it..! Bring Peace and Freedom to The Multiverse, not leave it in darkness!!" and then Clementine turns to him, saying "The Coalition betrayed me, Price... I did what I had to to protect Kyle..!" and Price starts to get up slightly, saying "You and Kyle couldn't stop at John, couldn't you? You had to kill every single Hero?! Why..?" and Clementine puts her foot on Price's back, knocking him down and saying "Because nobody else would!" as she kicks Price off of the Rooftop, and the old Hero Knight falls into the Streets of the destroyed City below. Seeing that every single Hero Knight is now dead and that Earth-8000 is hers to rule over, Clementine uses her Levitation to get back to the Armada Central Base, and she enters the Docking Bay as she sees Hendricks crawling up to her with his left Cybernetic Arm ripped off, and the Cyborg Legs crippled as Kyle paces around him, shocking the Hero Knight with Electrokinesis. Clementine then walks up to Kyle and wraps her arms around him, laughing evilly and saying "Price is dead, Kyle... Now there's nobody left to oppose us, and this Reality is ours to rule over now. Humanity will kneel before us, and we will be the Empress and Emperor of this Reality." and Kyle looks at Hendricks, asking "What about Hendricks? What will happen to this... Powerless clown?" and Clementine looks at Hendricks, who is now crippled and mangled, saying "Go to the VTOL, but him in a Medical Capsule. We still have some small use for him!" and then the screen turns to black.

Epilogue: Birth of Arco Ren/New Empire Edit

The game then switches to several hours later as Mechanical Breathing is heard, and the game shows Hendricks as he lies flat on an Operating Table, before clenching his fist and seeing himself encased in a Suit of Cybernetic Armor, and that he has Blade Nails on his fingers, alongside the Arms of a T-700 Terminator with his now-pale skin grafted on to the Skeleton as Kyle and Clementine stand in front of him, with the latter saying "Welcome back to the waking World, Hendricks! Or should we now call you... Arco Ren?" as Hendricks (now looking like the Sith Stalker from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed) looks a the two from his Cybernetic Helmet and asks "What have you done to me?" in a Cyborg Voice emitted by the Helmet, and Kyle answers his "Yiu had some promise as one of the Heroes, Ren... You could have been a great one, perhaps one of mine and Clementine's Disciples, but now... We only some very small use for you. There are still Heroes in this Reality to find and destroy, you will serve me and Clementine until all remaining Heroes are destroyed, and then, like the Villain Armada... You will be cast aside!" as Clementine orders the Medics, saying "Finish him." and then the Medical Cyborgs start completing Hendricks' Suit (which is Cybernetic and painfully grafted to his crippled body), and Hendricks (now under the Villain name of Arco Ren) screams in agony as his Cybernetic Suit is completed, seeing Kyle and Clementine walking away through his Visor. In the final scene of the game, Arco is seen walking through the Hallways of the Capitol Ship (Kyle and Clementine's massive Flagship, and head of the New Fleet) as several Grand Army Soldiers accompany him, and he opens an Automatic Door and sees Kyle and Clementine, now the Emperor and Empress of Earth-8000, as they sit on their Thrones and look out of their Flagship towards Earth-8000 as their new Army, the Grand Army of Earth-8000, converges on Earth-8000 as Kyle and Clementine both look at Arco as he kneels before them in subservience, alongside hundreds of other Grand Army Soldiers.

After the Credits are finished, the game shows Nicole inside the Abandoned Military Outpost in the middle of the Chicago Outskirts and out of the reach of the Grand Army of Earth-8000 which has now taken over Earth-8000 and began The War of The Multiverse (this scene takes place around 1 month after the Final Duel in Metroville). As Nicole loads several Weapons and switches in the Outpost Defense System which includes Heavy Turrets, Miniguns and an Electric Fence as she sits down and starts tearing up due to the fact that her twin sons Jackson Pearce and James Pearce along with their older sister Cora Pearce were killed by Clementine and Kyle, but she is taken out of her thoughts after hearing Tyler screaming in terror and fear as she runs over to the Crews Quarters and opens the Door to Tyler's Personal Quarters, and then Nicole sees her adopted son looking in shock while sweating and crying. Tyler then looks at Nicole and says "Oh God, Nicky... They're dead. Price and Hendricks failed, and now Kyle and Clementine are destroying The Hero Coalition and The Villain Armada!" as Nicole comforts him by hugging him and running her hand through the young boy's blonde hair, and then Tyler lays his head on Nicole's chest as the woman says "It's alright, sweetheart... Soon, we will make all of this right and rekindle the Hero Coalition to rise up against these Hero Knights. But for now, you and I are gonna be alone in this Outpost!" as the screen turns to black and the game ends.

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