Hello, this is CouyZ. As you see here, I'm on my new Facebook account signed in to Wikia. Please just give it a chance. It's not a sockpuppet because it is not a Wikia account. I signed in with my new Facebook account so you won't consider the so called "sockpuppetry" being continued.

Now, for Video Games Fanon, I'll show you a Pokémon game of mine.

Pokémon Zero Logo
Pokémon Infinity Logo

Everyone meet Pokémon Zero and Pokémon Infinity! This is an alternate version of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. These fangames will have a total of 106 new Pokémon (with 16 Hybrid Evolutions), 12 new Mega Evolutions and 5 new types, Light, Science, Beastly, Volume and Food. Light is strong against Dark and Ghost types but weak to Science, Fighting and Steel types. Science is strong against Fairy, Light and Psychic types but weak to Dark, Dragon and Wind types. Beastly is strong against Normal, Grass and Water types, but weak to Fire, Fighting and Steel types. Volume is strong against Bug, Wind and Food types, but weak to Fighting, Poison and Psychic types. Food is strong against Poison, Rock and Ground types, but weak to Volume, Fire and all other types except for Fairy and Science.

This game duo will come out at Video Games Fanon on June 11, 2016.

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