Hello! Haven't talked to you guys in quite a while. Just in case some of you don't know who I am, my name is Captain Ned Edgewalker (obviously), and I am from the Gamers Fanon Wiki, an affiliate of this wiki (for almost a year now!). This is an open invitation to you guys to come compete in the 'Wiki Olympics' that we're holding. You can see a more in-depth description here, but I'll basically and quickly explain it here.

There will be a collection of 5 competitions spanning 4 games. These games are Minecraft, ConquerorCards Against Humanity and Monopoly.

The rankings system will work like this: first place in a competition gets 3 points, runner-up gets 2 points, third place gets 1 and everybody else gets 0. The rankings will be tallied up here. Whoever takes first place wins a $15 (Canadian Dollars tho) reward of their choosing on Steam. It can be anything from a game to CS:GO skins, as long as it's on Steam.

To sign up, click the link above and post it in the comments of that blog. I am hoping to see some of you guys there!



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