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Often known as the Timeline of the New Earth, this page outlines the in-game history of the Rose Warriors series. While the first three games of the series, Rose Warriors, Vengeance and Alienation are confirmed to take place in that order, spin-off titles and events occur in-between these time periods, leading some to wonder if these three games are in fact connected in the order they are officially shown.

First HistoryEdit

Era of War

Games: Scatter Scatter

Following a nuclear explosion created by the people of Earth, multiple universes are pulled together with their base universes destroyed. Dialga and Palkia, the gods of time and space, attempt to rewrite the laws of the universe and restore the old ones to their original states, though would also kill the inhabitants of the New Earth in the process. Ruby Rose, Mario and Toro Inoue find themselves in a remnant of one of the combined universes, and, in an attempt to find out where they are, and in the process stumble across Morcubus and his plan to conquer the new world.

Creating a group of warriors to save their new world and stop both Morcubus and the two gods, the three eventually found the Rose Warriors. The group find a way to utilize the remnants of the creation of the new world, the "Nothing", and put the two gods into an eternal slumber.

Morcubus, however, continues his attempt to conquer the new world, and starts a war with the Rose Warriors, pitting them against the legion of villains he stumbled upon.

Era of Rebirth

Games: Scatter2 Scatter3

Era of Plague

Games: Scatter5

Era of Silence

Games: Scatter4

Second HistoryEdit

Era of Beginnings

Games: Scatter6

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