Terminator Genisys
Genisys reboot poster
Official Teaser Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Genre First-Person Shooter
Release June 12th, 2020
Modes Campaign Mode
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: R18+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Reboots
Predecessor None (Chronologically)
Successor Terminator Genisys II
Terminator Genisys 2020 is a Crossover Reboot of the 2015 Movie of the same name. The game takes place during the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Reboots, in an Alternative Universe known as Earth-4000, where the Human Resistance is waging a Global War against an Artificial Intelligence known as 'Skynet', and its Terminator Legion. Players will learn the origins of Kyle Reese during the War Against the Machines, as Kyle attempts to destroy Skynet and the Terminators in an epic battle that will decide the fate of Humanity! The game is set for release in 2020 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Cast Edit

  • Bryant Prince as Kyle Reese
  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett
  • Jason Clarke as John Connor
  • Nicholas Bode as Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce
  • JK Simmons as O'Brien
  • Michael Gladis as Lt. Matias
  • 'Common' as Barnes
  • Sandrine Holt as Sgt. Jessica Eldran
  • Moon Bloodgood as Blair Williams
  • Rose McGowan as Angie Salters
  • Craig Fairbrass as Simon 'Ghost' Riley
  • Kevin McKidd as John 'Soap' MacTavish
  • Billy Murray as Cpt. Jonathan Price
  • Mark Grigsby as Sgt. Griggs
  • Brandon Routh as David 'Hesh' Walker
  • Scott Whyte as Logan Walker
  • Steven Lang as Elias Walker
  • Matt Smith as Skynet

Synopsis Edit

In a Reality known as Earth-4000, in 1997, a well-known Company in the United States of America, known as Cyberdyne Systems, begun development of a Computer Program designed for International Missile Defence... Skynet. As Humanity kept relying on their own Technology to keep them all safe, Skynet developed its own Hivemind and on August 19th, 1997, it hacked into every Nuclear Missile on Earth-4000, turning the Nukes against the Human Race and destroying every City on Earth-4000 in the process, and killing 3 billion people.

It is now the year 2014, a dark and desolate Dystopian Future where Earth-4000 lies in ruins. Taking over the entire Reality, Skynet has constructed elite, Human-killing Robots known as Terminators to hunt down and kill the remaining 4 billion Humans on Earth-4000, beginning the War Against the Machines. With the Human Resistance and Terminator Legion at War, a young Scavenger named Kyle Reese, forced to grow up in a World where he knows nothing but pain, death and fear, must now join the Resistance to free Earth-4000 in an epic battle to prelude the coming dawn: the War Against the Villain Armada!

Plot Edit

Opening: Nuclear Attack on Earth-4000 Edit

The game opens showing several shots of the California Countryside, as Kyle Reese's narration is heard over the scene, saying "Before they died, my parents told me what the World once was. What it was like long before I was born... Before the War Against the Machines." as it shows the Reality of Earth-4000 in 1997, as several people on a Beach are running around as Kyle says "They remembered a green World, vast and beautiful. Filled with laughter, and hope for the Future." as the game shows a over shot of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Kyle then says "And it was a World I never knew. By the time I was born, all this... Was gone." as it switches to a U.S. Military Base, and then several Nuclear Missiles are launched from the Silos.

As the Missiles fly through the Sky, Kyle narrates "Skynet. A Computer Program that was designed for Missile Defense. It was supposed to protect us, but that's not what happened." as the Nuclear Missiles are all seen from Low Earth Orbit, hitting the Planet and destroying every City on the Planet (and I really mean every City!). As thousands of Humans begin screaming in fear at the Nukes, Kyle narrates "On August 29th, 1997, Skynet woke up. It decided all Humanity was a threat to its existence..." as it shows the City of San Francisco, which is hit by a Nuclear Missile. The entire City is then destroyed, with every Skyscraper being wiped out by the Blast as Vehicles and even Military Choppers and Planes are blasted out of the Sky, and then another Nuke hits the San Francisco Bay Area, destroying the Golden Gate Bridge, the rubble of which forms the title: Terminator Genisys.

Prologue: Post-Judgement Day of Earth-4000 Edit

After the Opening, the game switches to the year 2014 (17 years after the Nuclear Attack) as several destroyed Cities are seen, and Kyle narrates "It used our own Bombs against us. 3 billion people died in the Nuclear Invasion, and the Survivors... Called it Judgement Day." as the game switches to a Skynet Prison Camp, where Humans are rounded up and then scanned by the Terminator Sentries, and Kyle says "People lived like rats in the shadows. Hiding, starving... Or worse, captured and put into Camps for Extermination!" as Humans are then gunned down by the Terminators.

The game then switches to the San Francisco Ruins as a Skynet-marked Prison Truck drives up to an Extermination Camp, and then the 11 year old Kyle Reese is seen in the back of the Truck, chained to the wall as he shouts "Hey, let me out! Let me the fuck out!" and then another Prisoner tells him "Keep your trap shut, kid! Listen, we need to keep our wits about us and stay alert!" and then several Prisoners look at him, saying "Be fucking realistic here, man! How are we going to get outta here?!" and then a T-700 walks in and aims a Plasma Rifle at the Human Prisoners, saying "Silence, Human scum! Every last one of you, off the Truck!" (Terminators actually can speak in this Reboot) and then the Truck opens as the Prisoners are taken off the Truck, and then a T-700 Sentry walks up to Kyle and scans the Identification Bar Code on his arm, saying "Prisoner #2198771: Proceed to the Cell Block for orderly Containment!" and then another Sentry nudges Kyle with a Plasma Rifle, and the boy complies, walking towards a Prisoner Scan Unit.

A few minutes later, Kyle is thrown inside his Cell and then a Prisoner tells him "You just got brought in? Welcome to Hell, kiddo." and then Kyle looks at the Prisonerand asks "Hell? I think everyone on Earth's already been!" and then he sits on the other side of the Cell. However, a few minutes later, he hears the Prisoners in the Cell Block chanting "Resist! Resist! Resist!" over and over again, and then the Prisoner with Kyle says "No, it can't be them." and Kyle asks "What is it?" and the Prisoner answers "The Human... Resistance. That's their calling card!" and then the Cell Block explodes as the Prisoners all charge out and start fighting the T-700 Sentries, shouting in resistance as the Sentries all gun several Prisoners down. However, a Resistance Helicopter then flies in and destroys the T-700s using a Minigun. The Prisoner and Kyle then sneak through the Corridors and then Kyle asks "Where are we going?" and the Prisoner responds "Armory. These Machines are bound to have some Plasma Weapons we can use. Can you shoot, kid?" and then Kyle nods in response, and the Prisoner says "Good. My name's David, by the way. David Walker, but... You can call me 'Hesh'." and then Kyle tells him "Nice to meet you, Hesh. I'm Kyle." and then a T-700 bursts through the wall, and Hesh tackles it through a wall and then Kyle grabs a Steel Slab and smashes the Sentry's head in, killing it.

Hesh then bursts through the Armory Doors and grabs an M18A7 Plasma Rifle and then tosses Kyle and MP15L Plasma SMG, saying "That's light enough for your size, Kyle. It's an Overheater, so you won't have to reload." and then Kyle sees several T-700s burst through the Door and guns them all down, and Hesh tells him "You're a natural, kid! Now let's get out of this hellhole!" as they run outside to see dozens of dead Terminators, and hundreds of Prisoners and Resistance Soldiers charging forward, destroying Turrets and Spider Tanks as Kyle and Hesh join in, with Kyle delivering the finishing blast to an APC-18X Tank, and the Prisoners all blast the Laser Gates open and escape the Prison. As Kyle is about to run out of the Prison, he stops and looks left to see a girl wearing a cap standing there, holding a dead Terminator's Skull and an LR-X11 Plasma Sniper. The girl then runs off towards the West Gate as Kyle looks at her, and Hesh asks "Kyle, you coming or what?" and Kyle answers "I'll catch up with you in a second, Hesh. Go with the others!" as he runs after the girl he saw.

In the San Francisco Outskirts, Kyle walks through the Woods and sees the girl talking to someone on her Comms Device, saying "Yes, all the Prisoners were secured. Some casualties, but nothing major. Hang on, Sir... Feels like something's up... Like I'm being-" and then she turns around and aims her LR-X11 and fires, and Kyle dives into cover and the girl says "-Watched." and then she aims her Sniper at Kyle's piece of cover, firing and saying "Unless you want a bullet between your eyes, come out now!" and Kyle does as he is told, putting his hands up and saying "Hey, look... Sorry if I scared you, but-" and the girl yells "Get down, now!!" as a Hunter-Killer Drone flies in and fires Plasma Missiles at the ground, which the two dodge. The girl then aims her LR-X11 and shoots at the Drone's Eye, which is hit and causes the Drone to crash next to the two. However, another H-K Drone flies in and spots them, but then Kyle throws a Tracker Grenade at the H-K Drone, which gets hit and explodes in mid-air. With the threat destroyed, Kyle turns to the girl and then asks "You alright? It almost got you back there." and the girl gets up, saying "I had it under control, until you came in and gave me away!" and Kyle looks at her and asks "What's your name?" and the girl respons "Clementine. I'm a Resistance Fighter, working under John Connor's Elites." and then Kyle tells her "I'm Kyle, by the way. Kyle Reese." and then Clementine answers "You were pretty good out there, Reese. But this is where we go our separate ways!" and then she starts walking away, and Kyle shouts "Wait! So, this is what you do to other Humans? Just leave them like this?" and Clementine tells him "You're a capable fighter, you can handle yourself. Don't expect me to hold your hand across America!" and they walk through the City Outskirts.

The game then switches to 2 hours later as Kyle and Clementine are both walking through the Outskirts, and Kyle asks "So, uh... Where do you come from?" and then Clementine responds "Why should I tell you?" and Kyle tells her "Well, I was just asking. I mean, we're just gonna not talk this whole trip?" and Clementine stops, before walking over to him and saying "Listen, Reese: We've known each other for 2 hours, and I'm not just about to tell you my whole life story. Just... Leave me alone, alright?" and she starts walking ahead, and Kyle follows her. After several more minutes, the two walk into a clearing and they see a destroyed House, and Kyle looks at it and says "No way..." and Clementine asks "What is it? Your home?" and then she starts seeing a Memory of Earth-135 (back to the events of War Of Heroes: Global Warfare), seeing Kyle and herself fighting against Armada Troops inside the House. After snapping out of it, she hears Kyle say "What's left of it, at least." as he looks at 2 makeshift Graves and sheds a few tears, and Clementine looks at him with a slightly sympathetic look.

A few hours later, Clementine is seen inside the House as she activates her Comms and says "John, it's me... I've found him." and John is heard on the other side of the Comms, asking "You found Kyle? Does he... Look like what I described him as?" and then Clementine looks at Kyle, who is sleeping on the couch, and she says "Exactly. Dark brown hair, blue eyes and he's about my height." and John tells her "Listen to me, Clem: you have to get him here, and away from the Machines. The fate of this Reality and The Multiverse depends on you and Kyle." and Clementine asks him "What makes this kid so important, John? What the fuck are you hiding from me?" and then she hears a beeping noise from her Blackhat Device, and then says "Oh, shit!" as the Terminators move in using Heat Searchers, which Clementine avoids by taking cover. Clementine then runs over to Kyle and says "Reese, wake up! The Machines are here." and then Kyle gets down with her and starts avoiding the Terminators, but then a T-700 Sentry spots them and says "Kyle Reese identified, move in and Terminate!" as the T-700s open fire on the House, and Clementine and Kyle both take cover from the hail of Plasma. Clementine then pushes a C4 Detonator, which causes several Plasma Charges to explode outside and kill several T-700 Sentries, and then she grabs a T-700 which is shooting at her, causing the stray Plasma Bullets to blast into a H-K Drone above, and then Clementine grabs Kyle by the hand and shouts "Let's move!!" as the H-K crashes next to them and explodes. Another H-K then flies in and shoots two Missiles at the House, which explodes as Clementine detonates even more Charges which destroy the Woods, spreading the explosion up to the H-K and burning it, allowing Kyle and Clementine to escape. Clementine then stops and tells Kyle "Listen, Reese... We need to split up. You go into the Sewers and lure them into a trap!" and Kyle tells her "Clementine, I'm scared..." and Clementine responds "Don't be, Reese. Just have faith, alright? I'll protect you." and then they run through the Woods with the Terminators in heavy pursuit.

A few minutes later, Kyle runs into a Sewer System as 2 more H-K Drones fly above and shoot at him, but then Clementine shoots one H-K with a Stinger M7 Missile Launcher, which causes the Drones on crash into another one as Kyle runs into the Sewers. However, he gets cornered as 4 T-700s aim their Plasma Rifles at him and a T-700 says "Ready Weapons, positive Ident on Target: Kyle Reese." and then just as the Terminator Sentries ready to fire, Clementine comes in through a hole in the ceiling and guns down all the Terminators, which start shooting back as Kyle ducks into cover as the T-700s all fall and deactivate as Kyle breathes heavily and looks at Clementine, who holds her hand out as Kyle looks up at her in shock. Clementine then helps Kyle up and asks "You okay, Kyle? They almost got you back there." and Kyle smiles at her, saying "I'm alright. Thanks for that, by the way." and Clementine looks at him, asking "Why are you smiling?" and Kyle laughs, saying "You called me 'Kyle'. Didn't think you'd ever call me by my first name." as Clementine gives him a M18A7 Plasma Rifle and says "Come on, we need to get to the Resistance HQ." as they run away from the dead T-700s and crashed H-K Drones.

Act I-III (Main Missions) Edit

The game then switches to 3 hours later as Kyle and Clementine find a small Structure in the Outskirts and Clementine says "We can stay here for tonight, then head for the Resistance HQ in the morning. E can search for Supplies here, follow me!" and she walks a head as she and Kyle scavenge the Structure for Supplies. After a few minutes, Kyle sees a few Ammo Boxes and tries to climb the Structure to get the Supplies, and Clementine tells him "Be careful, Kyle! You know I'm a better climber than you." and then Kyle grabs the Ammo Boxes, but then falls after losing his grip. However, Clementine catches him and holds him in her arms, before laughing and asking "What did I just say?" and Kyle laughs, saying "Alright, guess I should listen to you more." and then Clementine drops him to the ground as she and Kyle both laugh. Kyle then gets up as Clementine asks him "You alright?" and Kyle responds "Yeah, I'm fine. I, uh... Got that Ammo, by the way." and Clementine chuckles, then tells him "We'd better set up a fire or something, I'm freezing." and then the two gather the Supplies they found.

A couple hours later, the two sit near a fire and then Kyle asks "So, uh... Where do you come from? If you don't mind me asking about your past." and Clementine looks at him and answers "I was born in Georgia, my parents... Well, they were Resistance Soldiers before I was born. One day, when my parents went with their Unit to liberate Savannah, they never came back. I was 9 years old, and John was the one who trained me. And now, 2 years later, this is who I am now." and Kyle tells her "I know how it feels, Clem. To have the people you love taken away from you, and to be alone with nobody to protect you... Until you came along." and Clementine looks at him, asking "What do you mean, Kyle?" and then Kyle answers "If I wouldn't have met you, I'd just be a Scavenger right now. But you've turned my life around, Clementine. And I can't thank you enough for it." and then he yawns, saying "I'm tired. I'm going to sleep." and then he lies down as Clementine asks "Doesn't feel good sleeping on the ground, huh?" and Kyle just laughs in response, and after a few minutes, both of them fall asleep.

The game then switches to a Dream-like Sequence as Clementine sees multiple Memories, such as Ozone's death on Earth-135, she and Kyle fighting against Armada Forces and Ozone's 2nd death on Earth-267. After seeing multiple Memories, Clementine sees the Symbols of The Hero Coalition and Villain Armada, and then Clementine wakes up on Earth-4000 as she sees Kyle leaning is head on her shoulder as it rains heavily above the two. Clementine then shakes Kyle awake, saying "C'mon, Kyle! Wake up." and then Kyle wakes up and asks "What? What's happening?" and Clementine answers "Nothing, I just... Had a really weird Dream." and then they see several H-K Drones flying above, and Clementine says "Grab the Supplies and move! There's a BlackCell Launcher in the Supply Bag, give me it!" and Kyle gives her a BlackCell Plasma Launcher, which she assembles and then gestures for Kyle to follow her, which he does as the two move through the Woods and tail the Skynet H-Ks. After a few minutes, Kyle takes out his Binoculars and sees a Human tied up as several T-700s surround him, with Skynet walking up to him and saying "Barnes... John Connor's second-in-command!" as Barnes looks up at Skynet. After Clementine sees Skynet, she witnesses a Memory of her and Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce killing Quantum (the Original Incarnation of Skynet) on Earth-650, and then snaps out of it as Skynet senses her Memory and then points at Kyle and Clementine's position and T-700s see the two young Heroes.

The T-700s then start firing at Kyle and Clementine, who start shooting back and destroying the T-700s and Skynet yells "Crush them!! Do not let the girl get through, she's a Hero Knight! Get the Prisoner out of here!" as Clementine takes out her BlackCell Launcher and shoots down 3 H-K Drones simultaneously which hit the ground and explodes as Kyle guns down several T-700s, and then Clementine shouts "Get down, Kyle!!" as she tackles Kyle into cover as Skynet marks their previous cover and a Plasma Airstrike comes in and destroys the area next to them as Kyle and Clementine both gun the Terminators down. After a couple minutes of charging through the Outpost and destroying T-700s along with Base Sentry Guns, Clementine and Kyle see Skynet boarding a VTOL Warship with Barnes as a Prisoner and Clementine singlehanded ly takes down several surrounding T-700s with her Plasma Rifle, Knife and bare hands as Kyle throws a BlackCell Launcher to her which Clementine uses to fire a Plasma Missile at the VTOL that Skynet is on. The Missile hits the side of the VTOL, but the Warship takes off and fires its Plasma Minigun at Kyle and Clementine, who run through the Woods as the VTOl fires its Missiles, which destroys the Woods and blast Kyle and Clementine away as Skynet announces "I can sense them... Hero Knights! They're not dead yet. Pull out immediately!" and the VTOL flies away.

A few minutes later, Clementine regains consciousness as Kyle helps her up, saying "You alright, Clem?" and Clementine looks at the Base, which is now in flames and ruin, before laughing and saying "Never better, Kyle." as she playfully punches Kyle on the shoulder, and Kyle also laughs at the victory. The two then start walking through the Outskirts and Kyle asks "What the Hell was that thing we saw?" and Clementine answers "That... Was Skynet!" and Kyle looks at her and asks "The man, the... Thing, that killed 3 billion people?!" and Clementine nods in response, saying "I've been chasing him for years, Kyle. Every time, whenever I get close... He somehow knows I'm there, and runs like a coward." and then she walks away and quietly mutters "He knows I'm a Hero Knight..." and Kyle follows her. After a few minutes, Clementine rolls up her sleeve and sees a huge cut on her arm, and Kyle looks in concern and asks "You alright, Clementine?! That's a huge wound!" and Clementine sits down, saying "Must have been from the Plasma Airstrike. Here, get the Medkit." and Kyle gives her a Medkit from their Supplies and Clementine uses it to clean the wound and then Kyle helps her stitch the huge cut up, and Kyle asks her "How many times have you done this?" and Clementine explains "My Squad always needed Medical Treatment in Battles, and John taught me in that field too. Same as Marksmanship, Off-Field Support... We'd be here all day if I told you everything." and she gets up and says "Come on, the Resistance Base is only about... 200 miles away." and Kyle asks "These guys sure love long walks, don't they?" and they keep walking into the Outskirts. After a few minutes, Clementine asks "So, did you ever have any siblings?" and Kyle answers "No, uh... I'm an only child. But I always wanted a brother." and then Clementine has a quick Memory of Earth-135, showing her fighting alongside Kyle's twin brother, Aidan Reese. Clementine then snaps back to reality and responds "Me too. You're kind of like the brother I never had." and Kyle laughs, saying "Thanks, Clem. So, why have you been after Skynet all this time?" and Clementine responds "I can't tell you, Kyle. I know, I'm being real secretive, but... I have to be. I'll tell you soon, alright?" and Kyle just nods in response.

The game then switches to a few hours later at night as Kyle and Clementine sit near a fire next to an Abandoned Building, and Kyle starts shivering due to the cold. Clementine then looks at him and jokingly asks "On a scale of 1 to 10, how cold are you?" and Kyle laughs, answering "100." and then Clementine tells him "You're just gonna have to get used to it, Kyle." and then Kyle gets closer to Clementine and lays his head on her shoulder, saying "Are you alright with this? I just need some body heat." and Clementine just smiles at him and then wraps her arm around Kyle's back, saying "It's okay. You know, it's funny: I never thought I'd have the luck of meeting someone like you, Kyle." and Kyle blushes, asking "W-what do you mean by that?" and Clementine just looks at him, saying "I've been searching this World for you, Kyle... For a really long time. I've come across the Multiverse for you." and Kyle breathes heavily and looks at her, saying "Clementine, I..." but then Clementine kisses him on the lips, and after a few seconds, she stops and says "I... I shouldn't have done that." but then Kyle kisses her again. The two young Heroes then look each other in the eyes, and Clementine asks "You have the Memories, don't you?" and Kyle nods, saying "Ever since I saw your face, I realized who you were. Whenever I slept, I kept dreaming about us, killing..." and Clementine tells him "Ozone, on Earth-135. He was the Ultimate Villain Lord, and we destroyed him. But back on Earth-135, I made a promise to you... That I would never let anybody hurt you, and if they did..." and Kyle finishes her sentence, saying "You'd cut their Heart out. I remember, Clem." and then he leans his head on Clementine's shoulder, and Clementine watches Kyle as he falls asleep.

The next morning, Clementine and Kyle are seen in the Los Angeles Ruins, and Clementine stops near a hidden Sewer Manhole and opens it, and then she and Kyle walk through the Sewers as Clementine activates her Comms and says "John, we're here. Coming up on the HQ now." as John responds "Roger that. Barton, Arem: open the Steel Door." as a huge, Steel Security Door as several Soldiers are seen with the Resistance Symbol on their Uniforms, and then Kyle and Clementine enter the Base. After walking through the Hallways of the Base, the two walk into the Command Room and see John Connor briefing his Resistance Soldiers and looking at the Blueprints for a Skynet Base. The Soldiers then walk away as John sees Clementine and Kyle, walking over to them and saying "Kyle... Reese? The legends are true." and Kyle responds "I know what you mean, Connor." and John looks at Clementine, who says "I had to tell him, John. He couldn't be kept in the dark!" and John sighs, saying "At least you know, Reese. The Multiverse can manipulate everything... Explains why you and Clementine always meet in War. It's inevitable that you become a Hero Knight, and this is how." as he shows the two the Blueprints of the Skynet Outpost, explaining "This is a Machine-held Outpost in the California Desert, and our latest Target. The rest of the Squad have been debriefed, and are ready for the attack in 2 days. There's a High-Value Target being held within the Outpost's Prison Area, and here's what you need to do: You'll bring a Plasma Airstrike into the Outpost and climb the Cliffside using your Nano Gloves, then charge through the Machines, and get the Prisoner out." as they listen to the rest of the plan.

A few hours later, Kyle and Clementine are in the Weapons Room loading up their Assault Rifles and SMGs as Kyle asks "So, that was John Connor? Never thought I'd meet the Legend." and Clementine loads an SN6 Assault Rifle, then responds "Yeah, he's pretty much a legend across the Multiverse too. He's helped us save so many Realities, including Earth-135." and Kyle looks at her, then asks "What Reality did we meet on? And what was I like there..?" and Clementine answers "It was Earth-135, and we're pretty much the same there as we are here. I was patrolling the San Francisco Ruins for Scavengers who were trying to bypass the Armada Line, and... I saw a bunch of Armada Troops down in the Subway Tunnel, and I heard a boy talking, so I jumped into the Tunnel and killed all the Soldiers, then I turn around to see this... This boy, looking up at me." and then Kyle has a quick Memory of Earth-135, showing Clementine killing several Armada Troops and helping Kyle off the ground, and Clementine smiles slightly as she looks at Kyle and tells him "It was you, Kyle. And after that, we just built up from there and eventually we managed to destroy the Villain Armada, and kill their Leader, Ozone." as Kyle looks in disbelief, then snaps out of it and nervously asks "Uh... What was I like, exactly? On Earth-135..?" and Clementine laugh, saying "You were a scared little boy at first, and I knew that I scared you a little. But eventually, you warmed up to me and we were inseparable, like two peas in a pod. And then, us being friends kind of turned into love." and then Kyle's face goes red as Clementine laughs, telling him "The way you looked at me, I could tell you'd fallen in love with me. And... I don't know what to say, you and I went around California for weeks searching for a way to kill Ozone. And when we were there, I taught you how to use Hand-to-Hand Combat, how to use a Sniper, how to hunt for Food. You used to tell me, a lot, about how thankful you were to meet me, how strong I was-" and Kyle finishes her sentence, saying "How there was nobody else like you... And there never would be." as he holds Clementine's hand and the two kiss.

The game then switches to 2 days later as Kyle and Clementine are climbing a huge Cliff using their Nano Gloves, and then Clementine takes out a Smoke Grenade, tossing it over the Cliff and landing it in a Machine Outpost, which is followed by several Missiles hitting the Base and killing the T-700 Sentries, and then Kyle and Clementine charge into the Outpost and gun down more Terminators as a Squadron of VTOL Warships fly in and drop in Resistance Soldiers, who start charging in and gunning down T-700 Sentries. Clementine and Kyle then get into cover as an A2X-1230 Walker Tank fires at them and kills several Resistance Soldiers, and Kyle throws an EMP Grenade which scrambles the Tank Repulsor Armor, and then Clementine aims her BlackCell Launcher and fires at the Walker Tank, destroying it in flames as Kyle and several more Resistance Soldiers finish the Walker Tank off and then everyone starts gunning down dozens more T-700 Terminators and even shooting down H-K Gunships which crash next to them and Kyle shouts "Now, move up!!!" as the Resistance Solders are gunned down by a few T-600 Heavy Terminators, which are then blasted to pieces by Kyle and Clementine, who breach the Cell Block and gun down even more Terminator Guards, and they see Barnes (the Resistance Captain seen with Skynet earlier) chained to the floor, battered and bruised.

Clementine then frees Barnes and asks "Can you fight, Captain?" and Barnes picks up a KRC-20 Plasma SMG and answers with "Yeah, I can. Clementine, you found Kyle? This explains why you're here, then!" and Kyle sees several T-700 Sentries, grabbing an EM1 Quantum and blasting the Terminators with the Laser as Clementine uses an EPM-3 Plasma Railgun (Semi-Auto) and quickly starts gunning down more Terminators as a VTOL Warship comes in and lands as Kyle, Clementine and Barnes start running to the Landing Zone as T-700 Sentries, an ASP-160 Walker Tank, and 3 H-K Gunships fly in and start firing at them as Kyle and Clementine gun several of them down. However, as the VTOL (piloted by Hesh) starts gunning down the pursuing Terminators using its Miniguns and Missiles, but the critically damaged ASP Tank activates its Railgun and fires, hitting next to Kyle and blasting him back as Clementine shouts "No!!!" as Kyle looks around, disoriented as he looks around and sees Hesh landing the VTOL, before Barnes gets into the VTOL and Clementine guns down several incoming Terminators along with Hesh as she tries to run towards Kyle, but Hesh grabs her by the shoulder and says "Clem, it's too risky! You go there, we all die!!" and Clementine yells "Let go of me, Hesh! I have to get him!!" and she guns down the T-700s surrounding Kyle (who is incredibly wounded due to the Plasma Strike) and then Hesh grabs an XM-53 and shoots the ASP Walker Tank, which is hit and starts exploding next to Kyle, blasting him back again. As Kyle grabs an MP-443 Plasma Pistol and starts gunning down the T-700s, 2 pieces of Shrapnel fly in and hit Kyle in the shoulder and chest, and Clementine screams "No!!" as she turns around and punches Hesh in the face with extreme force, before running over to Kyle and grabbing him off the ground and carrying him to the VTOL, getting in as Hesh gets to the Cockpit and takes off, and then Clementine destroys the Machine Outpost using a C4 Detonator, clearing another Resistance Victory.

The game then switches to a few hours later in the Resistance Base as Clementine sits outside the Medical Wing as a Medic walks out and tells her "Clem, before you freak out: Yes, Kyle is alright. We managed to remove the Shrapnel from his shoulder and chest, but the Medics have so many wounded, we can't help him right now." and Clementine tells the Medic "That's fine, I'll patch him up. Connor taught me First Aid and Support a few months ago, I can finish the procedure." and the Medic tells her "Good. You can see him now, but go easy. We'll leave you two alone, if that's necessary." and Clementine nods to him and walks into the Medical Room, seeing Kyle sitting on his Bed. Clementine then looks at him and asks "You alright, Kyle? How you holding up..?" and Kyle answers "I'm doing fine, Clem. You know, considering. My chest is on fire, though." and then Clementine says "Yeah, that should be the Antibiotics and the Surgery. The Medics said I need to patch you up. Can I see the wound?" as Kyle takes his shirt off, and Clementine looks in shock as she sees several scars on Kyle's back and shoulders. Clementine then touches the scars and asks "These from the Battle? That ASP fucked you up." and Kyle answers "Yeah, the Medics stitched them up. They still hurt a little, though..." and Clementine starts bandaging the scars and lacerations that Kyle has, before finishing with the treatment to the chest wound. Kyle then puts his shirt back on as Hesh enters the Medical Room, and says "Whoa, Clementine, listen: I didn't mean to try and leave Ky-" but then Clementine chrages at him and pushes him into the wall, then throws him into a Surgery Tray with several Scalpel and Medical Equipment as Clementine kicks Hesh in the face. Clementine then grabs Hesh and holds a Combat Knife to his neck, saying "I told you on Earth-135: You endanger Kyle or get him hurt, I will fucking kill you!" as Hesh responds "Last time this happened, you grabbed me and nearly strangled me! You're insane, Clem-" but Clementine puts the Knife to his neck and says "I gave you mercy last time, but you nearly got Kyle killed out there!! I won't let you live now, you son of a bitch!" as Kyle sees her and puts a hand on her shoulder, saying "Clem, it's okay. Just stop..." as Clementine growls at Hesh and stabs him in the chest, but Hesh remains unharmed and Clementine tells him "You're lucky that Ballistic Vest is immune to Knives!" as she walks out of the Room, and Hesh gets up and asks Kyle "Hey, kid... Why is your girlfriend such a fucking psychopath?" and then Kyle tells him "You couldn't possibly understand her, Hesh. She's come across the Multiverse for me, and I'll always have her back for that... I love her." as he starts to walk out of the Medical Room, but then turns around and punches Hesh in the face, saying "She did say she'd kill anyone that hurt me... That she'd cut their Heart out. Don't blame her if you end up in the Morgue, because you'd have brought that on yourself!" as he walks out of the Medical Room.

A few minutes later, Kyle is seen in the Weapons Room as he loads an MX Garand Rifle, and Clementine enters and says "Hey, Kyle. Are you alright?" and Kyle looks at her while loading several Ammo Clips, answering with "Yeah, I'm fine. Little bit of pain from the Surgery, but nothing too bad." and Clementine tells him "Saw those scars on your back. You seem to be alright with those." and Kyle looks at the scars on his arm, saying "It doesn't bother me, Clem. I'll live with it." and Clementine laughs, saying "You look pretty cool with them, though. They make you look pretty badass." and Kyle blushes, then responds with "T-thanks, Clem. That makes me feel a lot better." as he loads his MX Garand. Clementine then asks "Kyle, you don't mind if I ask you something... Personal, right?" and Kyle responds "What is it?" and Clementine hesistates, asking "How... How did your parents die?" and Kyle looks at her, then sighs and says "My mother? Well... She died giving birth to me. And my Dad, he was killed during a Recon stint by a T-700 Patrol. I made these Graves for them near my old House, the one in the SF Outskirts that my parents lived in before Judgment Day... Before the Nukes destroyed this Reality. Before the Armada came..." as he starts crying, and Clementine comforts him, wrapping her arms around him and saying "It's alright, Kyle... I know, just let it all out." and then Kyle leans his head on to Clementine's chest and cries. As Clementine runs her hand through Kyle's hair and tries to calm him down, the young boy says "My Dad, he... He was a mixed bag when I was little. He wanted to keep me safe, but he blamed me for my Mom dying in childbirth. He said to me almost every day 'If you'd have never been born, your mother would still be alive'. He hated me, Clem, and I'm glad the Machines killed that bastard. Sometimes, I just feel like my existence is a pitiful mistake..." and then Clementine kisses him in the forehead, saying "Shh, Kyle. Listen, I knew your parents on Earth-135. They were good people, they raised you right and before the War Against the Villain Armada... They loved you more than anything in the World. And they had a beautiful son, just like this Reality." and then Kyle wipes his tears away and asks "You mean that? They loved me?" and Clementine answers "Of course they did, they were your parents. On this Reality you've just... Forgotten about that love." as the two look each other in the eyes. Kyle then says "On this Reality, I think you're the first person to ever tell me 'I love you'. And I don't know if that's good or bad..." as Clementine puts her hand on Kyle's cheek and says "Kyle..." as John enters the Room, saying "Kyle, Clementine, it's-" as he looks at them, then asks "Am I interrupting something, or do you guys want to do this later?" and Clementine asks "What do you want, John..?" and John looks at the two, saying "There's no easy way to say this, but... We're ready to strike at Skynet!" as the two look in shock at him. John then says "We're enlisting the help of the entire Coalition Fleet to stage an Attack on the Skynet Main Base... Expect the most intense fighting of the whole War! It'll take about 2 days for the Fleet to reinforce us, so get ready until then." as he exits the Room, and Clementine (after recovering from some shock for the Final Battle) looks at Kyle and asks him "Kyle, could you... Show me those scars on your arm?" and Kyle rolls up his sleeve and shows Clementine his scars, which are better-healed and much less 'sophisticated' than Plasma Burn, and Clementine asks "You said that your Dad hated you because your Mom died... Did he do anything else?" and then Kyle hesitates in his response but then says "He... He always carried a Hunting Knife with him." as Clementine (knowing what he means from the scars) stands up and furiously shouts "That bastard!!" and she starts grabbing her Weapons and a Combat Knife while Kyle grabs her hand and tells her "Clem, please don't overreact! I knew you would..." and Clementine asks him "Tell me everything that he did to you, Kyle... And I'll do it to him!!" as Kyle looks at her in tears, then the screen turns to black.

The game then switches to an Abandoned Listening Post in the Metroville Ruins Boneyard as Clementine sneaks in holding an SC-2010 Assault Rifle and opens the Steel Door to the Main Room and sees Dennis Reese sitting there, brandishing a Hunting Knife and saying "Hello, Clementine... What do you want here?" and Clementine holsters her Assault Rifle and responds "You know exactly why I'm fucking here, Dennis." as Dennis laughs and asks "Oh, what? Kyle told you about how I blamed him for his Mom's death, and about how I tormented him for it every day-" and Clementine (enraged that Dennis abused Kyle) grabs Dennis by the throat and throws him into a stone wall and starts punching him brutally while also screaming in complete rage. Once Dennis starts bleeding from his nose and mouth heavily, Clementine slams his face into a Pipe 3 times which cracks his head open, but then Kyle is heard yelling "Clementine, stop!!" as Clementine slams Dennis to the ground and says "Kyle... Why did you follow me?" and Kyle walks towards her and tells her "Clem, please... Don't hurt my Dad." and then Clementine responds "But Kyle, he hurt you! And he deserves to be hurt just like you were, and now I'll do twice as worse to him." and Dennis breathes heavily in pain and begs "Please... Please stop." and then Clementine holds a Knife to his neck and shouts "Don't you fucking dare open your mouth, Dennis!! How many times did Kyle beg you to stop, huh? When you were hitting him, kicking his fragile Ribs while he cried..." as she traces the Knife over Dennis' neck and (in a Joker-like moment) asks "When you and Kyle we're going across America and you hated him because of Mary's death... Did you ever cut his neck? His tender, soft little neck?" and Dennis responds "No..." and then Clementine tells him "Well, you cut his arm. I saw exactly 45 scars on that little boy that you abused every day for the first 9 years of his life..." as Dennis tries to justify his actions by saying "I loved Mary so much... When she told me that she was pregnant, I was so happy." and he looks at Kyle who is now close to tears and berates his son by saying "Your Mom was just lying there after you were born, and she held you for 2 minutes until she bled to death. Her last word to me? Was your name... Kyle." and he starts crying and somewhat shows even a small fraction of regret. However, he then says "I never should have conceived you... You fucking ingrate little-" and then Clementine goes over the mental edge and stabs Dennis in the right arm, and as Dennis screams in pain Clementine begins cutting several scars on his wrist and arm in the exact same way that Dennis abused Kyle, and then Kyle starts looking away from Clementine torturing his father but then looks back while crying in a mix of sadness and rage as Dennis' screams are heard across the entire Listening Post.

Several hours later, Clementine is seen sitting near a Campfire outside the Metroville Ruins as she takes out a Picture which is seen as one of her an Kyle standing next to each other on Earth-135 near a Chinook Helicopter, with Kyle kissing Clementine on the cheek while the latter smiles in the Picture. Clementine then looks at the Picture while crying slightly, partially regretting what she did to Dennis and saying "I'm sorry, Kyle... I am so sorry." and then (similar to Lee Everett in The Walking Dead: Season One) grabs her side of the Picture and starts tearing it slightly, but then she remembers a conversation she had with Kyle on Earth-135: The two sitting outside the Coalition Base while looking at the Picture which was recently printed, and Clementine comments "Wow, Kyle... You look really fucking cute." and then Kyle playfully punches her on th shoulder and says "Aw, stop. You're making me blush..." as he looks at the Picture and says "Hey, I got my own Copy of it. You promise you'll keep yours?" and then Clementine snaps out of the Memory and caresses the Picture, then whispers "I promise..." as she puts the Campfire out as it starts raining, and then goes into a nearby Tent and sees Kyle fast asleep in front of her with a Sleeping Bag over him. Clementine then runs her hand through Kyle's dark brown hair affectionately, and says "I'm sorry... I am so, so sorry." and then Kyle (hearing Clementine even in his sleep) holds her arm and intimately lies his head down on her arm and saying "No... Don't be sorry." before opening his eyes and telling her "I understand why you did that..." as Clementine tells him "No, I realize now. Just because he hurt you, doesn't mean he was irredeemable... I'm a monster, Kyle." and then Kyle starts tearing up again then puts his hand on Clementine's shoulder, saying "You're not a monster, Clem. You were just trying to protect me..." as he kisses her on the cheek gently, and then Clementine turns her gaze to him, her yellow eyes locking with Kyle's icy blue ones as the two lock their lips. After a few seconds of an intimate moment, Clementine leans down on Kyle as the boy lies down and pulls away, breathing heavily as his face goes red and he remarks "Wow... That felt a lot more..." and Clementine finishes his sentence by saying "Prominent than any other kiss, I know." as she leans on top of Kyle and puts her head down on his chest as Kyle wraps his arms around Clementine's hips and tells her "I love you so much, Clementine. Y'know what I'm gonna do when the Multivers Wars are over?" and Clementine exhaustedly asks "What..?" as Kyle lovingly tells her "My parents lived in an old House in the San Francisco Outskirts, so I'm gonna find it after the Battle Against Skynet. I'll rebuild it and use my hands for something other than killing... And then if you want, you can come and live with me there." and Clementine blushes and says "Aw, Kyle. That's really sweet..." and then Kyle says "I'm gonna correct the mistakes my Dad made... Y'know, if you and I have kids one day." and then he kisses Clementine on the forehead, as Clementine gets face-to-face with Kyle and kisses him on the lips again while touching Kyle's chest, feeling his loud and fast Heartbeat and Kyle wraps his arms around Clementine's waist and the two press against each other so close that their chests touch and Clementine intimately kisses Kyle so hard as if trying to bruise his lips, pulling away as she asks "If we did have kids together... What would you want 'em to be?" and Kyle responds "Maybe, I don't know... A little boy? Who looks a bit like me but with your beautiful yellow eyes..." and then he kisses Clementine again as the girl rubs Kyle's arm and touches his scars, and then Kyle takes his Scavenger Jacket and shirt off while Clementine moves her hands up Kyle's back and rubs the newer scars on his back and as Clementine starts feeling the scars on Kyle's back, the boy starts moving his hand down Clementine's back and the two lie down in their Tent while Clementine removes her own shirt says "I love you so fucking much, Kyle..." and then Kyle responds by kissing Clementine again and touching several areas of her bare torso, saying "I love you too, Clem... I swear that I am gonna spend the rest of life with you." as Clementine merely responds by whispering "Just kiss me, Kyle... I've had a long day, and now I just wanna be with you." as Kyle kisses her again and the two start touching each other and then Clementine removes her jeans as they pull the Sleeping Bag Covers over each other and the screen turns to black.

A few minutes later Clementine is seen inside the Tent lying down alongside Kyle as it his heard raining heavily outside, and as Clementine puts her bra and underwear back on she leans her head on Kyle's shoulder and breathes heavily as she runs her hand over her lover's chest and says "Kyle, that was... I don't have any words to describe that." and Kyle looks at her with an adorable smile on his face, responding to Clementine's last statement by saying "I know how to describe it: Fucking amazing. That was the greatest thing I have ever felt in my life..." as Clementine groans and then clutches her stomach, telling him "Ow... My stomach hurts." and Kyle looks at her in slight concern and asks her "Is that supposed to happen? Is it... Actually normal." before Clementine rests by lying on her back and saying "Yeah, it is pretty normal. I guess it just happens after sex... But I'll keep an eye on it for the next couple weeks, alright?" as she runs her finger through a lock of Kyle's dark brown hair and holds him in a display of affection and love. The two young Hero Knights then start kissing again, pressing their half-naked bodies together and then Kyle says "Clementine Everett, you are one strong and beautiful girl, you know that?" and Clementine kisses Kyle again with a smile coming from her lips as she responds to the compliment by saying "I know... You're a strong boy, Kyle. And I've seen everything to help with backing up that statement." and then she rests on Kyle's chest and says "I'm just gonna go to sleep, alright? I feel really tired..." as Kyle yawns quietly and says "Yeah, I feel exhausted as well. I'll see you in the Morning, Clem..." as the two fall asleep next to each other, warmly wrapped in Sleeping Bags as a heavy rainstorm occurs outside their Tent and hammers down on the destroyed and Conflict-driven Dimension known as Earth-4000.

Act IV: Battle for Earth-4000 Edit

The game then switches to several days later, showing a Holographic Map of Earth as Hero Coalition Forces from Earth-135 fly in from Space and millions of Resistance Soldiers, Helicopters, Fighter Jets and Tanks march towards Skynet Central (the Main Base of the Terminator Legion) as John explains "Everybody listen up: Our Forces are moving in through Los Angeles, with the help of the Hero Coalition. The Coalition Fleet is moving down to Earth-4000, and will be ready to give us Air Support at all times, but some of the Fleet has to stay in Orbit to destroy the Skynet SpaceFleet. We hit them on the ground, and we hit them in the Sky. It's going to be the most intense fight of the entire War!" as it shows Footage of Hero Coalition Forces fighting the Terminator Legion in Los Angeles, with dozens of explosions, dying Troops on both sides and crumbling Buildings as Tanks and Helicopters explode in the Streets. In the Resistance Base, John says "Kyle, Clementine: When the Battle escalates, we'll need you two on the Battlefield by then. Which one of you can Pilot one of these?" as he points to a massive Infantry MECH, and Clementine says "Kyle can Pilot it. I taught him." as Kyle nods in response, saying "I'll cover Clem using the MECH, then use it to break the Steel Entrance to Skynet Central. Skynet won't be able to handle 2 Hero Knights, and dozens of Soldiers!" as a voice says "Make that 3 Hero Knights!" as the three turn around to see Jackson Pearce standing there, and Clementine asks "Jacks..? You're here?!" and then Jacks nods, saying "Yeah. This is Kyle Reese? You gonna take care of him, just as good as you took care of me?" and Clementine looks at Kyle, before smiling and saying "I don't need to. He can take care of himself!" and then they all load up and get ready for the Final Battle of Earth-4000.

A few hours later, the game shows Kyle, Clementine, Jacks, John and dozens of Resistance Soldiers as they stand watching the Coalition and Terminator Fleets fighting in the Sky and shooting each other down as the Spaceships crash into the City, where the Resistance and Terminators are fighting in the Streets and destroying what remains of Los Angeles. However, a massive Landing Hatch on the Roof of Skynet Central opens in the City and dozens of H-K Gunships fly towards the Resistance as John screams "For the Coalition!!!" as the Resistance Soldiers all charge forward and gun down dozens of Terminators and Walker Tanks which explode and are destroyed as Coalition Helicopters and H-K Gunships are all shot down (while the Space Fleets fight intensely above the City Skyline). Kyle then charges through dozens of T-700s in his Infantry MECH, smashing them to pieces and gunning them down with his Chaingun as Jacks jumps in and destroys several Terminators and a Walker Tank using a Cryokinetic Slam, and then freezes several T-300 Spider-Tanks in front of him as Clementine takes out a BlackCell Launcher and shoots down a H-K Dropship, which crashes into a Building and destroys it. As the Resistance charges forward, a malfunctioning and damaged ASP-1230 Walker Tank walks in and readies its Plasma Railgun and aims at Jacks and Clementine, but then Kyle fires his Smart Rocket from his Infantry MECH and destroys the Walker Tank.

However, as the Coaition begins to push the Terminator Legion back and cripple them, a massive Armada Carrier Ship flies out of Skynet Central, and starts flying towards the Sky as John yells "It's Skynet, he's trying to escape! If he gets away and leaves Earth-4000, he will amass the Villain Armada and destroy us! All Coalition Ships, take that Armada Carrier out!!" as the Coalition Forces in Low Earth Orbit and in the Sky struggle to take out the Carrier due to the amount of H-K Fighters and Firepower from the Carrier itself. Jacks then looks at the Carrier in shock, saying "We have to destroy it before it reaches Space! But our Ships and Artillery isn't doing shit!!" as Kyle remembers Ozone's death on Earth-135, seeing himself and Clementine destroying Ozone's Base using Crater Charges, and he snaps out of it, saying "We need Crater Charges and an Osprey, right now! Clem, you need to come with me!" as Clementine asks him "What are you planning, Kyle?" and Kyle responds "I'm gonna blow that Carrier out of the fucking Sky!" as a V2 Osprey lands next to them, and John says "Here are the Charges, you have to plant them on the Engines and Reactor Core! Get up there, and destroy Skynet once and for all." as Jacks comes forward, saying "There's 3 Charges. Give me the 3rd, I'll plant it in the Left Engine. Clem, you take the Right Engine and Kyle will take the Reactor Core!" as the 3 young Hero Knights board the Osprey, and fly towards the moving Armada Carrier (which is flying towards Space). During the flight, Hesh (who is also inside the Osprey) asks "So, this is it? The last time we'll ever have to face the Villain Armada?" and Clementine answers "At least in this Reality. There will be more." and Jacks says "This War will never end. We can kill all the Villain Lords and Knights we want, and cripple the Armada in a thousand Realities... But they will always return, no matter what." as Kyle holds Clementine's hand, saying "That might be true... But at least this Reality can stop fighting in Wars now. It's going to be up to all other Realities to stop the Armada, once Skynet is destroyed here... On Earth-4000." and Clementine looks at Kyle, saying "I love you." as the two kiss, and the Osprey lands inside the Armada Carrier, reaching the Docking Bay.

The Heroes then exit the Osprey and Clementine tells them all "Keep your eyes peeled and ears open. Anything moves, shoot it!" and Skynet is heard saying "A point you might want t make with more subtlety, Hero Knight!" as he emerges on a Balcony overlooking the Docking Bay, then jumps down as the Heroes all aim at him. Skynet then laughs and says "Humans often refuse to accept when they are defeated." and Jacks tells the Villain "You've lost, Quantum! The Armada's been crippled, and your Fleet is lost. Your Terminators have all shut down, now give up!!" and Skynet responds "I prefer 'Skynet' these days. And you think it's over, Jacks?! No... It's only just begun!" as he uses Nanomachines to grab Jacks and pull him in, and the boy starts fighting the Villain Lord, saying "Hesh, here!!" as he throws his Crater Charge to Hesh, who catches it. Jacks then punches Skynet several times and shouts "All of you, plant them now!!" as Coalition Fighters and Spaceships, along with Artillery on the ground, all start firing at the Armada Carrier. Aboard the Carrier, Kyle, Clementine and Hesh all charge through the Command Decks and destriy several T-700s, Spider Sentries and even Compact T-200 Drones along the way, and the 3 Heroes all split up and plant Charges in both of the Carrier's Rear Engines and the Reactor Core.

In the Docking Bay, Jacks starts fighting back using his Cryokinetic Sword to wound Skynet and break the Villain Lord's defense, and Skynet blocks Jacks' attacks with a Villain Knight Sword, saying "It's over, boy! You and Clementine may have stopped me on Earth-650, but you shall not stop me here!" as Jacks starts weakening and falls to his knees, but then shouts "No!!!" as he uses his Cryokinesis to blast Skynet's stomach, then punches through the Cryokinetic Ice and blasts a huge hole in Skynet's stomach, and the Villain Lord screams as Jacks grabs his Spine and rips it in half, before picking Skynet up and brutally ripping his body in half and throwing him to the floor, bleeding and dead as Kyle, Clementine and Hesh enter the Docking Bay. The Heroes then start running towards the V2 Osprey as the Coalition Forces on the Ground and Sky start intensifying their Bombardment of the Armada Carrier, and just as Kyle enters the Osprey (which is taking off), Skynet uses his last ounce of strength (and what's left of his upper body) and jumps up at Kyle, grabbing him from behind and saying "You didn't think it'd be that easy, did you?!" as Clementine screams "No!!!" as Kyle detonates the Crater Charges, causing a huge Fusion Explosion that critically damages the Armada Carrier and sends it plummeting towards the Los Angeles Ruins, where every Terminator Unit on the Ground and in the Sky either er explode or enter a complete Shutdown. The V2 Osprey then narrowly dodges a crash as it stabilizes and flies into the City Skyline and Clementine, Jacks, Hesh and the entire Hero Coalition watches as the Armada Carrier crashes into Los Angeles, causing several already-ruined Skyscrapers to crumble to the ground in a massive Fusion Explosion.

Epilogue: Coalition Victory Edit

The game then switches to a few minutes as Clementine, Jacks, Hesh, John and several Coaliton and Resistance Soldiers approach the crashed and destroyed Armada Carrier, and Clementine looks through the wreckage and finds Kyle under several parts of the Carrier, before looking at him in shock and dropping to her knees, sobbing. As John, Hesh and Jacks all look in complete disbelief, Clementine holds Kyle's body and cries, and Hesh tells her "Clem, this isn't your fault..." and Clementine, with tears running down her face, says "Yes it is, Hesh. I shouldn't have come to this Reality... I'm so sorry, Kyle. I promised to protect you, and now... You're..." as she cradles Kyle's body. However, as Clementine starts seeing seveal Memories of herself and Kyle, such as Ozone's death on Earth-135, the Destruction of Skynet on Earth-3000 and even Kyle's happy life on an Unknown Reality (where Judgment Day never happened and Kyle's family is alive), she snaps out of it as Kyle puts a hand on Clementine's cheek and kisses her on the lips. After a few seconds, the two stop as Clementine looks in shock at Kyle, who says"No, you didn't... You never failed me." as Clementine hugs him tightly and cries in relief, and the Coalition Forces fly above the Los Angeles Ruins. Several minutes later, as the Coalition Soldiers are disposing of several ruined Terminators, Clementine and Kyle walk up to General Elias Walker (Commander of the Coalition Forces and Hesh's father), and Kyle says "We're preparing a Space Transport for the Terminators that were left. We'll have them shut down and kept in Classified Storage in the Core Realities of The Multiverse." and Elias nods, saying "Excellent. And the Coalition Forces on Standby?" and Clementine tells him "Kyle and I have that covered, Commander. We'll contact you again once we've reached Earth-460, near the Regional Realities." and Elias tells them "Good. This is yet another turning point in the War Against the Villain Armada, and another defeat the Armada will never forget. You should both be proud... Freedom for The Multiverse!" as Kyle and Clementine both respond with "Freedom for The Multiverse!" in unison. As Elias walks away, the two young Heroes look at the Coalition Fleet, which is now flying towards a huge Multiversal Portal in Space, and Kyle asks "You ready to get to Earth-460, Clem?" and then Clementine responds by holding Kyle's hand, saying "I'll be with you the whole time, Kyle." and the two Hero Knights walk towards a GR-45 Space Transport set to follow the Coalition Fleet, and the screen turns to black as the Credits roll, ending the game and paving the way for a Sequel.

With the Terminator Legion defeated and The Villain Armada routed back to the Outer Realities of The Multiverse, the game switches to Deep Space and shows the time-code '6 Weeks Later' as a Multiversal Transport is seen flying through Space somewhere near Earth-7000 in the Outer Realities and then inside the Multiverse Transport, Kyle is seen sleeping in the Crew Quarters alone onboard the Ship (Kyle and Clementine are the only 2 people on the Transport, which they personally own, customized with Weapons Systems and named it 'The Scarab') as Clementine turns on a small Lamp next to Kyle's Bed and the boy wakes up before saying "Hey, Clem... What time is it?" while rubbing his eyes exhaustedly as Clementine runs her hand across Kyle's cheek and tells tells him "If we were on Earth-4000 right now, it would be about 3 in the morning... You alright, babe?" and Kyle responds "Yeah, I'm alright and I went to take a shower earlier and just needed to get some sleep. And now I just need you to be here and this'll be the greatest day of my life..." as he wraps his arms around Clementine and the two Hero Knights huddle up to each other. Clementine then gives Kyle a report on the Scarab, telling him "The Ship's fine, and I turned it to Auto-Pilot while it just drifts through Deep Space... I prefer to keep it that way so we can just sleep without the Scarab flying above any Dimensions or Space Outposts." as Kyle notices that Clementine is shaking slightly and asks her "Are you alright, Clem? You're trembling..." and then Clementine turns away from Kyle while lying in bed next to him, then answers his question with "Yeah, I'm just a little cold. The Ship really needs new Ventilation Shafts." and then Kyle puts his hand on her shoulder and says "No, you're shaking but... You look real nervous as well. You know that you can tell me, right?" and then Clementine sits up next to him with tears beginning to develop in her eyes, and then she tells Kyle "I, uh... I have to tell you something Kyle, and it's really important." as Kyle asks her "What's wrong, Clem..? Come on, you can tell me." and then Clementine's tears start falling down the sides of her face as she puts her hand on Kyle's cheek and in a nervous voice tells him: "Kyle... I'm pregnant." as Kyle looks at her with a look of shock and awe on his face, and then he looks into her eyes and says "W-what..? You mean that it's... Mine?" while Clementine answers "Yeah it's your baby, Kyle. Our baby..." as Kyle also starts crying slightly at the news, then smiles and says "Well... My God, that's amazing. So how far along are you?" and Clementine tells him "6 weeks, so after we had sex in that Campsite just after taking care of your Dad... Time lines up perfectly." and then Kyle wipes his tears away. Clementine then puts her hand on Kyle's shoulder and says "Kyle, it's gonna be alright. Don't be afraid, alright?" as Kyle asks her "Why would I be afraid?" and Clementine responds "I know that you're a sensitive person, and that your Mom actually died when you were born... I was just going to promise you: I won't die in childbirth." and then she kisses him on the cheek as Kyle asks her "You promise me? Swear to me that no matter what, you'll be strong enough to stay alive!" and then Clementine lies down in her Quarters on board The Scarab, and then she pulls Kyle close to her and says "I swear..." as the two fall asleep aboard their Multiversal Transport.

DLC Sequel Edit

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Full Sequel Edit

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Soundtrack Edit

  • 1. Main Theme (Terminator Genisys OST- Better Days)
  • 2. Judgment Day Begins
  • 3. Kyle Reese, the Scavenger
  • 4. Prison Break (Terminator Genisys OST - Work Camp)
  • 5. Kyle Meets Clementine
  • 6. The Memories of Earth-135
  • 7. Encounter with Skynet
  • 8. Outpost Battle
  • 9. The Escape
  • 10. Kyle and Clementine Theme (Terminator Genisys OST - Sarah and Kyle)
  • 11. The Resistance Base
  • 12. Meeting John Connor
  • 13. Attack on The Outpost
  • 14. Wounded Hero Knight
  • 15. Kyle's Past (Terminator Genisys OST - Fate and Hope)
  • 16. The Coalition Arrives
  • 17. Another Hero Knight
  • 18. The Battle of Earth-4000
  • 19. Boarding the Armada Carrier (Terminator Genisys OST - Fight)
  • 20. Kyle's Sacrifice (Terminator Genisys OST - Sacrifice)
  • 21. The Armada Falls
  • 22. Credits Theme (Terminator Genisys OST - Terminated)
  • 23. Bonus Track - Kyle Reese Theme (Terminator Genisys OST - John Connor)

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