The Bronze Ranger and Platinum Ranger are the two Extra Rangers of Power Rangers Captain Force, and not only are they a married teenage couple, they are the only ones who get to use the Legendary Extra Ranger Key's.

Brian and Brianna Stone's Legendary Ranger Key's!Edit

Here's a list of all of their Legendary Ranger Key's!
Brian Stone Brianna Stone
SPD Shadow Ranger SPD Kat Ranger
Mystic Force Wolf Warrior Mystic Force White Ranger
Jungle Fury Lion Warrior Jungle Fury Chameleon Warrior
Operation Overdrive Sentinel Knight Girl Red Samurai Ranger
Captain Force Bronze Ranger( Main) Captain Force Platinum Ranger (Main)


Weapons, Morphers, Zords, Megazord and Enhancement Mode!
Brian Stone Brianna Stone
Ultra Morpher Ultra Morpher
Captain Sword Blaster Captain Sword Blaster
Bronze Battleship CaptainZord Platinum SemiTruck Captainzord
Commodore Megazord Commodore Megazord
Ultra Mode Ultra Mode


These two are American exclusive Rangers in Saban's Power Rangers Captain Force : The Game, and are voiced by Toby McGuire and Kerstin Dunts, who are better known as Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson from the original Spiderman Trilogy.

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