The Highly Crazy Adventures of Tom & Frank is an American animated television series which is similar to classic Nickelodeon shows like Ren & Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life. It also features several unrelated sketches and shorts, similar to The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show.


If you wanna see the list of episodes, go to here.----->The Highly Crazy Adventures of Tom & Frank/List of Episodes.


Tom & Frank SegmentsEdit

  • Tom Louis Sticky (voiced by Lee Tockar)-A friendly, yet dim-witted red stick figure.
  • Frank Johnny Sticky (voiced by Tom Kenny)-A smart blue stick figure.
  • Terrence (voiced by Charlie Sheen)-A clueless nerd.
  • Old Man Bill (voiced by Ed Asner)-A cranky old man.

James Ronald & Mike Martini Play SegmentsEdit

  • James Ronald (voiced by James Arnold Taylor)-A parody of James Rolfe.
  • Mike Martini (voiced by Jeff Bennett)-A parody of Mike Matei.

Video GamesEdit

There are also video games based on this show.

More info coming soon.....

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