This article is about the Cosmic Multiverse. For the Physical Location, see Multiversal Forest.

The Multiverse
No Image Available
Greater Location None
Capital None
Current Ruler N/A
Population Infinite
Environment Galaxy-like Cosmos
First Appearance Incredibles: Underminer's Uprising
Latest Appearance War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead

The Multiverse is the prime setting and location of the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, and is mentioned several times in the Extended Universe and is also set to appear in the Stand-Alone Universe. It is a massive, Galaxy-like Cosmos that spans an infinite amount of different versions of Earth, known as Infinite Earths or Realities. All of these Realities have several similarities with some differences, and are identified by numbers (such as Earth-23000, Earth-135 and Earth-650).

The most common event within every Reality in the Multiverse is the War Against the Villain Armada, a massive War across hundreds of Dimensions where two Factions, The Hero Coalition and The Villain Armada, are trying to fight for their control over these Realities, causing a total of billions dead (once you add it up from all 1 billion dead in each Reality).

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