Reznov's Personnel File
Full Name Viktor Reznov
Current Age 96 (Chronological)
57 (Physically)
Date of Birth 1918
Gender Male
Species Augmented Human
Hometown Petrograd, Russia (originally)
Class Fallen Hero
Main Weapon(s) HVK-30 Assault Rifle
Debut Call of Duty: World at War
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Misconceived Immortality
Affiliation(s) The Common Defense Pact
Alias(es) The Immortal
The Wolf
Relation(s) Unknown father

"You think Rezov destroyed New York?" "I don't know how much of the real Reznov is left!"

- John Connor and David Mason discussing Reznov in HeroFall: Guardians

Viktor Reznov is the true main antagonist in HeroFall: Guardians, and a pawn of The Villain Armada. He is a former veteran of World War II and was later put in the Vorkuta Forced Labor Camp after the Fall of Nazi Germany (Earth-15000), where he stayed until 1962. During a chaotic and destructive escape led by fellow Prisoner, Alex Mason, Reznov was re-captured and was experimented on by The Villain Armada.

Reznov was then placed in Cryogenic Suspension in the Der Riese Facility and was later found by Simon 'Ghost' Riley's Team during the Hero Civil War and later served The Common Defense Pact against The Winslow Accord in 2016 during the events of HeroFall: Guardians.

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