'Until Dawn 2' is a Interactive movie interactive drama survival horror video game developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 sequel to the first Until Dawn game.


You get to play a 15 year old girl who is surviving from the Wendigos during the night with her mother and brother. You also get to choose your choices you make



  • Terra-A 15 year old girl
  • Billy-Terra's 9 year old brother
  • Nora-Terra and Billy's single mother
  • Tristan-A guy Terra and her family meets who becomes Terra's love interest
  • Faith-A 7 year old girl Terra and her family meets and rescues her from the Wendigo. She and Terra have a strong bond
  • Angela-A leader of a group that Terra, her family, Tristan and Faith meet
  • Vivian-A news reporter who is in Angela's group
  • Gilbert-Angela's father who is having heart problems
  • Will-A mechanic who is in Angela's group
  • Dennis-A college student who joins Angela's group
  • Phil-A young man is who is Margo's boyfriend
  • Margo- A young woman who is Phil's girlfriend

Voice Actors and Actresses and Motion CaptureEdit

  • TBA as Terra
  • TBA as Billy
  • TBA as Nora
  • TBA as Tristan
  • TBA as Faith
  • TBA as Angela
  • TBA as Vivian
  • TBA as Gilbert
  • TBA as Will
  • TBA as Dennis
  • TBA as Phil
  • TBA as Margo

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