Common Defense Pact
Symbol of the CDP
Area(s) Served Global
Headquarters Unknown
Number of Members 900,950
Current Leader Simon Riley
Notable Members Iron Man (Martyr)
Black Widow
Mr. Fantastic
The Thing
First Appearance HeroFall (as the Justice Fleet)
Latest Appearance HeroFall: Dark Ops
The Common Defense Pact, formerly the Justice Fleet, is the main antagonistic faction of the HeroFall Series, starting from HeroFall, HeroFall: The Rogue Heroes and HeroFall: Dark Ops. They are mostly made up of former Heroes who supported the Hero Registration Act, led by Tony Stark (Iron Man).

After the Battle of Chicago and Iron Man's death, the Justice Fleet went into hiding and later had a massive battle with the Sentinel Task Force in Detroit. After hours of destruction and death, the Justice Fleet was ultimately defeated and both sides took different names: the Fleet turned into the Common Defense Pact, while their good counterparts (Sentinel Task Force) became The Winslow Accord.

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