Full Name Unknown
Current Age Late 20's-Early 30's
Date of Birth Late 1970s-Mid 1980s
Gender Male
Species Human
Hometown San Francisco, CA
Main Weapon(s) M4A1 (Red Dot Sight, Laser Sight, Grip)
Debut Terminator Genisys
Current Status(es) Deceased (Earth-680)
Deceased (Earth-3000)
Affiliation(s) San Francisco Police Department

Timmons (full name unknown) is one of the several main characters in Terminator: Hope of The Future, and a minor anti-hero/antagonist in Terminator Genisys. He features as a sort of background antagonist in Terminator Genisys, and has a much more prominent role in Hope of The Future, as part of a team of Officers in the San Francisco Police Department, present in the Timelines of Earth-135 (War of Heroes Timeline), Earth-680 (Terminator Genisys Timeline) and Earth-3000 (Terminator: HOTF Timeline).

Biography Edit

VGF-Insignia SPOILER WARNING!!! Plot and/or ending details follow.

Presence on Earth-680 and 2017 Cyberdyne Incident Edit

Timmons was present during the interrogation of an adult Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor during the 2017 Cyberdyne Incident on Earth-680. This part of the canon takes place 3 years after the events of Terminator: Hope of The Future, but there are substantial hints that the game and movie Timelines are happening concurrently instead of in a chronological order.

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