Walking Dead: Mankind Falls
Teaser Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Genre First-Person Shooter
Release March 12th, 2019
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: R18+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe
Predecessor The Walking Dead: Dead Earth
Successor The Walking Dead: Future Lost
"In 2019... Only the Strongest Survive!"

- Tagline

The Walking Dead: Mankind Falls is a new installment of the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe and its Walking Dead Crossover Series Sub-Franchise. Taking place 7 months after the events of the last installment, The Walking Dead: Dead Earth, this new game takes place on the Abandoned Reality of Earth-TRK160 after the Death of Ozone and the End of the War Against the Villain Armada. With a Global Outbreak still ripping apart this Reality, and no chance of The Hero Coalition coming to evacuate Earth-TRK160, Players will now step into the shoes of Alex Fairbanks and Clementine Everett as they lead a Team of Hero Knights on the remains of a Reality majorly crippled by the Undead! The game is exclusive to Consoles and set for release in Early 2019.

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Plot Backstory Edit

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Synopsis Edit

The year is 2017, and it has been an entire year since the Destruction of The Villain Armada in the events of the last game, The Walking Dead: Dead Earth within the Walking Dead Crossover Series. With the War Against the Villain Armada and its various other Multiverse Proxy Wars being won by The Hero Coalition and ending in the Defeat of their greatest enemies, The Villain Armada, it appears that The Multiverse will now enter a new Era of Peace after the historical signing of The Multiversal Concordance during the Coalition-Armada Peace Treaties. However, on a distant and abandoned Reality known as Earth-TRK160 (the Walking Dead Universe) which has been destroyed and ravaged by a cataclysmic Zombie Outbreak this Peace will be broken as 4 Hero Knights: Clementine Everett, James Fairbanks, Alex Fairbanks and Dashiell 'Dash' Parr (sole Survivors of the Multiversal Wars on Earth-TRK160) must now rise up from simply hiding and surviving in the ruins of America and turn their Dimension into a Legend!

Side Missions Edit

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Plot Edit

Prologue: Skyscraper Trouble Edit

The game starts showing a blackened screen with the Symbol of The Hero Coalition and their greatest Enemies, The Villain Armada as a text shows up stating "The Multiverse: An infinite amount of Worlds and Universes separated by a massive Physical Plain, containing infinite possibilities for their respective versions of Earth. For years, a massive Conflict known as The War of The Multiverse has ravaged these Dimensions in a massive Cataclysm between 2 rival Factions: The defending Forces of the United Dimensions Coalition and mysterious invaders known only as The Villain Armada. On a distant Reality known as Earth-TRK160, after years of Global War and destruction, a new Faction known as the Hero Knight Breeding Program has been established and created a Hidden Base in order to breed the Next Generation of Heroes who will one day purge both the Multiversal Combat Recon Force and Knights of The Armada, and establish a new Reign over the Human Race. This is the Story of how the HKBP was formed, paving the way for the Reign of the Villain Slayers!" as the screen turns to show the Symbol of the Villain Slayers and their newer HKBP Faction, which then turns into Earth-TRK160 (the Dimension of the Walking Dead Crossover Series).

On Earth-TRK160, the game shows the Metroville Ruins within the United States of America (Midwest specifically, Illinois) as the City Ruins are now defined by ruined Skyscrapers and Buildings, with dozens of Military Vehicles such as Walker Tanks, VTOL Warships and APCs which once belonged to both The Hero Coalition and The Villain Armada strewn across the destroyed Streets with some Aircraft even suspended in the Ruins of several destroyed Buildings. In the old Metroville Bank Tower, two former Hero Knight and brothers James Fairbanks and Alex Fairbanks are seen moving through the Building as James kicks open a Door to see 8 Walkers inside the Room, gunning them down alongside Alex as he walks over their bodies and says "Alex, get that Remote Sniper set up! Those Armada Troops are moving." as Alex puts a Remote Sniper down and starts encrypting it, and then after it is done the two move up towards a Staircase and then see even more Walkers moving towards them, and then the two start gunning the Undead Creatures back-to-back. Alex then tosses a Frag Grenade at several Walkers which explodes and kills them, but then the Staircase starts collapsing as James grabs his younger brother and fires a Grapnel Hook at the Rooftop which takes the two up as the Staircase collapses, and then James detonates the C4 Charges which he set up earlier, bringing down the Building as James says "Line Launchers, now!!" as he and Alex both fire their Line Launchers at the Metroville Bank Tower, Ziplining towards it as they strap their Ropes to their waists. The two brothers then perch up on the Building Wall as Alex sees 3 Armada Troops on a Balcony, shooting them all with one falling down to the Streets to his death, and then James gestures towards the Building Floors and mouths "Move down 2 Floors!" as James and Alex repel down 2 more Floors and see several Armada Troops patrolling the Atrium, and then James smiles and asks "Quadruple threat?" and Alex responds "Quadruple threat!" as he slams the Window alongside his brother and the two start gunning down the Armada Troops before roping into the Bank Tower and throwing a Flashbang. With the Troops completely blinded and falling to the ground, James and Alex gun them all down save for one as he grabs the Soldier by the throat and asks "Where's the Intel Computer? Where?!" and the Troop responds "Fuck you, Fairbanks..." as James takes out a Combat Knife and stabs the Troop in the leg, and the Soldier screams in pain before saying "The Atrium! It's been set up inside... The Atrium!" as Alex activates the Remote Sniper, using the Thermal Scope to find 7 Armada Troops standing there with Intel Computers, and then Alex shoots them all through the Building Walls with the Remote Sniper and then Alex runs towards the Door after all the Troops die and James slits the Soldier's throat and follows Alex.

However, as the two start moving towards the Atrium Intel Room, Alex sees a Masked Figure at the Computer who turns around and then takes out a MP12-Rex Revolver and shoots Alex, hitting him in the stomach and causing him to scream in pain and fall as his blood spills everywhere. James then yells "Alex, no!!" as he fires at the Masked Figure trying to kill him, but the Figure activates Kinetic Armor and blocks all of James' shots before the boy runs out of Ammo, and then his Mask is knocked off due to one bullet and then James looks in shock at his true identity: Randall, a Villain Knight who has a rivalry with James' Family on Earth-TRK160 (after the events of Walking Dead: Michonne), and James snarls "You..! Randall, what the fuck are you doing here?!" as Randall remarks "Ah, it's you, James Fairbanks and your fellow Villain Slayers. I should have known you would run from the War Against the Villain Armada, just to end up with Clementine Everett!" as he takes out a Smoke Pellet and throws it to the ground, and James blindly fires into it as Randall jumps out of a hole in the Building Atrium, and then an Armada VTOL is seen with him inside of after he jumps in. As James runs over to Alex in concern, Randall takes out an XM45-D Launcher and fires at the Atrium, knocking James and Alex back into a Wall as the former sees an Intel Module they were looking for, grabbing it and completing his Objective as he sees Randall flying away inside the VTOL Warship, and then James throws a Tracking Device onto the VTOL to track it for later. James then runs over to his wounded brother and starts picking him up, but then the Atrium starts collapsing and dozens of Walkers are seen behind James as he takes out an MP7 Submachine Gun and starts gunning the Creatures down as he tosses a few C4 Charges and runs towards an Elevator with Alex in his arms, and then as the Walkers approach him quickly James drops Alex and then runs towards the Walkers as he takes out a Combat Knife and starts cutting them down while also using his Submachine Gun to kill even more and then grabs his holstered 205 Brecci Shotgun, firing at the Walkers even more as he backs up into an Elevator and Alex starts shooting them as well as James detonates the C4 Charges, destroying the entire Atrium in a display of explosions as Alex slams his fist on the Elevator Button which results in the Elevator quickly falling down dozens of Floors from the Metroville Bank Tower and slamming down to the Building Reception as James is knocked unconscious.

A couple minutes later, James is seen unconscious in the Elevator with a huge cut on his head as Alex wakes up in the Reception of the Metroville Bank Tower, before going over to James and trying to get him up by shaking him and saying "James, get up! Come on, get the hell up!!" as James shoots up and gasps, before groaning in pain and saying "Ah... Ow, my head. Alex, you alright?" and then Alex clutches the bullet wound in his stomach, responding with "Well let's see: I've got a fucking bullet probably etching in my stomach, bleeding down on the Floor and I think my arm is dislocated. I'm doing fucking dandy, thanks James!" as James grabs his Assault Rifle from the floor and says "Come on, we should get back to the Outpost... Clem's probably worried sick." and then Alex snarkily remarks "She'll kill us both now that we've failed to get that Intel." as James shows him the Intel DRM he acquired, then remarks back "I always get the Mission done well, don't I?" and then Alex says "Good work, I guess. But... Wasn't that Randall?" as James has several Memories back to the events of The Walking Dead: Michonne, such as his father's death at Randall's hand, the burial of his father and Randall's death at Michonne's hands as he snaps out of it and turns to Alex, saying "Yeah, it was him... The bastard who killed Dad." as he starts walking away from the Metroville Bank Tower, and Alex asks "How the fuck is he still alive, James?" as James responds "I don't know, but I've seen so much impossible shit in the War Against the Villain Armada, I'm inclined to believe anything." as the two brothers walk away from the Metroville Ruins after a successful Mission as the screen turns to black and shows the title: The Walking Dead: Mankind Falls.

Act I-III (Main Missions)Edit

The game then switches to a couple days later and shows the massive Abandoned Military Outpost from The Walking Dead: Dead Earth (the last game) at night as James and Alex walk up to it and open the Steel Entrance, and then Dashiell 'Dash' Parr is seen in the Main Room of the Outpost cradling a small infant Alvin Jr., before seeing James and Alex and saying "Oh, so you guys are still kicking?" as James responds "Spare me your fucking humor, Dash. Where's Clementine?" and then Dash tells him "She's over in the Hangar Bay. You got the Intel from the Armada, right?" and then James shows him the Intel DRM, and Alex remarks "You can tell the Armada's fucking incompetent because, look at it this way: There's 5 of us in this fucking Outpost, we're the only trace of The Hero Coalition on Earth-TRK160 and we are all fucking beating them back still!" and James laughs, saying "What makes it worse is that our Base is a rusty old Abandoned Outpost and us 5 are the only ones inside it... No Choppers, no Tanks, nothing. Just what's left of the Villain Slayers." and after they finish contemplating on the War Against the Villain Armada, James starts walking towards the Hangar Bay with the Intel DRM in his hand.

In the Hangar Bay, James opens another Steel Entrance and opens it to see Clementine Everett trying to repair a downed Mi-28 Gunship as he walks over to Clementine and says "Hey, Clem! I'm here." as Clementine turns around after hearing him and says "James..? Thank God!" as she runs over and hugs him affectionately and holds him in a tight embrace, saying "I was so worried about you, James." as James kisses her on the cheek and responds "I didn't want you to go to the Metroville Ruins... I thought it was too dangerous." as Clementine looks at him and asks "You're really gonna say that after the shit we went through in the War?" as James shrugs and says "That was technically a different Clementine. No offense, but you're... Untrained?" as Clementine laughs and playfully punches him on the shoulder, responding "Oh wow, James... You're a regular ladies man, y'know that?" as James asks "So, uh... Anything happened while I was away?" and Clementine answers "Oh, not much. Dash has been taking care of AJ, and I've been down in this Hangar all day hammering shit into this Chopper." as she kisses James on the lips and wraps her arms around him, holding the kiss for several seconds. However, James starts bleeding again from his bandaged head wound and Clementine notices it, looking at him and saying "Oh God, James... What the fuck happened to you?" and then James holds the wound to stop the bleeding, hiding it and saying "It's nothing, really. The Villain Armada had a little more capacity than we thought in the Metroville Ruins. Alex is hurt too, he was shot in the stomach... It was Randall." as Clementine (knowing who Randall is) asks "That slimy, sociopathic son of a bitch?! What the fuck is he doing back in our Dimension?" and James responds "I don't know, but the Knights of The Armada must have been here recently. Either that, or Supreme Leader Snoke is getting paranoid about us." as Clementine sighs and says "We went to this Bunker to get away from the War and start the Hero Knight Breeding Program, maybe Snoke sees it as a threat." as James looks at her and responds "We were going to start the HKBP, but we can't now." as Clementine asks "Why not?" and then James puts a hand on her shoulder and tells her "Clem, you're the only Female Hero Knight that's in this Bunker... All the other girls, Cora Pearce, Laura Reese... Even my sister, Erin Fairbanks. They're gone. We can't build a New Generation without a bigger basis for it." and Clementine asks him "Well, why can't it you and I just... Have a child on our own?" as Clementine's expression turns to one of slight sadness as she holds his hand, saying "Look, can we talk about this later? You and Alex go to the Medical Room, I'll get there in a few minutes to patch you two up." as she kisses him on the lips intimately.

The game then switches to a few hours later at night inside the Outpost Crew Quarters as everyone is seen in their Personal Quarters and James is seen in his Quarters lying down in Bed as Clementine enters the Room and closes the Security Door behind her, and then James looks over to her and says "Hey, Clem... Everyone else has gone to sleep?" and Clementine responds "Yeah, everyone's gone to their own Quarters, I put AJ to sleep a couple minutes ago. Kid is fucking exhausting to take care of, you know?" and then she sits down on the edge of the Bed and James sits up next to her. James then kisses her on the cheek and even nuzzles her neck, before whispering to her "You're really good with him, though. So if anybody can take care of a child, it's you." as Clementine hesitates with a response for a few seconds, then blushes red as she tells him "I was thinking about what you said earlier, James. You know, about the two of us having a child together?" as James (taken slightly aback) says "Yeah, I know. I've been thinking about that too..." as Clementine puts a hand on his shoulder supportively and says "I know that I'm the only girl around here, I didn't need reminding of that. But I know that of we want... We can still start the Hero Knight Breeding Program on our own." as James looks at her and says "Clem, I... I don't know what to say." and then Clementine gets closer and kisses him on the lips, saying "You don't have to say anything, James. It's alright..." and then the two start kissing again, holding and pressing against each other in an intimate way. As the two continue kissing and wrapping their arms around each other, James pulls down the zip on Clementine's Jacket and then the girl takes it off, moving her lips down to James' neck and kissing him harder as James takes his own shirt, and then Clementine lies down on the Bed with him and kisses him as James takes off Clementine's shirt and the Heroes start kissing again, and then James puts his hands up to Clementine's bra and starts unbuttoning it as the two begin having sexual intercourse, and the screen turns to black but also shows the two during the intercourse several times such as James kissing Clementine on the lips and moving down to her neck, Clementine sitting up alongside James and pressing against him. James then wraps his arms around Clementine's naked body and holds her close, pressing his body up against hers as he keeps having sex with her and after a couple more minutes, Clementine lies down again with James on top of her, and the two start moaning in pleasure as they consummate their relationship. The next morning, Dash and Alex are seen in the Cafeteria of the Military Outpost as they eat from the massive Food Supply they have, and Dash asks "How'd that wound on your stomach, Alex? You OK?" and then Alex eats some Food and answers with "Yeah, I'm fine Dash. Thanks for asking... Clem patched me up pretty good last night." and then Dash teasingly remarks "I bet she did more than patch up James." as Alex starts laughing and says "Oh God, don't say that! I don't wanna picture that in my head..." as Dash tells him "Whoa, don't think that far!" as Alex stays quiet for a few seconds, saying "I dunno, man. I mean, those Scrapped Plans that Clem and James had for the Villain Slayers? Turning them into the Hero Knight Breeding Program at the end of the War?" and then Dash responds "The War Against the Villain Armada does that to people, Al... My Dad always used to say this about Mutants and Humans: 'A gift can also be a curse. Give someone Wings, and they may fly too close to the Sun. Give someone the Power of Prophecy, and they will live in fear of the Future. But if you give someone all the Power, that beyond imagination... Then they may think they're destined to rule the World'. And given what he used to say, if you ask me... Clem and James are the ones given all the Power. They won't fly too close to the Sun, because they know the burns will not affect them, and they won't live in fear of the Future because James and Clem know that the Future is theirs!" as Alex looks at him in slight shock due to his Analogy.

However, James and Clementine then enter the Cafeteria as Alex and Dash look at them awkwardly, and Alex asks "You two alright? Both of you look a little... What's the word I'm looking for?" and then Dash asks "Tense?" and James looks at Clementine and smiles, saying "Yeah, we're absolutely fine. Just exhausted..." as Dash asks "What's got you two so tired?" and then Clementine (not wanting them to find out she and James had sex) makes an excuse by saying "Um... We were up all night taking care of AJ. His cries are like a fucking Pterodactyl." and then she and James sit down with Alex and Dash, the lead Hero Knight then asking "So, uh... Any Intel on the Armada?" as Alex reports to her: "We exposed multiple Armada Bases across the U.S. Ruins, all of them are barely being maintained since the Destruction of The Villain Armada in the Core Realities. We can target all the Bases and crush the Armada once and for all... But they also have key Trade Routes which are being cut off by the Walker Hordes." and Clementine smiles, then says "You know what? I have a good combination of strategies: We wait a few weeks for the Trade Routes to dwindle because of the Walker Population, then move in with our Weapons and destroy what's left of their Bases." and then Alex asks "Why a few weeks?" and then Clementine looks at him and says "Because the Supplies need to dwindle first. Then once the Armada's finally had enough, it will retreat from this Dimension and back to the Unknown Realities." as the Team agrees in their current plan to drive The Villain Armada out of the United States of America and Earth-TRK160 as a whole.

The game then switches to '3 Weeks Later' as it shows the Ruins of a Rural Town in the US State of Maryland with several Armada VTOLs flying above the small Town and scannng the Buildings, before flying away as James and Clementine are both seen emerging out of the Woods with several Silenced Weapons as they run into the Rural Town which is littered with dead corpses of Civilians and Soldiers as James and Clementine walk over towards an abandoned Convenience Store. James then notices the tense look on Clementine's face and asks "You alright, Clem? You look really tense." as Clementine responds "Yeah, I'm alright. Just a little bit nervous about moving away from the Outposts." as James reassures her by saying "Hey, don't worry. This is just a routine Supply Run in a small Town, nothing like The War of The Multiverse... You and I were always on our toes back then, always looking over our shoulders and sleeping with Weapons next to us every night." as they enter the Convenience Store and kill the Walkers present there by either shooting them with their Silenced Weapons or stabbing the Undead Creatures in their heads with Combat Knives. After clearing the Store, James puta down a Duffel Bag and starts putting dozens of Medical Supplies and Food Supplies as he sighs, saying "We already have plenty of Food and Medicine, but it's the Ammo Supply that I'm worried about. I talked to Alex earlier, and he says the Ammo Supplies were fine... He was always real naïve like that, y'know?" and then Clementine puts more Supplies in the Duffel Bag and says "Yeah, well... He is only 10 after all." as James notices Clementine take a Prescription Box from the shelves and then puts it in her pocket instead of the Bag, but James doesn't say anything. Back in the Coalition Base, Clementine is seen inside her Personal Quarters taking a shower as she has several Memories of the War Against the Villain Armada, such as the Coalition Liberation of Metroville, the Battle of Washington DC and Death of Ozone at her hands as she also starts having several Memories from the events of The Walking Dead: Michonne, despite not even being present there for those events: The death of Randall at Michonne's hands after Michonne smashed his Skull with a Wrench, the Battle at Fairbanks' House between the Forces of the Monroe Colony (Villain Armada of Earth-TRK160) and the Companion Group (the Original Villain Slayers) final Memory of Michonne, James and Alex all walking towards the Companion Ship. Clementine then snaps out of the Memories and keeps washing herself in the shower, but then she hears a Mysterious Voice saying "Clementine Everett? Granddaughter of my Betrayer!" as Clementine recognizes the Voice as Supreme Leader Snoke, current Leader of The Villain Armada, and she asks "W-what is it?" as Snoke mockingly asks her "I trust that you found my insight valuable?" as he shows Clementine a Flashback of Emperor Palpatine (Clementine's grandfather) and Anakin Skywalket at the Coruscant Opera, the former asking "Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?" and then Clementine snaps out of it, saying "Indeed you are powerful as my grandfather had foreseen!" as Snoke shows her several Visions of the War Against the Villain Armada, saying "A Remnant of a Time long past. I had no choice but to escape alone... Forced into exile! The Armada began to 'Rescue Search' different Quadrants of The Multiverse, my Ship was found adrift and I alone was revived!" as Clementine sees a Flashback of Darth Vader kneeling before a heavily wounded and scarred Snoke inside a Bacta Tank while 2 Imperial Royal Guards are seen guarding the Tank. Snoke then tells Clementine "Despite your attempt to convince me otherwise, you seem to have a Conscience because if you did not it would be impossible for me to convince you of the Truth!" as Clementine looks in slight confusion and asks "What do you mean?" as Snoke enlightens her, showing Visions of the War Against the Villain Armada where The Hero Coalition is absolutely decimating The Villain Armada in various Battles and Snoke tells her "You believed that no Force could challenge you and your Hero Knights, but you were deceived: Both the Coalition and Armada are withering away, and soon they will both be obliterated!" as Clementine sees a glorious Vision of her and James leading an Army of Villain Slayers against both the Coalition and Armada, decimating both Factions as she snaps out of it and then mentally reached out to Snoke, who asks "Do you want to know why I did what I did?" as he shows the Battle of Washington DC which crippled the Armada once and for all after Ozone's Death, and he explains "He used me to design Weapons to help him realize his Vision of a Militarized Armada." as it shows the Armada Main Fleet flying above an Army of Armada Troops. Snoke then tells Clementine "He used the Armada to unleash those Weapons, to fire my Weapons on an unsuspecting Dimension!" as it shows the First Death Star during the events of Star Wars: A New Hope destroying the Planet of Alderaan in a gigantic Laser blast which causes Alderaan to explode, and Clementine tells Snoke "The ability to destroy a Planet is insignificant next to the Power that James and I hold!" as Snoke counters with "For a thousand years, we prepared... Grew stronger! For Centuries, both the Armada and Coalition slept dormant waiting for a Cataclysm War, and now that cycle's survival demand that you and James forge a new Faction!" as he shows Clementine a Vision which contains her standing above an Army of Hero Knights in her adult form, and the Military she leads has the Symbol of the Hero Knight Breeding Program which she and James originally scrapped. Snoke then tells Clementine "Soon, your children will face the Enemy that you and James faced!" as it shows a Young Boy of about 10 years old who heavily resembles James, but has Clementine's eyes as he duels the Villain Knight Armadeus Ren, and then Snoke says "Their Ascendance... May it be prevented!" as Clementine looks in shock after the Supreme Leader revealed that she and James will have a Hero Knight child, and then she says "It will be a day long remembered... Soon, we will witness the Destruction of The Villain Armada and the end of the insignificant Hero Coalition!" as Snoke tells her about the Emperor: "He used my friends to control me!" as he has a Flashback to his Past as Danny Reid (the grandfather of Kyle Reese) as the 11-year-old Danny meets a Time-Travelling Clementine in the year 1869, and then Clementine tells the Present Day Snoke "I can destroy the Emperor with James' help, Danny!" but then Snoke responds by asking her "Is there anything you would not do for your Family? Now... Shall we Begin?" as Clementine turns her shower off and then starts getting out of it, then mentally tells Snoke "You underestimate James and the other Villain Slayers, Danny!" as Snoke gets angry and tells her "Come then, Hero Knight: Have your resolution! Ignore me and you will get everyone in this Outpost killed!" as it shows James, Alex, Dash and AJ all dead as Clementine stands above them covered in blood and crying, while also holding what appears to be a Newborn Baby in her hands (her and James' child) as Snoke tells her "Clementine, I promise you: I will walk over your cold corpses!" as he disappears from Clementine's Mind once the latter mentally expels him.

Clementine then gets out of her shower and wraps a towel around her body as she walks back into her Personal Quarters, and then she hears a knock on her Security Door and Alex is heard asking "Clem, you alright in there? I need to talk to you for a minute." as Clementine responds "Just a minute, Alex! I just got outta the shower." as she dries her entire body and then puts only her bra and underwear back on, and then activates the Security Door to see Alex standing there, and she says "Come on in. What is it?" as Alex walks into Clementine's Personal Quarters and sits on her Bed ready to talk to her. Alex then says "So, I've been trying to talk to you since this morning, but when I woke up you and James had already gone off on your Supply Run. James told me that he saw you take out a Prescription Box but you took if for yourself..." and Clementine (knowing what he is talking about) asks "Yeah, so? Why is that so important?" and Alex responds with a question: "Are you sick or anything? You don't have to hide it." as Clementine sighs and sits next to him, before quietly asking "Can I trust you not to tell James and Dash?" as Alex nods in response, saying "Cross my heart. I won't tell anyone..." as Clementine hesitates to tell him, then says "The Box that I took, it's... It's a Pregnancy Test." as Alex looks at her in shock as he calms himself down mentally, then whispers "You're pregnant?!" as Clementine puts a finger over his mouth to keep him quiet, saying "I don't know yet. I was gonna take it after I had a shower, but... Now you've shown up." as Alex says "I'm sorry, I... I didn't know." and then Clementine warns him "If you so much as breathe a word of what I've told you, to Dash or especially James... I will slit your throat. Got me?" as Alex gulps in fear, then just nods in response as Clementine says "Good. Now go away, Alex... I'm gonna take that Test now." as Alex backs out off her Personal Quarters and closes the Security Door which Clementine then locks as she walks into the Bathroom and takes out a Pregnancy Test to see if she is (as Snoke told her, and the fact a baby would develop after she had sex with James) actually pregnant with James' child.

The game then switches to a couple hours later in the middle of the night as Clementine is seen sleeping in her Personal Quarters, while tossing and turning in her sleep having several Memories of the War Against the Villain Armada such as the Battle of Metroville (WOH: Legends) which crippled The Villain Armada in the 7th month of the Conflict, the Raid on Armada Central which she led to save Kyle Reese and finally the Vision of her and James leading their Squadron of unstoppable Villain Slayers slaughtering both The Hero Coalition and Armada. After having the final Vision, Clementine wakes up in Bed and finds herself in her Personal Quarters, and then James (who was sleeping next to her) wakes up as well after Clementine accidentally kicked him, and he asks "Clem? What's wrong?" as Clementine looks at him and then hugs him tightly, crying due to the constant Memories of The War of The Multiverse. James then wraps his arms around Clementine and soothingly tells her "Shh, it's alright. Don't cry... I'm here." as Clementine calms down and then lies down next to James again as she tells him "I'm fine, James... Just another Nightmare." as she lays her head on his chest and starts to fall asleep again, but then she looks up at James and tells him "There's something I have to tell you, James..." as James looks at her and asks "What's wrong?" and then Clementine sits up to face him, and after a few seconds of deep hesitation she says: "James, I... I'm pregnant." as James looks back at her in shock, then asks "You're... What?" as Clementine explains "I thought I would be after we had sex a few weeks ago, so... I grabbed a Pregnancy Test from that Store we raided and I took it a couple hours ago. It read Positive for a pregnancy." and then James looks in shock then sighs, saying "Well, that's..." as he smiles then says "Oh God, that's amazing... But what are we gonna do it about it?" as Clementine asks "What do you mean by that?" as James explains "Well, it's gonna be a problem. We're only 14, Clem! We're not ready to be parents..." as Clementine eyes him and then says "For God's sake, James: Nobody's ever ready to be a parent. Not even adults are the first time around!" as James sighs and tells her "Yeah, but we're having a kid at 14! That's really fucking pushing it..." as he remembers what Clementine told him about AJ's birth, then worriedly asks "Oh God, what if you die in childbirth?!" as Clementine looks at him and says "Don't fucking say that, James! I'll be fine, we have enough Medical Supplies!" and James counters "You said that about Rebecca, and the Meds only stalled her death for 2 weeks! Clem, this baby could kill you..." as he calms down, then says "I-I'm sorry, I just... I'm so worried about you. I don't want to lose you the way I lost my Mom, my brother and my Dad..." as he starts crying, and then Clementine hugs him and comforts him by saying "It's alright, James. Look, this baby isn't going to kill me in childbirth because I'm a Hero Knight. I'm much stronger than Rebecca..." and James sighs and says "Sorry I got angry, it's... Never mind. This is amazing, Clem I-I can't believe this... We're gonna be parents!" as Clementine tells him "You're gonna make an amazing father, James. That much I know..." as the two lie down together and fall asleep again.

The next morning, the Hero Knights are all seen inside the Cafeteria as they eat from the Food Supply again and after a couple minutes of silence, Dash says "Hey, guys: Look what I found stuck in the Base Cellar!" as he takes out a Bottle of Whiskey and everyone looks at the Bottle, with Dash opening it up and saying "You know, considering that it's here we might as well have a drink? Anyone up for it?" as he drinks the Whiskey, and then finishes after a few seconds. He then offers the drink to Alex and says "C'mon, Al. Don't be a chicken, I know you're a little younger than on Earth-680 but you can still take a sip!" as Alex hesitates for a few seconds, then takes the Whiskey Bottle and drinks from it even more from it than Dash did before stopping and asking "There... Happy now?" as everyone looks at him in complete surprise as Alex passes it to James who starts drinking as well, and then he coughs slightly and says "Wow, that stuff has a good kick. Here, take it back Dash..." as he hands it back to Dash, who asks "Um... Aren't you gonna offer some to Clem?" as James looks at Clementine who shakes her head refusing the offer of alcohol. Dash then looks at her and says "Oh come on, Clem! I know that you're different from the Earth-680 Clementine, but you need to have some fun around here for once!" as James glares at Dash in slight anger, saying "She doesn't want it, alright? Leave her alone." and then Alex (realizing what is wrong) asks "The Test was positive, wasn't it?" as Dash asks "What? What Test?" as Clementine sighs and then announces to the 2 other Hero Knights: "I'm... I'm pregnant." as Dash and Alex look at her in complete silence and shock, with Dash asking "You... You're pregnant?" as Clementine nods in response, then explains "James and I, we... We... Did it, a few weeks ago." as Dash asks her "You had sex? Why didn't you use protection?!" as he remembers what James and Clementine said about the Hero Knight Breeding Program and War Against the Villain Armada. He then looks at the two and asks "You guys are gonna start the Breeding Program, aren't you?" as James sits next to Clementine and says "No, we scrapped that Program. Clem and I just wanna have a kid together... I mean, this Bunker would be a good place to raise a child." as the Hero Knights all sit their in complete silence, contemplating what problems this child could cause.

However before they can continue their conversation, they hear the Outpost Entrance opening and then aim their Assault Rifles at the Door ready to face any Walker or anyone else who enters the Outpost, but then Samantha Fairbanks (James and Alex's older sister, and Hero Knight during The War of The Multiverse) walks through the Door and shouts "Hey, don't fucking shoot! It's just me, guys!!" as James and Alex both lower their Rifles, and James asks "Sam..?" before running over to his sister and hugging her, crying in happiness and relief before saying "I thought you were dead..." as Sam responds "Well, no. When our Dimensional Ship was intercepted here by the Knights of The Armada, 3 years ago... I used the Escape Pods on the Ship before it crashed in North Carolina, and landed in Maryland. Back where the old Monroe Colony was..." as it shows Sam in a Flashback crawling out of a crashed Escape Pod and then seeing the sunken and destroyed Monroe Colony (the old Base for Randall and his Armada Sect as she remembers everything that happened there. Sam then walks over to the Monroe Ruins and starts scavenging through it thoroughly as in the Present Day she is heard explaining to the other Hero Knights "I scavenged the Colony, what was left of it at least, and found a bunch of Ammo and Weapons then I escaped. But I also found something more valuable!" as she snaps out of the Flashback and takes out a Data Record Module, telling them "That contains every one of the Schematics for the Armada Main Fleet, so you might wanna take a look at it." and then she looks around at the Outpost and says "Well, this place looks fortified as fuck. So, what did I miss?" as James answers "You missed us killing that bastard Ozone, and kicking the Armada's ass right back to the East Coast again." and Dash tells her "Yeah that, and... Even though the Villain Slayers have been hiding here in this Bunker, we've been safe for 3 years and nobody had found this place until you, we have a little problem. And that little problem is only gonna get a lot bigger!" as Sam asks him "What? What's this 'problem' that you're all having?" as James gulps quietly, then looks over to Clementine who mouths 'Tell her', and then James looks at Sam and says "Sam, I, uh... Clementine is..." as Sam irritably asks "What? Spit it out, James." and James tells her "If I told you, you'd probably pass out." and then Sam shrugs, saying "James, remember what happened with Randall when we first encountered him? What the fuck could make me pass out after all the shit we've been through?" as James still hesitates to tell her.

James then says "Clementine is pregnant, Sam." as Sam reels back from the news and looks at her brother in shock, asking "What?! James, what the hell are you talking about?" as James looks at Clementine and tells Sam "I, uh... Had sex with her a few weeks ago. And she took a Pregnancy Test last night, and it was positive." as Sam (probably almost fainting) asks "Oh God, James... You're a fucking idiot, y'know that?" as James asks "What, it's just a baby! I mean... What's the worst that can happen?" as Sam explains "Do you know how powerful Clementine is, huh? And how powerful you are? Add those up into one being, what's gonna happen?!" as Alex tells her "Oh, what? You think their baby is gonna destroy this Dimension, huh?" and then Sam says "Yes!! Do you know what Dimension we're in, or do you need a reminder? We're on Earth-TRK160, where so many Heroes and Villains have fucking died!!" as a verbal argument breaks out, with James saying "Who cares what Dimension we're in?" and then Sam explains "Alright, think of it this way: You walk into a Cemetery with a Necronomicon in your hands, and start reciting the words! What's gonna happen?!" and then James responds "The Dead will rise, so what?" and Sam angrily asks "So what?! If you and Clementine have this child, that child will enhance the Walkers with the power of Heroes and Villains who are all dead corpses in this Dimension!!" as she paces around and starts panicking, then sits down and says "Great work, James. You know what they're gonna write on my Tombstone now, when I die because of this? They're gonna write 'Killed because her idiot brother couldn't keep his dick in his pants'!" as she starts thinking about the current situation. Dash then asks "Well... What are we gonna do about it? The baby?" and then Clementine looks at him and asks "What the fuck is that supposed to mean, Parr?!" as she reaches for her holstered Pistol as James calmly stops her and asks Dash "What are you talking about?" as Dash explains "Well, maybe this child will be a problem. It's gonna be incredibly powerful..." as Clementine holds her stomach (which hasn't started growing due to a fetus yet) and she tells them all "If you even think I'm getting rid of this baby... You're fucking wrong! James and I are having it." as she walks out of the Room, and James follows her in concern.

Inside her Personal Quarters, Clementine sits down on her Bed as she starts crying slightly, and then punches the wall due to her frustration over the arguments about her and James' child as she sits there in silence and hears James asking "Hey, Clem..? You okay?" as Clementine looks at him with tears in her eyes and then looking away as James sits next to her and starts kissing her neck to try and comfort her, saying "I know that everyone is saying that this child is gonna be powerful... Well, they're right." as Clementine asks him "That supposed to make me feel better about giving birth?" as James comforts her by saying "Look, this kid is gonna be powerful, but that's a good thing. Nobody will stand a chance against us, Clem..." and he starts looking into Clementine's Biology using a dormant Hero Knight Power, and he senses a small and faint presence in her stomach: A small fetus, developing in her stomach as James has several Visions of his Child in the Future, such as the Child being trained by him and Clementine, killing several Armada Troops alongside the older Hero Knights and a dark Vision of the Child slaughtering dozens of Human Soldiers during the Human-Hero Knight War which will be inevitably fought between the Hero Knight Breeding Program and Human-led United Dimensions Coalition. James then snaps out of the Vision and says "I-it's gonna be a boy..." and then Clementine asks him "What? How do you know..?" and then James touches Clementine's stomach affectionately and responds "Just a feeling, Clem..." as Clementine lays her head on his chest and says "I love you so much, James... And I'm going to love this baby as well." as she falls asleep in his arms, but not before hearing James' promise to her: "I'll do everything I can to protect you... And I swear, I'll raise our child not just to continue our Legacy but to carve his or her own path..." as the screen turns to black.

The game then switches to '7 Months Later' as it shows the Ruins of Macon in the Georgia Ruins as James and Alex are both seen running through the Streets of the destroyed Town holding R700 Sniper Rifles while James free-runs up to a Rooftop and aims his Sniper to scan the Everett Prescriptions Pharmacy (which first appeared in The Walking Dead: Season One) as he scans the destroyed Pharmacy which has a UH-60 Helicpter crashed into the Roof and causing a massive chunk of the Building to be torn down, alongside a destroyed M1 Abrams Tank rusted and destroyed in the Streets. Alex then asks his older brother "You see anything, James? I mean, apart from old Military shit crashed in the Pharmacy?" and then James responds "Just a destroyed Pharmacy. Clem said that there must be Medical Supplies in there, last time when Lee and Kenny went here they left a little here..." and Alex asks "How many Meds do you think are in there?" and James jumps down and starts walking through the Streets, saying "Whatever Lee left for us... Which might be a lot, actually." and then Alex walks with him, remarking "Clem's probably getting anxious about the baby. When's she due?" and James answers "About 2 weeks now. I'm really fucking nervous about it..." and then Alex laughs, saying "I'd hate to see you when she's giving birth." as James responds by punching his brother in the shoulder playfully, and Alex asks "Have you and her, uh... Thought of any names?" and then James responds "We've talked options, for a boy and girl. Clem says if it's a girl, she wants to name it 'Lara'." and Alex asks "Lara Fairbanks? Has a nice ring to it." and then James responds "I'm struggling with names for a boy, though. I'm thinking of something like... 'Kyle', or maybe 'Xander'?" and Alex humorously asks "How about James Fairbanks, Jr.?" and James answers "Oh, no! The Multiverse only needs 1 James Fairbanks..." as the two brothers keep throwing humorous jokes around. However, James then gets serious and says "Alright, now I'm being serious: I'm worried about her. I already lost Dad and Greg, almost lost Sam... I don't wanna lose the only girl I've ever loved." as he starts tearing up and then wipes the tears away as Alex reassures him by saying "Don't worry, she's completely capable. She can handle childbirth, I'm sure. Besides, Mom delivered all 4 of us including Greg and Sam, so I'm sure that Clem can handle 1 child." as James stays silent for a few seconds, answering his brother with "Y'know what, you're right. Clementine is the toughest girl I've ever met in my life, our Mom was just... A damn Accountant." as they climb the Pharmacy Wall and head into the Storage Room to grab several Medical Supplies for Clementine. Having scrounged through the Storage Room and finding 12 Medical Supplies still in the Pharmacy, James gets up and says "That's everything! Alex, c'mon-" but then the Chopper which is embedded in the Rooftop then crashes down and makes a loud noise which destroys the Storage Door and causes dozens of Walkers to pour in (as they were trapped there after Episode 1: A New Day in Season 1) as James gets up and says "Fuck, Walkers!!" as he grabs his MP5K Submachine Gun as he guns down several Walkers alongside Alex as the Walkers start crowding them, and then James starts stabbing and decapitating even more Walkers as Alex guns down the Undead Creatures and grabs several Medical Supplies as he sees a Propane Tank nearby. James then runs up to a Fuel Tanker as Alex throws the Propane Tank at several Walkers and fires it as it is in mid-air, causing an explosion that blasts the Walkers apart and also caves in the Pharmacy as Alex jumps out to the Tanker with his older brother, but then several Armada Troops and Walkers are seen approaching from the Rooftops and Streets respectively, and Alex says "Ambush! Back-to-back, now!!" as the brothers get back-to-back and gun down their respective targets: James taking down the Armada Troops on the Rooftops successfully while Alex shoots all the Walkers approaching from the Streets uaing his M4A1 Assault Rifle. After a couple minutes, James tosses a Flare into the Streets as he and Alex runs away, the latter throwing another Flare towards the Rooftops as he contacts Sam and says "Flares deployed, call in the Artillery Strike!" as Sam is heard on Alex's Commlink responding "Roger that, Base Artillery incoming!" as an Armada Walker Tank walks into the Streets and fires at the two as they run away, destroying Buildings and Walkers as Sam fires an Artillery Strike from the Abandoned Military Outpost (which still hasn't been found by anyone) and destroys the entire Street, blowing up the Walker Tank, killing several Walkers and killing all Armada Troops while destroying more Buildings in the Macon Ruins as James and Alex run into the Woods.

The game then switches to a few hours later as James and Alex walk up to the Abandoned Military Outpost and open the Steel Entrance as they walk in, and the change of the Outpost over the last 7 months are seen: All the Villain Slayers who appeared as Hero Knights across the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe are seen within the Outpost, such as Erin Fairbanks and Jackson Pearce rebuilding an XRE-15 Multiverse Fighter, Laura Reese is seen talking to Jack Johnson Parr and Cora Pearce is seen waiting for Alex to come back while fashioning a Combat Knife: These Heroes are all of the Current Generation, and are here to take part in and join the Hero Knight Breeding Program! After Alex and James walk in, Cora sees Alex and then goes up to him, hugging him and saying "Hey, Al... How did the Supply Run go?" and Alex holds her in a tight embrace, responding with "As usual, it went pretty good." as James asks "Cora, where's Clem gotten to?" and then Cora tells him "She's over in her Personal Quarters, trying to rest. That baby's getting real close, James." and then James says "Alright, Alex: Get those Supplies over to the Medical Bay, I'm gonna see Clementine. Have fun with your girlfriend!" as he walks into the Crew Quarters within the Abandoned Military Outpost. James then walks into his Personal Quarters and sees Clementine sitting on a Bed as James walks up and hugs her, and Clementine says "Oh, thank God. James, I heard about the Supply Run and I was so worried about you..." and then James responds "I was worried about you. Are you and the baby alright?" and then Clementine answers "I'm alright, the baby's been a little kicky... Guess he's getting impatient to start his life." as James laughs and lies next to her, and Clementine tells him "James, you have the biggest Hero Knight Missions in the history of Hero Knights..." and then James tells her "I know... But I do it to keep you safe." and then Clementine eyes him and says "You'be been on edge like this ever since we raided that Armada Camp..." and then James kisses her on the lips, looking down at her stomach (which has now completeky grown due to the pregnancy) and he says "Your mother's being very difficult, little fella." and Clementine laughs, asking "Oh, I'm being difficult?" and James humorously 'talks' to his Child, saying "She's being very difficult, little guy. Yes she is..." as Clementine laughs and the two kiss again. However, the two then hear a baby crying in the next Room (their Sleeping Quarters) as Clementine stops kissing James and says "Ah, shit. Kanaima's probably a little lonely again.... I wish that baby would just go to sleep!" and then she walks into her Sleeping Quarters and sees a 1-year-old infant named Darth Kanaima (who will prominently appear in future Crossovers) and picks the crying infant up from his Crib, rocking the baby in her arms and saying "Shh, it's alright Kanaima. I'm here, don't cry... Clementine's here, shh." and then James asks "The baby we found back at the Armada Base in a Raid, huh? How's he doing?" and Clementine answers "Kept me awake all night long, crying for me to come get him. Little shit..." as James laughs and tells her "Aw, don't be mean to him. You wouldn't call our baby that, would you?" then Clementine responds with a laugh and says "No I wouldn't, but... I'm just getting real moody lately. Probably just the pregnancy making me that way!" and then James holds Kanaima in his arms and humorously says to the baby "See, little fella? Clem didn't mean it, just your little brother making her like that." and Clementine playfully knocks James on the shoulder before asking "His brother, so... Kanaima's gonna call us 'Mom and Dad' when he's growing up?" and James laughs before holding Kanaima in his arms and saying "Yeah, he probably will." as Kanaima starts laughing after James picks him up.

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