WWE NXT: The Future Is Now is a paid wrestling game for mobile featuring the WWE NXT roster.


There's a big button in the lower left of the screen. You press, hold and move it to move the character. There is a red line around it. If you surpass it, you start to run.

There are other small buttons on the lower right: taunt, Irish whip/pin, enter/exit ring/apron/tornbuckle and special.

To attack, just press anywhere in the screen. Hold for a strong strike.

To grapple, slide through anywhere in the screen. You can perform grapple moves on opponents while they are stunned or in a chain grapple. If you grapple an opponent which is not stunned you put it in a chain grapple. To use a submission move, slide downwards. In a chain grapple, you can move around while dragging the opponent. If you move too close to the ropes, the corner, the ring post, the barricade or the annouce table, you will lay the opponent on it.

Special AbilitiesEdit

There are 6 special abilities:

Springboard dive: you can perform a springboard move from 3 positions: standing near the ropes, running to the ropes and standing on the apron.

Top rope dive: you can go to the top rope by running to the corner. You can perform only one move from the middle rope, but two from the top.

Finisher thief: while with a finisher icon, press the taunt button two time quickly. You will do the opponent's wake up taunt and be able to do it's finisher. You can also use their quick finisher, if they have one.

Leverage pin: standing near a stunned opponent, press the "irish whip/pin" button two times quickly to force him to the ground and immediately pin him. This can also be done as a reversal to a running or rebound grapple.

Table finisher: with a finisher icon, throw your opponent into the annouce table and press the "special" button.

Outside dive: with a signature icon, put your opponent on the ropes, run and press the "special" button.

An wrestler can have a max of 4 abilities.

Signatures and finishersEdit

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Extra packsEdit

There are three paid extra packs, which add characters, moves and arenas.

Main roster pack

Legend pack

Moves pack