Walking Dead: Dead Earth
Teaser Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Wii U
Genre Third-Person Shooter
Release November 17th, 2018
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: R18+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe
Walking Dead Crossover Series
Predecessor The Walking Dead: Death Armada (Chronologically)
Successor The Walking Dead: Mankind Falls
"The War is Not of This World!"

- Tagline

The Walking Dead: Dead Earth is a newly confirmed Installment of the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, and a new game in the Walking Dead Crossover Series. Taking place after the events of the original The Walking Dead: Season 2 Game from 2013-2014, this new game will detail a Spin-off of events during the War Against the Villain Armada, and now Players will step into the shoes of Dashiell 'Dash' Parr as he arrives on Earth-TRN160, the Reality where Clementine Everett was born... And a Reality crippled by the Global Outbreak! The game is set for release in 2018 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC/Mac and Wii U.

Cast Edit

  • Dashiell Pledger-Levine as Dashiell Parr (Earth-680)
  • Melissa Hutchison as Clementine Everett (Earth-TRK160)
  • Bryant Prince as Kyle Reese
  • Eli Mauve as Alvin Jr./AJ
  • Brandon Martinez as James Fairbanks
  • Wyatt Ralff as Alex Fairbanks
  • Nicholas Bode as Jackson Pearce
  • Ian Etheridge as Jack Johnson Parr
  • Jason Clarke as John Connor
  • Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor
  • Craig Fairbrass as Simon 'Ghost' Riley
  • Kevin McKidd as John 'Soap' MacTavish
  • Bill Murray as Jonathan Price
  • Gavin Hammon as Kenny (Reused Dialogue)
  • Christine Lakin as Jane (Reused Dialogue)
  • Adam Driver as James Carver

Series Continuity Edit

There has been various speculation of where and when this new Crossover takes place. However, Ubisoft-Pixar Director, Alex Amancio, confirmed that the game takes place during the War Against the Villain Armada in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, and also takes place after the events of the Original The Walking Dead: Season 2. He also stated that the game takes place after Ending #2 of the Season 2 Game, where both Jane and Kenny are killed during the Final Battle after Kenny stabbed Jane in the chest with a Knife, and Clementine shot Kenny in the head and killed him. The game will begin with Clementine and the infant, AJ, confronting a Walker Horde on a Hilltop.

Plot Edit

Prologue: A Dead Reality Edit

The game starts showing a blank screen, and then the sounds of a Snowstorm are heard alongside the sound of yelling: "This is all your fucking fault!" and "How could you kill a fucking child?!" as Clementine Everett (the Series Protagonist) is seen getting knocked back into the snow as she sees her 2 fellow Survivors, Kenny and Jane (characters from the original The Walking Dead: Season 2), fighting and smashing each other through a Road Sign. As Clementine struggles to get up due to a gunshot wound in her shoulder, Kenny gains an advantage over Jane and grabs a Combat Knife, saying "I'll fucking kill you!!" as he tries to stab Jane in the chest. However, after a couple minutes, a gunshot is heard coming from a Glock 17 Pistol as Kenny is hit in the stomach and then falls to the ground in a pool of his own blood, and then Jane looks to the source of the shot and sees Clementine sitting up and holding a Glock 17 Pistol, crying and shaking after being forced to kill the man who was in her Original Group. Clementine then walks over to Jane, who holds out her hand for Clementine to help her up, but the grief-striken girl responds by aiming her Pistol at Jane and shooting her in the head, blowing her Brains out and killing her after Kenny briefly looks at her weakly, then utters his last words: "T-thank you... Clementine." as he dies from blood loss, and then Clementine stands over both dead bodies while crying. However, she hears a baby crying in the distance and then runs over to the source, before seeing Alvin Jr./AJ (an infant born during the events of Season 2) inside an Abandoned Truck, saying "Oh, my God... AJ!" as she opens the Truck and holds the young infant in her arms, crying in relief and saying "Shhh... There you go, AJ. It's gonna be okay... Everything is gonna be alright." as she looks at the nearby Rest Stop where Kenny and Jane fought, and then walks away as the game switches to black and shows the title 'The Walking Dead: Dead Earth'.

The game then switches to '9 Days Later' as Clementine is seen walking through the Outskirts of North Carolina, and holding AJ in her arms as she sees a giant Walker Horde in front of her containing hundreds of Walkers (Zombies, for those who haven't watched/played The Walking Dead), and Clementine sees a dead Walker and stabs it with her Combat Hatchet, before rubbing the Blood Camouflage all over herself and AJ to conceal the two from the Walker Horde. Clementine then starts to walk towards the Horde fearlessly and holds AJ protectively, and after a few minutes of walking through the Horde, she sees so,ething that shocks her: A gigantic Portal manifesting in the Sky, which blasts out a massive Armada Dropship and a V2 Osprey, which explodes and blasts dozens of the Walkers back, and then Clementine turns around and takes out an MP5K Submachine Gun, shooting several approaching Walkers as AJ is heard crying, and even more Walkers approach. However, a Frag Grenade is then thrown into the Walker group on the left, blasting them back several times as Clementine turns towards the crashed Dropship and sees a young, blonde-haired boy shooting at the Walkers with an XSOM-15 Sentry Turret, and he yells "Get in the Ship, now!!" as Clementine runs into the Armada Dropship and closes the Automatic Boarding Hatch behind her, and several explosions are heard as the young blonde boy jumps down to Clementine and looks at her for a few seconds in shock. As Clementine looks back at him, the boy says "No fucking way... Clementine?" and Clementine aims her SMG at him, asking "H-how do you know my name?" as she sees another boy, a Native-American boy, aiming a Drakon Sniper at her, and then the blonde boy says "James, keep your fucking trigger-finger under control! Recognize this girl?" and Clementine lowers her gun, along with James Fairbanks (a character from The Walking Dead: Michonne). After lowering their Weapons and becoming safe from the Walkers, Clementine looks at the two and asks "Alright, I have 3 fucking questions right now: Who are you? What the Hell just happened?.. And how do you know my name?" and the young blonde boy nods to James, who jumps down from the Dropship Balcony as he says "My name is James Fairbanks, I'm a Hero Knight from Earth-780. This is Dashiell Parr, the Leader of my Squad and we're both members of The Hero Coalition, fighting against The Villain Armada in a Global Conflict we call the War Against the Villain Armada." as Clementine, being given all of this information, starts having Dimensional Memories of the information such as: The Great Invasion of Earth-135, Battle of Metroville, the Death of Ozone during the Battle of Washington DC and several more Memories featuring herself, James, Dash and Kyle Reese fighting against the Armada as the Hero Squad called the Villain Slayers.

After seeing several of the Memories (which start off as vague, but become clear over time), Clementine drops to her knees as Dash explains to her "You're feeling a lot of pain right now, but that's normal. These Memories are going to become clear soon, and you'll know what we're talking about. Right now, we have to find a way outta here. James, go and get your brother! And tell Alex, we've found her..." as James nods in response and runs through the Dropship. Clementine then stands up and asks "W-who are you? I see you in these Memories, but it feels like I'm not even there." and Dash hears the Walkers outside, and then the Dropship Hatch is blasted down as Dash says "Grab AJ, we have to move!" and then he and Clementine start shooting at several Walkers, and then James grabs a XM-53 Missile Launcher and fires it at the Walkers, killing several of them as even more Walkers approach, and then echoing bullets and explosions are heard as Clementine experiences even more Memories, which enter her Brain in droves as her Memories of the War Against the Villain Armada and experiences on her own Reality both mix together as Walker growls and gunshots are heard, alongside explosions as Clementine drops to her knees, then Dash picks up AJ while firing at Walkers alongside James, and the screen turns to black.

Act I-III (Main Missions, 2 Years Later) Edit

The game then switches to 2 years later, showing the desolate and destroyed City of Chicago in Illinois as thousands of Walkers lie dead in the Streets and dozens of others walk the Streets, and then the rare sight of a U.S. Military Helicopter is seen. In the Chicago Outskirts, a small Deer is seen in the Woods as a Sniper shot is heard, and the Deer is shot in the stomach and dies as it falls to the ground, and then Dash and Clementine are seen crouching near an Overpass as Dash says "Nice shot, Clem. You've become a natural with those Snipers, just like on Earth-680!" and Clementine grabs the dead Deer, then asks "So, uh... On Earth-680, what was I like? I mean, I have all the Memories now, but I just can't piece it together." as the two walk towards an Abandoned Military Outpost that their Survivor Group is staying in. Dash then sighs and says "You were, well... Tough, and a strong fighter, an amazing Soldier. Back in the War Against the Villain Armada, every Hero Knight under your Command idolized you. Especially James." and then Clementine blushes slightly, asking "J-James Fairbanks? You mean he and I were on the same Squad?" and Dash responds "Yeah, you two were always side-by-side, and I could see why. James' little brother, Alex, always used to ask him about you as well and he said he wanted to become a Hero Knight when he was older. You know the full Story by now, right?" and Clementine keeps dragging the Deer towards the Military Outpost, saying "In a nutshell? The Hero Coalition defend The Multiverse, and The Villain Armada has invaded dozens of Realities while trying to destroy and take them over. And our Dimensions somehow collided and we joined Forces to destroy the Armada Invasion. But then your Dropship came here, somehow and 2 years later we're just Survivors in a Post-Apocalypse World." and Dash shrugs, then nods in response as the two reach the Outpost.

A few hours later, all of the Survivors are seen sitting around a fire inside the Abandoned Outpost, eating pieces of the Deer that Dash and Clementine killed earlier. After a few minutes, James says "So, Clementine... You have all the Memories in your head now, right?" and Clementine nods in response as she keeps eating, and then Alex says "Hey, Clem: Once on Earth-680, I asked James why he stuck around with your Counterpart so much." and James looks at him, saying "Alex, shut up." but Clementine asks "Really? And what did he say?" and Alex laughs, saying "He said it was because he had a crush on you." and then James' face goes red embarassment, and he yells "Alex!!" and Clementine laughs slightly, before continuing to eat the cooked Deer meat. After a few minutes of silence, Clementine looks at James and says "James, can we... Talk for a few minutes, in private?" as James looks back at her nervously, and then answers with "Uh... Sure." as the two get up, and then walk into the Crews Quarters as Dash and Alex look at each other, then say "Uh-oh." in unison. In the Crew Quarters, Clementine walks into a Room with James as they start loading several SMGs and Assault Rifles, and James says "Clem, what Alex said in there... He was only kidding, y'know." and Clementine teasingly responds "Aw, so you don't have a crush on me?" and James says "N-no, I... I do, I just... I didn't want to tell you, because of all the Memories you were having. Those Memories you have... Are there any of me?" and Clementine responds by putting a hand in his shoulder, saying "There's a lot of them, James. I know how close you were to me on Earth-680, and I know that this is probably a big change you've adapted to after 2 years. So, I do remember everything about you now. I remember everyone else too: Dash, Alex, Aidan Reese, Jack Walker. Come to think of it, I guess I was the only girl on the Squad." as James laughs, saying "No, there were others. Carley, Jane, Lilly... You remember them all, right?" and then Clementine looks away from him after being reminded of her dead Survivors, before sitting down on a nearby Bed and starting to cry slightly. James then sits down next to her, putting a hand on her shoulder trying to comfort her and saying "I... Sorry, Clem, I should've known." and Clementine leans her head on his shoulder, saying "No, it's alright. You don't have to apologize." as James nervously wraps his arm around Clementine's back, and the girl holds his cheek and eyes him. As the two look into each other's eyes, Clementine kisses James on the lips and then wraps her arms around him, and the two lie down in the Crews Quarters as James says "Wait, Clem... You sure you wanna do this? I mean, what with having to take care of AJ and balancing this Squad." and Clementine responds "Dash can take care of AJ, and this Squad can balance itself." as she kisses him again.

The game then switches to a couple hours later as Clementine walks through the Base, looking through several Computers for Intel on the War Against the Villain Armada, which may have been left on this Reality by either Faction. After reaching a Computer Terminal which is locked by a complex Password System, Clementine hears a voice say "Need some help? I can bypass that Computer." as she turns to see Alex standing in the Doorway, and then says "I seriously doubt that you, a 9-year-old, could actually hack into this. This is like, CIA fucking Security right here." and Alex shrugs, then says "I'm not 9 on Earth-680. I'm 12 in that Timeline." and then he walks over and starts Hacking the Computer, rapidly hitting the Password Code among the Binary Codes, and Clementine looks at him with an impressed expression. Alex then finally manages to Hack into the Outpost System, saying "We've been trying to figure out this Password for weeks now, that's why we've been camping out here. And I did learn from the best on Eath-680, AKA you, so... I'm inside." and then the Computer shows a Villain Armada Symbol, and then Alex clicks a link on the Computer that says 'Outpost Door Control' and then the entire Military Outpost starts transforming, and then Dash zooms into the Control Room followed by James and asks "What in the actual fucking fuck did you guys do?!" and then Clementine points at Alex and says "Totally his fault! I didn't even touch the Computer!" and Alex says "I think we might have just found an Armada Facility..?" and then the Control Room Floor starts going down in an Elevator-style way, and then the Heroes all find themselves in an Armada Bunker, which contains dozens of Intel Computers, usable Weapons and even a hoisted Armada Carrier Ship, which is extensively damaged.

As the entire Squad looks around in shock at the Armada Bunker, which was hidden right under them the entire time, the massive Computer Screen turns on and then multiple voices are heard being distorted by the Computer, but then a Video Message of Ozone (Leader of The Villain Armada) is shown in front of the Heroes, and he says "Heroes of Earth-TRK160, if you're seeing this Message... Then congratulations, you have found my Secret Bunker and the War Against the Villain Armada has been finished in your Victory. But there is more to it than just a Victory, for Villains can never die and my Legacy will continue on: In all of you. You are all perhaps my greatest assets!" as the game shows a Flashback to Earth-680, where Kyle Reese is seen walking through the Coalition Base before taking a Data Recovery Module and attaching it to a Computer Terminal, which he begins stealing the Documents from. Kyle then walks over to the abandoned Howe's Hardware Building (the Base of Carver's Group in the original Walking Dead: Season 2) as he walks over the dead corpses of several Walkers and Armada Troops, before seeing the dead and smashed body of William Carver as he walks through the Building to find Intel. The Flashback then shows Ozone with Carver, with Ozone's Projection on the Computer saying "Without Clementine or Carver, my work and machinations over the last several years would not have been possible." and then it shows another Flashback of Rebecca giving birth to Alvin Jr. and then Carver showing a picture of Rebecca to Ozone, saying "One of Clementine's allies, her name's Rebecca. She'll be perfect!" and then it switches back to a scene in Season 2, showing Clementine approaching Carver's Office in Howe's Hardware. Inside the Office, Carver tells a pregnant Rebecca "You need to make a choice, to end the War Against the Villain Armada: Either you hand over this baby, or this Reality succumbs to both the Walkers and the Armada. Make your choice, Rebecca... Clock's ticking!" and Rebecca looks at him in tears, then nods in response as Carver puts a hand on her shoulder, then says "Clementine and the others cannot know. I have something else in mind, a group of Heroes who will come here in 2 years to help your Group. Or what's left of it!" as the game shows the Coalition Dropship containing the Villain Slayers falling to Earth-TRK160. After the Dropship crashes, the game switches to Kyle again as he is seen walking through the crashed Dropship as Clementine, James, Alex and Dash all protect AJ from the Walker Horde, and Kyle goes up to a Computer and contacts Ozone, saying "The Heroes are alive, and Clementine has the 'Package'. What do you need me to do now?" and Ozone instructs him by saying "Follow them, and when the time is right... Strike out at them, in the Military Outpost!" as Clementine is seen fighting Walkers, alongside the other Heroes. Back in the Present Day, Ozone finishes his message by saying "That all being said, I have 1 last request: Watch over the infant. And should anything happen to him... I want one of you to act immediately on my behalf, and in return for that, I will keep no more secrets from any of you. This War takes many forms, and consumes many Realities... But there will always be different ways to fight a Global War!" as the growling of dozens of Walkers are heard from the massive Entrance Door near the Bunker, and then Clementine sees Dash holding AJ and says "Do what he says, protect AJ!" and Dash looks at her, saying "You're not gonna believe him, are you-" and then the massive Horde of Walkers burst through the Door in a small explosion, and Ozone announces "Alex, James, Dash, Clementine... Kyle, I want to play a Game!" (that was a reference to the Saw Franchise, for those who don't know) as the Heroes stand against the Walker Horde, aiming their Assault Rifles and SMGs at the Undead.

The Squad then aims their Weapons and start firing relentlessly at the Walker Horde, killing several of the Undead in various ways such as Assault Rifles and SMGs, Knives and even Hand-to-Hand Combat as even more Walkers charge in and surround the Squad, with James smashing through various Walkers alongside Clementine, while Alex tosses a Frag Grenade at the Computer which explodes and blasts dozens of Walkers away and then the explosion spreads to the Armada Carrier Ship, which loosens from its Hoists and then smashes down on to the Platform the Squad is standing on, and then Dash is blasted back as AJ falls besides him, and the 2-year-old infant screams as Clementine yells "No!!" as the Platform that Dash and AJ are on starts collapsing on their side, but Alex dives in and grabs Alvin Jr. just in time, but then Dash falls down as Alex tries to catch him, falling to the dark depths as Clementine looks in shock, but then grabs an M16A4 Assault Rifle and guns down 5 more Walkers approaching Alex, who straps AJ around him and holding an MP5K SMG as he also kills the Walkers. James then stabs several Walkers with his Machete, and then grabs a discarded pair of old Gravity Spikes and slams it down to the Horde, blasting back and killing dozens of Walkers as he says "Alex, Clem... Get outta here now! More Walkers are coming in..!" as he opens an Automatic Door to the Military Outpost above ground. However, an explosion then hits from the Doorway, knocking everyone back as even more Walkers approach, only to be hit by a wave of Nova-X Toxin (which only kills Undead beings, not Humans) and all of the Walkers fall to the ground and deteriorate as Clementine sees Alex and James unconscious, hearing AJ crying as she loses consciousness also.

The game then switches to several hours later as Clementine wakes up and then sees that she is inside a Bathroom-looking Room, and then she sees James lying on the opposite side of the Bathroom alongside the dead body of who appears to be Jonathan Price in the middle of the Room, with a MP12-REX Revolver and a pool of blood next to him. Clementine then starts to get up after a brief struggle, and then sees that her leg is chained to a Pipe as James also wakes up, saying "Oh, God... My head. Clem, where the fuck are we?" and Clementine looks around at the Bathroom, and then responds with "We have to get outta here, James! AJ and Alex are both in danger, and nobody knows where they are." as James finds a small Audio Log nearby, and he plays it as Ozone's voice is heard, as he says "Hello James, and Clementine. Right now, you're probably wondering where you are... Well, you could be in the Room you both die in! You see, this is an old Armada Facility which extends far beyond the Room you're in now, and I have several Trials for you to complete. There are dozens of Armada Troops stationed throughout this Facility, all of them watching your every move, and you must be briefed on your next... 'Mission', if you will: Alex is within the Facility also, alongside several Hero Knights who served alongside you during the Multiversal War, but there is of course a catch: You both decide who lives, and who dies. So, free yourselves from this first Room, and the Trials will begin!" and the Audio Log ends, with James and Clementine looking in shock. James then says "I woke up, and I had this thing on me." as he shows her an MPX-12 Revolver, and she says "Looks like the Bullets will be strong enough to cut through these Chains." and Clementine nods in response as James aims the Revolver at the Chain binding his foot to the Pipes in the Room. James then fires, destroying the Chain as he walks over to Clementine and destroys her Chain also, then points at the dead body of Price and says "Grab the Revolver, it's time to get the fuck outta here to find Alex and AJ." as the two run out of the Bathroom and into the Main Hallways of the Armada Outpost, where they see dozens of dead Armada and Coalition Soldiers in pools of blood and intestines.

Meanwhile, in another part of the Outpost, Alex wakes up inside a Control Room with his hands chained to a chair, and something even more terrifying: A Robotic Device strapped to his jaw and face, with a Medieval-like look. Looking around in shock as he sees the Device, and then a Video Message activates next to him, showing Ozone as he says "Hello, Alex... I always knew that your time as a Hero Knight would bring us both here. As of this very moment, you are inside an Armada Outpost which may in fact be the last place you set foot in at this life! There is a Device strapped to your head that will activate once this Message is complete: After that, you have 60 seconds to find the Access Key and free yourself, and the Key... Is inside the stomach of your dead Squadmate!" as Alex looks to see the dead body of John 'Soap' MacTavish on the floor. Ozone then says "However, if the Timer runs out, then your jaw will be permanently ripped open! Think of this Device as a... Reverse Bear Trap!" (yeah, I went there!) and then Alex screams in terror, and then grabs a nearby Combat Knife and hesitates to stab Soap (who is actually regaining consciousness), but then as the Timer reaches 30 seconds, Alex starts brutally stabbing Soap and reaches into his intestines. Alex then reaches the Unlock Key and then uses it on the Reverse Bear Trap, throwing it to the floor as it activates and snaps, but Alex is still alive as he falls to the Floor and Ozone says "If you're still alive, proceed through the Facility and find your fellow Heroes. And find out who is behind this!" as Alex proceeds out of the Room, still holding the Combat Knife as several Walkers approach him, and he cuts them all down and grabs a G18 Machine-Pistol to kill several Walkers in a huge mental breakdown.

A few minutes later, James and Clementine are both seen gunning down dozens of Armada Troops inside the Armada Outpost, and then James dodges an RPG explosion and guns down 2 Rocket Soldiers, while Clementine uses Hand-to-Hand Combat against 4 surrounding Soldiers. After clearing the Courtyard, James and Clementine run towards a Entry Door and then kick it in, and are confronted by a few Armada Troops who they gun down after a brief exchange of gunfire and destroyed Computers and furniture, and then Clementine finishes off any remaining Troops in order to clear the Room, which is later seen to be a Medical Bay. James then walks over to a massive Steel Door, before pulling the Handle on it and opening the giant Steel Door as the two Hero Knights see Ozone on the other side, lying down on a Bed as Kyle Reese stands next to him with an M1911 Pistol aimed at the Villain Lord's head. As James looks in complete shock at the two, Clementine asks "K-Kyle..? What are you doing here?" and then Kyle stays silent, before walking over to a Desk while still holding Ozone at gunpoint, passing Clementine and James two Envelopes with the numbers '4' and '5', which the two open to reveal Audio Logs with the same Numbers. In another part of the Compound, Dash is seen waking up inside a dark Chamber, and he sees himself attached to a Breathing Device and 4 Chains holding him up, and he starts screaming and trying to get out of the Breathing Machine, but then another Video Message from Ozone plays as he says "Hello, Dash. You've probably been wondering when we would see each other again, well today is that day. For 2 years, you and your Squad have been hindering the Armada's plans for The Multiverse, not even thinking about the repercussions it would have on other Realities! And now your selfishness is catching up to you: When faced with death, who should live faced with who will live? They are entirely separate things, and today your take on that philosophy will be out to the test. There are 4 Straps around your limbs, and you have 4 Tasks you must complete and if you don't, the straps on your arms and legs will detonate." as Dash looks around in horror and sees several Wired Bombs on his arms and legs. Ozone then tells him "You have an entire hour to complete these 4 Tasks, but if you fail them by the end of 60 minutes... Then several Heroes I've trapped in this Armada Base will die along with you!" as it shows a Timer that reads '60:00' and then starts counting down. In another Trap Room, Simon 'Ghost' Riley is seen waking up alongside Sarah Connor, Jackson Pearce and Jack Johnson Parr (Dash's twin brother), inside a Trap Room which has a Gassing Machine inside it, revealing it as a Gas Chamber.

Inside the Breathing Room, Ozone says "Here is your first Test, Dash: Your health throghout the War Against the Villain Armada, physical and mental, have remained extremely impressive due to your Mutant heritage. However, the same cannot be said for your adversary!" as a Spotlight turns on in the Breathing Room, showing Sgt. Alderman (a character appearing in some Missions of the Modern Warfare Trilogy) chained to the same Breathing Apparatus and Wired Bombs as Dash. Ozone then says "At only 24 years of age, this man has carried out several Missions on the name of the United States, both before and during the Multiversal Wars. But throughout, he has also shown no care for the innocent Civilians caught in the crossfirecroahis occupation along with thousands of other so-called Heroes. Your first Task focuses on the simple element of Air and breathing!" as the two Heroes look at the Metal Crushers attached to their stomachs, and Ozone says "Every time either of you take a breath, the Crushers attached to you will close in and destroy your torsos! The only escape is in the other's failure. Dash, and Alderman... I want to play a Game!" as the Message ends, and the Task begins for Dash and Sgt. Alderman. Dash then holds his breath, alongside Alderman in an intense stand-off, but Dash's Mutant Gene gives him a physical advantage as he manages to hold his breath, but Alderman gasps for air as the Metal Crusher is activated, closing in as Alderman says "No, no, no, no!!" as he holds his breath again desperately, and his Ribcage is slightly squashed as Dash gasps for air, causing the same process to repeat for him. However, Alderman finally breaks and screams as the Metal Crusher closes in on him, and crushes him brutally, causing his blood and intestines to blast out and hit Dash as the boy screams in horror, and Alderman dies in front of him as Dash quickly exits the Breathing Room using his Super-Speed. After exiting, Dash sees a Desk on the side which contains an MP-12 Revolver (which all the Heroes are given for their Tests) and an Envelope which is branded with the Number '3'.

In the Medical Room of the Armada Compund, Ozone says "I'm testing every single Hero across this Compound, and several of them have died. Now, James and Clementine, will you two sacrifice something to save them all?" and Clementine asks "W-what do you mean?" and Kyle explains "Ozone has an inoperable Brain Tumor. Cancer, which the Villain Armada and all their Medical Technology cannot cure and he needs one of you to help cure him of it." and Clementine asks "What do we look like to you? Medics? James and Imare Hero Knights, and we-" and Kyle asks "Remember what you told me about your Training under John Connor, on Earth-4000?" as Clementine has a quick Flashback to Earth-4000 where she is stitching up a large cut on her arm, and Kyle asks her "How do you know how to do that?" and Clementine answers with "John Connor, he taught me everything you need to know about the Military. Tactical Engaement, large-scale Battles... Even Medical practice." as Clementine snaps out of it. Kyle then says "Clem, we have to save him. Tell them, Ozone..." and Ozone weakly points at the Heart Monitor next to him, saying "If my Heartbeat stops... This whole Base will be destroyed by an explosion triggered by my death." and Clementine responds with "If you die with every Hero in this Compound, at least this War will be over." and Ozone laughs, saying "Kyle... Show her." and then Kyle walks into a small Chamber next to the Medical Bay, before walking back in and holding Alvin Jr. in his arms, and Clementine yells "AJ, no!" as she aims her Pistol at Kyle, yelling "Let him go right now!" as James aims his M16A4 Rifle at Ozone, but Kyle responds by holding his M1911 Pistol at AJ. Kyle then tells the two Heroes "I'm sorry, you two... This has to be done. You have 5 minutes to consider, or the baby dies!" and then Ozone shakes his head, saying "Oh, he really isn't joking. You need to use these Medical Tools, and perform a Brain Surgery to remove the Tumor. And if you do that, you're free to leave and Kyle will stay behind to arrest me and take me to the Coalition!" as Clementine and James walk into the next Room to talk about the situation. Clementine then says "James, this is not going to turn into an argument... We have to cooperate with him." and James says "No, why should we? We've come so far and we can't just spare Ozone now, I've been searching for him across the Multiverse for 2 fucking years!" and Clementine gets closer to him, saying "Please, James... AJ is all I have left of my old Group, and we've taken care of him for 2 years. Do you really think I'm gonna give up on him now, and let the Armada win?!" and James holds her hand, saying "I'm not saying that, ever, it's just... On Earth-680, the Clementine Everett I fought alongside with never surrendered to anyone!" and then Clementine wraps her arms around his waist, before kissing him on the lips and saying "I'm not that Clementine. That version of me must have gotten a lot of people killed if that's what you're saying." as James just says "Clem, just do it. Cooperate with Ozone, then, and... Do what you need to do in order to save AJ. And kill an entire Squad of Hero Knights!" as he walks back into the Medical Bay, and Clementine gets ready to operate on Ozone's Brain.

Meanwhile, Alex is seen walking through the Hallways of the Armada Base after killing even more Walkers and Armada Troops, walking into the Weapons Room as another Video Message from Ozone plays with the Villain saying "Congratulations, Alex. You survived the Reverse Bear Trap, and now it is time for your Second Test." as the Lights in the Chamber turn on, and then Griggs (a Hero Knight in the Call of Duty Series) is seen chained across the entire Chamber with dozens of Chains pearced into his legs, arms, stomach and back as Ozone says "There are several Chains attached to your fellow Hero Knight, and on your side of the Room, there is a Device with the Release Mechanisms. However, whenever you press the Mechanism it will only release 1 of the 20 Chains, and the Blade Mechanism will stab your hand and take some of your blood. Are you willing to go through bouts of pain to save your fellow Hero Knight? Or will you simply try to find your friends and leave this Compound? Make your choice, Alex. The clock's ticking." and then a '60 Second' Timer begins, and Griggs says "Alex, please, you have to stop him! Help me, get me out!! Help!!" and then Alex thinks it over for a few seconds, before hitting the Release Mechanism twice and releasing 2 Chains from Griggs's legs. However, the Blades stab Alex in the hand and cause him to bleed all over the floor as he keeps releasing even more Chains from Griggs' body. However, the Timer then runs out with 10 Chains left on Griggs' arms and chest, which then proceed to rip all of those body parts off and leaving only Griggs' bottom half in a shower of blood and intestines as Alex drops to his knees and starts crying in grief and shock, traumatized by these events, and then an Envelope is seen on the Desk next to Alex with the Number '2' on it.

The game then switches back to Clementine, James and Kyle inside the Medical Bay as Clementine starts slowly and carefully drilling into Ozone's Skull to create a small hole to perform the Surgery, and then she says "The Skull's fine, but the incision needs to be precise for this shit to work." and then she removes a Skull Fragment from Ozone, putting it into a Surgical Tray and then taking out a Scalpel. Kyle then puts AJ down calmly, then walks over to Clementine and asks "How much longer, Clem? Dash and Alex are getting closer. And don't you forget, once they reach here, it will be too late to save Ozone!" as Clementine looks at the Base Security Cameras, seeing Dash and Alex in separate Hallways gunning down Armada Troops and even more Walkers. Clementine then carries on with the Brain Surgery, cutting the Outer Layer of Ozone's Brain and skinning it, seeing the Brain pressurizing the Skull, and she tells him "Ozone, I can see the Tumor: Looks like it's causing your Brain to put excessive pressure on your Skull and causes a lack of blood flow. Raise your hand if you can hear me, and understand what I'm saying." and Ozone responds by raising his hand slightly and groaning in pain, and Clementine turns to James and says "James, come over here. I need you to hold back the Outer Layer and Kyle, you have to hold Ozone still. We have to do this now, his BP's dropping!" as the Heroes all look at the Heartbeat Monitor, which shows Ozone's declining Heart Rate. Down in the Holding Cells where Ghost, Jacks, Sarah and Jack are all being kept, Dash enters the Chamber and then Ghost (who is in his own Cell) sees the 60 Minute Timer reach '00:00' and then his Cell Door opens, and he runs over to Dash and yells "Look out!!" as he grabs Dash and throws him into the Hallway near the Medical Bay, and then a Needle Platform swings down from the Ceiling and stabs Ghost in the back brutally, and Ghost screams in pain as he is pinned by dozens of Needles to the Cell Door which start injecting Hydrochloric Acid into him. Inside the Medical Bay, Clementine suddenly aims her Glock 17 Pistol at Kyle and shoots at him, hitting Kyle in the neck with one shot as Kyle reels back and screams in pain as Ozone looks in slight shock, and then puts his raised hand back down. Kyle then starts bleeding heavily all over the floor, and then falls down as Ozone says "Kyle... It's okay. This was your Trial!" as it shows a Flashback of Kyle arriving with AJ in the Medical Center, and Ozone says "You know what I wanted... I want to play a Game. You were being tested, your will was being tested, your will to keep me alive... I was testing you! I took you in. I selected you with the honor of carrying on my life's work, but you didn't because of all the traumatizing experiences you've been through. You didn't test any Villain's will to live, instead you took away their only chance!" as it shows multiple Flashbacks of Kyle murdering and slaughtering numerous Villains during the War Against the Villain Armada ruthlessly. In the Present, Ozone says "But in my desperation, I decided to give you one last chance. So I put everything in place..." as he takes out an Envelope with the Number '1' on it, and then shows an Audio Log which he plays, with a Message from Ozone that says "Hello, Kyle. Throughout your time alongside Clementine Everett in the Multiversal Wars, you have ruthlessly slaughtered dozens of Villains and thousands of other Soldiers because of what they did to you, and your family!" as it shows several Armada Troops on Earth-135, gunning down Kyle's parents and then showing Kyle crying over the corpses of his parents as the Troops drag him towards a Prisoner Truck. In the Present, as Kyle crawls across the Floor bleeding heavily and brandishing a Knife to try and kill Ozone, the Audio says "You didn't know that James and Clementine would be here to oversee your actions, as they had on various Realities. And now, Kyle... You suffer because of your actions, and suffer the consequences!" as Kyle reaches up at Ozone, who utters two words as Kyle draws his last breath and dies: "Game Over".

As both Ghost and Kyle die from the Final Test, Alex is seen running through the Corridors of the Base and gunning down several Armada Troops, before looking at a Doorway that reads 'Final Test' as he looks through the Window to see Pvt. Massey (another character from Call of Duty) and John Connor in the Chamber, with Massey chained to the ceiling and John in an Electric Chair, alongside Scarecrow (Ozone's brother) operating a Computer Terminal. Massey then grabs a Revolver as Alex runs through the Door, yelling "No, don't fucking open the Door!!" as he fires at Alex, hitting the young boy in the shoulder as 2 massive Ice Blocks are realized from the Ceiling, smashing Massey's head in and causing a huge amount of blood and shattered ice to spread all over the Room as Scarecrow shouts "No!!!" but then Alex shoots him in the chest with a Desert Eagle Pistol, and the two lie on the floor in pools of their own blood as the Voltage Machine on John's Chair stops, saving Connor's life. However, Scarecrow says "You stupid fucking kid... Ozone has been fucking deceiving you!" as Alex sees a Timer on the Ceiling which shows '00:00', and then Scarecrow picks up an Audio Log which fell out of Alex's pocket, and the Log reads the Number '2' as Ozone's voice is heard on it, saying "Hello, Alex. If you're listening to this Audio Log, then you have reached Pvt. Massey and John Connor after Dash's Timer ran out... Resulting in their deaths!" as Alex screams "No... No!!!" as he shoots Scarecrow in the head, blowing the Villain's Brains out as Ozone says "Your desperation to save these Heroes in your Squad has caused you to actually cause their demise. And now the remains of your Squad is left, in this Compound... With nothing!" and Alex starts crying, saying "No... No!" and then John Connor is seen standing up from the Electric Chair, and the game shows a Flashback after Ozone says "They had only an hour to save the Squad." and the Flashback shows Scarecrow in front of a chained Massey, saying "I recommend you stay alive until the fucking Clock counts down!" as the game switches back to Alex lying on the floor of the Chamber, bleeding from the gunshot wounds in his shoulder. John then grabs the Wires on several Computer Monitors, ripping them out and walking away as he looks at Alex, saying "Game Over!" as Alex starts to get up, and then a Flashback shows Alex and Jams on Earth-680, looking over the dead bodies of several Coalition Soldiers and saying "Ozone couldn't have done this, he was on his death bed the last time we saw him." as Alex says "There must be another Villain then, one helping Ozone and his Disciples!" as John walks out of the Final Test Chamber and then Ozone os heard on the Audio Log, saying "By hearing this Tape, you must assume that the War is finally over... You think it's over just because I will be dead? It's not over, the War has just begun!" as Alex starts getting up to pursue John, but falls to the ground from blood loss.

Act IV: One Last Trial Edit

The game then switches to a couple days later as John is seen inside the Howe's Hardware, walking through the dead Skeletons of William Carver and dozens of Walkers and Armada Troops, as a Coalition Broadcast is heard transmitting to this Reality: "It appears that over the last 2 days, the entire Multiverse has been shaken to its Core. In addition to the 5 Hero Knights serving The Hero Coalition killed tonight, Ozone, Leader of The Villain Armada has been found dead. All members of the Coalition and ordinary Citizens throughout the Core and Inner Realities are being instructed to report any activity, even remotely suspicious at this time, as Fleet Blockades are being set up around the Abandoned Reality of Earth-TRK160 and within a 5-Reality radius!" as John picks up a Gasoline Can and starts to pour it all over the bodies of Carver and several others, before turning on a Vental Exhaust and throwing a lit Match on the Gasoline, causing a fire that spears throughout the whole Building. John then grabs a Duffel Bag and fills it with Weapons, Audio Logs and a stack of Money as he takes the Bag and starts walking out of the Building. As John starts walking away from the Howe's Hardware Building, the structure explodes and crumbles to pieces as John walks away, but then 2 Masked Assassins come in and attack John, with one hitting him with a Baseball Bat and another restraining him as a Third Assassin arrives, stabbing John in the neck with a Syringe and injecting him with a Sleeping Agent. John then falls to the ground as the 3 Assassins surround him, and one of them removes her Mask to reveal that she is, in fact: Clementine!

Seeing that Clementine is one of the Assassins, John looks in shock and asks "What the fuck..?" as the game shows a Flashback to the events of The Walking Dead: Season 1, showing Lee Everett inside the Crawford Building as he takes several Video Tapes from the Building (which were featured in S1, Episode 4: Around Every Corner) as he puts it into a Recorder, and a Message from Ozone is shown, with him saying "Hello, Lee. You and Clementine are going to have a bright future in both our Factions, if you can survive this Apocalypse!" as Lee is seen in another Flashback, being bitten by a Walker and cutting his arm off, and the 3rd Flashback shows him fighting the Stranger in the Marsh House Hotel (the Building where Kyle Reese kills Clementine's parents in this Continuity). As Ozone says "Without you or Clementine, my work over the last few years would not have been possible, and you've served me a great deal Lee. Although you did not know in the slightest about me or my Armada... Clementine will become one of the most important parts of my Grand Plan!" as Lee is seen lying on the Floor and cuffed to a Radiator with his remaining arm as Clementine aims her Glock 17 Pistol at him, and shoots him in a mercy killing. The game then shows a Flashback of Clementine and Ozone meeting on Earth-260, with Ozone saying "Our Plan is going well, just as I had anticipated." and Clementine tells him "Going well? Lee is dead, you idiot!" and Ozone says "Don't worry, I have a Plan B: But it involves your little boyfriend that you met on Earth-135, Kyle Reese?" and then it shows Clementine defending Kyle from an Armada Squadron, gunning the Soldiers down as Clementine snaps out of the Flashback (within a Flashback) as he says "Once you wake up in the Compound, I'm going to be there and I'll have Kyle and AJ with me. You're going to try and operate my Brain Tumor, and if it doesn't reach completion by 60 minutes... I'll give you this Countersign!" as he raises his hand, just like he did before Ghost and Kyle were killed. Clementine then asks "What do I do after that Countersign?" and Ozone says "Do what you have to do." as it shows Clementine shooting Kyle in the neck, and then Ozone is heard on the Video Message he sent Lee, saying "That being said I have one last request: Watch over the Villain Slayers. And if anything happens to Clementine or her Inner Circle, I want you to act immediately on my behalf, and in return for that... I will keep no more Secrets from you!" as John is seen in the Present Day, and the Second and First Assassin remove their Masks also, revealing themselves as Kyle and James (Kyle actually survived the gunshot to the neck), and then John passes out from the Sleeping Agent that Clementine injected into his neck.

The game then switches to John's perspective as he wakes up inside an Abandoned Building, and then the lights all turn on as Clementine is seen in the Building Doorway, which is later revealed as the Jewelry Store that Lee and Clementine were inside while avoiding the Savannah Walker Horde. John then looks around in horror, seeing a Skeleton of a dead Walker alongside the Skeletal remains of Lee Everett, who has 1 arm amputated and a Bullet in his Skull. Clementine then walks over to John (who is shackled to Lee's body and the Radiator next to him) as the latter desperately tries to escape, but then finds a Glock 17 and aims it at Clementine, who kicks it out of his hand as a shot is fired off, and then Clementine picks the Pistol up from the Floor. Recognizing it as the Pistol she used for Lee's mercy killing, she smiles and says "I don't think so!" as she throws it away and then tells John "Ozone left the whole Squad with 6 Envelopes. Alex, Dash, James, Kyle and even you got yours... The 6th one is for me!" as she takes out an Envelope with the Number '6' branded into it, and she opens it and shows John its contents: Schematics for an Armada Flagship, which is part of the Armada Main Fleet! As John looks in shock, Clementine says "This is Ozone's will. Goodbye, John..." and then she walks towards an Exit Door, and then the growls of dozens of Walkers are heard near the Entrance, and John says "What do you think you're doing..? What the fuck do you think you're doing?! Huh?!" and then Clementine turns the Building's lights off, and John says "You can't fucking do this to me! Fuck you! No!!" as Clementine says "Game Over..!" and then she closes the Exit Door and walks away, and John is heard screaming as Walkers smash down the Entrance, and the game cuts to black as the Credits roll.

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