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Terrordrome was originally a fan made PC Game starring 14 legendary horror movie characters, including a few heroic ones. Hellrazers Pinhead is the main villen in most of the characters stories in the game's story mode, coming after Freddy Krueger for escaping heil, Dr. West for bringing back the dead, Ash Williams for teaming up with West in order to defeat him and the other Cinobites, Candyman ( temporarily ) for joining forces with Freddy Krueger in order to kill Pinhead , Pumpkinhead for being summoned by Ash and Dr. West to help them kill all the Cinobites and The Tallman with plans to concur the Cinobites dimension. The game is similar to Mortal Kombat,Injustice : God's Among Us, Street Fighter and Killer Instinct; the game ( this version ) is now for the PlayStation Four and X-Box One. The figthers battle one another for supremacy, power and world domination; or in the case of Ash Williams and Dr. West, justice and to be safe from their enemies.

Playable CharactersEdit

Here's a list of all the fighters in Terrordrome!
Name : Freddy Krueger Movie : A Nightmare On Elm Street Alternate Costume : New Nightmare
Jason Voorhees Friday The 13th Jason X
Pinhead Heilrazer Revelations
Mickle Myers Halloween Sequel Remake
Candyman Candyman ?
Leatherface The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) The Beginning
Chucky Child's Play Classic Chucky
Classic Jason Friday The 13th Chucky Jason
Ghostface Scream Scarecrow, Shrieking Soul and female Ghostface
Pumpkinhead Pumpkinhead Winged Vengeance
Tallman Phantasum ?
Maniac Cop Maniac Cop 2nd Uniform
Ash Williams The Evil Dead Trilogy S-Mart Employee
Dr. Herbert West The Re-Animator Lab Student
Lubdan The Leprechaun In Space
Tiffany Bride Of Chucky Doll Bride
Onryu The Grudge Kimodo
Scorpion Mortal Kombat game's Classic
Imotep The Mummy Undead
T-850 The Terminator Movies Genesis

== Notes ==

Tiffany and Chucky are two of the only four that share the same Stage Arena (S-Mart),followed by Classic Jason Voorhees and Undead Jason Voorhees (Camp Crystal Lake).
Lubdan,Tiffany,The Grudge girl,Scorpion,The Mummy and The Terminator are the only new characters that were added to the PlayStation Four and X-Box One versions.
Unlike in their original movies storylines, Maniac Cop,Leatherface, Grudge girl Pumpkinhead and four kids as the new Ghostface are on the same side as Ash and Dr. West, but still classified as Nuteral characters while The T-850,Scorpion, Ash and Dr. West are both labled as Good.
Because of each characters story mode in the game, Pinhead is considered the main ( and sometimes final ) boss of Terrordrome.
Scorpion and the T-850 Terminator are the only guest characters in the game, which is why they are not apart of the game's official story mode starring all of the fighters which is similar to the story modes of other game's such as Mortal Kombat X and Injustice : God's Among Us pt one.

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