#000 000MS Type: Null
タイプ:ヌル Type: Null
772Type Null
Synthetic Pokémon
Abilities Battle Armor
Pokédex Colour Gray
Egg Groups Undiscovered Egg Group

Type: Null (Japanese: タイプ:ヌル Type: Null) is a  Normal -type Pokémon.

It evolves into Silvally when levelled up with high friendship.

Biology Edit

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 This Pokémon wearing a mask has been dubbed “Null,” meaning nothing. The shapes of its front and hind legs are clearly different. The reason is that Type: Null was constructed to synthesize the strengths of various Pokémon, enabling it to adapt to any situation. The mask fitted to Type: Null’s head is a piece of equipment designed to control its latent powers. It’s extremely heavy, so it also serves to hinder Type: Null’s agility. To complete a certain mission, there was need of a Pokémon powerful enough to rival those Pokémon often spoken of in mythology.  

Type: Null is a quadrepedal Pokémon with the characteristics of several different Pokémon. Its body is mostly black. The lower half of each front leg is insectoid, green with spikes on the outer edges and two claws pointing forward and one backward. Its rear legs have purple scales—three on the outside of the upper legs, two on the front of the lower legs, and one on top of the foot—and three-toed paws with a claw protruding from the back of the foot. It also has a fish-like tail, blue on the outside, gray on the inside, and lined on top with short spikes. It has a mane of gray hair that hangs in strips to cover most of its chest and back. Type: Null's head is enclosed in a wooden contraption with green markings. The contraption has a large wooden jaw piece that wraps around the front with large, round hinges on the side, two pointed wooden ears on top with black ear holes, and a collar with four protruding vanes that are tipped in a three-way spike. The jaw hinges have a green cross on them, the collar shows a line of green between the vanes, and each vane has a green hexagon near the end. On top of its head, Type: Null's hair also takes the shape of a large hatchet with the blade pointing backwards, with a wooden band securing it around the middle. A narrow steel edge seems to protrude from the front of the hair.

Type: Null was created for a mysterious purpose. In order for it to carry out its mission, its power is intended to rival that of Pokémon spoken of in myth. It was created from many different Pokémon so that it would be able to cope well with many different situations. The mask on Type: Null's head regulates its power, as well as hindering its agility with its great weight.

Evolution Edit


Type: Null
in generation VII
772Type Null
PKMN bag icon - Soothe Bell
Type: Null

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