Scatter4   This article is about the "Tikal" of the Rose Warriors canon. For this Tikal's normal incarnation, see here.

Atlantean Language - TAtlantean Language - IAtlantean Language - KAtlantean Language - AAtlantean Language - L
Full Name: Tikal
Hometown: Mystic Ruins
Gender: Female
Species: Echidna
Weapon: Master Emerald
Alignment Rose Warriors
Status: Dead*
Debut: Rose Warriors: Alienation

Theme of Tikal

Tikal is a major protagonist featured within the Rose Warriors series of video games, and is a temporary Rose Warriors group. She alone serves as the main driving force of Rose Warriors: Alienation's plot.

Spoiler alert: Plot-specific details are within this box

Tikal is in fact the remains of Palkia, Dialga and Giratina's powers, with the remaining energy used to create her body. Once she awakens these powers, she takes a different appearance, and is granted a new name, always written in Atlantean: Atlantean Language - PAtlantean Language - AAtlantean Language - RAtlantean Language - AAtlantean Language - DAtlantean Language - OAtlantean Language - X Atlantean Language - GAtlantean Language - OAtlantean Language - DAtlantean Language - DAtlantean Language - EAtlantean Language - SAtlantean Language - S.
End of spoilers


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Rose Warriors: AlienationEdit


  • Tikal is the first member of the Rose Warriors to actually be confirmed dead. After the events of Alienation, most members were put into suspended animation


Rose Warriors: Alienation
Playable Characters Ruby Rose Mario Toro Inoue
Allies Tikal
Locations Mezameru
Terms Nothing Rose Warriors AESA Rose Atlantean language

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