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The Sims Continuity
Developer MasGaling Studios
Publisher Electronic Arts
Platform Windows
Mac OS X
Windows Phone
Windows RT
Windows Store
Genre Life simulation
Release NA 20170903September 3, 2017
EU 20170904September 4, 2017
JP 20170905September 5, 2017
AUS 20170906September 6, 2017
Modes Single-player
  • ACB: PG </li>
  • CERO: B </li>
  • ESRB: T </li>
  • PEGI: 12 </li></li>
  • Media Optical disc, download
    Series The Sims
    Predecessor The Sims 4
    The Sims Continuity is a video game developed by MasGaling Studios and published by Electronic Arts for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Windows RT.

    Development Edit

    MasGaling Studios wanted a The Sims game that shows the main series' storyline without EA's messing ups.

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