Underminer as Seen in Metroville Knight VS Underminer
Full Name Unknown
Current Age 48
Date of Birth 1969
Gender Male
Species Mutated Human-Mole Hybrid
Hometown Metroville Underground
Class Villain Lord
Main Weapon(s) Drill MECH
Blade Claw
Main Element(s) Earth
Vulnerable to Unknown
Debut Incredibles: Rise of The Underminer
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Dermakinesis
Affiliation(s) Villain Armada
Alias(es) The Mole Man
The Tremor
Relation(s) Unknown

"Are you afraid of my powers, son of Mr. Incredible?!"

- Underminer's opening dialogue before fighting Dash (Metroville Knight)

Underminer (real name unknown) is an antagonist in the COTWD: Hero Knights Remake Series, and a central Villain in the story of Metroville Knight VS Underminer. He takes the appearance of Tremor from Mortal Kombat X as an appearance change for the Remake Series.

Opening Dialogue Edit

  • "Face me, Superhuman scum!" - Fighting Dash
  • "You will not defeat me, Cryomancer!" - Fighting Clementine in Cryokinesis Mode
  • "Taste the might of my Geokinetic Powers!" - Any Opponent
  • "Pity your sister, Jacks. You will join her soon!" - Fighting Jacks

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