UltraKart is an OtoVibe game that is very much like MarioKart and Sega Racing. UltraKart contains characters from Nintendo, Disney, EA, Mojang, Bluefang and Sega.


The plot is to pretty much beat all opponents in each cup. With 10 cups in total and 5 races in a cup, there is 50 races in all. As you complete the cups higher stages and better karts and even unlockable characters become available to you. The final stage is 200cc and is the most difficult stage. If you win all the cups in the final stage you get two more stages: Backwards and Mirrored. 


Offline- The player plays offline, on their own. This is how to unlock more stages and characters etc.

Online- The player plays online, with up to 15 friends.

Local (3DS)- The player plays with local UltraKart players.

Multiplayer Offline- The player plays with up to 4 others, offline.



  1. Mario
  2. Luigi
  3. Sonic
  4. Steve
  5. Phineas
  6. Faith Connors
  7. Ash
  8. PacMan
  9. Villager (Minecraft)
  10. Elsa
  11. Lau-Chan
  12. Bowser
  13. Donkey Kong
  14. DJ Candy Supergroove
  15. Cream


  1. Ferb
  2. Vanellope Von Schweetz
  3. Ralph
  4. Chaz McFreely
  5. Dr. Eggman
  6. Minecraft Pig
  7. Olaf
  8. Villager (Animal Crossing)
  9. K.K. Slider
  10. Knuckles
  11. Sosuke
  12. Akira Yuki
  13. Peach
  14. Yuki
  15. Serena
  16. Charizard
  17. Rapunzel


In UltraKart, races appear from every notable series' locations.

Mushroom Cup Speed Cup Block Cup Crafters Cup Pokeball Cup Resetti Cup Frozen Cup

Wreck Cup

Pikmin Cup Flower Cup
Mario Raceway Sonic Speedway Crafters Cavern Spider Web Valley Lumiose Park The Island Arondelle Castle Sugar Rush Raceway Planetarium Coconut Mall
Danville Circuit Waluigi Pinball Retro Mario

Industrial District

Cowboy Junction London 2012 Track

The Museum

Paris' Notre Dame Gorilla Exhibit Vanilla's Castle
Yuki's Sub 

Superspeed Stadium

Tangled Tower Main Street Yumeno  Sunshine Airport My MineCraft Mansion Far Biome Ariel's Kingdom Route Unknown
The Zoo Tycoon Zoo Pokeball Factory PikaPika Central Creeper Palace Cars Riviera

Cinderella's Castle

Koopa City Sherbet Land Tokyo SimCity Park
MooMoo Meadows Ice Spikes Game Central Stadium

SimCity Magnolia Wetlands

Chain Chomp Chasm Bowser's Castle SimCity Plaza Shadow Maison Pikmin City Rainbow Road

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