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Terminator Kronos
Official Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
Genre First-Person Shooter
Release August 22nd, 2018
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: R18+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe
Predecessor Unknown (Chronologically)
Successor TBA
"Reset the Future!"

- Tagline

Terminator Kronos is an upcoming game in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, and the newest Installment of the Series. Developed by Ubisoft-Pixar, not kuch is known about Kronos at this point, whether it will be a Sequel or a Prequel to an existing Ubisoft-Pixar Game or its own Standalone installment. What is known about the Game is that it will focus on Kyle Reese during the War Against Skynet, and will be released in 2018 as an exclusive to the Xbox One. The game was later confirmed as part of the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Reboots and by extension the Ubisoft-Pixar Revised Continuity, and is set to follow a 25-year-old Clementine Everett as she goes to a Reality known as Earth-TC145 and finds an 11-year-old Scavenger named Kyle Reese, born into a World destroyed by Nuclear Warfare and forced to hide from a War between Humanity and a Machine Army led by a returning Villain from the War Against the Villain Armada: The ruthless AI known as Skynet! The game is a Crossover between Terminator, Walking Dead, Call of Duty and also heavily teases Star Wars within the Franchise.

Cast Edit

  • Bryant Prince as Kyle Reese
  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett
  • Nicholas Bode as Jackson Pearce
  • Jason Clarke as John Connor
  • Billly Murray as Jonathan Price
  • Mark Grigsby as Griggs
  • Timothy Olaphant as Cpl. Barton
  • Jason West as Pvt. Massey
  • Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon Jinn (Spirit)
  • Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker
  • Ewan MacGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Keith Arem as Sgt. Alderman
  • Alexander Roycewicz as Pvt. West
  • William Fitchner as Commander King
  • Kevin McKidd as John 'Soap' MacTavish
  • Mikal A. Vega as Scarecrow
  • David Vincent as Ozone
  • Sam Witwer as Darth Stalker
  • Ian McDiarmid as Emperor Palpatine
  • Matt Smith as Skynet

Series Continuity Edit

Main Articles: Ubisoft-Pixar Revised Continuity and Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Reboots

Plot Edit

Prologue: Attack The Facility Edit

The game starts off showing several long shots of Cities in the United States of America such as San Francisco, Chicago, Metroville and several others as Kyle Reese is heard narrating "Before they died, my parents always told me stories about what the World once was. What it was like long before I was born... Before the War Against the Villain Armada, fought between The Hero Coalition and their evil Invading enemies, The Villain Armada." as it shows the Reality of Earth-TC145 in the year 2003 before The War of The Multiverse as millions of Humans are seen enjoying their lives before the War, and Kyle says "They remembered a green World, vast and beautiful... Filled with laughter, and hope for the Future. But it's a World I never knew, because before I was born all of this was gone!" as it shows a huge Battle between the Forces of the United Dimensions Coalition and The Villain Armada, known as the Great Invasion of Earth-135. As the Coalition and Armada Forces tear each other apart with their Ships and Ground Forces, with Skyscrapers being ripped apart and crumbling into the Streets, killing thousands of Humans as the Heroes and Villains continue their Cataclysm Battle which completely destroys Earth-TC145. After Earth-TC145 is destroyed Globally by the United Nations Multiverse Forces and The Villain Order, the screen turns to black then shows a text which says "In the Early 21st Century, a cataclysmic War was fought between The Hero Coalition and The Villain Armada, known to Humanity and several other Historians as the War Against the Villain Armada. The War began after the Great Invasion of Earth-135 and started across The Multiverse in several different years. In a Reality known as Earth-TC145, The War of The Multiverse began in 1998 after the New Villain Armada recovered from its defeat on Earth-616 in the Battle of Metroville (WOH: Legends) and caught the Multiverse Defense Coalition in a massive surprise attack. Most of Earth-TC145 was completely annihilated in the start of the Dimensional Wars, the Coalition and Armada both decimated each others Armies and Fleets, as 2 new Factions rose from the ashes and continued the War: The Multiversal Combat Recon Force and The Villain Covenant, the former using old US War Tactics and the latter using Advanced Technology to exterminate the remnants of Humanity and The Hero Coalition. It is now the year 2014, and the War continues..." as the game switches to the year 2014.

The game then shows the perspective of a UAV-Reaper Drone above a massive Armada Sattelite Array, with various MCRF Chatter being heard saying "All MCRF Units, prepare to engage SkyNet Target-", "Villain Slayers moving out to suppress Armada Forces, Mark the DZ!" and "Prepare for Drone Strike!!" as a massive Battle is seen going on below, and a huge MCRF Drone Unit flies in and drops several Airstrike Bombs on the Base, destroying several Defense Towers and killing dozens of Armada Soldiers as a huge Armada HK-Tank shoots down several incoming Blackhawk Helicopters, but then the Reaper Drone fires a Missile Payload at the Tank and destroys it in a huge explosion as even more MCRF-marked Choppers fly in and drop Coalition Soldiers on the ground. Among the Soldiers, a 20-year-old Clementine Everett is seen as she guns down several incoming Armada Troops as she commands her Squad known as the Villain Slayers, saying "Everyone move up towards the Main Complex! You know the drill, move in and rescue the Human Prisoners: This is a classified Hero Knight Op, so do not fuck this up!!" as she dodges an incoming RPG Missile which knocks an A-10 Warthog out of the sky, the Aircraft crashing into a Satellite Array and causing a huge explosion. As Clementine and her Squad run through waves of Bullets and explosions, with Clementine even taking down a Helicopter while her Soldiers gun down dozens of Armada Troops, they take cover behind a crashed VTOL Warship and Dashiell 'Dash' Parr asks her "What's the catch, Clem? I thought you didn't like the whole 'Human Prisoners Evac' thing!" as he fires at several Armada Troops and even destroys an XS1 Goliath MECH, but Clementine sees an ASC-10 Walker MECH and fires an Ion Torpedo at it, causing the Machine to explode and its remains topple as Clementine looks at Dash and smiles as if enjoying the Battle, then says "I like the thrill of War!" as she and the Squad move towards the Central Complex to find and extract the Human Prisoners held inside by The Villain Order. Inside the Main Complex, a young boy is seen inside a Cell alongside several others and is sitting down handcuffed, listening to the Battle outside and covering his ears due to his fear of the fight, and then an Armada Troop knocks on his Cell and mockingly says "What's wrong, you little shit? You scared of the noise..? Huh?" and then the Troop starts laughing, the Boy responds "Leave me alone..." in a depressed and fearful voice. However, the Hero Knights then breach the Facility and start gunning down Armada Troops, with blood and bullets flying everywhere as the Young Boy runs behind a Desk after his Cell is opened by a stray Bullet. After covering his ears due to his fear (in this Universe, Kyle is a mix of a scared child and also has Traumatophobia, a fear of War/Battle), the Hero Knights slaughter the remaining Armada Troops and free the Human Prisoners as Kyle hides under a Desk. Clementine and her Squad then enter the Room, and then Dash says "The Prisoners, get them to the Chinook! Move, pick it up people!!" as Clementine manages to spot Kyle, who looks at her and runs away in fear as Clementine shouts "Hey kid, wait!! Hey!" as she sees Kyle's face and remembers him from the War Against the Villain Armada on Earth-135 as her experiences with the boy come flooding back to her as she snaps out of it and looks at the young boy in complete shock as Kyle runs away towards the Hills outside the Base, crying after being mentally traumatized by the Battle.

A couple hours later, Kyle is seen moving inside a small Abandoned Shack as he runs towards a small Room and sits down with an M19-SC Combat Shotgun in his arms, and he starts crying due to the Battle he saw and is traumatized due to his Traumatophobia and general young age, and after crying for a couple seconds he hears a clanging noise near him and then takes his Shotgun out, moving towards the noise. However, Clementine then comes in from an open hole in the Shack as Kyle aims at her and backs up, falling over and using his legs to crawl back quickly as he aims his Shotgun at her, and Clementine says "Hey, whoa!! Look kid, I'm not gonna hurt you!" as Kyle shouts "Just leave me alone!! Please, just go away..!" as Clementine holsters her Peacekeeper MK2 Assault Rifle and says "Hey, it's alright... See? I'm lowering my Gun, you're gonna be alright." as Kyle backs up and looks at her uncertainly, then starts lowering his Shotgun as Clementine says "It's alright, sweetie. I'm not gonna hurt you." as Kyle lowers his Shotgun and tears fall down his face. Clementine then looks at the boy sympathetically and says "It's alright. You'll be alright, honey." as Kyle looks at her with tears in his eyes and asks "Are you gonna kill or hurt me?" as Clementine shakes her head in response and asks "Why, what makes you think I would?" and Kyle answers "My Dad always told me don't talk to strangers. The only 2 people I've ever really talked to were my parents..." as Clementine says "Hey, it's alright, I won't hurt you or anything. I can help you find your parents, if you can tell me where you last saw 'em." and Kyle responds "They, uh... They're gone." as he starts crying slightly, then turns to full-on sobbing as Clementine remembers Kyle saying the same thing on Earth-135 (where they were both 11 years old during War Of Heroes: Global Warfare) as she comforts the young boy, saying "Shh... It's alright, Kyle." as she runs her hand through the boy's dark brown hair to comfort him, and then Kyle looks at her with his dark blue eyes and asks "H-how do you know my name?" and then Clementine realizes that this Version of Kyle is a complete stranger to her, and makes an excuse by saying "I, um, well... I saw your name on the Objective List for the S&R Mission." as she sits next to him and asks "So, you got a Camp anywhere, Kyle? I mean, you look more like a Scavenger than you do a Hero Knight." and Kyle answers "Yeah, I set up in an old Fallout Shelter near the LA Hills. Why do you wanna come with me?" and Clementine looks at him, saying "Wouldn't be much of a Hero if I left a defenseless little boy walk away in his own, huh?" as she gets up and gathers her Weapons and other Supplies, telling Kyle "Let's go, stay close to me." (the same line that Lee Everett said to her in The Walking Dead: Season One) and the two walk away from the City, now revealed as the Chicago Ruins in Old Illinois.

Act I-III (Main Missions) Edit

The game then switches to '6 Weeks Later' as Kyle and Clementine are both seen walking through the Los Angeles Outskirts, with Kyle looking exhausted and completely run-down as he asks "Clem, I'm really tired... Can we take a break for a few seconds?" as Clementine responds "Hang on, Kyle, we're almost at the Shelter you mentioned." as Kyle looks at her doing 'sad-eyes', and asks "Please, Clem..? I'm exhausted." then Clementine sighs and sits down in the grass, saying "Alright, let's take a break." and then Kyle sits next to her, asking "So my little sad-eyes trick still works, huh? My Mom fell for that all the time for the first 10 and a half years of my life." as Clementine laughs, saying "Yeah, that was just cute. Real cute..." as Kyle gets closer to her, and then after a few seconds leans his head on Clementine's shoulder. Clementine then wraps her arm around Kyle's shoulder and asks "How are you doing, squirt? You alright?" and Kyle answers "I'm doing pretty good. Y'know, considering I've got you taking care of me for the last month." as Clementine laughs and says "Aw, Kyle... Well, I've never had a kid of my own so I guess you're the closest thing I'm gonna get for now." as Kyle asks her "Sorry if this seems a little... Intrusive, but I need to ask: You ever had a boyfriend?" as Clementine laughs and asks "Kyle, why are you asking me that?" as Kyle laughs and tells her "Well, it's just... I've never fallen in love with a girl before, and I suppose that you're close to being experienced... Even though you're not a boy, and you've been in love with the opposite gender." as Clementine sighs and explains "I've had a few boys ask me out since I was your age, but I was only really in love with one of 'em." as she has a Memory of her and the Earth-135 Kyle confessing their feelings to each other, with Kyle saying "I... I love you, Clementine." as the two kiss each other on the lips and Clementine snaps out of it. Kyle asks "Really? What was the lucky guy's name?" and Clementine hesitates with her answer, then just says "Um... His name was... Reyes." (which is another version of 'Reese', only more of a first name) and Kyle responds "Reyes, huh? Bet he was a lucky guy." and then Clementine gets up and says "Alright, let's keep moving. We're almost there, right?" and then Kyle responds "Yeah, we're about 3 miles away. I'm still pretty tired, though." as Clementine asks "Well, what do you want me to do? Carry you on my back?" and Kyle smiles at her humorously then answers "Um... Yes?" and then Clementine sighs and says "Alright, c'mon little guy." as she picks Kyle up and carries him on her back, and then Kyle starts falling asleep while leaning his head on her shoulder.

A few minutes later, Clementine is seen inside a hidden Fallout Shelter which Kyle stays in during the War Against the Villain Armada as Kyle is seen sleeping in a Makeshift Bed nearby and Clementine starts looking at her Tactical Map which shows Armada Forces being absolutely beaten back by the Forces of the Dimensional Associated Treaty Organization. After overviewing the Armada Defeat across California, Clementine contacts John Connor and says "John, you'll never guess what happened after the S&R Mission. I have had one hell of a month!" and John asks "Clem, where the fuck have you been? You said you'd be back in the Base in a week but it's been an entire month!" as Clementine tells him "Well, yeah... I've been caught up with a Scavenger kid who we're certainly familiar with." as John starts piecing together what she says, then responds "No way... You found Kyle Reese again?" and Clementine explains "Yeah, he's the same age as he was on Earth-135, 11 years old. He should be the same age as me, but... Somehow, The Multiverse just keeps throwing curveballs at us." and John sighs, asking "So, what are we gonna do about him?" and Clementine responds "Like we practiced: I'll get him over to the Coalition Base and make sure he's ready to fight Skynet, but there's one problem: This Kyle has Traumatophobia." as John asks "He has a fear of War? Well, shit." and then Clementine tells him "Not exactly a fear of War, he just fears getting hurt or killed by the Armada. He finds comfort in me, though..." as John tells her "Alright, understood: Get him back to the Base, we'll give you another 4 weeks to get back. Good luck!" as she disconnects from her Contact. After putting her Tactical Device back in her pocket, she sees a Picture fall outto the floor and picks it up, seeing that it is of her and Kyle taken on Earth-135 and after seeing it Clementine sighs and looks at the Earth-TC145 Kyle, before putting the Picture back in her pocket and looking at Kyle who is moaning in his sleep while also tossing and turning, and then Clementine walks over to Kyle and shakes him awake, saying "Kyle? Hey, wake up, little guy! Wake up." as Kyle groans in exhaustion then wakes up. Sitting up in his Makeshift Bed and looking at Clementine, he asks "Clem? How long was I asleep?" and Clementine laughs, saying "You fell asleep while I was carrying you on my back, through the SF Outskirts." as Kyle laughs and says "Sorry." as he smiles for a second then says "Wow, that feels weird." and Clementine asks him "What, what's weird?" and Kyle responds "Laughing. I've never really felt a lot of joy in my life, because of the War I was born into... And I went into deep depression after my Mom and Dad died." as he looks at her with slight tears in his eyes, then wipes them away. He then looks at Clementine and notices the way she looks: Her darker skin, yellow piercing eyes and long black hair as he says "I swear I've seen you somewhere before. You just look so... Familiar." as Clementine (realizing what he means) asks "Oh? And where do you think you've seen me before?" as Kyle explains "I dunno. For the first 10 years of my life, my parents and I moved across America and went through dozens of Survivor Camps, and I met a lot of other kids there. Bunch of 'em were girls, and I swear I've seen a girl that looks exactly like you, about my age." as he receives several Fractured Memories of him and Clementine on Earth-135 such as the two walking towards Kyle's abandoned House, the two sitting in front of the Graves of Dennis Reese and Mary Reese as the Memories end with Kyle and Clementine walking away from the Graves, with Clementine comforting Kyle as he cries after being reminded of his parents' deaths.

Kyle then snaps out of the Memories, looking at Clementine who asks "What's wrong? You alright? You look a little shaky." as Kyle responds "Um... Yeah, I'm alright. I was just thinking about something." and Clementine asks him "Your parents?" as Kyle nods in response, and then Clementine sits up next to him and says "Look, Kyle, I'm gonna level with you here: There are things about me that I would rather not tell you, and for good reasons. Things about my Past should not be looked into by anyone, because if they are that person could be in danger... But I'll never let that happen to you, alright?" as Kyle eyes her and asks "You really care about me, don't you? Me, a little 11-year-old Scavenger? A street urchin?" as Clementine puts her hand in Kyle's shoulder and says "Yes, Kyle. Because when I look at you, I see a child version of me: I used to have a Guardian just like you do me, and believe me when you have someone like that in your life you sometimes have to let go... But I didn't want to let go, and I never did." as Kyle looks at her curiously, and Clementine explains "His name was Lee, and he taught me how to survive. How to protect the Multiverse from The Villain Armada, how to fight their Invasion Force and how to lead an Army of Heroes whether our Mission be Covert or a full-scale Battle. And we were a Team together, like father and daughter... But then he was taken from me, by the Armada." as Kyle looks at her with a hint of sadness in his eyes and sadly asks "Are they gonna take you away from me..?" as Clementine hugs the boy, comforting him by saying "No, never. I won't let them hurt you, and I swear I will always be here to look after you. And if anybody tries to hurt you, in any kind of way... I will cut their Heart out of their chests." as Kyle lays his head on Clementine's chest and says "Clementine... Thank you, for taking me in. I'd be dead or just a lowly Scavenger if it weren't for you." as Clementine wraps her arms around the boy and says "It's okay, Kyle. You're gonna be fine... I promise you, sweetheart." as Kyle laughs, pointing out "Y'know something, Clem? You sound like my Mom." and then Clementine laughs also, saying "Well, I suppose technically I've adopted you. So... Anyway, you should probably get some sleep. We've got a long walk ahead of us tomorrow." as Kyle lies down in his Makeshift Bed, and Clementine puts a Glock 17 Pistol next to him, saying "That's just for safety, alright? Anyone comes in here and tries to hurt you or me, you shoot 'em. Alright? Don't let your Traumatophobia get in the way." as Kyle just nods in response, saying "Actually, a fear of Guns is Ballistophobia. I don't have that one..." and falls asleep, but not before pointing out "I don't really know how to use one, but I'll try." as Clementine watches Kyle, with Lee's words echoing in her Mind: "You need to learn how to protect yourself. What if it's someone trying to hurt you?" as she falls asleep also.

The next morning, Kyle is seen inside the Fallout Shelter sitting down by the Steel Entrance and watching the massive Rainstorm which pours down on the Field outside, looking at Clementine carving her Knife into a dead, skinned Deer as he looks in slight sympathy and sadness towards the dead Animal. Clementine then looks over to Kyle and notices his expression, asking "What's the matter, Kyle? You look... A little sad." as Kyle answers "I just noticed that Deer. Did you really have to kill it, Clem? It was just a harmless Animal." as Clementine asks "What, you like Deers a lot?" and Kyle explains "I just, um... My Dad always taught me how to hunt Wild Animals like Coyotes and Wolves, but never skittish ones like Deer or Raccoons. I don't like killing defenseless things." as Clementine sighs and says "Sorry, Kyle, I didn't realize. Guess we should just hunt Coyote from now on, huh?" as Kyle laughs slightly and then looks at a nearby Plasma Sword next to him, inactive and noticing its old rugged look. Kyle then picks the Sword up and Clementine tells him "Kyle, be careful with that. That's a-" and Kyle tells her "Plasma Sword, I know. My Dad taught me how to use one of these too." and Clementine looks at him, asking "Oh, yeah? Show me some moves, then." as Kyle walks outside into the Rainstorm outside the Fallout Shelter and ignites the Plasma Sword which sports a Blue-Synth Blade. Kyle then inhales deeply, looking at the Rainstorm with his cold and icy blue eyes, before jumping up into the Rainstorm and cutting several drops of rain with unfathomable speed, landing in the muddy Fields and beginning to twirl his Plasma Sword, swinging it and destroying several raindrops with Percision, patience and complete concentration as Clementine looks at the young boy in astonishment as he keeps practicing his Plasma Sword techniques and skills while using his legs and arms to nimbly move through one spot. After a couple minutes of cutting millions of drops from the Rainstorm, Kyle slams his Plasma Sword down into the muddy Field and causes the Rainstorm around him to dissipate in a huge 'Water Explosion' as Kyle backflips back into the Fallout Shelter, and as Clementine looks at the boy in astonishment she notices one thing: He does not have a single drop of Rain on him! His clothes, hair, skin and even his Plasma Sword Hilt are completely dry, and then Clementine tells him "Wow, Kyle... That was beautiful. How'd you do that?" as Kyle blushes red at the compliment and says "Aw, thanks, Clem... I learnt it from myself. My Dad always told me 'self-teach yourself, because I can't teach you. You need to find your own way to succeed', and I did that not with my body, but with my Mind and a steady Heart." as he walks back inside the Fallout Shelter, and Clementine smiles in pride at Kyle.

The game then switches to a few days later as Kyle and Clementine are both seen scavenging through an old Industrial Complex looking for Food Supplies, and Clementine says "Look for anything that might be useful: Food, ammo, Weapons and all that. Leave no stone unturned." as Kyle responds "Hey, I'm a Scavenger, have been my whole life, so I think I understand this better than you... Soldier." as Clementine laughs and tells the young boy "Alright then, smartass. Let's see who gets more Supplies then, huh?" as they keep scavenging for any kind of salvageable Supplies. After a few minutes of scavenging around, Clementine calls Kyle and asks "Found anything yet, Kyle?" but she hears no response and then hears Kyle yelling slightly, then walks over to the source of the sound and sees that it's coming from an Abandoned Office. However, as she enters a Scavenger jumps up at her and hits Clementine in the head with an Assault Rifle, knocking her to the ground as she sees Kyle being manhandled by 2 other Scavengers, and Kyle screams "No, Clementine!!" but then the Scavenger Leader slaps Kyle in the face extremely hard, shouting "Shut your trap, kid, or you'll make this even worse for you and this girl..." as Kyle drops to his knees and holds the red hand mark on his cheek. The Scavenger Leader then walks over to Clementine who is held by 2 Scavengers and says "Well, look what we have here. Fresh fucking meat, huh? It's not often you see many women around anymore." as he laughs evilly an says "You got a little boy with you too, huh? Funnily enough, he doesn't look like you at all." and Clementine tells him "He's not mine, asshole. Well, he is my kid now..." and the Scavenger laughs, asking "What did you do, kidnap him?" and Clementine responds "Never really was into the kidnapping business." as the Leader laughs again and says "Now, look: No hard feelings, alright? But out here in the Outskirts, we Scavengers all need a bit of down-time, so... You and this kid'll have to do for now." as Clementine spits in his face, saying "You touch him, and I swear to God I will slaughter every last one of your Scavengers in this fucking Room!" as the Leader smiles evilly and tells his Scavengers "Take the boy first, make her watch it." as the Scavengers grab Kyle, who yells "Get off me!! Get off!!!" as the Scavengers start pinning him to the Floor and holding his arms up. Clementine then runs to him and screams "No!!" as a Scavenger hits her in the stomach with an ADC-20 Rifle and hits her again in the face, saying "You're making it worse, girl! You keep doing that shit, and we'll make you hurt your kid bad! If you know what we mean..." as Kyle starts fighting back, punching one Scavenger and biting the other in the hand, but the man yells "Ow, you little shit!" as he slaps Kyle again, knocking him the ground and pinning him down, telling him "Stop your squirming!!" as the man starts unbuckling Kyle's belt, clearly attempting to rape the young boy (hope this isn't too dark) as he turns to his friends and says "Looks like we got a fighter here, boys! Gonna make it even better when we start!" as the Scavengers all laugh and Kyle starts screaming in terror. Clementine is then pinned to the ground as the Scavengers try to do the same to her, unbuttoning her shirt as the Leader tells her "You'll get yours, just wait your turn! First we're gonna have some fun with your little boy, then we'll do it to you. Then we'll probably make you do it to your kid!" as he laughs evilly, and Clementine furiously says "Let. Him..." as the Scavenger turns Kyle in his stomach and starts pulling off Kyle's pants, and then Kyle starts sobbing as he screams "Clem, help me!! Don't let them..!" as Clementine screams in rage and then a massive torrent of Lightning escapes her body, shocking several Scavengers and turning them to ash as her skin turns completely pale and her eyes glow purple in Villain Energy (yeah, these Scavengers pretty much just unleashed pure vengeance and evil) as she grabs the Scavenger Leader and rips his Heart out just as she always promised Kyle, and then throws his electrified Amd charred body into 2 others who then die. 2 more Scavengers then fire at Clementine, who blocks all their Bullets and redirects them, brutally killing the two Scavengers as they are blasted by a hail of Electrokinetic Lightning. Clementine (now obviously in her Villain Form, although 'Villain' is extremely questionable here) looks at the Scavenger who tried to assault Kyle, and the man aims a Pistol at Kyle's head and shouts "I'll kill him, I swear to God! I'll blow his fucking Brains out!!" as Clementine simply looks at the Pistol and it disintegrates into a pile of ash, and then the Scavenger looks in fear as Clementine looks at a disheveled, traumatized and tearful Kyle. Clementine then uses a Telekinetic Grip to pull the Scavenger into her grip, choking the man so hard that his throat is completely crushed and his neck breaks, spouting out a stream of blood and then Clementine starts punching the man across his body and her hand goes through whatever she hits: Ripping out the Scavenger's Organs such as his heart, kidneys, intestines and lungs as Kyle looks at Clementine in shock, and then several Memories from the events of Terminator Genisys: Uprising show up (where Clem goes insane after John Connor and The Hero Coalition nearly kill Kyle), such as Clementine massacring John, Dashiell 'Dash' Parr, Jackson Pearce and other Heroes, Clementine leading a Terminator Legion into the Coalition Base and utterly annihilating it and her Final Battle against Captain Price in the end of Uprising. Clementine then dissipates from her Villain Form turning back to her regular Appearance, and Kyle then runs over to Clementine and hugs her tightly, sobbing due to the trauma and saying "Clem, they... They tried to..." as Clementine comforts the young boy, lifting him up and holding him protectively and saying "Shh, Kyle. It's alright, I'm here for you, sweetheart. Shh..." as she looks at the dead Scavengers and the display of blood and gore she has created, saying "Don't look at their bodies, Kyle... Just don't look." as she holds the young boy protectively and comforts him.

The game then switches to several hours later as Clementine is seen on the Rooftop of an Abandoned Parking Lot, carrying a sleeping Kyle as she finds an Abandoned Van and opens the back of it, before setting Kyle down in the back of the Van which has been picked clean of any Supplies. Clementine then looks at Kyle sadly and puts a small Sleeping Bag over him, running her hand through the boy's hair and saying "I'll be outside, alright? I'm just gonna lock the Van and let you sleep in here." in a depressed voice as she leans down and kisses the young boy on the cheek before going outside and locking the Van behind her in order to make sure nobody finds Kyle (and tries to repeat what those Scavengers almost did, as Clementine is now extremely paranoid over it). A few minutes later, Clementine is seen sitting on top of a destroyed Truck Trailer and looking at the Picture of her 11-year-old Counterpart and Kyle on Earth-135, and then she starts crying as her tears drip down on to the Picture and she traces her finger across it, saying "Kyle... Oh God, why does this always happen to us?" as she hears a Mysterious Voice saying "You do know the answer, don't you?" as Clementine looks around and sees nobody anywhere near her. After realizing that the Voice comes from her head, Clementine asks "Who is this?" as the Voice answers "You don't remember me? It is I, Emperor Palpatine. Your grandfather!" as Clementine says "No! My grandfather is not that monsterous Villain scum!" and then the Emperor is seen manifesting in front of her as a Spirit, saying "I know what's been troubling you. Go on, tell me... Everything will be alright, I will consult you." as Clementine starts crying again slightly, saying "Those Scavengers, they tried to... They tried to rape Kyle." as the Emperor looks at her in amusement, then says "Your response to their heinous actions was understandable, Clementine. Kyle is just a little boy, and you see him as your... Son?" as Clementine looks at the Emperor in slight anger, and the Sith Lord tells her "I can feel your anger... The form you took to kill those disgusting people, it was your Villain Form." as he walks towards her, saying "Let me ask you something, Clementine: The Armada's intentions for Humanity was to bring Peace initially. But because the Human Race only pays lip service to Peace, The Hero Coalition was formed and the War Against the Villain Armada began with Cataclysm and destruction of several Realities-" as Clementine activates her Plasma Sword and stabs the Emperor's Spirit, which disappears.

However, the Emperor's Spirit then reappears behind her and says "Now, here is a hypothetical question: If the Armada wanted to bring Peace to the Humans, then why do you think they fought back? It is because Humanity cannot live without War and violence! Under the Armada's Rule, all would be equal and Peace would finally be achieved! Does the Coalition promise the same..?" as Clementine drops to her knees, saying "No... The Armada invaded Earth first! They started this whole War..." as the Emperor kneels down next to her and says "No, you are wrong: John Connor lied to you. The Coalition was created after the Armada proposed to end all Conflicts within Earth, but then the Governments of the World refused because War is a commodity for Humanity. Now think of it this way: If the Coalition cooperated with the Armada peacefully, the Cataclysm Event wouldn't have begun and The War of The Multiverse would never have happened. And you would have lived peacefully, along with Kyle... But because of The Hero Coalition's untrusting demeanor and the natural inclination of Warfare from Humans, the War has plagued thousands of Dimensions for 2 decades! All of your life, you have been fighting against an Army of Peace, not one of tyranny!!" as Clementine screams in anger and her Villain Form reawakens, and then a Red Lightsaber is seen in Clementine's hands as the familiar Mechanical Breathing of Darth Vader is heard. The Emperor then says "Have you ever heard the Story of Darth Vader? He was a man who was similarly scarred by War like you: His family was torn apart by Warfare because of a corrupt Old Republic in his own Dimension!" as it shows Anakin Skywalker fighting against the Droid Army in the Clone Wars (a destructive War instigated by the Galactic Republic) as dozens of Visions are shown across said War, showing the Battle of Geonosis, several Space Battles and Invasions of Planets as Clementine sees the Symbol of the Republic turn into the Empire Logo. She then sees Darth Vader slaughtering dozens of Jedi similar to how Clementine destroyed the United Dimensions Coalition in Terminator Genisys: Uprising, and the Emperor tells her "He was an extremely powerful Hero, but the Clone Wars were instigated by his side; the Republic, which fell to corruption and greed declaring War on the Confederacy of Independant Systems. The CIS only wanted to live away from the Old Republic, which declared a massive War which killed millions of Beings!" as Clementine looks in shock and realizes the similarity between her and Vader: They were both manipulated by The Hero Coalition to fight against an 'Enemy' who only wanted Peace, and in doing so caused a cataclysmic War which killed millions and caused massive destruction! Clementine then sees a Vision of Starkiller (the main protagonist of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed) dueling Vader on board the Death Star, slamming down Power Cores down to the Sith Lord and breaking his Cybernetic Suit, and then cutting him up brutally with a Lightsaber, and then the Emperor says "Unfortunately, he taught an Apprentice everything he knew and then... The Apprentice killed him!" as Starkiller is seen Force Pushing Vader through a Window, and the broken Sith Lord slams into a Pillar and shatters it. As the remains of the Pillar fall on Vader and kill him (the Dark Side Ending to TFU), Starkiller is blasted by the Emperor's Force Lightning and thrown through the Death Star Dome, and then Clementine hears Starkiller's screams as the Rogue Shadow Ship is thrown on him, causing a huge explosion as Clementine drops to her knees and the Emperor brings out another analogy between Clementine and the Sith: "Starkiller only wanted to protect his friends and lover. But in doing so, he abandoned the Jedi and became a Sith Lord!" as Mechanical Breathing is heard, and then Darth Stalker (the Cybernetic Reconstruction of Starkiller after his near-death experience) is seen in a Vision, slaughtering dozens of Heroes on Earth and other Planets as Clementine drops to her knees and shouts "No!!!" as a cloud of Smoke envelopes her, and then the Mask of Darth Stalker is seen above her.

Clementine Duels Darth Stalker Edit

After Clementine starts fighting back against the Emperor's Spirit, she hears another voice saying "Clementine? I know you can hear me..." as Clementine recognizes the voice, saying "You..?" as she sees a Vision of Obi-Wan Kenobi clashing blades with Darth Stalker in Mos Eisley (in the Non-Canon DLC for Force Unleashed) as the Spirits of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui Gon Jinn and Anakin Skywalker appear in front of her, with Obi-Wan saying "I know what you are feeling, young one: You feel anger and hate, but that is only temporary. You must feel the Force and tap into the Light!" as Clementine looks at him in anger and shouts "Get out of my head, Jedi!! I have no interest in your sorcery!" as Anakin tells her "Have faith, Clementine. Everything will soon be set right, Palpatine is lying to you!" as he looks down in slight sadness and says "Just as he lied to me..." as he shows her a Vision of himself Force Choking his wife, Padme Amidala and years later dueling Luke in Cloud City and cutting his hand off. Obi-Wan then tells Clementine "There's nothing you could have done, Clementine." as he shows her a Flashback of Kyle getting assaulted by the Scavengers, and she ignites her Plasma Sword to threaten the Jedi Master, but then Qui-Gon tells her "Do not be seduced by the Dark Side of the Force! We all experience a time in our lives where we are wrought with anger and guilt, all that rage building up inside us... It's a life-long challenge not to turn fear into anger!" as he shows Clementine a Vision of Starkiller killing dozens of Rebel Soldiers, saying "Remember Starkiller's failure onboard the Death Star! You must confront the Armada or suffer his fate..!" as Anakin tells her "I understand, you feel lost. A wise Jedi once told me that nothing happens by accident, it is the Will of The Force." and then Obi-Wan reassures Clementine by saying "The Force will always be with you." as Anakin says "I can sense that you're angry, Clementine. What those Scavengers tried to do to Kyle was... Repulsive." as Qui-Gon says "But you have learned to take your anger out on innocents as well." and Obi-Wan approaches Clementine and says "Don't give in to hate! That leads to the Dark Side..." as Clementine stays silent.

Clementine then looks at all 3 Jedi Spirits around her and says "Kyle is my life, Jedi. You don't understand how it feels, because of your devotion to the Force! Your Masters taught you to let go of all emotions to serve your corrupt Republic!!" as Qui-Gon informs her "Ah yes, Kyle... He's a strong boy, he will get through this trauma. I visit him sometimes in his Dreams, and I have discovered he is strong in The Force although not of our Dimension." as Clementine tells him "Stay away from him, Jedi scum! If you dare go near my son... I warn you, I will finish what my grandfather began!" as Anakin asks "So, you know Palpatine is your grandfather? Then you now face your Last Trial: You must confront your worst fear and destroy it in order to stop the Armada... What is your worst fear?" as Clementine passes out on the Parking Lot Rooftop, and then falls to the Floor as the 3 Jedi Spirits disappear. Clementine then wakes up in the middle of a Snowy Forest, with a Lightsaber glowing in her hand as she shouts out "Skywalker, Kenobi!! Come out!" as she hears a Lightsaber igniting and then Force Lightning flies in towards her, but the Hero Knight resiliently blocks the Wave with her newly acquired Lightsaber as she sees Darth Stalker walking towards her with his Black Lightsaber ignited. Stalker then starts breathing through his Cybernetic Mask and says "At last, our long-awaited meeting is finally here!" as Clementine looks at him and says "I'm glad I gave you something to look forward to! Now get out of my head, Sith!" as Stalker tells her "You are weak in the Force, Everett! But strong in the Dark Side... Perhaps we can work together, and raise Kyle as a Sith Assassin?" as Clementine angrily says "If you dare go near Kyle, I will destroy you, Stalker! Even if Starkiller was once my friend..." as Darth Stalker scoffs and responds "Galen Marek was weak. I destroyed him along with Vader!" as Clementine closes her eyes and says "Then I will avenge his death and protect Kyle was well..." and then Stalker laughs, telling her "Revenge is not the Jedi way..." as Clementine opens her eyes which are now purple, and she says "In my Multiverse... There's no such thing as Jedi!" as she ignites Dual Lightsabers, one being Red and the other being Blue, and she charges Darth Stalker locking Blades with him intensely as the two start an intense Lightsaber Duel in the middle of the Snow Forest.

After several minutes of intense fighting using Lightsabers and even powers such as Force Lightning and Repulse which destroys the Forest (a 9-minute Boss Battle), Clementine locks Lightsabers with Stalker again and starts hammering his defenses before screaming in rage and blasting him back with Force Maelstrom (enhanced Force Lightning) as Starkiller is blasted back into a Cliff which explodes on impact as Clementine sighs in relief thinking the Battle is over. However, Darth Stalker then uses Force Teleportation to appear behind her and swipe his Lightsaber at her, only for Clementine to use the same Ability and then starts dueling the Sith Warrior again as the two keep brutally destroying each other's defenses with Stalker using acrobatics with his Duel Form and Clementine using her nimbleness and brute strength as she jumps into the air, only for Stalker to shock her with Force Lightning and blast her back into the snow. Clementine then jumps up and starts charging towards Darth Stalker, who prepares his Force Lightning in one hand as the two ferociously lock Blades again and at the same time collide their Lighting which causes a huge Force Explosion which blasts the two back, but Clementine rebounds first and brutally stab Darth Stalker in the chest with her Red Lightsaber and knkockinf his Cybernetic Helmet off. However, after the Lightsaber Duel is finished, Clementine looks at the unmasked Darth Stalker and looks in shock at what she sees: Kyle's face, with his eyes glowing yellow and tears falling down his pale face as he weakly says "Clementine..? Clem?" as he falls to the snow, and then Clementine screams "No!!!" as she disengages her Lightsaber and holds Kyle in her arms, crying and asking "What have I... What the fuck have I done?!" as Kyle tells her "You didn't protect me... The Jedi, they will..." as he starts breathing heavily, and Clementine holds Kyle while desperately saying "Stay with me, Kyle! Please, just stay with me, don't..." but then Kyle stops moving, and Clementine starts crying uncontrollably as she says "Kyle..? Kyle, no!! No, God, please!! Please... Not my baby." as she holds the dead corpse of the young boy she thinks of as a son. As Clementine sobs over Kyle's dead body, she sees several Jedi and Heroes such as Anakin, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, John Connor and Jackson Pearce standing in front of her as she holds the Lightsaber hilt in her hand, and then ignites the Lightsaber using the Force and makes it float across several of the Heroes, stabbing them several times and decapitating some of them brutally as Clementine stops killing them and sees Palpatine standing there, and she screams "Is this what you want from me?! Is this what I am?!" as she screams in complete rage and awakens her Villain Form yet again and rips apart what remains of the Forest and creates a brutal Blizzard.

The game then switches back to Clementine's actual POV as she wakes up inside the Abandoned Van, shooting up out of her sleep and screaming after seeing her Vision/Nightmare (which is basically a Teaser for an upcoming Star Wars Crossover), and then she sees Kyle sleeping next to her and huddling up to his adoptive mother for warmth. However, Kyle then wakes up and asks "Clem, w-what happened? You alright..?" as Clementine looks at Kyle in confusion and shock, then hugs him tight and says "Kyle, oh thank God!! You're alive..!" as Kyle returns the hug and says "O-of course I'm alive, what else would I be? Are you feeling alright?" and then Clementine pulls away from him, before sighing and running her hand through her adopted son's hair, telling him "I'm fine, Kyle. I just had a bad dream, and... I just needed to see you to comfort me." as Kyle sits next to her and tells her "You were, uh... You fell asleep next to me about an hour ago. Thought I'd huddle up to you 'cause I was a little cold." and then Clementine checks her Data Recorder and sees the Time reads '5:27' as she says "It's 5 in the morning, little earlier than I expected..." as she looks at Kyle and runs her hand through his dark brown hair, asking "You alright, sweetie? How you doing?" as Kyle responds "I'm doing alright, Y'know considering what happened last night." as he remembers Clementine brutally murdering all the Scavengers, and then shivers at the Memory as Clementine wraps her arm around him, kissing him on the forehead and saying "Try not to think about it, Kyle. It'll do your mental health a lot better, believe me." as Kyle tells her "I feel way more comfortable thinking about you killing them... Makes me feel good knowing they're all in Hell for what they did." as Clementine gets up and says "C'mon, little guy. Time for us to get back to the Coalition Base." as Kyle follows her, saying "Alright, I'm coming... Mom." as Clementine looks at him puzzled and asks "Did you... Did you just call me 'Mom'?" and then Kyle holds her hand affectionately and says "Yeah, it just... It feels right. I guess I am kind of adopted right now, huh?" as Clementine ruffles the boy's hair and says "Come on then, Kyle. We've got a long Road ahead of us." as the two walk away from the Abandoned Parking Lot with several Supply Bags and Weapons as the Sun is seen rising in front of them.

A few days later, Kyle and Clementine are both seen walking through the Woods within the Outskirts of Illinois as it snows slightly around the two inside an already snow-covered Forest. As Clementine starts walking ahead of her adopted son, Kyle looks at her and says "Clem, wait up! My legs are killing me..." as Clementine says "No, Kyle... We're almost there, almost at the Resistance Base." as Kyle breathes heavily in exhaustion after having walked for days at this rate, begging "Please, Clem! Come on, I'm exhausted... Mom?" as Clementine stops upon hearing Kyle call her 'Mom' again and she turns around looking at the young boy in sympathy as Kyle tries using his 'sad-eyes trick' again as he also walks towards Clementine and then starts pulling on her sleeve to persuade her. Clementine then sighs again and sits down on a Log, saying "Come here, then. You cold?" as Kyle sits next to her and shivers due to the cold, saying "I'm freezing. Too bad we can't set up a damn fire." as he leans his head on Clementine's legs and starts falling asleep, and then asks "You don't like it when I call you 'Mom', huh?" as Clementine runs her hand through Kyle's hair and answers the question with "It's alright, honey. You can call me it if you want... I mean, I never called Lee 'Dad', but you can call me Mom of you want to just to get comfortable with me." as she looks at the young boy and sees his dark brown hair is long and goes down to the bottom of his neck. Clementine then laughs and says "Kyle, your hair looks like a fucking bird's nest." as Kyle sits up and runs his hand through his hair, asking "That supposed to be a compliment?" as Clementine brings out her Supply Bag and rummages through it, saying "Well, I always carry around a pair of Scissors, in case I need an emergency Weapon to stab someone. But I guess I could use it for this occasion, huh?" and Kyle sighs, saying "I dunno, I've been growing this mop for 11 years, since I was a baby. Never mind, I guess..." as he sits down in front of Clementine, who takes out a pair of Scissors and starts cutting Kyle's long dark brown hair, and Kyle asls her "Just a trim, right?" and then Clementine laughs slightly, saying "Oh, I remember saying the exact same thing to Lee 11 years ago. You'll be happier when it's over though, trust me..." as she keeps cutting her adopted son's hair. Kyle then asks her "So, this guy Lee? What was he like..?" and then Clementine hesitates with her answer, then responds "He was a good man, an amazing guardian. He probably saw that same potential within me." and Kyle laughs, remarking "So what, he was a psychic? He knew that you and I would meet?" as Clementine laughs and says "No, I was just saying... He probably knew that if I had a child later in life, then I would treat him or her the same way he treated me. He was kind, compassionate and caring, and that's what I want to be for you. Kyle, I promise that I will protect you and do whatever I can to make sure you're safe... Even if it kills me." as Kyle notices her last remark and says "I don't want to lose you, though. I'm too weak to survive on my own..." and then Clementine reassuringly tells him "Don't worry about that, sweetie. I didn't mean that you'd lose me I'm just saying that... If I had to choose who would die between you and me, I would choose myself for you to live." as Kyle laughs, saying "Guess I'm stuck to you like glue, then." as Clementine finishes cutting Kyle's hair, saying "There you go, all finished. How's it feel?" as Kyle runs his hand through his now-shortened hair. Kyle then looks at her and tells her "Wow, this is actually pretty good. At least if feels like that... Does it look dumb?" and Clementine laughs, saying "No, you actually look really cute. And a bit more badass as well." as Kyle blushes slightly and says "Aw, thanks. You actually did a pretty good job." as Clementine remarks "Hey, maybe if the War never happened I could have become a Barber." as Kyle (because he was born after the Nuclear Invasion and doesn't have a lot of knowledge about Pre-War Earth) looks at her and asks "A what?" as Clementine laughs and tells him "Never mind, Kyle. Do you wanna go to sleep for a little bit?" as Kyle nods in response, saying "Yeah, I'm exhausted. This Log is real fucking uncomfortable, though." as he leans down and sets his head down on Clementine's legs, saying "You don't mind this, right? Just need something to act as a pillow..." as Clementine runs her hand through Kyle's hair affectionately and says "It's fine, I'll stay up. You just try and get some rest, honey." as Kyle rests his head on Clementine's legs and then quickly falls asleep in his adoptive mother's arms, and Clementine kisses the boy on the cheek affectionately.

The game then switches to several hours later as Kyle and Clementine are seen walkin through the massive New Chicago City in which the Civilians living there are seen rebuilding several Buildings using Construction Vehicles and other methods while Coalition Soldiers patrol the Streets in Jeeps as the others talk to the Civilians in a friendly and welcoming manner, and as Kyle looks in amazement at the Central Market where dozens of New Chicago Citizens are seen and the young boy nervously gets closer to Clementine and remarks "Wow, I've... I've never seen so many people in the same City before! This is so cool." and then Clementine ruffles Kyle's hair and responds "It's amazing, isn't it? Come on, my House is over in the City Outskirts. It's a really nice and comfortable House, actually being one of the greatest in New Chicago." as the two head for the Everett Residence, which is a completely repaired Mansion-like House in the City Outskirts as a Coalition Defender Ship flies above the NCC Skyline alongside several XRE-15 Coalition Fighters and UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters. A few minutes later, Clementine enters the Everett Residence and calls "Cait, I'm home! You gonna come back inside, sweetie?" as Cait Everett (Clementine's 11-year-old biological daughter) walks in from the Garage of the House and rubs her sweating face tiredly, saying in a Scottish accent "Hey Mom, that Gunship I'm repairing is a complete mess. Been working it's Circuits all day..." as Clementine hugs her daughter (whom she conceived with Keith Riley after the events of Terminator: Multiverse Paradox, which is how Cait inherits the Scottish accent from her Father) and responds "Hey there, sweetheart." as Cait returns her Mother's hug and looks at Kyle, asking "Well, who's this guy? Another little Scavver you found on the Street?" as Kyle looks back at Cait with an expression of both bashfulness and possibly a sentimental attachment towards the girl (basically love at first sight) and then Clementine introduces the two children to each other: "Cait, this is Kyle Reese. He's a Scavenger I found during that S&R Mission to the Los Angeles Ruins, and Kyle this is my daughter Cait." as Cait greets Kyle with a simple "Hi." and Kyle waves back at her while Clementine humorously says "You'll have to forgive Kyle's quiet personality for now, he can be real shy. Especially around girls..." as Kyle blushes slightly at the joke and Cait laughs, saying "It's alright, Kyle... I understand. Look, I'll be in the Basement if either one of you needs me and you'll probably find me working on my little Project." as she eyes Kyle and then winks at him with one of her icy blue eyes and walks away as Kyle continues to look at Cait. Looking back towards Clementine and asks "Hey, Clem? Hope you don't mind me asking, but is your daughter... Available right now?" as Clementine laughs and asks "Cait's a real beauty, ain't she? Yeah, the little one gets most of her looks from me but she's got her father's voice, skin and eyes..." as Kyle remarks "I was practically hypnotized by those blue eyes of hers... So, her Dad?" and Clementine explains "I got pregnant with Cait when I was 14 and her Dad is a man named Keith Riley, Scottish guy who lived in America after the Great Invasion of Earth-135. I fell in love with Keith after about 5 months of serving with him, and after one Mission where we destroyed an Armada Research Facility and brought down their Air Defenses over the Metroville Ruins, the Coalition Fleet invaded and destroyed the Armada Spacefleet located there... So Keith and I went back to our Base after it was all over and, uh... Well, the result of that night just walked into the Basement!" as Kyle laughs and says "Well, suppose this place is where I'm gonna live now, huh?" and Clementine responds "There's a spare Bedroom upstairs that you can sleep in, so you can go there if you feel tired." and Kyle yawns before putting his Duffel Bag down and saying "I think I'll go to sleep now, I'm completely exhausted. See you tomorrow, Clem..." as he walks towards his Bedroom and Clementine watches him go upstairs before turning to see Cait working on a Hunting Rifle and adding various Attachments to the Weapon. Clementine then goes over to her daughter and runs her hand through her hair, saying "Hi, little one. How's the Project going?" as Cait pulls up a Blueprint with the Rebel Alliance Logo on it and says "The Platform of the Ship, I can't tell you... But I can say it's coming along nicely. The Foils and Hyperdrive have been fitted it and I'm gonna make a run down to the Market tomorrow and grab some Parts from the Military Cache." and then Clementine tells her "Hey, maybe you could get Kyle to help you out? He seems to really like you." and Cait laughs before blushing slightly and answering with "Yeah, he's kinda cute. What does he know about Alliance Ships?" and Clementine answers "He probably knows something about the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire, but... He might need a little History lesson from you about them. They were around before the Great Invasion of Earth-135!" as Cait says "Right, well I'll go down with Kyle and show him around the Town Square." as she keeps working on her 'Unknown Project' by welding various Ship Parts together while Clementine playfully tells her "Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and Kyle will take you out on a date." as Cait pulls the middle finger at her Mother, who then says "Aw, c'mon! I'm only joking... But Kyle is a cute boy, admittedly." and Cait asks "What kind of personality does he have?" as Clementine opens the Door and is about to exit the Basement, saying "He's got the charm of your Dad. He has a lot of your Father in him, actually..." as she exits the Basement and then starts crying slightly, then takes out a Picture of her and Keith Riley (Cait's father) from the War Against the Villain Armada, with the two holding Assault Rifles and Clementine kissing Keith on the cheek as the 25-year-old Clementine looks at the Picture and smiles at the Memories of Keith.

The game then switches to a few days later as Kyle is seen in the Everett Residence Basement pulling a large Bag across the Floor while straining himself, with Cait walking towards him and saying "Here, don't strain yourself... I've got it." as she pulls the Bag up to a Workbench and puts it down as Kyle wipes the sweat from his face with a rag and asking "So, you dragged me across the Market to get a load of Parts yesterday and now I've had to drag... Whatever the fuck's in that Bag, here this Morning. And after we've been up for the last 4 nights, putting Parts together, you just did it in 2 seconds!" as Cait laughs and says "Come on, Reese. You're a strong boy, I can see that." as Kyle blushes red and tells her "Well, you're the strong one. You've probably got a 2-pack underneath that Tank Top!" and then Cait giggles and blushes in response, saying "Aw, you're a cutie. Here, how about I show you my little 'Pet Project' I've been working on." as she leads Kyle to a huge Deactivated Ship under a massive cover which she then pulls off to reveal a Rebel Alliance U-Wing (a Starship appearing in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) as Kyle looks at the U-Wing in awe and asking "What in the fuck is that?" as Cait answers "You like it? That's an Alliance 'U-Wing' Starbird, it was a Transport used by a Faction called the Rebel Alliance about 7 years before the War Against the Villain Armada. Mainly assigned to a Rebel Squadron known as 'Rogue One' and 'Raddis Fleet' during the Battle of Scarif... You did read about the Historical Records I sent you, right?" as Kyle responds "Yeah, only 20 U-Wings were manufactured for the Rebels. They all went down to Scarif and dropped Pathfinder Soldiers to the Planet, some were shot down or blew up on Landing... Regardless, the U-Wings were all destroyed when the Raddis Fleet opened Scarif's Orbital Shields and sacrificed some of their Ships to kamikaze 2 Star Destroyers... How did you get one of them?" and Cait smiled at him cheekily and says "My Mom had a brief Recon Stint on the Scarif Ruins about a year ago, and she gave me the I-Foils and Cockpit for the Transport as a 'bonus present' for my 11th Birthday." and then Kyle says "Maybe I'll give you the Ion Engines for your 12th." and then Cait laughs, playfully knocking Kyle on the shoulder and saying "Here, pass me the Hyperdrive Compressor." as Kyle gives her a Hyperdrive Compressor which she fits in with a Spanner, and then Kyle yawns and says "Oh God, I am so exhausted... I'm not gonna bother sleeping upstairs tonight, I wanna stay down to get to work tomorrow." as Cait tosses him a Blanket and responds "Here's a Blanket for you, you can just go to sleep now... You did good with the U-Wing this last week, Ky." as Kyle puts the Blanket over himself and gets warm, before quickly falling asleep after watching Cait preparing the Alliance Starbird U-Wing.

The next morning, Kyle wakes up as Clementine shakes him awake, saying "Hey Kyle, wake up. C'mon little guy." as Kyle opens his eyes and asks "W-what, Clem..? What time is it?" and Clementine checks her Watch which reads '4:50' which she shows to Kyle, then says "I think Cait got a little tired too. She's sleeping on your lap!" as Kyle looks down and sees Cait fast asleep with her head on his lap, and then Clementine starts lifting Cait off of Kyle's knee and holds her daughter in her arms before carrying her and saying "You and her sleep like a couple babies, you know that?" as Kyle laughs and says "So, why wake us up then?" and Clementine responds "We're going to the Coalition Base in the City, and I'm taking you both there to get my next few Missions. I'll get Cait upstairs and wake her up in a few minutes!" as she walks up the Basement Stairs along with Kyle. The game then switches to a few days later inside the UDC Outpost in the New Chicago Outskirts as Kyle is seen taking Items and Weapons out of his new Locker and his Personal Quarters which he and Cait now stay in for a few days, and then Cait walks in while drying her hair with a towel as she says "Hey, Kyle... You alright?" and Kyle responds "Yeah, I'm fine. You, uh... You look nice." while Cait sits down next to him and says "Yeah, I just took a shower. Come on, my Mom's waiting in the War Room and wants me to see one of her boring Meetings!" as she and Kyle walk through the Base Corridors passing several Coalition Soldiers and VTOL Warships while a young boy with dark brown hair and a Baseball Cap walks up to Cait carrying an SC-2010 Assault Rifle as he says "Hi, Cait! Haven't seen you around the Base in a couple weeks." as Cait responds "Hey there, Jacks. You and Killana alright?" as Jacks stops and looks at Killana Zoldyck (a Female Version of Killua Zoldyck) repairing a VTOL Mothership with a Welder inside the Engine Systems and then Jacks laughs and responds "Well, she took me on a Recon Mission yesterday and we, uh... Bonded after a couple hours." as he blushes slightly and Cait asks him "So what, you admit that you have a crush on her? Killana Zoldyck, a Hero Assassin?" and then Jacks laughs, saying "Y'know what, I think she has a crush on me too. I'll go get her and tell her to get to the War Room." as Cait teasingly tells him "Try to dress sharp if you're gonna ask her on a date!" as Jacks chuckles at the joke and Kyle asks "Who was that?" and Cait answers "Oh, that was Jackson Pearce, but... His friends just call him 'Jacks'. And that girl with the silver hair by that VTOL is Killana Zoldyck. Those two are really close, and they kinda have a crush on each other; I just think both of 'em are too embarrassed to admit it." and then Kyle asks "So, how's Jacks as a Soldier?" and Cait responds "Jacks is... Well, he's kind of a wee scrawny boy. But just because he's a 'wee bastard' as my Dad would call him as a joke, and he doesn't really look like much, doesn't mean he isn't a really good Soldier. Killana is like Jacks' 'guiding light', and she's basically his Mentor. They lead Assassinations, Infiltration and a few other Missions together, but Jacks' personal favorite is when he and Killana just go to Patrol across City Ruins so they can both have a few bonding moments." and Kyle laughs and says "Yeah, that's uh... Sounds like a Soldier does a lot around here." as he and Cait walk towards the War Room.

However, the game then switches over to show the text '5 Years Earlier - May 15th, 2009. Baltimore Survivor Camp, Maryland.' and shows a 6-year-old Kyle sitting down on a Weapons Crate inside the Camp while Mary Reese (his Mother) picks him up and says "Come on, Kyle. We're heading for the Docking Bay now!" as Kyle holds his Mother's hand and asks her "Mom, why do we have to leave?" and Mary responds to her son's question by saying "Your father says to keep moving. We can't just stay here, or else... The bad people are gonna find us." before Kyle looks at several Coalition Soldiers filling up Ammo Crates and storing them in Vehicles across the Hangar Bay, so then Mary picks up her son and sets him down on a Ammo Crate, instructing "Stay there and wait for your father, alright? If anybody comes here and asks for any Bullets, just give it to 'em." as she walks off to find Dennis Reese. After a few minutes of sitting around and playing with the Ammo Boxes, Kyle hears a Door open as an African-American girl who looks to be in her late teens enters the Weapons Room and sees Kyle, closing the Door as Kyle steps back nervously and the Girl tells him "Since when does the Coalition let little kids handle dangerous Rifles?" as Kyle stammers nervously, saying "S-sorry, I was just, um... I..." but then the Girl chuckles and says "Hey, relax. What are you doing here, little one?" as Kyle gives her the Rifle Magazine he was playing with, and the Girl responds "You know how to load an Assault Rifle, squirt?" as Kyle nods at her and smiles, so the Girl holds her M16A4 Assault Rifle up before saying "Here, give me a Mag." and then Kyle does as she instructs, fitting the Rifle Magazine into the M16A4, and the Girl asks "What's your name?" before Kyle answers with "Kyle... Kyle Reese. What's yours?" as the Girl responds "Clementine." and then Kyle looks at her and smiles, telling her "Clementine? That's a nice name." and Clementine says "Aw, thank you. So are you one of the Refugees from the West Coast or Midwest?" and then Kyle informs "Well, my parents have been talking about whether or not we should stay here... I think my Mom's convinced my Dad to stay here for a few more weeks." as Clementine laughs and says "Well, if your Dad's worried about the Armada... Tell him not to worry. Your Family is safe here, Kyle." as Kyle smiles at her as she loads her Assault Rifle with the Magazines which Kyle takes out and starts handing to her. As Clementine loads her M16A4 and then quickly swaps it out for an XM-LAR Assault Rifle (a Variant of the iconic FN-FAL often seen throughout the Eras of the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe), Kyle asks her "What's that gun? It looks awesome!" and then Clementine explains "It's an XM-LAR, the new Standard Issue that the Coalition gave out after the Battle of Chicago a couple years ago... I like to use this Prototype Variant, because it's more functional after a year of getting used to it. Plus I customized it with Scopes, Laser Sights and a few Underbarrel Launchers." and Kyle takes an Ammo Crate marked 'XM Bullets', and then asks her "Um... Whatever the state of the Coalition Government right now?" as Clementine looks at him with an impressed look and asks "You know about the Government? At 6 years old? Didn't exactly know kids took on Politics that young." as Kyle shrugs and responds "I'm less naive than my age lets on. I know the Armada assassinated the Secretary of Defense 5 years back, before they invaded the Midwest." and Clementine states "The Coalition doesn't have a Government anymore, Kyle... Not since the Hero Knights were granted Species Seperation from Humans during the Secession Act of 2005." as Kyle looks at her and asks "So, there's no Government? No Police, no Military or anything..?" and Clementine answers "Yep, people are allowed to live however they want without any Laws or Legislations coming their way... Some argue that The Villain Armada and the Multiverse Conflicts were a good change because the World Government died out and now there are no restrictions to Humanity... No control by men and women in fancy suits with their 'Words of Law' and their fucking decrees." as Kyle tells her "Swear." and Clementine laughs and says "Oh, sorry about that; Anyway, after the Armada has served its purpose and this Global Conflict is over... Mankind will be so crippled by the Destruction and billions Dead that they won't be able to repair or set up Governments to maintain their 'so-called Order' and then all of Humanity can live in true, unadulterated Freedom." and then Kyle says "So essentially the Armada is a means to Hero Knights ends? And the end is to eradicate every Government so Humanity can live in real Freedom?" as the Hero Knight teen nods in responds to the young boy and says "Governments were a symptom of Mankind's own weakness, lacking the Individualism and free will of the Mind from any form of Independence. The Armada seems to almost... Free Mankind from its own weakness by purging the main source of it." as Kyle keeps loading Clementine's XM-LAR and then hands it to her, with Clementine whispering in the boy's ear "Next time you and I meet, remember this little conversation. It could help you with a few... Philosophical outlooks." as she walks away from the boy, leaving Kyle in the Ammunitions Room with Mary walking back into the Room, before stopping Clementine from walking away and whispering something to her, before clutching her hand and hands her a Mysterious Card as Clementine nods after hearing what Mary says, which Kyle notices before putting the Ammo Magazines down and running to hug his Mother, and Mary says "Come on, Kyle. Your Dad says we need to leave..." as she picks her son up and holds him in her arms, glancing at Clementine one last time as the teenage girl puts a hand on Kyle's shoulder and says "See ya, Kyle. It was nice meeting you... Maybe we'll see each other again." and Kyle looks at his Mother, then back to Clementine as he says "You say that as if you're extremely confident it'll happen." and Clementine shrugs, saying "You never know... This 'Multiverse' works in mysterious ways." as she walks away into her Personal Quarters, closing the Security Door behind her and then sitting down at her Data Vault Computer, before saying "Don't you worry, Kyle... It's in motion." as she reaches into her pocket and takes out a Card with a black, Holographic Surface which then matches to Clementine's Fingerprint and reveals a shocking Hologram: The Symbol of The Villain Armada!

The game then switches to '6 Years Before This - November 3rd, 2017. Chicago Ruins, Illinois Line, Coalition Attack Squadron callsigned the 'Villain Slayers' led by Clementine Everett have been sent to intercept Armada Pathfinders in the City' as a 14-year-old Clementine (6 years before she meets Kyle and around 10 months before Cait's birth) as Clementine is seen sitting outside the Chicago Ruins Outskirts, and then taking out a Silenced FN-FAL Rifle (the predecessor to Clementine's XM-LAR, which itself is a Hybrid Weapon between the former Rifle and an M16A4 which Clementine also uses) and aiming the FN-FAL towards a nearby Farmhouse as Keith Riley holds her Assault Rifle and says "Not from this distance, Clem. We'll have to get closer... Follow me, and keep low!" as he crouches down and reaches into the pocket of his Villain Slayer Trench Coat (which Keith wears in every Series Installment, resembling Colonel Autumn from the game Fallout 3) and takes out a Magazine, fitting it into his Silenced M4A1 Carbine as he and Clementine both start to approach the Farmhouse through a small Shack, and then the two see 3 Armada Troops patrolling, with one saying "Peters and Williams, you two patrol over the Garden! I'm going back inside for a smoke." as Clementine remarks "Armada Troops and their distractions. Am I right?" and in response Keith chuckles and says "Alright, these wee bastards have no sodding idea we're coming, so let's take it nice and slow: Why don't you take the one on the left?" as Clementine aims at the Left Troop, as a conversation between the Soldiers can be heard: "Hey Peters, you heard? Ozone is making those old NV-4 Assault Rifles obsolete." as the Right Troop says "Really? Thank fucking Christ, only took him 5 years to phase out those pieces of shit-" but then Peters and Williams are both gunned down silently by Keith and Clementine, the latter saying "Tango down!" (Keith in this Mission is a reference to Captain MacMillan from Call of Duty 4, with both characters being Scottish and having similar lines) as he runs over towards the Farmhouse and tells Clementine "4 Tangos inside. Let them separate, and then move in!" as Clementine nods in response, and then after 2 Armada Troops exit the Farmhouse, Keith reaches into his Trench Coat and takes out a Combat Knife, nodding to Clementine as the girl stands up and fires her FN-FAL through the Window and hitting an Armada Troop who falls down and dies, with Keith grabbing the other and stabbing him in the throat, pulling the Soldier out to the ground and stabbing him several times while also holding the Soldier's mouth shut, quietly telling him "Shut up, you wanker. Just go to sleep... That's it." as he and Clementine look around the corner and gun down 2 more Armada Troops before running towards an Abandoned Church and gunning down the Lookout, which Keith comments on by saying "Nice shot, Clem... But there's still-" as he quickly snaps his M4A1 forward and fires at a patrolling Armada Troop and then smirks before saying "A Patrol comin' from the North." as Clementine playfully knocks him on the shoulder and says "Come on, we need to set up that Strike Beacon!" as the two enter the Church, looking around before climbing up into the Lookout Tower as Keith says "Command told us there's an Armada Tank Battalion coming in West of here. We should infiltrate one of the Tanks and set up the Strike Beacon inside of. Then it'll link up with the Main Armada Force in the City, the Beacon'll lock in and then..." and Clementine says "The Armada's grip on Chicago is utterly fucked." as Keith brings out a Map of the Chicago Ruins and says "Tank Battalion is about 6 hours out, Coalition Fleet is gonna be Wings-Up in 5... We should just wait in this Tower for now." as Clementine sets up a Sniper's Nest to suppress the Tank Battalion if necessary and looks at Keith. Clementine then stops setting up her Sniper Nest and goes over to Keith, hugging him tightly as Keith wraps his arms around her after a few seconds and says "You still stressed about this Mission, Clem? You need me for comfort?" as Clementine responds "Just shut up while you hug me, huh?" and then Keith reassures her by saying "I know you're stressed, and I know that this Mission is going to be extremely hard. But you and I are an amazing Team, right? All we need to do is infiltrate the Tank Battalion and get that Beacon set up." as Clementine runs her hand up to Keith's neck and holds his face, before giving him a kiss on the lips and briefly pulling away, but then quickly kisses him again and this time in a much longer and more passionate way as Keith holds Clementine so close to him that their chests touch, which causes them both to blush red as Keith stops and tells her "Clem, I'll just... Set up a Camp for us, alright?" as Clementine smirks and says "Get some Sleeping Bags. You'll fucking need them!" as Keith turns around and blushes a dark crimson before asking "W-wait, what? Did you just-" and then Clementine nods in response before telling him "Yeah, I just made a move on you. Now are you gonna make one on me..?" as Keith responds "Oh, I've got 6 hours to make a move on you, Clem." as he looks at a Rucksack he put in the Lookout Tower and smiles at Clementine, before kissing her again and finally asking "Are you sure about this?" as Clementine responds by removing Keith's Trench Coat and tossing it to the floor, before unbuckling her belt and saying "I'm absolutely fucking sure, Keith." as she kisses him on the lips again, and then after a long kiss she starts moving down to his neck as Keith wraps his arms around Clementine's waist and begins lifting up her shirt, taking it off and leaving Clementine with only a bra and jeans on as Clementine takes off Keith's pants. A couple minutes later, Keith is seen lying down on a couple Sleeping Bags as he keeps his constant lock with Clementine's body, the girl starting to moan in pleasure as she sways her head back and Keith starts kissing her on the neck, practically sucking on her throat as he rubs her bare breasts with his hands as Clementine starts grinding against him as Keith starts to do the same alongside her, also moaning in pleasure and briefly sitting up before Clementine shoves him back down into a lying position as the two stop briefly, panting and sweating against each other as Keith moves upwards slightly, with Clementine letting out a small groan as Keith stops moving and says "Oh shite, sorry! Did I... Hurt you?"'as Clementine smiles after a few seconds and says "No, Keith. You're actually real good." as Keith whispers to her "Thanks for the compliment. So should I keep going?" as Clementine kisses him on the lips and starts grinding again, causing Keith to moan in pleasure as he keeps going, with Clementine touching up against him extremely hard as the screen turns to black.

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