Villain Armada of Earth-650
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Area(s) Served Global Rule (Formerly)
Remains of United States
Headquarters Quantum Base, Rio de Janeiro, South America
Number of Members 100,000,000,000
Current Leader Skynet/Quantum
Notable Members William Carver
First Appearance Call Of The Watch Dogs: Future Warfare
Latest Appearance The Walking Dead: Future Lost
"We ruled Supreme once... Now we've been crippled!"

- William Carver, contemplating the Armada Downfall

The Villain Armada of Earth-650 is a new Faction in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, and the main antagonist Faction in Call Of The Watch Dogs: Future Warfare. As a potential successor to The Villain Armada of the Original War Against the Villain Armada, this Armada successfully Invaded and Occupied Earth-650 (as it's name suggests) but it was later destroyed by Jackson Pearce and Clementine Everett, during the end of the Alternate War Against the Villain Armada.

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