The Walking Dead: Revelations
Teaser Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Wii U
Genre Third-Person Shooter
Release July 12th, 2019
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: R18+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series Ubisoft-Pixar Anthology Trilogy
Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe
Predecessor None (Chronologically)
Successor Incredibles: Multiverse Origins XL

"On a Desolate Reality... Legends will Rise!"

- Tagline

The Walking Dead: Revelations is a new Crossover in the extremely popular Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe and the smaller Ubisoft-Pixar Anthology Trilogy. Developed by Ubisoft-Pixar and under publishing by Activision, this new game is a Prequel to the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Reboots and takes place in an alternate version of The Walking Dead: Season One and the beginning of Season Two, taking place during Episode 4: Around Every Corner and will carry over to an Altrnate telling of the events in S2 Episode 1: Amid the Ruins. After the events of Long Road Ahead, Clementine Everet and her Survivor Group reach the City of Savannah filled with an Undead Army, and must now complete their Mission to get away from the United States of America and the Zombie Apocalypse (which they don't know is Global). However upon reaching Savannah, the Group comes into contact with a mysterious young boy whom Clementine is connected to: Dashiell 'Dash' Parr! Now overrun and outnumbered by a Walker Army, Dash and Clementine must work together to escape Savannah in an event to prelude the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe and the War Against the Villain Armada in Incredibles: Multiverse Origins XL!

Cast Edit

  • Dashiell Pledger-Levine as Dashiell 'Dash' Parr
  • Melissa Hutchison as Clementine Everett
  • Brandon Martinez as James Fairbanks
  • Wyatt Ralff as Alex Fairbanks
  • Dave Fennoy as Lee Everett
  • Gavin Hammon as Kenny
  • Trevor Hoffman as Ben Paul
  • Owen Thomas as Omid
  • Mara Junot as Christa/Anna Corea
  • Roger Jackson as Chuck/Logan/The Stranger
  • Butch Eagle as Vernon* **
  • Cissy Jones as Brie (Voice)* **
  • Brie Rothenhalm as Brie (Likeness)* **
  • Ruby Butterfield as Boyd* **
  • Jason Victor as Clive * **
  • Michae Madsen as William Carver
  • Andy Serkis as Supreme Leader Snoke

* - Original TWD Game Appearance

** - Cancelled Appearance in Revelations

Series Continuity Edit

As a Prequel to the events of the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe and set during the Ubisoft-Pixar Anthology Trilogy, The Walking Dead: Revelations is an alternate telling of The Walking Dead: Season One as part of the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Reboots. The game takes place after the events of Season 1, Episode 3: Long Road Ahead after Clementine Everett and her Survival Group reaches the Savannah Ruins on the East Coast, however instead of finding Molly and the Forces of Crawford, the Group comes across Dashiell 'Dash' Parr and a growing Sect of The Villain Armada who have 2 Targets within Savannah: Lee and Clementine! Players will take control of Lee and Dash alternating at certain intervals, with Lee mostly covering shooter and other action scenes, while Dash is mostly focused on Dialogue and his interactions with a slightly younger, 9-year-old Clementine who is another version of the 11-year old Clementine from the Ubisoft-Pixar Revised Continuity and Walking Dead: Season Two.

Plot Edit

Prologue: Arrival in Savannah Edit

The game begins showing a black screen with the Text 'The War Against the Villain Armada, a cataclysmic Conflict spanning the entirety of The Multiverse. Fought between the Forces of The Hero Coalition which fights for Freedom and The Villain Armada which dreams of Tyranny, this War followed a series of events commonly known as The War of The Multiverse. Most versions of the War ended with the Destruction of The Villain Armada, but others either made the War destrot the Hero Coalition or carry on indefinitely, however in several Realities known as the Barren Realities which were destroyed and lost after the Great Invasion of Earth-135, there can be several potential Confluxes of Time and the Multiversal Realm: Causing various unknown results! The following is one of many of those possibilities, born from Paradoxes spanning the whole Universal Conflux." as the game shows the title 'The Walking Dead: Revelations', and then shows several Events from the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe such as the Battle of Metroville, Death of Ozone at the hands of Kyle Reese and an 11-year-old Clementine Everett and then shows a Portal Opening which tears various Infinite Earths apart to form the Ubisoft-Pixar Revised Continuity (which was created after the Destruction of The Villain Armada and reset the entire Crossover Timeline).

After the Opening Credits, the game shows the City of Savannah in Georgia, now in complete ruins due to the Zombie Outbreak after the War Against the Villain Armada and subsequent War of The Multiverse caused a massive Time Paradox within the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe such as The Walking Dead, The Incredibles, Call of Duty and several other Dimensions. As the Savannah Ruins are seen desolate and abandoned, the Survivor Group (main protagonists of Season One) are seen walking through the Streets with Rifles and Pistols raised except for one group member: A 9-year-old Clementine Everett, looking younger than she did in the War of Heroes Crossover Universe. Clementine then looks at her guardian, Lee Everett, and sees him holding her Radio and she asks "Can't I just hold it? Just for a little while, we're getting closer to where my Mom and Dad are and maybe we can-" but then Lee (because of recent events in Long Road Ahead) tells her "Not now, Clementine. Maybe later, okay?" as Clementine irritably responds "Okay..." and then Lee looks over at Christa, asking "How's Omid?" and Omid tells them "I'm fine, honestly." as he limps due to a wounded leg, and Christa says "You're not fine, Omid! Lee, he needs to rest now!" as Lee responds "Yeah, you're right on that one. Kenny, hold up!" but Kenny doesn't listen, and then Lee walks closer to him and says "Kenny, goddamnit! I said hold up, Omid needs to take a break! Just give him a minute..." as Kenny turns around and answers "We're almost to the River, almost to the Boats!" and Lee angrily tells him "Then it won't stop to hurt for just a damn minute." as Kenny glares at him and the Group angrily. However, before any arguments or physical fight can start, the nearby Church then starts ringing its Bell which emits a loud noise, and then Ben Paul asks "What the hell..?" and Christa remarks "Maybe this City's not so dead after all." and Kenny calmly tells them "Keep moving, no-one's ringing that Bell. It's automatic, on a Timer!" and then Lee checks his Watch and then asks "What kind of Church Bell goes off at twenty past the hour?" and then he looks at the Rooftop, seeing a shadowed Young Boy staring down at the Group with a Radio in his hand. The Boy then takes out his Radio and contacts Lee, saying "If I were you, I would get your Group off the Streets now! Especially Clementine..." as Lee grabs the Radio, and Christa suspiciously asks him "I thought you said that thing didn't work?" and then Lee speaks the the Young Boy through the Radio, asking "Who the hell are you? How do you know Clementine's name?! Fucking answer me!!" as the Group stands in the Street and then Chuck (another character in the Walking Dead Game) turns around and ominously says "Ask not for whom the Bell tolls... It tolls for thee!" as a massive Walker HOrde is seen in front of the Survivor Group, and then the Young Boy on the Church Tower grabs what appears to be a Futuristic Sniper Rifle and starts firing shots at the Walkers, killing several of them as he is heard yelling "Lee, Clementine... Fucking run!! All of you!" as the Group is surrounded on all sides, then Lee grabs Clementine protectively and says "Get as many as you can, and run!!" as he and the group grab several Assault Rifles and gun down dozens of incoming Walkers. After a few minutes of an intense shootout, the Group starts retreating as Walker numbers increase and Ammo runs dry, with several Group Members using their Pistols to run-and-gun against Walkers, but then Kenny is tripped by a fallen Walker and then Lee runs over to help him, only for a Sniper shot to kill the Walker as Lee turns around to see Ben and (more importantly) Clementine surrounded by a group of Walkers.

Lee then shouts "No, Ben!! Help her!" as Ben looks at the Walkers fearfully and then runs away, leaving Clementine standing there and in fear of the Walkers, and Lee yells "No!!!" as he shoots several Walkers with his Glock 17 Pistol while Chuck, Omid and Christa all take out dozens of Walkers with Chuck using a Shovel and Revolver. Just as a Walker is about to devour Clementine to shreds, the Young Boy seen earlier suddenly zooms in and tackles the Walker so fast and with such force, it is split in half as the Boy grabs Clementine's hand and says "Stay with me, Clem!" as he takes out a Fury's Song Sword (a Futuristic Sword from Call of Duty: Black Ops III and the Ubisoft-Pixar Anthology Trilogy) and starts cutting down several Walkers in a flurry of swings, darkened Walker blood and intestines as he takes out a VMP Submachine Gun and guns down even more Walkers, slinging the Sword to his back and then running over to Lee with Clementine, before telling him "Trust me, Everett!" as he jumps towards a Walker Swarm standing in the Group's path and then uses a huge Ground Pound to blast dozens of Walkers away, then says "This way, into that Mansion! All of you, come with me if you wanna live!!" as he runs towards an Abandoned Mansion with a huge Gate and Fence, and the Group follows him as the Walkers pursue them after starting to dissipate.

After losing the massive Walker Horde and closing the Mansion Gates behind them, the Group assembles around the Young Boy and Kenny furiously tells him "Alright, kid, you have a lot to fucking explain-" and then Lee pulls Kenny back and says "Let me fucking deal with this!" and then the Boy looks at Kenny and says "Get your finger outta my face, grandpa, before I jam it straight up your fucking ass! I wasn't exactly here for you..." as he takes off his Mask and Hood, revealing him as a Caucasian child with light blonde hair, icy blue eyes and a fair complexion. Lee then asks "Alright then, kid: Who are you and what do you want with this Group? Also, how do you know some of our names?" and the Boy looks up at him and answers "My name is Dashiell Parr, but most of my friends just call me Dash. I'm here on a Mission representing the Dimensional Associated Treaty Organization, a Faction heavily involved in the War Against the Villain Armada, and I've been assigned to protect your Group from a growing Sect of our enemies in Savannah which have been expecting your arrival." and then Dash looks over to Clementine and says "But more specifically, I'm here for Clementine." as Kenny says "DATO, War against the 'what-now'? The fuck are you talking about, kid?" and then Dash answers "There has been an Awakening. And a fluctuation within The Multiverse was caused from this Dimension, revived from the Armada Archives-" and then Lee says "Dash, you're not making any sense! Slow down, and tell us everything." as the game shows the whole Group inside the Mansion, with Omid lying down injured on a Couch and the others sitting down. Dash (after already telling most of his life) then says "-In the year 2014, an unknown Military Regime we called The Villain Armada. But the Armada had been called many things over many years: Nazi Germany of Earth-15000, the Illuminati... The Villain Covenant, the First Order, Galactic Empire... We knew as 'The Armada', and during the War Against the Villain Armada they invaded thousands of Dimensions and each one had their own Outcomes towards the War: Most ended in the Armada's Destruction, others in The Hero Coalition's Defeat and even some where The War of The Multiverse never ended and continued for years. It was so cataclysmic, the War tore apart so many Dimensions and left them in Ruins and the Coalition was almost reduced to rubble after the Battle of Metroville in mid-2014." as the Group looks at him in shock. Clementine then asks "Well, how did you still beat them? I mean, you must have done something." as Dash looks at her and takes a pair of Dog Tags from his back pocket, then gives them to Clementine and says "Here, read those. If the Group still doesn't believe me, show it to them." and then Clementine looks at the blood-covered Dog Tags, which read 'Clementine Everett - KL1802, Villain Slayers. DOB: 11/23/03, POB Atlanta, Georgia.' as she shows them to Lee, who reads them and says "What the fuck..?" and Dash explains "There was a Hero Knight who brought us all back from the brink of Annihilation. One who found me when I was just a defeated, broken Hero... One who changed everything for me." as he looks at Clementine and says "2 years from now, Clementine... You will lead Mankind against The Villain Armada, and in my Dimension you helped the Coalition win after 8 months of destruction and death." and then Kenny says "Alright, you've got our attention. But do you have any other evidence to back this up?" and then Lee grabs Kenny by the shoulder and says "Christa, can you come and talk about this with me and Kenny. Come here, Ken... Come here, you idiot. Come here!" as they walk into the Mansion Hallways and close the Door behind them. Lee then says "Alright, so what do we do about Dash?" and Kenny says "We need to look at more evidence, Lee. I don't believe him!" and then Lee and Christa both look at him shocked, the former asking "Man, are you fucking high? Tell me you're not high on coke right now!" and then Kenny counters "No, but that kid must be! Do either of you actually believe the bullshit he's spouting out his mouth?!" and then Lee says "Look at the Dog Tags, you fucking moron! Clementine's name is literally written all over it." and Kenny comes up with the excuse of "Well, he could have forged them." and Christa says "Alright, then what explains the fucking Laser Sniper and Futuristic SMG strapped on his back?" and then Kenny responds "I don't know, maybe he's part of a Classified Government Project before the Outbreak started?" and then Lee facepalms and says "Shut. The hell... Up!" and then Christa tells them "Hey, I believe the kid. I mean, it's sort of an impossible scenario but he has solid evidence." and Kenny says "Well, you guys can talk to the kid about his so-called 'escapades', I'm gonna search the House. Ben!" and then Ben walks over, asking "What is it, Kenny?" and Kenny responds "You're with me to search the House, kid. Lee and the others can watch Dash and Clementine." as he goes to search the House, and then the rest of the Group walks back into the Mansion Main Room.

Act I-III (Main Missions) Edit

A few minutes later (while the others are checking the Mansion), Dash is seen wiping the Walker blood off of his face from the Walker he split in half, while Clementine sits next to Omid as Lee and Christa stand next to her eyeing Dash cautiously as the young boy tells them "I'm telling the truth, y'know. If I didn't, why do you think I'd go through all this trouble just for 1 girl?" as Lee responds "Just making sure you're not gonna be... Hostile, towards Clementine." and Christa agrees with Lee, saying "Yeah, we've had a few bad encounters recently." as she tends to Omid and asks "You alright honey?" and Omid answers "I'm fine... Don't worry about me, Christa." as Dash informs them "That wound is gonna get infected, you know. You're gonna have to get him medical attention." as Lee asks "How do you know?" and then Dash looks at him, then back over to Clementine as he says "I'm from the Future, remember?" as the Group sits down in the Mansion Main Room. Dash then explains "The year 2017, to be exact... I actually prefer this Outbreak shit to the deatruction and death of The War of The Multiverse." as Clementine asks him "Well... Who are you, exactly? Where do you come from?" and then Dash sighs, recounting his Past: "I was born March 21st, 2003, 6 years after the Great Invasion of Earth-135 from the perspective of my Dimension. I spent most of my childhood going around Survivor Camps, across the Eath-616 Ruins earning just enough Money to keep myself fed and comfortable every day. And when I turned 9 years old, I was drafted into an Elite Unit within The Hero Coalition called the Hero Knights... I was the only Mutant on the Squad." and Lee asks "Mutants? You don't look like a Mutant." and then Dash explains "I managed to hone and contain my Powers, because sometimes other Soldiers bullied me over it, called me a 'genetically deformed freak'. I beat the shit outta anyone who did that, though, but..." as he looks at Clementine and smiles, saying "There was someone else who was always by my side... Clementine Everett. She was the only one who really accepted me for what I was, and I found comfort in her." as he unzips his pocket and takes out a Photo from it, showing it to Lee and saying "Need any more evidence?" as Lee sees the Picture, which shows Dash and an 11-year-old Clementine in the year 2014 (with her Season 2 Appearance). Lee then says "Holy shit... It actually is her!" as he shows the Picture to Christa and Omid, then Clementine who looks at the Picturein complete shock, and then Dash asks "Can I have it back? I mean, it is my most prized possession." as Lee gives it back, and then Lee hears Ben saying "Lee, you have to get up here now! It's Kenny!!" as Lee says "Christa, come with me! Clem, stay here with Dash while I see what's going on!" as he and Christa run up the Stairs. After the other Survivors leave, Clementine looks at Dash and notices the boy running his finger across the Picture, with a tear escaping his eye and running down his cheek as Clementine asks him "So, um... This older me on Earth-616? What's she like?" and then Dash responds "Well, you're, uh... You're brave, an amazing Soldier, your a kind and caring person. Like I said, you're the only person to accept me even if I am a Mutant, and... You're so beautiful." as he blushes red after realizing what he just said, and as Clementine blushes also Dash laughs and says "Um, sorry, that last part... I didn't mean to tell you that. A lot of people used to tease me saying I had a crush on you, I didn't take offense to it or anything, and I know that they didn't mean anything by it." as the two sit in the Mansion Main Room.

Upstairs, Lee is seen outside the Attic with Christa and Ben with the latter saying "He went up there to check it, and told me to stay down here. He hasn't come down in a few minutes, though..." as Lee says "You two stay here, I'm gonna check on him." as Lee goes up the Ladder and into the Attic as he sees Kenny kneeling in front of something as he says "Oh, my God..." and then Lee sees a dead Walker Child which resembles Kenny Jr., AKA Duck (Kenny's deceased son) which stands up and starts walking towards the two, only to fall to the ground as Kenny asks "Kinda looks like Duck, don't he?" as he starts crying and says "I was gonna try and put him down, but... I can't do it, Lee. Just like I couldn't with Duck." as Lee walks forward and tells him "You don't have to, Ken... I'll do it, just like I did last time." and then he walks towards the Walker Child and says "Poor kid, probably tried to hide up here and starved to death. This could've been Clementine if I hadn't found her when I did." as he puts his foot in the Walker's head and tells it "I'm sorry..." and then he crushes its head with his boot. Kenny then walks up and says "We should bury him." and Lee responds "Yeah, I'll... I'll take care of it." as he picks up the dead Walker and holds it in his arms, walking down from the Attic and then walking down the stairs as he sees Dash and Clementine still talking in the Main Room.

Outside, Lee puts the Walker Child down in a hole he dug earlier, setting it down next to a long-dead Dog and then starting to bury it in the ground and putting a few piles of dirt on the ground, he turns to see Clementine standing there watching him bury the Walker as Dash stands by the Door, and then Dash puts a hand in Clementine's shoulder and says something inaudible as Clementine walks back in side. Lee then completely buries the Walker Child, but then he looks towards the Gate and sees a Shadowed Figure standing there watching him, and then as Lee slowly approaches him the Figure runs away as Lee yells "Hey! Hey!! Who are you, and what the fuck do you want from us?!" as Christa, Ben, Dash and Clementine all run outside and Christa asks "Lee, what's wrong?" and then Lee responds "I saw someone standing by the fence, watching us..." and then Ben asks "Walker?" but Lee walks away from the Walker Child's Grave and says "No, too fast. Took off like a bat outta hell when I spotted him..." and then Chrisa asks "Was it a man or a woman? It might be the same guy who's following us, the guy who was in Clem's Radio." and then Dash tells them "In the Future, Clementine told me that she lost you guys to some Villain on a Radio, who told her that he was keeping her parents in the Marsh House." as Lee asks "Whoa, whoa: 'Lost us'? So, we don't stay alive in the Future?" and then Das shakes his head and tells them "No... But we can change that." as Kenny walks out and asks "What's all the ruckus?" and then Lee responds "Some guy was just watching us from the Fence, while I was burying the kid. And Dash, uh... He told us we're all gonna die because of that guy!" and then Kenny scoffs, asking "Really? You guys actually believe him?" and then Dash takes out the Picture of him and an 11-year-old Clementine, saying "Look at this then, old man. Then call it bullshit!" as Kenny looks at the Picture in shock, and says "Wh-what? The fuck, where'd you get this?" and then Dash answers "It's mine, asshole. Either way, we need to hear the next part of Kenny's master fucking plan: The Boats?" and then Kenny tells the Group "Yeah, alright: Look, time to get down to River Street. Get Omid ready and search the House for any more Supplies. Lee, you can come with me to the Docks and find a Boat." and then Dash says "I'll stay here with Clementine, protect her in case The Villain Armada gets wind that I'm here." and then Lee responds "Oh no, that is not happening! Dash, you're coming with me and Kenny to the River! If this 'Villain Armada' is gonna try and intercept us, it'd certainly be there!" and Dash counters "No, I am not leaving her alone! If she gets hurt or God forbid, even dies... Then I came a long way through Time for fucking nothing!" as Lee tells him "Don't worry, she knows how to use a Pistol. She has one, plus Christa, Omid and Ben will be here to look after her." as Dash hesitates for a few seconds, then sighs and says "Fine, I'll go to the Docks." as he walks towards Lee and Kenny, then looks at Clementine and says "Please, Clem... Be safe." as he walks away alongside Lee and Kenny.

The game then switches to a couple hours later as Dash, Lee and Kenny are seen walking through the Streets, but more accurately for Dash: Running across destroyed Building Walls with his Super-Speed as he jumps into the Streets and starts walking alongside the two Survivors, telling them about him and Clementine during the War Against the Villain Armada: "Then in 2016, 2 years after the Battle of Metroville where The Hero Coalition basically got its ass kicked by the Armada, Clem and I moved in towards the Metroville Ruins and liberated the City from the Armada." and Lee shockedly asks "Just the two of you? With Snipers only." and then Kenny asks "You killed a whole Battalion of Tanks, Soldiers and Choppers just with Snipers and Grenades? No fucking way!" and then Dash responds "Hey, what'd I tell you? Clementine's an amazing Soldier in the Future. Hell, she's more than just a Soldier, she... Um..." and then Lee looks at him and asks "She's what? Don't keep us in suspense." and then Dash blushes lightly and says "Well, she's just an amazing person in general. She was kinda like my 'Guardian Angel' as well, she saved my life more times than I could count." as Kenny asks "And..?" and then Dash's face reddens even more and he says "I think that... Maybe I had a crush on her?" as Lee looks at Kenny and shakes his head, and the latter chuckles as Dash tells them "I never told her about it, though. I guess I was a little shy about it..." and then Lee mouths "Thank God..." and then Dash adds "ClementIne Everett, the Great Hero Knight. I took orders from her, obeyed her at all times and was completely devoted to her like a child would be to his Mother... I would cut my own Heart out if she ordered me to." as they keep heading for the River Docks. However, as the two reach the Docks they look in shock as Kenny says "Oh my God... No!!" as he sees that all the Boats in the Docks are either destroyed and crashed or have been stripped for parts as Kenny runs towards them and desperately looks around for an Engine or unbroken Boat, but finds nothing as Lee says "Oh, fuck... Well, Plan B?" as Kenny angrily asks "Lee, what fucking Plan B?! There is no Plan B!!" and then Dash says "Calm down, Kenny! Let's look around for something we can use..." as they all look around for anything that will help them with the Boat, even seeing a huge Barrier made up of dead Walkers in a pile and on sticks with a sign that reads 'Keep Away - Crawford' as Dash looks at the Walker Barrier in shock. However, Lee then finds a Telescope and says "Hey, Dash, I found this Telescope! But it needs a Quarter for me to use it... Got anything?" as Dash takes several Coins out of his pocket and picks a Quarter, throwing it to Lee who then puts it into the Telescope as he looks across the Savannah Bay including the destroyed City Bridge and several destroyed Buildings. However, he then sees a Hooded Girl sitting near a Building Rooftop next to a crashed Helicopter and then he asks "Who the fuck is that..?" as Kenny walks towards him and asks "Who-?" but then as he approaches the Telescope the Girl fires a warning shot at him from her Modified Drakon Sniper. The Girl then starts free-running across the Rooftops as Dash uses his Super-Speed to tackle Lee and Kenny down to the Dock Floor. Lee then watches as the Hooded Girl jumps into the Streets and then asks "Dash, who the fuck is that? One of those Villains?" and then Dash responds after noting the Gir's clothing: A white shirt/tank top with a black bra worn underneath, green cargo pants and a red hoodie wrapped around her waist as he says "Never seen a Villain dressed like that before, more like a Scavenger. Lee, you move behind her and take her out, Kenny you cover him from that Alley!" as they agree to Dash's plan.

Lee then starts stealthily moving towards the Hooded Girl who is seen looting a nearby Store as Lee walks towards her and takes out a Wrench, and then as he swings it the Girl counters his Attack and then moves behind him in an agile way, before slamming the Wrench into Lee's face and knocks the Survivor to the ground as Kenny stays in the Alleyway and Dash aims at the girl with his VMP Submachine Gun as the Hooded Girl swings grabs Lee by the neck and looks at him in anger for a few seconds, but then looks at him in shock as she gets off of him and asks: "You... Lee?" and then Lee looks at the Girl puzzled as she holds her hand out to help him up. The Girl then helps Lee up and says "You're alive? Looking the same as ever... You still have your arm?" and then Lee asks "W-who are you?" as the Girl removes both her Hood and Mask, revealing herself as a 14-year-old Clementine Everett! As Lee looks in shock, Dash zooms over using his Super-Speed amd aims his Weapon at Clementine, only for the Season 1 Clementine (who will now be called that to avoid confusion, as the 14-year-old one has her Season 3 appearance) to ask "Lee..?" as the Future Clementine turns around and looks at her younger Counterpart in slight shock and rememberance of this moment, and then Kenny aims at the Future Clementine and fires at her, only for the girl to easily dodge the Bullet and for Dash to tackle Kenny into a wall using his Super-Speed, and as Kenny tries to punch him Dash catches his hand and throws him down to the ground as he looks at the Futue Clementine disoriented. Looking at the Future Clementine in complete shock, Dash asks "Cl-Clementine..? No fucking way..." as he runs up and hugs her, wrapping his arms around the girl and holding her in a tight embrace, Dash says "Clem, I thought that... When I went through the Time Machine, the Armada would have-" as the Future Clementine returns the hug and comforts the boy, saying "Hey, don't worry... Dash, I'm right here." as 2 more Hero Knights, James Fairbanks (age 14) and a 13-year-old Alex Fairbanks then uncloak and reveal themselves from their Active Camo as Dash pulls away from Clementine and says "You're alright..? Wow, you look better than ever." as Clementine blushes slightly, and then Kenny gets up and asks "So, wait... Everything that Dash has told us..?" and then the Future Clementine looks at her younger counterpart and says "It's true, all of it: The Coalition, the Armada... And the Hero Knights. They're all real!" as James and Alex approach them, the latter saying "That's great that you two lovebirds are back together, but we have to move now! Those Walkers would've heard those shots!" as the Future Clementine responds "Agreed, we have to move now. James, Alex: You two move ahead and scout the Streets for Walkers! Dash, get the other Clementine outta here: We'll split up, I'll go with Alex and James!" as Dash playfully says "Aw, but I wanna go with you! It's been a while..." as Clementine gets closer to him and then playfully punches him in the shoulder, saying "Get going, Soldier! I thought you said you'd always follow my Orders..." as Dash flirts with her, saying "I love it when you call me 'Soldier'. See you back at the Mansion, then!" as the Future Clementine uses her Active Camo along with James and Alex to scout ahead for Walkers while Dash says "She's fucking amazing, isn't she?" and then Lee grabs him by the shoulder and says "Alright, ladies' man. Let's go!" as they proceed through the Streets and the S1 Clementine asks "That's me in the Future? Wow, I look..l" And then Dash responds "Beautiful? Yeah, you went from 'incredibly cute' to 'overwhelmingly sexy' in a few years." as Lee clears his throat as Dash snickers.

As they all walk through the Streets, Dash says "Seriously though, I... She's amazing. Probably one of the greatest people I have ever met in my life, along with the other Villain Slayers." and then Lee asks "So, how did you and Clem meet in this Alternate Universe?" and then Dash recounts his Past with Clementine: "I was 9 years old, it was after the United Dimensions Coalition destroyed the Illinois Line belonging to the Armada and pushed them back to the East Coast. It was during the Winter, and I was staying in a Subway Train after freezing my ass off on a Supply Run... But then after midnight, I woke up and heard footsteps in the Train, so I grabbed my R101-C Carbine and went to investigate, and then I saw this girl looting through my Supplies." and then he looks at the S1 Clementine, saying "She was wearing a red hoodie, a pair of blue jeans and she had a purple cap... It was you, Clem." as he keeps walking and laughs, then says "And then obviously, after that I followed her around the Midwestern States like a little stray dog for weeks on end. She taught me how to fight, how to shoot better and... Best of all, when I told her I was a Mutant I expected her to call me a freak, but she didn't. She just accepted me for what I was, and then after I turned 10 we started to get involved with the War Against the Villain Armada. We freed Prisoners from the Armada Camps, Mutant and Human alike... Liberated Cities from those evil motherfuckers in massive Battles." as he takes out the Picture of him and an 11-year-old Clementine, running his hand across Clementine's half and saying "We fought and bled alongside each other for 4 years together, and we were inseparable wherever we went." and then the S1 Clementine asks "You love the other me..?" as Dash looks at her and says "Well, yeah I... She saved me. And whenever she talks to me, my Heart starts racing so fast like my Super-Speed and whenever she says my name I get goosebumps." and then he blushes lightly and says "God, this feels awkward as hell... Talking to a younger version of the girl I love." and then Lee tells him "Never heard of a relationship where someone says, and I'm quoting Dash here: 'I'd cut my own Heart out if she told me to'." and then Dash asks "Yeah, who cares what I say about my fucking love life?" and then Lee looks at the boy and says "Dash... You sure you don't have any... Mental issues, associated with Clementine?" and then Dash responds "Nope, completely sane. Let's get back to the Mansion then!" as he keeps walking, and then Kenny (because he's an asshole) comments "I think that kid might be mentally fucking disturbed." and S1 Clementine says "I think he's alright. He's just missed my Future version..." as Dash walks ahead of them.

The game then switches to a couple hours later again as Dash and the Survivor Group arrive back at the Mansion as they see the Future Clementine, Alex and James standing in the backyard as Dash goes up to Clementine and says "Alright, let's get inside: Omid needs Medical attention." as they all enter the Mansion to see Christa and Ben standing there as she walks over to the Group and upon seeing the Hero Knights she asks "Whoa, what the hell?!" as she reaches for her Pistol but then Dash runs forward and says "Christa, no fucking shots off!!" as Christa looks at Alex and James, then shockedly looks over to the Future Clementine and says "No way... Clementine?" and then Clementine walks towards her and says "We're here to help this Group! Omid needs Medical attention, right?" and then Christa says "Yeah, we have a Boat." and then Kenny asks "What?! You have a Boat already?!" and Chuck explains "We found it in that Shed after you all left for the Docks. But there's a problem: The Boat has no Engine, and Omid won't last much longer without his Meds!" and then the Future Clementine sighs and says "Great, now we gotta repeat the Original Timeline..." and Chuck asks "What do you mean?" as Clementine explains "There's a Community within the City who harboured an Armada Battalion during the Multiverse Wars, and held an iron grip over its Citizens. Behind that Walker Barrier in the Docks, is an Armada Sect called 'Crawford'. Named after the Villain, Crawford Oberson... We took the Boat Engine and Medicine from there, in order to escape the Savannah Ruins in the Original Timeline." as the Group continues to listen to her plan, which is virtually a modified repeat of the Crawford Raids in the Original Timeline. However, Dash is then heard groaning in pain and then everyone turns to him and see that his face is becoming altered in appearance very slightly, and his blonde hair is turning dark brown before reverting back to blonde, and then he falls to the ground as the Future Clementine runs over to him says "Dash, no!! What's... Oh God, it's happening again!" as the S1 Clementine asks "What's happening to him?" and then the Future Clementine explains "He's undergoing a Cloning Effect!" and Lee asks "What the hell does that mean?" and then Dash painfully says "Clem, you have to tell them... The pain... Oh, my God!!" as he slumps down in the wall and starts holding his head in pain. The Future Clementine then sighs and turns to the Group with tears in her eyes, saying "Dash didn't tell you this part of his Past: He wasn't exactly a natural birth." as Kenny asks "What do you mean? And why's his appearance changing like that?" as Clementine explains "Dash's Mother gave birth to him in a Coalition Black-Ops Facility, his father was a Great Hero who we called 'Mr. Incredible' before the Great Invasion... But then the High Command took Dash when he was 2 months old, and they also took another infant: A 3-month-old named Kyle Reese." as she keeps explaining Dash's background, the boy resisting the seering pain and calming down. Clementine then explains "The Black Project was a condition of the Parr Family being completely devoted to The Hero Coalition. After they took Dash and Kyle to the Safehouse, they took samples from the two infants. Blood, saliva, their Double Helixes... Then spliced them together and duplicated them in an Incubation Chamber." and then Lee asks "So, Dash is a Clone of this Kyle Reese kid?" and Clementine responds "Not really. But a rule of the Black Project is that once Dash reaches 11 years old, he will start turning into Kyle Reese... When Dash went back in Time, he reverted back into an 11-year-old boy and the Cloning Process was restarted because it barely exists in this Timeline. The reason for the '11-Year Rule' is because Kyle Reese was 11 years old when he killed Ozone, the Ultimate Villain Lord in the Battle of Washington DC, and now that Dash is past 11 he will start turning into an exact copy of Kyle, in appearance and Genetic Code... His hair will turn dark brown, his face will turn into Kyle Reese's, and his DNA won't even match his former one before he turned."" as Christa asks her "Well, how long does this 'Cloning Effect' take to manifest?" and then Future Clementine says "An entire year, maybe 2 years... Either way, in a year or two there will be no Dashiell Parr... There will only be Kyle Reese!" as she starts tearing up, and then her tears fall down her face as she walks upstairs and towards the Mansion Bedrooms. However, Dash stands up and says "Clementine, wait!" as he looks at her and says "Look, I know now that I'm going to turn into Kyle within a year or two, but... Whether it takes hold when I'm 12 or 13 years old, I still have to do what you sent me here to do!" as the Future Clementine walks down to him and the boy says "While I can still fight the Cloning Effect, please... One more Mission: We go to Crawford and get what we need!" as Clementine starts crying and hugs him, asking "What if Kyle takes hold before I get a chance to say goodbye..? I can't do it." and then Dash says "I promise you, we will succeed in this. You me, James, Alex... And this Group." as the screen turns to black.

A couple hours later as the City goes into nightfall, the S1 Clementine is seen walking through the Upper Floor of the Mansion and she walks into the Study and sees Dash sitting down and looking out the Window as the Future Clementine is seen sleeping next to him and huddling up to him as the S1 Clementine asks "Hey Dash, is she... Am I alright?" and then Dash laughs, saying "Yeah, you're fine. Y'know, whenever me and this Clementine were outside the Coalition Base maybe after a Battle in a City... When we were going through the City Outskirts and into the Woods, a Campfire wasn't enough to keep us warm so we had to snuggle up to each other to get warm." as the S1 Clementine sits opposite to him and laughs, asking "Didn't it make you feel... Uncomfortable?" and Dash shrugs, saying "I didn't really give a shit. I knew I had a crush on her, so I didn't say anything about it." as they sit awkwardly, and S1 Clementine asks "So, is she okay? I saw you two earlier, talking about that... Cloning thing." as Dash looks at her in slight sadness and says "Yeah, basically she told your Group everything already. In a year or two, there isn't gonna be a Dashiell Parr... There'll only be Kyle Reese." as S1 Clementine looks at her older Counterpart in Dash's arms, and she reassures him by saying "I'm sure she'll love you either way, Dash..." as she gets up and walks out of the Study Room. Lee then walks up to her and says "Clem, what are you still doing up? I think you need a little bit of sleep, huh?" and then S1 Clementine responds "I'm getting ready to go with you, Lee!" and then Lee tells her "Clem, I already told you that you can't come with us! I'm sorry, but-" and then S1 Clementine says "Dash told me about Crawford, he said that it has hundreds of people living in its Walls! That means it must be where my Mom and Dad are... Please, Lee? I want to come with you!" as Lee sighs, saying "Alright, fine. You can come, but you have to promise that you'll stay close to me." as the two agree that they will go to the Crawford Headquarters, which has now been overtaken by an Army headed by The Villain Armada after The War of The Multiverse.

The game then switches to a few hours later at night as the Survivor Group and Villain Slayers (save for Omid) make their way through the Savannah Sewer Systems and move up towards a Ladder which leads to the Crawford District, and then the Future Clementine brings up a Holographic Map of the District and says "Alright, the Main Building that Crawford Oberson used to aid the Armada is the School Area, we'll find the Boat Engine and Meds in there. Are we all ready to do this, then?" and then everyone draws their Weapons as James tells her "Ready as always, Clem! Time to kick the Armada's ass from this Dimension, and push 'em back to wherever they came from!" as Dash responds "Well, let's go then!" as he walks towards the Ladder. However, he hears the Future Clementine saying "Hey, Dash! Hold on..." as she walks towards him and then kisses him on the lips and Dash, although completely surprised for a few seconds, kisses her back in a long and intimate kiss as he wraps his arms around the Future Clementine's waist, and as everyone else (especially the S1 Clementine) looks in shock, Lee asks "Uh... Can we hurry this up a little, guys? Guys..?" as Dash mkves one of his arms away from the Future Clemetine's waist and then pulls the middle finger at Lee, and then James holds his hand out to Alex and says "5 Dollars, right now." and Alex asks "What? The fuck are you talking about, man?" and James answers "We had a bet that Dash and Clem would do this, now pay up!" as Alex sighs and remarks "That bet was so fucking stupid..." as James also remarks "Not my fault Dash wants to bone her!" as Alex hands his older brother some Money, and after their brief transaction finishes Dash then stops kissing Clementine and holds her hands, his face touching hers as he says "Wow, that was..." and Clementine flirtatiously asks "Late? Yeah... 4 years late." and then she climbs up the Sewer Ladder leading to Crawford.

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