Hello guys, this is CouyZ, also known as Rainbow Diamond Wisp, and I would like to announce that I am doing a mini-project here on Video Games Fanon in between 2017 and 2018, that I would like to call....


Yes, I am having my own interpretation of Super Smash Bros. There are 40 characters for each element. YES, there are elements, from Skylanders, in this fan game. 9 characters from the official Skylanders games, 3 characters from my cancelled Skylanders project, Skylanders: Reborn Trilogy, 10 Nintendo characters, 3 characters from Disney, 2 characters from Monster High, 2 characters from Grand Chase, 1 character from Cartoon Network, 1 character from Ever After High, 4 brand new versions of my own OC characters, including myself, who is also a DeviantART guest character, 1 other guest character from DeviantART, 2 guest character versions of Hollywood singers, 2 guest character versions of YouTube phenomenons and 2 elemental fighter versions of my personal school friends. It will also have 14 Fighter Arenas, 10 Usable Items and 10 adventure mode bosses (BTW, the adventure mode is called Action Mode), and they are fictional characters I hate the most.

Looks like this is something you need to know what I am doing for a while. This is CouyZ, signing out!

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