Type Game Developer
Founder(s) Alex Amancio
Robert Kirkman
Brad Bird
Founded October 25th, 2015
Defunct September 23rd, 2021
Owner Multiple CEOs
Area served Gaming (Worldwide)
Subsidiaries Heavy Iron Studios
Sledgehammer Games
Halycon Games
Parent Disney-Pixar
Predecessor None
Successor Marvel-TellTale
First release Incredibles: Underminer's Uprising

Ubisoft-Pixar is the company collaboration between Ubisoft Entertainment and Pixar Animation Studios. The company was founded in October 2015 after the huge success of Incredibles: Underminer's Uprising and it has made several other projects such as Incredibles 4: Rise Of The Knights, Incredibles 5: Attinger's Revenge, Incredibles 6: Villains Rising and Incredibles: Collision Of Worlds, followed up by Incredibles: Age Of SubTerra. The supporting companies include: TellTale Games, Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games.

Founding [2015]Edit

In 2015, Ubisoft and TellTale Games were approached by Infinity Ward and Pixar to make a crossover game titled Incredibles: Underminer's Uprising. After going through many discussions, Ubisoft accepted a 10-year contract with the two companies for games, DLC and other merchandise.

The first game, Incredibles: Underminer's Uprising, was released to huge success. The game was a crossover between The Incredibles, Walking Dead, Watch Dogs and Call of Duty. The game was so successful that Ubisoft, now under the corroboration name of Ubisoft-Pixar, decided to make the Incredibles: Knights Series, starting with Incredibles 4: Rise Of The Knights and ending with HeroFall. The company made several sequels and spin-offs to those games, such as Incredibles 5: Attinger's Revenge, Incredibles 6: Villains Rising and HeroFall: The Rogue Heroes.

Other GamesEdit

Starting in Fall 2015, Ubisoft-Pixar started making the Call of the Watch Dogs Series, which was released to huge success along with Incredibles: Underminer's Uprising. The game spawned two sequels: Chicago Knight and Call Of The Watch Dogs 3: Rising Phoenix.

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