The Villain Armada
Logo Seen on Troop Shoulder Patches
Area(s) Served Global (in hiding)
Headquarters Der Riese Facility, Breslau, Germany (abandoned)
Number of Members 890,000,000
Current Leader Ludvig Maxis (founder)
First Appearance Incredibles: Multiverse Origins
Latest Appearance Call Of The Watch Dogs: Future Shock

The Villain Armada is the main antagonist faction of the Incredibles: Multiverse Wars Series, and a pivotal player in Call Of The Watch Dogs: Future Shock. This faction comprises of the greatest Villains in gaming history, from The Incredibles, Walking Dead, Watch Dogs and Call of Duty.

Nobody has ever been to the world where the Armada comes from, known only as Earth-15000. The history of the Villain Armada remains a mystery, but it is known that it was founded by Nazi Survivors of World War II after the Battle of Berlin on April 30th, 1945. It has millions upon millions of members, who are all extremely evil people of different nationalities such as: German, Japanese, British, and even American. It is led by Ozone.

Founding (1946, Der Riese) Edit

End of The Nazi Empire (April 30th, 1945) Edit

"This War is ending. The Nazi Empire is crumbling beneath our feet as the Russian Army has broken the Seelow Line. Now, nothing stands between the Allied Forces and our glorious capital of Berlin. But, I have a back-up plan..."

- Ludvig Maxis in an Audio Log dated April 27th, 1945

The Armada originally was considered as a proposal to Adolf Hitler by Ludvig Maxis, a Nazi Research Divison scientist who is the future founder of the Armada.

During the Battle of Berlin, Maxis was evacuated from the city as the Russian Tanks, Planes and thousands of Russian Soldiers marched into the city, destroying buildings which then toppled into the streets. After 16 hours of bullets flying, missiles being fired, blood and corpses filling the streets and explosions going off everywhere, tye Nazi Forces surrendered after Viktor Reznov led an army into the Reichstag Building, killing every Nazi Soldier inside the building and then cutting down the Nazi Flag, and the Russian Flag flew over Berlin.

Adolf Hitler was confirmed dead on May 1st, 1945. With the Nazi Empire now destroyed and Europe in a state of relief, but also in ruin, the world was saved as the Axis Powers surrendered to the newly-formed United Nations.

Maxis' Leadership (Der Riese, Breslau, Germany: Early 1946) Edit

After almost a whole year in secret hiding, Maxis stood up at the Der Riese Facility in Breslau, Germany and founded the Villain Armada, a faction that would eventually be known as one of the deadliest and largest Military Forces in the then-undiscovered Multiverse.

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