The Plumber and Princess (Der Klempner und Prinzessin)
Developer Spiel-Spielzeug
Publisher Spiel-Spielzeug
Platform GameCircle Elite
Genre Platformer
Release June 16, 2012
Modes Singleplayer
Media Digital download

The Plumber and Princess (known as Der Klempner und Prinzessin in Germany) is a 2012 video game by Spiel-Spielzeug.


The objective is extremely similar to 1985's Super Mario Bros., in which players have to find a princess. There are 12 levels.

Removal from GameCircle Elite StoreEdit

In 2014, due to the fact that Apple Entertainment sued Spiel-Spielzeug, all of their titles on the GameCircle 6 and GameCircle Elite, including this game, were removed from the GameCircle Online store.

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