The MkShinx Game is a video game made by MkShinx.


Virtual House ModeEdit

In The Madi Shinx Game for the 3DS, and the Nintendo Switch, there is a virtual house mode, that you can see Madi's awesome house in! You can move the Circle Pad (3DS) or the + pad (Wii U) to go into different rooms. If you go into the living room, you can watch clips from The MkShinx Show! If you go into the kitchen, you can cook and eat food. Go into the bathroom to take a shower and take a dump in the toilet (because baths waste so much water, that was against the law). Go into the bedroom to sleep and play some mini games. Look in the attics for rare stuff we never got to see years ago!

Adventure ModeEdit

The game is a Crash Bandicoot-ish game, except people can choose a character.

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