The Baby Huey Game
The Baby Huey Game Box Art 2
Box Art (Bandai Revolution)
Developer BlueSky Software (Bandai Extreme only)
Imagineering, Inc.
Publisher THQ
Platform Bandai Extreme
Bandai Revolution
Bandai PocketTurbo Plus
Genre Platform
Modes 1 Player
Ratings K-A for Kids To Adults

The Baby Huey Game is a platform game based on the 1994 animated series "The Baby Huey Show" developed by BlueSky Software (Bandai Extreme only) and Imagineering, Inc., and published by THQ for the Bandai Extreme, Bandai Revolution, and Bandai PocketTurbo Plus. Each version of the game is different from eachother.

Bandai Extreme versionEdit

You play as the main character Baby Huey, who has a bottom stomp attack to kill enemies and a unlimited supply of random items he throws at enemies and bosses. You can also run by simply holding the A button. The only 3 items in the game are baby bottles which will refill your lifebar, a super bottle which will make Huey invinclible for a short time, and Baby Huey heads which gives you an extra life. There are only 5 levels in the game: The Neighborhood, Space Ship, Downtown, The Haunted House, and The Fox Hole. And each level ends with a battle against Baby Huey's antagonists from the show, including a robber (from ep. 2: "A Dog Days Night?"), an alien (from ep. 5: "Alien Abducktion"), a bully (from ep. 9: "The Bully Fighter"), a green boogeyman (from ep. 11: "The Boogeyman"), and the fox.

Bandai Revolution and PocketTurbo Plus versionEdit

This version is different being more of a level memorization kind of game, but has the same controls as the Bandai Extreme version. You use baby bottles to throw at enemes and bosses instead, but are limited and you need to collect more bottles that a place in each level. Getting random food will refill your lifebar. Another difference is that the game lacks on running, and you can only gain speed on a steep slope. And the boss battles attack differently with pattens you have to follow in order to defeat them.

Box ArtEdit

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