United Dimensions Coalition
IP symbol 1
Emblem Seen in Scarecrow's Revenge and The Armada's Knights
Area(s) Served Global
Headquarters Multiple Nation Capitals (Washington DC, London, Moscow etc.)
Number of Members 890,000,000
Current Leader Aiden Pearce
Nicole Pearce
Notable Members Jackson Pearce
Kyle Reese
Clementine Everett
Jack Parr
Dashiell Parr
David Walker
Logan Walker
First Appearance War Of Heroes: Scarecrow's Revenge
Latest Appearance War Of Heroes: The Armada's Knights

"Freedom. Heroism. Integrity."

- Motto of the UDC, 2014-Present

The United Dimensions Coalition is the main playable and friendly faction in War Of Heroes: Scarecrow's Revenge, and the main protagonist faction of the Villain Returns Trilogy. This faction was founded after The Hero Coalition defeated The Villain Armada, and achieved ultimate victory in the War Against the Villain Armada.

After the Armada's crushing defeat and destruction in the Los Angeles Offensive (the final battle of the War), the Hero Coalition began rebuilding thousands of cities across Earth-135, and later established itself as a Global Superpower and the most powerful Political and Militaristic force in the World.

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